Making A Stand

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The taxi pulled up in front of her sister’s condominium and for a brief second, Jessica Bentley thought about turning around and returning home. The second was very brief. Jessica had made a stand and decided to move forward. She couldn’t look back because she needed to look forward. She gave the driver the fare and was generous with the tip. For the next few months, Jessica wasn’t going to worry about money. She was still young and attractive. The way the driver kept looking at her legs was an indication of that. She didn’t mind if he looked because she had spent the past six months removing the “housewife frump” from her system. If Perry couldn’t appreciate her, she wanted to look great when she met a man who would.

Her family wasn’t speaking to her. Her older brother was Perry’s best friend and it had been Jack who had introduced them. “How could you leave such a great guy?” Jack had argued with her at Sunday dinner only days ago. “He’s the salt of the earth and he’d do anything for you.” Her father had nodded his agreement while grilling their steaks. “He’s loyal and faithful,” Brant had said to his middle child. “He works hard at the school and they say he’ll be vice-principal in a few years, probably make principal. Why do you want out of a marriage with someone with such a good future?”

Her mother had remained almost silent. Eleanor Bentley said little, although Jessica knew her mother was also hurting. She liked Perry and was saddened by the news her daughter and son-in-law had separated. She had been looking forward to being a grandmother someday. Jack had only married the previous year and children weren’t in his younger wife’s plan for a few more years.

It was hard to explain to her family why she was so unhappy. She liked her husband, but she didn’t love him anymore. Yes, everything they said was true but they left out the most important factor and the one that had been driving her crazy for the last year of their six-year marriage.

Perry was dull.

He had married a sexy, vivacious blonde with great legs and through his very dullness, transformed her in the “blah housewife frump” she loathed. Frumpy clothes, frumpy lifestyle and a routine that was the very pinnacle of routineness. Jessica got up every morning and as soon as she saw her husband off to work, she had to fight the urge to go back to bed and pull the covers over her head. She had been a bit of a wild child before meeting her husband. Where the hell had that Jessica gone?

She had been worn away like water can wear away rocks over a period of time. On a day like today, a little over a year ago, Jessica had been about to start the laundry when she passed the mirror in the hallway of their home. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and it was almost as if she was seeing herself through new eyes. She wanted to scream that she wasn’t that creature. She threw the laundry basket in the laundry room, went upstairs and took a long shower. She went into her closet and found some of the clothes she used to wear before marrying Perry.

Jessica tried them on and only a few of them fit. She’d let herself go, although Perry had never complained. She found a pretty blouse and her favorite pair of white jeans. They still fit. She put on some nice makeup and got in her car and went and enrolled in a gym. The first few weeks were agony, but her trainer was a godsend. Lani made sure she kept her motivated and complimented her every time she reached a goal. Her clothes started fitting. Every time she could fit into one of her old outfits, Jessica threw away something frumpy. When she reached her goal weight and look, she planned to buy a whole new wardrobe.

Jessica was more than mildly annoyed that Perry didn’t seem to notice his wife’s return to the world of sexy. She had more energy in bed and she was wearing sexy lingerie. Their love life remained staid and she’d had enough.

“We’re young and attractive,” Jessica said as she tried seducing her husband with a little striptease. Lani had suggested she take pole dancing classes and she was thinking about it. She knew she moved well. “Why don’t we try something crazy, okay Perry? Would you like to have a threesome? I’ve never been with a woman, but I’d be willing. Or we could role play – I could be a ‘naughty student’, would that work for you? I’d like to buy some sexy leather or PVC clothing now that I have the body for it,” she said in a sensual, husky tone.

“A threesome? Another woman? Role Playing? Christ Jess, what’s gotten into you? I’m not sure I like the way you’re acting or dressing. We’re not kids anymore; we’re married and we …”

The lovely blonde actually got out of bed and went downstairs. She found clean clothes from that morning’s laundry and changed into them. At 11 PM at night, knowing it would shock her stick-in-the-mud husband; she went out to a bar and had a few drinks. Jessica was pissed. Since when was 30 old?

It didn’t seem to matter to the 5 or 6 handsome men that offered to buy her drinks or dance with her. They liked the blonde in the tight jeans and the high heels. They flirted and she flirted back. The pretty, bahis firmaları young bartender warned her “They’re harmless enough sweetie, but if they give you any trouble, I’ll handle it,” she smiled. “I’m Cheyenne,” she said, holding out her hand and offering a warm smile. “You’re new here.”

