Madrid Ch. 05

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It was just before nine-thirty the following Friday when I went back to the bar. Esmeralda was sitting at a table chatting to some other girls, but there were very few men about. She didn’t see me until I was standing at the table, and when she did, she stood up, kissed me and asked me to sit down. A couple of the girls left straight away, but Esmeralda introduced me to the others and we all chatted for a few minutes before they too left.

When we were alone at the table, Esmeralda kissed me again and sat closer so that she could put her hand on my thigh. She asked if I had really enjoyed the previous Saturday night, and not minded her bringing her friend along. I told her again that far from minding, I thought that Pilar was gorgeous, that I’d never enjoyed myself so much and thanked her for making my fantasy come true.

She said that she and Pilar had talked about me, and then she made me blush by saying that they’d never met anyone who was so gentle and sensitive to their desires. Normally, she said, men thought only of themselves. I replied that it heightened my pleasure and increased the intensity of my own climax when I was able to please them first. She hugged me and said that I was good man, and that my wife was a very lucky woman.

The waiter had just brought our second drinks when Esmeralda pointed out a girl I’d not seen before just coming into the bar from the back room. She was a classic African beauty; tall and slender with a long neck accentuated by pulling her hair tightly up on to the top of her head. Although she was walking proudly, with her head held erect, her big brown eyes made her seem nervous as they darted this way and that.

Esmeralda said that her name was Luisa, and that she’d only been working at the bar for a couple of weeks. I said that any man would be lucky to go with her, and Esmeralda replied that so would any woman. As she said this, her fingers dug into my thigh and, as I turned to look at her, I could see from the desire on her face that she wanted her. Doesn’t she do threesomes I asked. Esmeralda replied that she hadn’t yet, but that was why she’d asked me to come to the bar tonight.

Interested, I asked why. She said that she wanted to be the first woman to have her, and introduce her to the joys of lesbian love making, but that she wanted me to help her as I would let things flow without dominating the situation. She wanted me to chat with her and suggest that the three of us go back to my apartment. This concerned me because of all the things I’d heard about Africans carrying diseases, especially AIDS, and I told Esmeralda that I didn’t think it was a very good idea.

She said that although Luisa was pure African, she’d been born in Madrid when her parents had immigrated here some years before and so hadn’t had any sex in her home country. Also, although obviously not a virgin when she first came to work in the bar, she was only just eighteen, still lived with her parents and, from what she had said to the other girls, was almost paranoid about safe sex and had always worn a condom for both oral sex and intercourse. Thus, in Esmeralda’s opinion, Luisa was likely to be as clean as anyone she had met.

I said OK and Esmeralda got up and went over to where Luisa was standing at the bar. They chatted for a few minutes and I saw Esmeralda point me out. When I looked at Luisa, I tried to get some eye contact, but she quickly looked away in some embarrassment.

Luisa was wearing a tight, café crème coloured silk blouse, a short black mini skirt and high heels. She had good legs and slender hips with well rounded buttocks; her belly was flat and her boobs seemed high and firm, but I couldn’t tell if she was wearing a bra or not. She had high cheekbones, a long thin nose, large eyes and small ears, and her lips were full but not large, just the kind I’d like to slip my tongue through, or see wrapped round the end of my prick.

After a few minutes, Esmeralda brought Luisa back to my table and introduced us. Luisa seemed nervous as she formally held out her hand to take mine, but she had a firm handshake. I asked if she’d like to sit down and have a drink. She said yes and sat on one side of me and Esmeralda sat on the other side so as not to crowd Luisa. We were sitting on a small curved sofa, and so my knees were continually rubbing against both Luisa’s and Esmeralda’s as we leaned forward to get out drinks or reach for the ashtray.

We talked about general things, films and pop music for a while. Luisa showed her large white teeth when she smiled and occasionally slipped the pink tip of her tongue between them. As she gradually relaxed, Esmeralda embarrassed me again by saying what a good man I was, and that from her own many experiences knew I could drive any woman wild with desire. I tried to laugh it off, but told Luisa that I did like to make love to beautiful women, and that she and Esmeralda were certainly the most desirable in the bar that night.

