Making the best…Pt. 3

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Making the best…Pt. 3. Enjoy.

The knocking at my door woke me up from a wonderful dream, where my gorgeous little sister was giving me an incredible blowjob. I looked down and noticed I was tenting my sheets pretty badly with my erection. It was such a vivid dream. I could clearly picture Christi biting down on my nipple, scratching my chest, and trying to stuff my meat down her throat. It was a sick dream, though. I was disgusted at myself for having it.

“Honey,” my Mom said through the door, “I made you some breakfast. Come down and tell me all about how your classes went.”

“Ok Mom, just let me shower first.” As I hopped in the shower I tried piecing the whole night together. Running into Christi at the diner. Then going to Michelle’s and having some crazy sex. Playing some tippy cup. How did I get home? Christi was there! She drove my car back and helped me into the house, then she…no, that can’t be right. That was just some sick fantasy dream. My baby sister would never have done anything like that. I need to just forget about it.

The smell of bacon led me down the stairs and straight to the kitchen. Mom was setting the table, but when she saw me she ran over and gave me a big hug, wrapping her arms tightly around me. For a 38 year-old Mom was still pretty sexy. Her breasts were somehow even larger than Christi’s and gravity had had almost no effect on them. Her stomach was still flat like a teenagers and her ass was a little large, but still had a nice, round shape. Jesus! Now I’m having dirty thoughts about my own mother. What’s wrong with me?

Mom finally let go of me and leads me to the table. Immediately she has my plate full of bacon, eggs, and sausage. She’s so happy to be able to wait on her “little, baby boy.” She wouldn’t be so thrilled if she knew the thoughts running around in my mind, that’s for sure. “Where’s Christi at?” I ask, trying to distract myself.

“She has a walkthrough for graduation, but she told me about that blonde tramp. I told you, blondes are always trouble. You should listen to your mother more.”

Well, I’d only been up for 20 minutes and I was already anxious to get the hell out of the house. “Mom, telling me how stupid I was isn’t really a good way to cheer me up.” Instantly I knew that hurt her, but at the moment I didn’t really care. I couldn’t deal with listening to her nagging all morning. I scarfed down the rest of my breakfast and went back to my room to lie down.

Checking my phone, I see that I have several new messages. One from Michelle letting me know she had an incredible time last night and that we better do it again…soon! Another from Nicky saying that her and Jess would be back in town tomorrow and were having a couple people go out to their cabin. I’d definitely have to go to that. Some of my best nights in high school were spent at Nicky’s cabin.

The last was from Maggie. I guess she was really excited about running into me last night. Three times in her text she mentioned not having to work that night, obviously hoping I’d ask her to do something. Well, she’s a cute enough girl and I need something to do. I texted her back, asking if she wanted to go to a movie. Immediately she replied, saying yes with 5 exclamation points and two different smiley faces. I hope she’s not actually this peppy all the time. Done with my phone, I put some earbuds in and decide to waste away the day playing games on my computer.


Right at 8 I pull up outside of Maggie’s house, surprised by the fact that I was nervous. I rang the doorbell and a middle-age man with short cropped, military style hair answered the door, obviously Maggie’s father. He invited me into the living room and gave me a spiel about not hurting his baby girl. Wow! I felt like I was in high school again. Maggie’s mom, Julia, walked into the room with a rather short and form fitting dress on. She was sexy! When Maggie entered the room and stood next to her mom it was like looking at sisters. They were both about 5’6” with long, dark brown hair, and extremely slender figures. Their only flaw (if it was one) were their small breasts, not even enough to fill a palm.

Eager to get away from her dad, I quickly led Maggie out the door and to my car. The whole way to the theater Maggie couldn’t stop talking. Blabbing about this and that. Fortunately, once we got to the theater and the movie started, she got quite as a mouse. I think I would’ve had to ditch her otherwise. I couldn’t have handled another two straight hours of talking.

After a few minutes I wrapped an arm around her and she snuggled into me. Throughout the movie I ran a finger up and down her side. At one point I grazed it along the side of her boob, but she shrugged it off. Rejected! It was a good thing, though. I’d been getting a little too cocky after yesterday. I still enjoyed the rest of the movie and her warm body felt good cozied into me.

