Lucy and the Black Men

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As Lucy pulled into the driveway at Marg and Paula’s home, she could feel the slick spot on the seat beneath her bare vagina, she quickly checked her make up to ensure she looked desirable for her mistresses. As per usual she had a moment of apprehension before getting out of the car to go inside. Torn by the knowledge of the shameful acts of degradation and humiliation she submitted herself to, it conflicted with her body’s new found addiction to gratuitous sexual stimulation.

Without letting her mind linger on the dramatic changes her life had undergone in the 2 months since her sexual enslavement to the two lesbians, Lucy got out of the car and went up to the door. She couldn’t help but wonder what was in store for her once she entered the house. Her body betrayed her arousal at the knowledge that it was a regular Friday evening session, which usually entailed the most excessive abuse of her once delicate body.

After ringing the doorbell and being invited inside, Lucy immediately began to remove her clothes, which had become customary for her on arrival at the lesbians’ house.

“Come through little slut, we have something very special in store for your pretty little ass today,” said Paula before correcting herself, “some things, I should say.”

She was amused by the look of trepidation which crossed Lucy’s face.

The two Lesbians had recently discovered Lucy’s concern for them playing with her asshole. It was primarily due to the fact that Lucy’s boyfriend, whom she still lived with (although with a significantly altered relationship), had taken to exclusively fucking her ass. He claimed her vagina was only good for lubricating his cock as it was too loose nowadays to provide any pleasure.

Privately Lucy was terrified that if they gave her ass the same treatment her pussy had received, she would no longer be able to satisfy Michael and he would leave her for the other young woman she knew he was sleeping with, much to her dismay.

So Lucy followed Paula down the hall to “Lucy’s bedroom” a room they had fitted out with a large bed and an assortment of equipment designed for sexual abuse and stimulation. As they entered the room Lucy froze in shock, there on the bed was Marg, surrounded by a horde of naked black men. After weeks of fucking, sucking, licking and fisting, it was not easy to surprise Lucy, she had experienced a lot around the cruel hands of these lesbians. But never before had a stranger been involved, let alone 8 big black men with fat black cocks as she now noticed.

“How do you like your surprise little piggy?” Marg asked.

Lucy was stuck for words, standing in silence.

“We thought you might have been missing cock since you’ve been spending time with us,” she added.

Truth be told Lucy had not been missing cock, becoming subservient to Michael, she was being fucked in the mouth or ass every morning and evening at home.

“Well almanbahis şikayet don’t just stand there,” said Paula, giving her a hard slap on the ass. “Get on the floor and show these gentlemen how much you appreciate their presence by getting yourself ready for them,”

Lucy knew what this meant, it was a regular exercise, she moved to the middle of the room, lay down on her back and spread her legs so that her pussy faced the audience on the bed. She then spat onto her fingers and proceeded to massage it into her clit and pussy lips. Smiles spread and cocks swelled as Lucy closed her eyes and began to masturbate. She could feel their eyes examining her body as a hot rush of humiliation and arousal washed over her.

Within a minute her pussy was glistening and her pink labia began to open out revealing the tattoos of ownership on the inside of each cunt lip. The third physiological reaction that occurred was a result of the regular abuse her pussy endured. Her hole began to open, even before she’d slipped in 3 fingers to fuck herself. Before long it sat agape, an open red tunnel leading up inside her body, with ‘Marg’ and ‘Paula’ written on each side of the opening.

After watching in silence, one of the black men piped up, “Holy shit! That bitch is loose!”

This elicited a round of laughter.

“Okay boys,” said Marg, “I suppose you want to get started. Here’s the deal, listen up slut!”

Lucy looked up at them as Marg tipped a big packet of pencils onto the bed. She wrapped both hands around them, to hold the bunch and demonstrate its diameter of at least 3 inches.

“We’re going to play a game. From smallest to largest cock, all 8 of these men are going to fuck your ass until they cum. Your aim is to hold as much of their cum inside you until the end. Starting with these 30 pencils, every millilitre you manage to retain, one less pencil will be inserted into that tight little anus of yours at the end.

Lucy’s heart sank. How the fuck was she supposed to come out of this with an asshole that closed? Lucy’s helplessness set in, she knew there was no way of avoiding the treatment. So she gritted her teeth and set her mind to retaining as much cum as possible to reduce the abominable size of the bunch of pencils.

Before long Lucy was kneeling on the bed with her knees tied together and her bottom sticking out. Paula had set up the video camera on a tripod aimed at Lucy on the bed.

“Open up fuckhole number 3,” Marg said, that is what they insisted on calling her mouth. An appropriate name considering it was regularly used in the same fashion as fuckholes number 1 and 2. Lucy obeyed and Marg squirted 2 generous dollops of lube into her mouth. Lucy swilled it around her mouth. She hated the taste but she accepted it knowing that it was more comfortable for both parties when a dick was in her mouth, it helped them slip in and out of her almanbahis canlı casino throat.