This seemed to please Esmeralda, for she gave my thigh a squeeze. Then she said to Luisa that they could both enjoy me. Now it was Luisa’s turn to be embarrassed, but she didn’t say no and I saw from the way that her nipples were hardening under her blouse that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Esmeralda then said that she found it a turn on to work on a man with another girl, and that she was sure that Luisa would also enjoy herself. I could tell that Esmeralda was avoiding saying anything about the girls enjoying each other, and so I said that it was every man’s fantasy to be served by two beautiful women.

I then said to Luisa that I would love to take them back to my apartment and make love to both her and Esmeralda. For the first time, Luisa looked straight into my eyes. I could sense that Esmeralda was holding her breath in anticipation of Luisa’s reply, and her fingers were digging hard into my leg. It seemed an age before Luisa said anything, as if she were trying to decide if she could perform in front of another girl.

Then she smiled and said yes. I heard Esmeralda exhale as I reached for Luisa’s hand and lifted it to my lips. I kissed the back of her hand and said thank you; then I turned it over and kissed her palm. Then Luisa dropped her bombshell. She said that it would cost me 40,000 pesetas for the pair of them for 2 hours. I hadn’t thought of the price and was about to start haggling when Esmeralda said yes, that’s right 20,000 pesetas each. I turned to her but she said nothing, only gave me a small wink and used her eyes to tell me to say nothing. So I turned back to Luisa and said OK.

As we were about to leave, I calculated that this idea of Esmeralda’s was going to cost me a small fortune with their drinks on top of their fees, and I just hoped that it was going to be somewhere near worth it. We got some interesting glances from some of the other girls as we went out of the bar, and Esmeralda gave a little wave to a couple of them who were obviously jealous of her, not for me of course, but for getting Luisa into a threesome.

Esmeralda and I had an arm around each other as we walked down the street and I tried to put my other arm around Luisa, but she stayed too far away. However, she did give me her hand to hold. When we got into the lift, Esmeralda kissed me full on the mouth and rubbed her crutch against mine. As she felt my prick rising, she stood back and pointed to it saying to Luisa that I was getting excited already. Luisa looked at the bulge in my trousers and, just as we arrived at my floor, said that she hoped I wouldn’t come too quickly.

I hung up their coats when we went in and asked Esmeralda to get out some glasses while I opened the champagne. The girls were sitting apart on the sofa and so I sat between them and poured the drinks. I raised my glass and gave a toast to a beautiful night to come, then put my glass down and kissed first Luisa and then Esmeralda.

I asked Esmeralda to put on some music and turned back to Luisa, kissed her again and slipped my tongue between her lips. She gently sucked it into her mouth and rolled her tongue around mine before pushing her tongue back into my mouth. I unbuttoned her blouse, pulled it out of her skirt and pushed it off her shoulders. I then left her mouth and started kissing down her neck while my hands stroked up and down her back. I kissed further down to her heaving breasts and kissed both her hard nipples before licking one of them, taking it between my lips and gently sucking and biting it.

Luisa’s breathing was coming faster and I leaned back to make it easier for her to open my shirt. Now for the first time, I was able to see her tits. They were very firm and high with enormous rubbery nipples that were sticking out at least a centimetre. My hands looked snow white against her skin which appeared coal black in the dim light as I cupped and squeezed her tits hoping that Esmeralda was able to see them.

I now sat back to take off my shirt and looked at Esmeralda who had started a slow strip to the music. She didn’t take her eyes off Luisa while she was taking off her clothes. She was stripping for Luisa’s benefit not mine, and when she was completely undressed she held her own tits and seemed to offer them to Luisa. Isn’t she beautiful I asked Luisa as I ran a hand under her skirt between her thighs. She opened her legs a little and quietly said yes, but wouldn’t properly look at her.

Esmeralda stood in front of me and I kissed her nipples while my hands cupped her buttocks. I kissed down to her navel and then between her legs as she opened them and pushed her hips forward. She was soaking wet and as I lapped her juices she was breathing heavily and groaning while she held my head to her pussy so that she could rub herself off against my lips and tongue. She made a lot of noise as she came and after a moment sat down beside me and said to Luisa there, I told you I was good.

I turned back to Luisa and pulled her tits against my chest as I kissed her. I didn’t put out my tongue, but used my lips to open hers. Tentatively she put her tongue between her teeth and touched my lips and rubbed them, tasting, for the first time, the juices of another woman. When she didn’t withdraw her tongue, I sucked it fully into my mouth, put my hand back between her legs and pushed up her skirt.