When the movie was over we decided to go to a park towards the outskirts of town that was usually deserted. Her talkative personality was annoying, but she was growing on me. She was so bubbly that it was kind of cute. We found a picnic table a couple hundred yards from the parking lot and sat down on top. “So what’s your event?” I ask one of the few times she stops talking to take a breath.

“100 and 200. State champion in both,” Maggie replies as she reaches into her purse. To my utter shock she pulls out a J and sparks it. After a couple puffs she passes it to me and lies back on the table. I would’ve never expected this from Maggie, but I can’t say I’m disappointed. I lie down and wrap my arm around her as we finish the J and stare at the stars. She manages to say nothing this whole time! Apparently she just needed a little weed to shut up and then I laugh a little at that thought.

Without warning Maggie hops on top of me and we start making out aggressively. She bites down on my lower lip breaking the skin. The taste of blood in my mouth oddly turns me on more and I pull her head down tighter against my own. Thoughtlessly we make out for several long minutes and I can feel blood flowing into my member, slowly growing harder.

Maggie’s hands begin running up and down my chest underneath my shirt. Suddenly she digs her fingernails into my skin and drags them from my chest to my waist. Letting out a slight groan of pain, I could feel the wet, warm blood slowly drip down my sides. Impulsively, my hands shoot to her breasts, clamping down and twisting both nipples as hard as I could, forcing out a long moan of pleasured pain. Our eyes meet and I can see hers are full of pure desire.

Jumping off the table, she yanks my pants and boxers down and grabs a big bottle of lube out of her purse. I wonder how many goodies she has in that purse as copious amounts of lube pour out onto my dick. Using both hands, she stares directly at me as she works the lube in.

After adding a bit more lube Maggie yanks her own shorts and thong down to the ground and off, leaving both of us in nothing but our socks, shoes, and shirts. Leaping back onto the table, she drops her full weight on my abdomen and knocks all breath out of me. With my dick now resting between her ass cheeks she leans down and our lips rejoin each other.

Raising gaziantep lezbiyen herself above my dick I firmly grab the base, excited to feel her velvety insides. Putting a hand on her waist I pull her down and feel her soaking nether lips make contact with my pulsating knob. “No!” she yells as her body shoots upwards and away from my cock, “What the hell did you think the lube was for?! You only get my ass!”

Well, nothing wrong with that. I keep a firm grasp on my dick, but this time opt to let her lower herself. We both let out low moans as my head makes contact with her puckered hole. It resists at first, but slowly gives way allowing my head to slip in. Staring deeply into my eyes Maggie forces all her wait straight down. Listening to her scream at the top of her lungs I watch the first 4 inches of my dick disappear into her tight oven, but go no further. Placing her petite hands on my pecs Maggie gyrates her hips in wide arching circles.

Trying to force my dick deeper into her ass she places most of her weight directly over my dick. Unbearably slowly I can see more of my cock disappearing, mere fractions at a time. It takes all my will power not to roll us off the picnic table and fuck here into senselessness.

15 of the longest minutes of my life pass by, but finally she fits it all in. The moment I feel her full weight resting on me, she starts shaking and convulsing uncontrollably. As a powerful orgasm rakes through her body, her asshole clamps down so tightly on my pole that I think she’s going to sever it from the rest of my body.

Finally, her body collapses onto my chest and I gently stroke her hair while she slowly regains her breath. “Jesus. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to get it all in,” she whispers into my ear. “I’ve never felt such excruciating pain in my life. I was so turned on, though. My pussy is sopping wet.”

“Well, I think you’re ready for more,” I whisper back to her. Excitedly Maggie kisses me, finally remembering that she still had my fully rigid prick buried in her asshole. Without letting my dick slip out an inch, I manage to get us off the table and lay her flat on her back on the ground. Instinctively she throws her legs onto my shoulders and locks them behind my neck. This gives me perfect leverage to pound down and hard into her unbelievably tight hole.

Slowly I withdraw from her asshole, listening to her soft moans. Letting my dick head rest partially in her puckered hole I grab her sides high up on her body, my thumbs planted firmly on top of her nipples. Not wanting to waste any more time I drill my cock all the way home, immediately pull back, and repeat.