In this state, the first and smallest of the 8 black cocks came up to her face. It was significantly fatter than Michaels cock which she was used to in her mouth and ass. She shuddered at the thought of increasing cock size.

With a deep breath she took the head in her mouth and pushed all the way down to the base, letting it stretch her throat open, ignoring her gag reflex. Aiming to lubricate the cock all the way down so it would slide in her ass that little bit easier, she bobbed her head up and down feeling the cock grow and stiffen.

After a few minutes the man pulled out got up to walk around behind her, pulling her hips back towards the edge of the bed, then without delay he slid his cock all the way in.

Lucy let out a groan as her anus was opened up. She could take a cock back there, but this one was bigger than usual.

He began to fuck in and out, gradually increasing the pace. Before long Lucy was moaning with each rapid thrust. She was unable to escape the sexual stimulation. With her legs tied together, the cock pressed her G-spot through the thin membrane. Her orgasm was rising. After a few final hard thrusts the man groaned and stiffened, pumping her ass with a load of semen. Lucy switched on, squeezing his cock as it withdrew, not letting any cum escape.

The next two men stepped up, one kneeling in front of her face, the other sliding his dick up her prelubed asshole. Lucy relaxed her sphincter again as the next cock pushed inside.

As the man behind her began to fuck, the man in front grabbed the sides of her head and pushed his cock into her mouth. It was noticeably bigger as it slid down her throat.

By the time the 4th cock was ready to take her ass, Lucy was having trouble keeping herself closed. Before it was inserted, a dibble of cum escaped, rolling down between her pussy lips. Not to mention she was reaching fever pitch, she’d almost cum when the 3rd man ejaculated inside her.

The 4th man wasted no time. Once inside he set out at a rapid pace, pounding Lucy’s rear faster and harder than anyone before. Lucy began to squeal as her orgasm rose. She tried to hold off for as long as possible, hoping he would orgasm soon. It was no use, he just kept pounding her. He was jacked up on the image of his fat black cock stretching her as it slid up inside her slender hips and waist.

Then it happened, Lucy let out a scream as her ass and pussy clamped down in orgasm. It was so hard that mid thrust she literally shat out his dick with a glob of cum. But in the heat of the moment his dick dropped down a level and slid straight into her pussy.

Either he didn’t notice or didn’t care, because despite Lucy yelling, “ahh no, fuck my ass!” he continued to pound away. Lucy continued to orgasm and a few moments later he shuddered and almanbahis casino came deep inside her. Lucy began to cry at the wasted cum as she felt it trickle out of her pussy. That was a whole lot more pencils in that were now going into her ass.

They rolled her onto her back, knees in the air and cock’s 5 -7 fucked her ass with abandonment one at a time. By the 7th load the increasing cock size and decreasing elasticity left Lucy with another problem, she could no longer close her asshole. So she had taken to reaching down one side to plug her hole with her fingers. This treatment had created quite a mess, 2 more orgasms, a gape and a full rectum meant there was plenty of cum that wasn’t staying inside her, it has leaked out to coat her fingers, bottom and bed.

After taking 7 cocks up her ass Lucy was nearly delirious when the 8th man stepped up to the plate. By that time she had familiarised herself with the men in the room. There was one surprise left in store for her. She had not yet seen the eighth man’s cock, suffice to say it was big, shockingly big. Lucy stared in fear and awe at the member as it came towards her. It went out of sight behind her knees as the man squatted slightly to line it up with her bottom. Then almost in slow motion she felt it press against her asshole, with a feeling of immense stretching she felt it slide up inside.

The thought that such a cock was now inside her horrified Lucy, she couldn’t believe that her asshole was able to accommodate it. It was the same horror she felt the first few times she’d had her pussy fisted. The certain knowledge that it would be forever far from virginal.

The man fucked her. Lucy lay there feeling him destroy her asshole, the only thing her boyfriend seemed to value. How could this be happening to her? She wondered. Then, before she knew it, the sensation of being overwhelmingly full of pounding dick caught up with her. She exploded in orgasm. Screaming with each thrust as he continued to fuck her.

As the 8th black man fucked her to orgasm he could feel her asshole becoming less tight with each thrust. Slowly but surely Lucy’s exhausted muscles gave up, leaving the stretched skin as the only thing holding sphincter to dick. Lucy felt this too, and with growing fear she realised her fingers may not be enough to hold the cum in. When he finally deposited his load in her, Lucy did the only thing she could think of to retain the precious contents of her rectum. She reached around and grasped the base of his cock and begged him not to pull out.

Everyone else in the room laughed at this wretched sight as the man slowly withdrew. His slick softening cock sliding through Lucy’s desperate fingers.

Marg adjusted the camcorder so that it framed Lucy’s ass, capturing Lucy’s final attempt at anal salvation, as the cock popped out, she shoved her four fingers and thumb up her ass to plug the hole. As she lay there whimpering, the camera recorded her humiliation as the cum leaked out through the gaps in her fingers and dripped to pool on the bed.

Her poor ruined asshole had one last ordeal to go through. But by this stage the number of pencils wouldn’t make much difference.

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