“Yeah, I had to get away from my husband,” Jessica told her. She and the attractive brunette started talking and before the evening was over, Jessica had made a new friend. They had coffee together and Cheyenne put her cards on the table.

“I like girls and I’m attracted to you,” Cheyenne told Jessica. “I’m not hitting on you, but if you ever want to jump the fence, let me know,” she smiled and patted her hand. “Honey – I rarely interfere, but you have got to get away from that husband of yours. He’s dragging you down. You need to get away and think about your life before it’s too late. Is there somewhere you can go, a friend you can stay with? I’d let you stay with me, but I’m still living at home with my folks and they don’t know I’m into women.”

Jessica smiled. She thought that Cheyenne was exactly the type of girl she would have brought home for a threesome with Perry. The missed opportunity gnawed at her. She ordered another coffee and noticed the waitress was a cute, perky little redhead. Again, she gritted her teeth. Why had she been letting Perry dictate the course of her life?

“I’ve heard what you been saying Cheyenne and thank you,” she smiled, squeezing the younger woman’s hand. “I can’t go on like this. My husband is a good man, but he lives his life in such a rigid way and it isn’t for me, not any longer. I want to have a little bit of fun.” Jessica lowered her voice and looked into her new friend’s soulful brown eyes. “We’ve never done anything remotely adventurous in the bedroom. He even hates it when I get on top.”

Cheyenne’s eyes widened and then she sighed. “Honey, what about marriage counseling?”

“I suggested it once a little while back, he doesn’t think anything is wrong,” Jessica griped. “I do need to get away, but … hey, I know! My sister lives in New York and she’s invited me to stay with her a few times. She isn’t overly fond of Perry, so if I accept her offer, she’ll put me up as long as I need to stay. I just have to get my affairs in order and take a leave of absence from my job at the bank,” she told Cheyenne.

The girl looked at her and nodded. “If you need any help, let me know.”

“You’ve been a good friend, thanks,” Jessica brightened. “Most of my female friends are couple friends and they won’t agree with me,” she said. “You’re right though, this is something I need to do. I need to get away,” Jessica told Cheyenne.

“I think you do, but can I be selfish and hope you come back?” Cheyenne smiled. “I still think you’re sexy as hell and I like your company.”

Jessica smiled and hugged the young brunette as they parted company. She knew she would see the girl again and if she could be courageous enough to live her life by her own rules, Cheyenne just might get what she wanted.

Perry came downstairs the next morning and was about to say something to her about the previous evening. He saw a look in her eyes he had never seen before, one of anger and defiance. He thought better of saying a word, grabbed coffee and left for work. Jessica showered, dressed in something pretty and called her sister.

“You’ve finally wised up to that jackass,” Cheryl laughed with delight. “Of course my invitation still stands. To get you away from Perry, I’d let you move in with me permanently. Just so you know, I’ve been living with someone for the past 4 months. His name is Jake and I think you’ll really like him. He treats me like gold and …” Cheryl giggled nervously “…the sex is fantastic! Call me when you’ve made all your arrangements, can’t wait to see you!”

The arrangements were telling Perry, her parents and her friends that she was leaving for a while. It didn’t go over well with anyone. There was a lot of screaming and yelling and no one aside from Cheryl was at all supportive. By the time she got on the plane to New York, she was more than ready to go.

So, here she was at last. Her sister’s place was quite nice and spacious. She knew Cheryl made good money at the ad agency and could afford it. Jessica knew that if she decided to stay, she’d have to find employment, but she had enough for almost six months. She waited for her sister to answer the door and when Cheryl answered, the sisters had a huge hug.

Looking at them, few would have thought they were sisters. Jessica was tall and blonde and lean, like her father. Cheryl had a petite, redheaded frame like their mom, but both of them were rebels of a sort. Cheryl was thrilled to see her big sister. Only Jessica had been supportive of her decision to move to New York and have a life of her own.

“Jake’s at work so we can have some wine and get buzzed,” Cheryl laughed as she went to the fridge.

“It’s only 3 PM,” Jessica told her sister. Cheryl spun around and looked at her aghast.

“Oh, you have been with Perry far too long,” Cheryl told her sister as she gave kaçak iddaa her a glass of lightly-chilled Merlot. “We’re not alcoholics, we’re just celebrating. Live a little Jess, isn’t that the whole point of your being here?”

Jessica looked at her sister and then thought about it. “Holy shit, you’re right,” she laughed and raised her glass. “Here’s to living a little – hell, living a lot!”