My thrusts are so violent that each time I bottom out our bodies are thrown forward a few inches. Without knowing how, I manage to maintain this pace for several long minutes. Maybe I’d been building my stamina up the last couple days. I watch several twigs and a small pine cone slip under her body as my pounding moves us further and further away from the picnic table. Good thing she left her top on, otherwise she’d have some serious cuts on her back. She might anyway.

As my humping continues, Maggie’s moans continue to grow louder. Without realizing it, we’ve now worked our way all the way over to a large tree. Letting her legs fall from my shoulders, Maggie pushes her back up flat against the tree, her ass several inches off the ground. Grateful for the change, I slow down a bit and hump upwards into her now not so tight hole. At least until her screams grew deafening and her asshole clamped down tight again. Her eyes rolled back and her body began shuddering as she entered a blissful state of orgasm for the second time. Thank God this park is deserted. There’s no way people wouldn’t think I was raping her from listening to her screams.

No longer able to bear the pressure on my dick, I quickly withdraw and stuff several inches of my meat into her mouth, pinning her head against the trunk of the tree. Eagerly, Maggie begins licking and slobbering all over my dick. My orgasm is long over due and the boiling in my balls tells me now is the moment. “I’m gonna fucking cuuuuuummmm!” I scream. Withdrawing and thrusting in with all my force an ocean of cum floods down her throat. Mass amounts of liquid force her to start gagging. I don’t give a fuck, though. It’s just adding to the wonderful sensations rushing throughout my body.

My dick, as well as the rest of me, were now completely drained. I let myself fall to the ground and lie flat on my back. Maggie hurriedly rushes toward my deflating cock, eager to start clean-up duty. Once she is convinced she’s done a good job, she climbs up my body and rests her head on my chest.


After dropping Maggie off I started driving home. I was absolutely exhausted and my body was pretty beaten up. I had excruciating burns on my knees, my chest was on fire from the 10 foot long cuts, and my dick felt completely raw. I couldn’t remember my body ever being this worn down.

Entering the house I was slightly surprised to see that Christi was still up and watching t.v. in the living room. After a short debate in my head I decided to join her instead of going straight to bed. “Oh! Finally back from your BIG date, huh, Dean,” Uh-oh. My sister didn’t sound happy and she was a fierce rival when she wanted to be. I almost backtracked straight out of the room, but that would only make things worse later.

“Um…Yeah. I’m pretty exhausted, though,” I respond in my most soothing voice, hoping to avoid confrontation. I lay down on a big love seat next to the couch she’s on, ready to face whatever’s coming.

“I bet you are.” Great. She couldn’t have said that with more sarcasm. “Uh, Dean? Why the hell is your shirt covered with blood? Jesus! Have you seen your knees?” The deep blush that filled my cheeks was almost worse than answering that question and having no explanation I wanted to give my sister I just kept my mouth shut. Graciously she decided not to push the issue, instead opting to seeth in silence and turn back to the t.v.

Closing my eyes, I try gathering my strength to get off the love seat, but before I can make an attempt I feel the full weight of a body landing on me and lips locking into a kiss with my own. Impulsively my lips respond, but as my eyes open and the fact that I’m making out with my sister hits me, I quickly shove her off and spring to the floor.

“Christi, what do you think you’re doing?”

“What am I doing?!” she screams, “What the FUCK are you doing? Last night I’m good enough to give you a blowjob, but know that you found that Maggie tramp I’m such dirt you won’t even kiss me!”

“Sis…wait…that really happened? Oh my God,” I was feeling a little light-headed and dizzy, not to mention the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. “I thought that was a dream. I’m so sorry I did that to you. I love you, but that was soooo wrong of me.” Tears formed in my eyes at the disgust I felt for myself. Having no idea what to do I ran out of the room, up the stairs, and to my bedroom, leaving my shock-faced sister behind. It took several minutes for my pulse to slow down, but mercifully sleep finally came for me.


I was having a great dream about Christi thoroughly working my cock over. My hand tightly grabbed the hair on the back of her head, forcing her to take my meat further down her throat. Light moans slowly escaped my lips as I got lost in the glorious wetness of the blowjob.