She was wearing white panties which gleamed against her black skin. She was very wet as I stroked her and creased her pants into the folds of her pussy. I lifted her so that she was standing in front of me, unzipped her skirt and pulled it off. Then I slipped her panties over her buttocks and down her thighs.

Both Esmeralda and I gasped when we saw that she had shaved her pussy. Her legs were just a little way apart, but sufficient to see her pussy lips glistening. She pushed her knees apart and thrust her hips forward as she used her hands to slowly guide my head between her thighs. The smell of her wetness was powerful and as I pushed my tongue between her lips I tasted African honey for the first time, sweeter than any made by bees.

Luisa’s inner lips were quite large but even so, I easily found her little button which I discovered was extremely sensitive. I was holding the ample but firm cheeks of her arse and she held my head firmly and rubbed herself off against my lips and tongue. I sucked her lips into my mouth while concentrating my tongue on her clit, and slipped the thumb of one hand into her soaking pussy.

I felt one of Esmeralda’s hands at the back of my head and the other joined mine on Luisa’s buttocks, pressing me closer to Luisa so that my mouth and her smooth pussy were moving in unison despite her jerking more quickly as she started to come. As her ecstasy reached its peak, her juices flowed into my mouth and over my hand as she whimpered with pleasure. Her knees lost their strength, and it was only because Esmeralda and I were holding her so close that she didn’t fall back onto the coffee table.

I pulled her across my lap, with her head in Esmeralda’s lap. I bent forward and kissed her face while stroking as much of her as I could reach, from her knees to her neck, paying particular attention to her hairless pussy. As my fingers moved softly over her tits, they were joined by Esmeralda’s, gently playing with her nipples. I looked at Esmeralda and was about to say something when she shook her head to quiet me.

I then kissed Esmeralda and she sucked hard on my tongue, to transfer the full taste of Luisa’s cunt juice into her mouth. By the time we’d finished our kiss, Luisa was recovering and sat up. I kissed her and Esmeralda asked if that had been good for her. Yes, she replied, I just kept coming. Esmeralda then said that she’d really liked the taste of Luisa’s juices on my tongue.

Luisa didn’t reply, but said that now it was my turn and started to undo my belt. Esmeralda took off my shoes and socks, and between them they removed my trousers. My prick was standing firm and made my pants look like a tent, with a dark patch of pre-come at the tip. Esmeralda took the sides of my pants and pulled them down as Luisa lifted the waistband over my straining prick.

I lay back on the settee as they both started work on me, stroking my thighs and belly with the tips of their nails before doing the same to my prick and balls. Esmeralda bent forward and licked, paying particular attention to the sensitive underside of my prick. She then slipped it into her mouth and ran it slowly as far as it would go so that I could feel her throat contract around the tip. She then withdrew and invited Luisa to do the same, saying that I was an old friend and very clean.

I felt Luisa’s breath on me first as she lowered her head and just touched me with the tip of her tongue to tentatively taste my pre-come. She closed her lips around the crown and sucked, drawing me into her mouth and then released me again. Esmeralda gently pushed Luisa’s head aside and did the same, then it was Luisa’s turn again.

As they took turns at sucking me, Luisa pinched my nipples with one hand, while playing with my balls with the other. Esmeralda wanked my prick into their mouths and put her free hand round Luisa’s shoulders. Their cheeks were rubbing against each others as they worked on me, and Esmeralda ran her tongue along the side of my prick, close to Luisa’s lips. Luisa did the same a few times until they had their lips each side of me and were alternately running their tongues over the top of my prick.

I could see what Esmeralda’s plan was as she tried to touch Luisa’s tongue with her own. After the first couple of times when it appeared accidental, she deliberately kept her tongue against Luisa’s as they rolled around the head of my prick, and gradually, Esmeralda’s arm slipped from Luisa’s shoulders, and I could see it moving as she stroked her back.

They now spent less and less time on my prick, and more time rolling their tongues together until finally Esmeralda pressed her open mouth fully over Luisa’s and they kissed, almost devouring each other. From the movements of Esmeralda’s arm, I guessed that she was now caressing Luisa’s buttocks, and her other hand left my prick, went to Luisa’s face and then slipped down to play with her tits.