As Cheryl suggested, the siblings got a nice buzz and were a bit giddy when Jake came home. He greeted his girlfriend’s sister and only then did the slightly-inebriated Jessica notice the ring on her sister’s finger. She squealed with happiness for her younger sister and hugged the handsome young man who was to be her brother-in-law. They all sat down and talked and got to know each other. Jake took them to dinner at a nice French restaurant and ordered for them in perfect French. Cheryl explained that her musician fiancé had lived in Bordeaux for nearly ten years. “We met when our agency hired him to do music for one of our commercials,” Cheryl explained. “In between takes, he kept singing to me and when he finally asked me to dinner, he’d already won me over.”

“He’s romantic and he speaks French, he’s good looking, he’s a talented musician, he pays attention and he’s good in bed,” Jessica whispered to Cheryl. “Good thing I didn’t meet him before you did or I might have gone after him myself. Anything else I don’t know about this dreamboat?”

“He’s an identical twin,” Cheryl whispered back. “Yep, there’s two of him!” She laughed.

“Oh, my God!” Jessica laughed and then the thought occurred to her. “Is his brother single?”

“Alex? Yes, very single. Jess! Are you asking me to fix you up with Jake’s younger brother?” Cheryl laughed.

“Why not?” Jessica said, smiling over at the unsuspecting man. “I’m legally separated, I could use a good-looking younger man to bolster my ego. Why, don’t you think Alex would be interested in me?”

“Are you kidding?” Cheryl chortled. “He’d flip over you. You look great and he’d be lucky to go out with you. Even Jake keeps checking you out, not that I mind. It’s okay with me if he looks so long as I’m accorded the same rights,” she told her older sister.

Cheryl got her fiancé’s attention. “D’you think your brother would be interested in a date with Jessica?” She asked him.

“You’re serious?” Jake laughed. “I don’t know of any man who wouldn’t like to date someone as lovely as your sister,” he nodded in Jessica’s direction. “Why don’t the four of us go out this weekend? That should give Jessica time to acclimate and to look around the neighborhood. Is that all right with you, Jess?”

Jessica flashed her future brother-in-law a dazzling smile and nodded. The chance to date someone younger than herself and as handsome as Jake was just too good to pass up. She vowed to herself that if she was attracted to Alex, she would just let her inhibitions fly out the window. The old rules would not apply, she would do whatever she wanted. She kept glancing over at Jake and her thoughts kept coming back to one thing … if Alex was as engaging as his brother, she wanted to fuck him and finally live out some of her fantasies. She liked the merry twinkle in Jake’s green eyes and the zest he seemed to have for life. She hoped it would be present in his twin.

Jessica had meant what she said. If she had met Jake before Cheryl, she would have used all of her feminine wiles to lure him into bed. She enjoyed the fact that she had those wiles once again. They had not been lost during her marriage, only submerged. She was flirting with Jake and he was flirting right back. It didn’t seem to bother Cheryl in the slightest and she had to admire her sister’s self-confidence. They all went home after a lovely evening and went to bed. An hour later, Jessica heard noises and knew what they were. Her sister was certainly a wild young thing and she had to resist the temptation to sneak past Cheryl’s room and snoop. She hadn’t enjoyed good sex in years and this cemented her urge to seduce Jake’s brother into her bed as soon as she could arrange it.

The Friday night Alex arrived and it took a lot of Jessica’s self-control not to melt into a puddle of goo. If anything, Alex was even more debonair then his twin. It seemed ridiculous to say, as they were identical twins, but Alex had a truly magnetic presence and Jessica did not want to let him out of her sight. Fortunately, the attraction was mutual and the dark, strong Alex was overly attentive from the get-go. He even brought her roses, something Perry had never done. In a dark suit and with his hair a bit longer than his brother’s, Alex had her weak in the knees. His voice was rich and deep and he spoke beautifully. Like his sibling, Alex was artistic, although he was a writer and a poet.

“What interests do you have?” Alex asked her as they were eating dinner.

Jessica decided to be a little brazen. As if wearing a brand-new black PVC skirt and stiletto heels wasn’t brazen enough, she leaned over to the younger man and whispered “Fucking. As in you and me. Tonight,” she grinned devilishly and then nipped his kaçak bahis earlobe to emphasize her point. To his credit, Alex remained calm and nodded. Jessica allowed herself to become giddy on the wine and loved how bubbly she felt, how decadent and how naughty. By the time the four of them got home, Jessica was feeling no pain and neither was her sister. Cheryl and Jake excused themselves and left Jessica alone with Alex.

