Love on a Leather Couch

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He unbuttoned her pants to reveal a small, red thong. Its straps crossed her protruding hip bones and the fabric at the front perfectly covered her crotch, disappearing between her peachy thighs. Jason felt his cock harden and throb in anticipation of entering her pussy. Vanessa was so tiny and had such a tight body – he bet she fucked hard!

He slowly removed her pants and sat back to examine the erotic zone between her legs. Vanessa’s legs were spread just enough so he could see her ass cheeks against his leather couch. Her ass was tight but round, and he felt a very strong desire to play with it. He’d never fucked a girl up the ass before, but Vanessa’s pure, white, and forbidden body was inspiring him.

Jason reached under her and swept his fingers from the top of her ass crack up to her clit, and even through the fabric, he could feel the heat and wetness of her pussy. She arched toward him and moaned at his touch. They’d been lying on the couch together for hours, grinding and whispering to each other, without daring to remove their clothes. Vanessa had a boyfriend, but tonight the long-standing chemistry between she and Jason overwhelmed her.

Jason couldn’t wait any longer to see and feel Vanessa’s cunt. He separated her ass from the leather and rolled her thong off her body. Jason looked down to see that Vanessa’s pussy was completely bare. Her pussy lips, her clit, everywhere between her legs was smooth. His cock was forcing against the fabric of his pants now!

He unzipped his jeans and worked around his thick erection to get them off. Jason was dying to feel his cock against her body. He and Vanessa had been talking dirty to each other all throughout high school, often turning to each other for stimulation. As the years went on, she kept getting hotter. Now she was eighteen and enjoyed displaying her sexuality, which drove Jason crazy every time he saw bahis firmaları her! He couldn’t stop thinking about all the things they always said they’d do to each other. Now tonight might be his only chance to actually fuck the blond-haired minx.

He kneeled on the couch between her legs, and out of curiosity reached a hand under her bum to feel her ass crack. She’d never been fucked up the ass before, but tonight she was bare, everywhere, even around her little asshole. Jason traced his finger down her crack, feeling all the way between her tight cheeks. The closer he got to her asshole, the heavier her breathing became. Her crack was warm and moist, and seemed to be getting even hotter as she clenched her cheeks around his finger!

He quickly ran a fingertip over her asshole, just barely touching it. She squirmed and moaned, so he stroked the rim of her asshole over and over. His prick was rock hard now, pointing straight up with a drop of precum. Whenever they talked late at night, she wanted him to pleasure himself until he came, so he knew she would love to see him touch himself. With his left hand he grabbed the base of his cock and started slowly jerking off.

Vanessa lay half-naked on Jason’s couch. They’d been down there for hours, working each other into a frenzy. Vanessa was already in a sexual daze from Jason teasing her asshole. She’d never had anyone finger her hole before, but the way Jason was feeling the outside of her ass made her really want it! Now she was watching him stroke his cock and it was making her even more crazy – from her ass to her clit she was tingling and if he didn’t start fucking her soon, she’d have to start fingering herself!

She watched his balls move up and down as he tugged on his cock – she loved watching him, the skin on his balls tightening and moving back and forth. Subconsciously, she pressed closer to him, hoping kaçak iddaa to make him put something inside her. The nerve endings on her anus were making her asshole open up in anticipation of the head of his cock slipping inside. She was getting so wet that her pussy juices were running down her thighs and even down her ass crack.

Jason’s cock throbbed with desire, and he really wanted to give Vanessa the most amazing experience possible. He knew he’d come soon, so he thought he’d try to use this to his advantage.

He stopped stroking himself and Vanessa’s asshole, and slid his hands up her body, removing her shirt as he went. Her stomach was so beautiful – creamy and soft – and he finally got a look at her gorgeous tits. He leaned into her and let her pussy get a good feel of his hard-on.

After admiring her body, he gently turned her over on her stomach. The view of her ass from behind was even sexier, as the two mounds rose from her beautiful thighs. He reached down with two fingers and started stroking her pussy from behind, which elicited a reaction of her lifting her ass toward him. He wanted to plunge his fingers deep inside, but he wasn’t finished with her asshole yet and didn’t want to miss his chance!

Jason pulled his fingers away from Vanessa’s tight, bare pussy and began to stroke her ass with both hands. He ran his fingers along where her ass met her thighs, and then pulled her cheeks apart and began to lick her crack.

Vanessa had never felt anyone lick her ass before. Jason’s warm, wet tongue was driving her crazy! He licked along her crack and ass slowly, just like he’d fingered her, but then picked up the intensity, licking faster and harder. Finally, he concentrated on her hole, running the tip of his tongue around the rim of her asshole. He plunged into her anus with his tongue, which felt so soft and only made her want something hard kaçak bahis and firm inside her!

After teasing her with his tongue, Jason backed off and instead inserted two fingers into her tight hole. He watched as they disappeared between her cheeks. Vanessa’s bare ass was so hot. The idea of going where no man had gone before made him really excited to take her virgin ass! Vanessa was getting really into the fingering, ramming her ass back against his hand. She was squirming and screaming and going crazy, wiggling her hips in any way to get his fingers further inside her.

Jason knew his cum was going to explode soon, so he quickly grabbed his cock and started beating off frantically. The head of his cock was swollen and ready to cum. He continued to penetrate Vanessa’s ass with his fingers, feeling her hole and stimulating her rim with his thumb. He stroked himself harder and harder until he was about to shoot his cum. He curled his fingers one last time inside her ass, and then pulled out as he shot his cum all over her ass, thighs, and back. He came on her beautiful body, and even shot one load straight at her asshole so that he could later bury his cock inside her with ease.

Vanessa moaned with pleasure when his hot cum splattered on her body, and it seemed to almost put her over the edge. She rolled over so that she could look Jason in the eyes and take in his post-orgasmic state. Jason knelt before her, his cock in his hands and his head drooping to the side, proud and exhausted. His legs, stomach, and forearms were twitching at the sexual effort he’d just expended.

She began to caress his body, feeling her lover for the first time. Vanessa had a boyfriend, but he didn’t understand her like Jason did. As his breathing slowed, she ran her hands over his chest and stomach, trying to memorize the details of his body.

He took her hands in his and laid down next to her on the couch, their bare skin sticking to each other and the cool leather, while they again whispered and grinded their bodies together. Once Jason’s cock was hard again, they would consummate their forbidden love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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