After a moment or two, Luisa seemed to realise what was happening and pulled her mouth away. Too fast she said, and placed Esmeralda’s hand back on my prick and resumed sucking it. Esmeralda’s other hand was still stroking somewhere low down Luisa’s back as she used her hand in time to Luisa’s sucking, to wank me into her mouth. She looked at me, and I said beautiful, meaning everything; herself, Luisa, them kissing and what they were jointly doing to me now. She winked at me, and turned to kiss Luisa’s neck, suck the lobe of her ear and stick in her tongue.

I felt myself coming and strained my prick up against Luisa as her lips went down on me. She sucked harder, faster and deeper and squeezed my balls and I burst and filled her mouth with my come. For a moment she seemed unsure of what to do, and a little of my come streaked milky white against her black skin as it dribbled from the side of her mouth. Before she could either swallow or spit it out, Esmeralda said give it to me, and pulled Luisa’s head towards her waiting mouth.

Esmeralda licked my come from the side of Luisa’s mouth and then I saw Luisa opening her lips to Esmeralda’s forceful tongue, and she pushed it back and thrust out her own tongue. Esmeralda moaned and sucked and licked all round Luisa’s lips and tongue, and I saw her swallowing as my come was transferred from one mouth to the other.

That was beautiful, Esmeralda said when she eventually lifted her mouth, but Luisa just turned away looking embarrassed. There followed a few moments of silence and so I broke the ice by suggesting that we all take a bath. Esmeralda went into the bathroom, leaving me to comfort Luisa who, by now, had a tear falling from one eye.

I turned her face towards me and licked the tear away and kissed both of her eyes and asked her what was wrong. She replied that she was confused by her feelings, that she was excited by Esmeralda, but thought that it was wrong to feel like that about another girl. I told her that it was perfectly normal to be turned on by a beautiful girl as well as a guy. I then asked her if I turned her on, and she said that of course I did. There you are I said, you are perfectly normal, and I told her to come into the bathroom and take a good look at Esmeralda’s body and enjoy the feeling.

I lifted to her feet, took her in my arms and kissed her; then took her hand and led her into the bathroom where we found Esmeralda lying down and covered with Badedas foam. She sat up as we entered and moved to the tap end of the bath to make room for Luisa and I to get in. It was a tight squeeze with three in the bath, but by wrapping our legs around each other we managed it.

I was sitting sideways and pulled both girls faces close so that I could kiss them both together. Our lips and tongues played with each others, and then Esmeralda took the sponge and squeezed the water over our heads so that our mouths filed with water and foam. We all started to laugh and splashed about like young kids, dabbing handsful of foam on each others faces and bodies. I noticed that Luisa was getting over her shyness by the way she kept covering Esmeralda’s nipples with bubbles; each time she did it, her hand lingered longer, just brushing the hard points.

Eventually we tired of this, and I asked the girls to wash me. We all stood up, and they got to work on me. It was wonderful to stand there and be treated like this. They divided me in half, not top and bottom, or front and back, but Esmeralda took my left side and Luisa the right, and they overlapped in the middle. As one washed my balls, the other washed my cock while at the same time they each washed a buttock. One slipped a finger into my arse, I assumed it to be Esmeralda, so I ran my hands around their buttocks and slipped a soapy digit into each of them.

Then it was Luisa’s turn. Esmeralda and I covered every part of her, but whenever I got close to her arse or pussy, I found that Esmeralda had beaten me to it, she was soaping around and into Luisa’s little bum hole and shaven pussy. So I concentrated on her tits and kissed her panting mouth. I don’t know if she realised whose hands were where, but she certainly came at least twice before she said enough. We turned again, and this time, after Luisa and I had finished playing with Esmeralda’s tits, I guided Luisa’s hands down to Esmeralda’s backside and belly. I bent down to cup more foam in my hands and, when I got back up, found that one of Luisa’s hands was cupping and squeezing the cheeks of Esmeralda’s arse, and the other was playing with the hairs on her lower belly.

I gently covered her hands with mine and guided them between Esmeralda’s thighs. She started to stroke and, after a few moments, even bent her head and started to lick and suck at Esmeralda’s tits. They were enjoying themselves so much, they didn’t notice as I got out of the bath and started to dry myself. By the time I’d finished, so had they. They were both very flushed, Esmeralda looked triumphant while Luisa appeared a little sheepish, but she kept her arms around Esmeralda and her head on her shoulder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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