“What do you suppose they’re going to get up to?” Alex asked his date with a wide grin.

“Probably the same thing we’re going to get up to,” Jessica grinned back. In one sweeping motion, she removed her silver lame top and threw it up over her head. Alex stared at her lean, toned body and beautiful breasts before reaching out to touch one. She shivered at his gentle hands. They were the first hands that had touched her in years that weren’t Perry’s. His touch was better, more skilled and gentler. He touched her face and pulled her close for a hot kiss. For Jessica, this was the turning point. She was living life by her own rules now.

“I’m so fucking horny that I don’t want to go to my bedroom,” the sexy blonde told him. “Let’s fuck right here – I’ll suck your cock and then you can do me any way you want. I want to be as nasty as I can.”

To his credit, Alex didn’t seem to care if his brother and Cheryl came back and caught them. He undressed and his powerful body was on full display to the lust-crazed blonde. Now she knew why her sister had been so vocal the other night. Alex had a slim, long cock and it would be just perfect for something she wanted to do later. Right now, she wanted to blow him. Jessica loved oral sex and before Perry, lots of guys could have attested to that. She slid close to the handsome younger man and almost inhaled his cock. Jessica licked and sucked at it until he was solid. He then moved close to her and ate her pussy. It was one of the best feelings she had experienced in years. She was glad she’d had a salon treatment the previous day to remove her blonde fleece. Perry would have freaked, but damn, it heightened the sensation enormously. Jessica decided – no more thinking about Perry! All of this was for her benefit and for Alex’s as well.

“Christ,” Alex panted as her pulled away. “You are one fucking hot piece of ass, gorgeous.” She loved hearing that, it was fun and naughty and that’s what Jessica had been craving. She saw small welts on his skin from where her nails had dug in while he was eating her. Even those delighted her, her little marks of passion.

“I’m going to be the hottest fucking bitch you ever screwed,” Jessica bragged. She really wasn’t sure if she could pull that off, but it wouldn’t be from lack of trying. She got on all fours and presented herself to him. He looked at her long-legged body and thought he was one lucky S.O.B. Alex got behind the woman and gripped her hips. She had a beautiful backside and he wondered just how kinky they would get tonight?

“OH YEAH LOVER,” Jessica groaned as his cock went deep inside of her. “FUCK ME HARD – REALLY MAKE ME FEEL IT,” she told Alex. She had never been allowed to be as vocal as she would have liked and didn’t care if Jake and Cheryl heard her. Turnabout is fair play! Her pussy contracted around the nicest cock that had ever been inside of her. Alex had a nice tempo going and he wasn’t rough, just smooth and precise. She hoped that he liked fucking her because she sure as hell liked being fucked! Not only that, this new doggy style was a lot nastier than boring old Missionary!

“God baby, you are one hot bitch, God, you’re so fucking tight,” Alex groaned. Jessica loved being called a bitch and she would have loved any nasty words he chose to use – bitch or whore or even slut. It was all part of the fantasy and the pleasure of sex. She decided to voice another fantasy. If he thought her cunt was tight …

“Hey stud, how would you like to do a girl a favor?”

A slightly-dazed Alex was still fucking her intensely and her comment broke his concentration. “Sure thing, gorgeous,” he said to her. “What is it that you want?”

“Fuck me in the ass,” she said with a lewd grin. “I’ve always thought it sounded hot and nasty and vowed the first chance I got, I’d try it. Your cock is probably wet enough from fucking my pussy, so put it up my ass and screw me hard.”

“It might hurt, it’s up to you,” Alex cautioned her.

“I’ll risk it, baby” she smiled and leaned over to kiss him. “I’m a big girl, I can handle a little pain. Fuck my asshole lover, go as deep as you think you can.”

Alex nodded and got back behind her again. A smart man never refuses a lady’s request, even if she is a nasty whore. He eased into her and she grunted. He moved a bit deeper and to his great surprise, she thrust herself back on his cock and it slammed into her butt. His entire length was deep inside her shitter and he had no choice now but to screw her as requested. She was tight and hot and nasty and he gripped her hips as he shoved in and out of her butt hole. Jessica was groaning and yelping, although she didn’t seem to be hurting. He saw her biting her lip and she tossed back her head, her hair flailing about as he dicked her asshole. Jessica wasn’t saying much now although her grunts and moans were clear signal enough that she liked this. She was the craziest chick he’d ever fucked!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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