That’s when my eyes opened and I realized my fingers really were entwined in a mop of hair and my dick actually was entrapped in wet, warm mouth. I looked down but my sheets were covering up the person giving me such joy. Saying a silent prayer that this somehow wasn’t Christi I threw the sheets back and my heart instantly dropped. “Hey big bro,” Christi said as she pulled off my dick. “If you’re not gonna give this big thing to me, I’m just gonna take it. If you know anything about me, you should know that I always get what I want.”

I fell straight onto the floor because I tried getting out of bed so fast. Scrambling around the room I finally found a pair of shorts to pull on and turned to face my sister. “Christi! You shouldn’t be doing this. It’s wrong. I’m sorry if I misled you last night, but this isn’t going to happen.”

“Oh, poor big brother. You think you have a choice, but sooner or later I WILL get you.”

“No, you won’t. I won’t allow it. I forgot to lock my door, but that won’t happen again.” I open my door, holding it expectantly.

Slowly my sister starts leaving, but she has to get in the last word. “Did you forget to lock your door or deep down do you really want this as much as me?” With that she struts out the door, shaking her ass the whole way. Before going back to bed I make sure to lock the door this time.

Damnit! Now I had blue balls. As I lay there trying to finish myself off the only thing I could think about was Christi’s wet mouth wrapped tightly around my dick. Fuck it. Throwing the sheets over my waist I no longer cared about the pain in my balls.

As I lay there trying to fall asleep I was kept up by one thought. Did I on some deep level not lock my door because I was hoping that would happen? I lay awake for hours feeling guilty, because I did want it just as much as Christi…if not more.


I didn’t wake up till the next afternoon and thankfully Christi had already left. My body was so incredibly sore that it was a struggle just to walk around the house. After getting cleaned up and eating I realized I had nothing to do. The thought of being around when Christi showed up was absolutely dreadful, too.

I sent Nicky a text asking when her and Jess would head out to her cabin. A few minutes later I got a reply saying they’d be leaving in about an hour and that I could ride out with them if I wanted. That sounded fantastic!

An hour later I had a backpack with some extra clothes as I hopped into the backseat of Jess’s car. Nicky and Jess both looked absolutely incredible. They both had on string bikini tops that only just managed to cover the front of their C cup breasts. Nicky had on very tight spandex shorts that I bet formed nicely over her bubble butt and her fire red hair looked ablaze in the sun light. Jess’s extremely short denim shorts were no disappointment either. As we headed down the road and onto the highway I got lost staring into the rearview mirror at Jess’s beautiful face framed by her long, sleek, black hair.

It was great talking to the girls on the way there and catching up on everything they’d been doing the last year. It also reminded me that I’d missed out on a year of these beautiful girls friendship, all because of my cheating ex, Amanda. Well, I’d just have to make up for lost time, and Nicky’s cabin was a perfect opportunity for that.

When we got to the cabin the girls quickly ran inside, leaving me to carry all their crap in. I didn’t mind since about half of it was food and alcohol. It looked like we’d be well stocked.

Carrying the last load in and dropping it on the floor Nicky shoves a large mixed drink into my hand. “Toast,” Nicky says, raising her own glass into the air, “to a great freshman year, catching up with old friends, and the start of the best summer ever!”

“Here, here,” Jess and I respond in unison, clanking our cups against Nicky’s. In just a couple of minutes we down our drinks. Pulling their shorts down the girls reveal their itty, bitty string bottoms, the small triangle patch of fabric on the front was barely able to cover their pussies.

10 minutes later we were splashing and dunking each other in the pond next to the cabin. It felt incredible running my hands all over their sexy, dripping wet bodies. Their small hands all over my chest, attempting to pull me under the water, dragging me back and forth was even better, though. I was a little shocked, but extremely happy when their fingers started lightly grazing over my cock under the water. Spurred on, I began freely grabbing their wonderful breasts and asses as I threw their petite frames around the pond.

Out of breath and laughing we crawled out of the pond and collapsed on the grass, soaking in the sun. Nicky went and grabbed us a couple rounds of beers, wiggling her ass as she went. “I forgot how much fun you girls were,” I say, rolling onto my side to look at Jess in her sexy bikini, the water and sun making her body sparkle.

“Oh, you have no idea how much fun we can be.”

“What do you mean?”

“If you’re lucky you just might find out later. Now shut up and enjoy the sun.”

As darkness began creeping over the sky we decided to go back in the cabin. “So when is everyone else showing up?” I ask.

The girls glance at each other and then two devious smiles are staring me in the face. “We thought it would be more fun if the three of us got to spend the night hanging out with each other,” Nicky tells me. Well I sure as hell wasn’t about to complain about getting to hang out with these two beauties all night.

Downing the drinks in their hands the girls came and sat on my lap, each taking a leg. Their fingers ran lightly through my hair, gently scratching my scalp. Then they leaned in close to each other and their lips met in an open-mouth kiss. I could clearly see their tongues jabbing and fighting each other as they slowly swapped spit in the most sensual way possible. Within seconds my shorts were beginning to feel a little tight.

Nicky’s hands came up to her friends nipples and lightly tweaked each in turn. Jess let out a few low moans and her hard nipples were now on display, poking prominently through her bikini top. I raise my hand and pull the string on the back of her top, allowing her globes to fall free from their trap. Nicky’s face dropped and latched onto a hard nipple and I pulled Jess toward me, our lips meeting for the first time.

Nicky was going to town on Jess’s chest, licking all over her gorgeous friend’s boobs she made sure they were completely covered in her saliva. Next I let loose the sexy redhead’s breasts, giving Jess an opportunity to return the favor and me a chance to get my tongue into Nicky’s mouth. For several minutes the girls alternated nursing one another while my member grew ever more rigid, mass amounts of blood flowing into it. I think this might be the hottest thing I’ve ever seen or been involved with.

The girls jump off my lap and onto the floor, wasting no time in stripping their bottoms off each other. Crawling into a 69 and diving into the other’s pussy they put on quite a show for me. At first the sounds of lapping are very audible, but soon it’s hard to hear anything but their moaning.

“Fuck Nickyyyy! My clit…suck my clit…oh God…I’m…I’m….cuuuuming!” Pulling away and sitting square on her friends face, I can see that Nicky’s beautiful face is covered with Jess’s juices. I start standing up so I can join in on the fun, but Nicky motions with her hand for me to sit back down. Slightly disappointed I slump back into my seat and start rubbing my shaft through my shorts.

The black-haired beauty’s face was now receiving pretty rough treatment with Nicky grinding her pussy down hard. She was so forceful that for a moment I thought she was trying to grind her pubic bone to dust. “That’s it! Stick your tongue in deeper. DEEPER damnit!” Nicky screamed down at her friend. Nicky was in quite a frenzy now, with no control over her convulsing. “More! Please baby, I need more.” Damn Nicky sounded sexy begging. “Ugh…ugggghhh.” With wild abandon Nicky started humping down incredibly fast, obviously experiencing a very powerful orgasm.

After a few moments in which Nicky catches her breath, both girls seductively crawl towards me. Reaching me, each place a hand on my shorts and grab a fistful of the material. “Now, time for the real treat,” Nicky says with a dazzling smile.

“But Dean, you better have enough for the both of us,” says Jess, finishing the sentence.

“We don’t mind sharing.”

“But we each want our fair share.” With that they yank my shorts right past my ass, knees, feet, and off. Immediately they attack my thick, 7.5” cock. On opposite sides of my dick, they lick from the base up, sharing a sloppy kiss when they reach the head. Nicky engulfs the end of my dick as Jess drops lower to take a cum-filled ball into her mouth. It’s complete sensory overload. I’ve had many fantasies, but I never actually thought I’d experience two girls working their damnedest to please my rod.

The sensations coursing through me are incredible. All thought has now left my mind. My head falls backwards as several long, low moans rush out of my mouth. The girls switch positions and my knob is now bouncing into the back of Jess’s throat as she tries to deep throat me. Finally accepting that she can’t fit it all, she stuffs my member as far in as possible and starts humming around my cock. For a moment I think she’s going to push me over the edge, but I somehow manage to hold it back.

Wanting to make sure I spend plenty of time in their pussies, I pull Jess up into my lap. I grab onto her hips and place her soft pussy lips against the head of my cock. Nicky, still slobbering on my balls, takes a firm grasp of the base of my dick and runs my knob up and down her friend’s lips. Letting out sultry moans, Jess tries to buck her hips, but my hands hold her in place. Craving to be inside her, I gently lower her body onto my pole.

Slowly she descends down my cock until I see her pussy make contact with Nicky’s hand. As Jess raises up, Nicky releases her grip to put all her focus into making my nut sack even cleaner than she already had. I grasp the back of Jess’s head and thrust my tongue into her mouth. She quickly works the rest of me into her pussy and sets a rapid pace.

Up and down, side to side, faster and faster. She’s acting like a girl possessed. Possessed with a need for my dick. Each time she lands I can feel the head of my dick making contact with her cervix, and each time her body trembles just a little bit.

Jess stops her bouncing and I can see Nicky’s petite hands on her thighs holding her down. Making a quick adjustment, Jess is now fiercely grinding back and forth. As I notice a lack of attention to my balls and hear Jess’s screams grow louder, I look around her body and can see Nicky eating out her asshole. Then, as Nicky forces a thumb into her friend’s ass it all becomes too much for me. Without giving any warning, I pull Jess down as hard as I can and fill her womb with my steaming semen. This apparently sends her into her first cock-induced orgasm of the night and her entire body goes completely stiff.

After a few moments Jess’s eyes close and she passes out on top of me. Stroking her hair gently and with my pole still planted inside of her, I carry Jess over to a couch and lay her down. I go to the fridge and grab a cold beer, looking back at the couch and watching Nicky clean every last glob of cum out of her friends pussy.

Finished with her work, Nicky walks over to me and downs the rest of my beer. Not surprisingly, the little show I just watched has kept my dick completely hard. Noticing this, Nicky grabs onto it like a handle and leads me to an open space in the room. She drops to her hands and knees and places the side of her head against the carpet. “Just two requests, Dean. Hard and deep,” she says.

Not giving a shit about the burns I already have on my knees I scoot up behind her. Placing my knob just inside her wet folds I ram my cock all the way to the root in one go, obeying her requests. I instantly build up to the fastest pace possible and for several minutes can hear nothing but her non-stop moaning.

Withdrawing my dick I hear a wet “plop” as it leaves Nicky’s velvety cavern. I roll her onto her back and quickly re-enter. She locks her legs behind my lower back and somehow manages to pull me in even deeper than before. We’re now just two sweaty messes, completely lost in our desire to cum one last time.

Knowing I’m close, a wicked idea pops into my head. Pulling out of Nicky, I grab her hand and lead her over to the couch. I’m glad to see that Jess’s mouth is wide open. Bending Nicky over the arm of the couch I thrust my cock back into her pussy and resume the pounding. Wanting to make sure she comes again, I reach around and furiously rub and pinch her clit. “Oh Fuck Dean! I’m getting close. Just a little more. Just a little harder,” she pants.

“Me too. Me fucking aghhhh!” Simultaneously we launch into our orgasms. I wrap both arms tightly around her as our bodies shake as one. As we come down I leave my cock inside her for a few more moments, allowing her tight pussy to milk the last few drops of cum out of my dick.

Knowing that she’s filled to capacity, I pull out and quickly cover her pussy with my hand, refusing to let one bit of cum drip out. Picking her up I place her pussy only inches above Jess’s still wide open mouth. “I don’t think she’s gotten her fair share yet,” I tell Nicky. Seeing that she understands I move my hand away from her pussy and watch the cum pour out and into Jess’s mouth. Nicky gently massages her friend’s throat, ensuring she swallows instead of chokes. All too soon the sexy scene is over and I help Nicky climb off the couch.

Too hot and bothered to go to sleep, Nicky and I grab another beer and head to the pond. We spend a short while skinny dipping and then fall asleep in the grass holding each other.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed the third installment! I spent quite a bit of time on this one, but I think it was worth it. As always, all suggestions and critiques are welcome and appreciated. I hope to have pt. 4 up by Friday. Thanks again!

College Bum.

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