Love is all that matters pt5 – Simply put, I was evicted

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Fucked up. And this time… Big time!

But how was I suppose to know any of this would happen? It’s not like I was expecting Jessy to simply enter the bathroom as I was having a shower, or mom; as a matter of fact it’s them who should take the blame… they interrupted me, they didn’t respect my privacy; this day better end and as soon as possible!

I washed my face, again; face palmed myself feeling miserable as I was getting out of the shower. Picked up a clean towel to dry myself, then picked another, larger one to wrap myself around my body because I had no clean clothes of my own.

I tip toed out of the bathroom and through the hall, making sure I’m all alone. I went to my room carefully, I wanted to find some more of my own clothes. But as I came to my room I heard voices in there, quietly disscussing something. I tried to run away immediately thinking it was mom and Jessy, and I didn’t need another encounter with the two.

I already grabbed the handle but next second I released it from my grip, tho not unnoticed. As I started to think about running out of there my mom opens the door to check who it was sneaking around and right there standing in the middle of the room, as mom opens the door, is my sister in her same old white spaghetti strap shirt and grey high waisted satin shorts almost shockingly staring at me and my upper body. I looked at mom with the same look, then at Jessy and her nipples still poking at me, as I waited for another lecture from mom. I looked down trying to hide my shame and then I started apologizing to mom and to Jessy as well

“I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t mean for any of this to happen, I was just trying to take a shower, and then I got a bit drunk with dad, and I was tired and hungry and horny… neither of you two helped me, Jessy was… and you, mom… ” I have had a lot of things to say, a lot of arguments against both of them, winning facts, but none that seemed appropriate at the moment. I couldn’t let mom know Jessy was hell of a tease through out the whole day at work; and I couldn’t let Jessy know mom touched my dick in the kitchen or the fact that I saw her sucking dad’s dick yesterday in the hall, or that she told me how much she loved sucking his dick or that she told me that she was horny and wanted to do it again tonight. So, instead of blaming them, I just kept all of it to myself, because I didn’t want to embarrass mom in front of Jessy, nor Jessy in front of mom. So that was like admiting it was all my fault, even tho it didn’t feel that way at all.

They were both a pain in the ass (balls, actually) these last two days, but they didn’t deserve to be ashamed like that. So I just said “I’m sorry…” as I felt defeated. They looked at me for a few seconds like that and it felt like eternity untill they started laughing.

First mom, started it with a small giggle that she tried to stop but couldn’t surpress it, then Jessy shortly after followed with her own giggle, which made me look up and at them, they started laughing hard just like dad and I did after he apologized to me for enjoying mom’s blowjob. Which made me smile myself and laugh a bit, what a relief, at least mom wasn’t mad. But I wasn’t gonna let them get away with it just like that, oh no! I was gonna get my revenge right now, nobody will make fun of me just like that.

First, I faked anger: “Mom stop it! JESSY!! Both of you are such…. I’m warning you!” I said as I threatened mom with a finger high. I faked a very serious face just like dad used to as I was stepping closer to mom but she couldn’t stop laughing. So I stepped even closer to her giving her a hint by asking a simple question:

“Are you ticklish, mom?”

and all of a sudden she stopped laughing and then she tried to make a serious face herself but she couldn’t get proper amount of air in her lungs cause of all that laughing at me; instead of hearing a no I just read it from her lips so since no sound came to my ears I said:

“What? I can’t hear you mom. Speak up!”

Stepped closer to her and laid my hands on her waist, picked her up and put my hand around her and grabbed her ass to hold her steady over my shoulder as I kind of throwed her on my bed all in one move as she tried to stop me and to escape but couldn’t. As I carried her I was on purpose squeezing her ass, enjoying the chance I got before I pinned her down in my bed, she didn’t complain much for whatever the reasons were, then I turned around and went back for more, trying to get Jessy but as I reached to grab her my towel was pulled off of me. Jessy didn’t see it because she ran away.

I quickly turned halfway towards mom then stopped, I couldn’t move properly or she would’ve seen it, which gave mom some advantage, I have covered my limp clean dick with my hands, I tried, at least; and as I froze she froze as well but not for too long, she jumped out of the bed and with a lot of caution passed me by in a big circle, teasing me with my towel, showing that if I decide to get her that would mean showing her my dick in full view, again; and I wasn’t gonna embarrass myself twice in an hour. So I just stood there and looked gaziantep lezbiyen at her with my squinching eyes as she grinned at me. Then she stood at the door and looked at me, not leaving, not laughing. Simply observing my body… there were obvious tensions in the air. As I was kind of angry that they did get away with it, for now.

But this game I started and that was still going on between my mother and I, became soon very interesting.

“Mom, come on… give it to me.” She replied nothing. Instead, she bit her lip and then whispered to herself: “Oh I wish…” then asked “Will you be a bad boy and try to cum all over Jessy’s pretty face again, or will you be a good mommy’s boy and sneak up on your mother’s back while she is working?” At those words my mind created ideas and images… I wanted to tackle her again and tickle her and so much more, but I didn’t, I simply nodded, agreeing to everything she said. Stepping forward my mother asked again “Pinky promise?” I nodded again realizing only that she was a tease and that I had no idea what I have promised.

She stepped forward again. And again. And again. She was now only two feet away. I decided spontaneously to slowly remove my hands, and allow my dick to show himself and it sure did. As mother approached I could feel her scent, that fucking parfume was driving me nuts, same as in the kitchen when I kissed her neck, a desire hit me and I wanted to do it again. I felt my dick, it was feeling her presence as she came closer to me. She lowered her hands to her waist height or slightly below.

I gently touched her hands as she stared at me then peeked at my dick, for a moment too long, enough for me to notice, her red face active, I was looking her in the eyes, slowly but surely taking the towel out of her hands, I wanted to cover my erection; but I didn’t.

As I took the towel from her and leaned it over my dick, she raised her look and was looking me in the eyes now. Too close. I leaned forward a bit while we looked at each other. She had a smallest smile visible in a corner of her lips, it felt like… her lack of confidence, like a mother with a large number of uncertain thoughts. Room was extremely silent, as if the whole room stopped its breathing so it doesn’t interrupt anything. I dropped the towel to the floor, looked her in the eyes, took her hands in mine, put them on my face, as I lowered myself, she caressed my three days old beard, I hugged her around her legs under her gorgeous ass with a small amount of fear that she’ll stop me. She did not.

I carried her to the wall and closed the door with my leg. Her lips were so sweet, as the most delicious fruit I have ever tasted. I loved her hands around my neck, grabbed her hard and moved us to my bed, laying her on her back easy and myself on top of her pressing my bodyweight on her body, making her feel me beetween her legs as we investigated eachothers mouth fearlessly, our tongues intervened, our lips slippery yet firm and restless. We kissed for minutes, I took her hands intervened fingers with hers, raised her hands above her head as we kept shamelessly sucking on eachothers tongues kissing as if we will never get tired of it. Mom had so much energy for a 34 old lady and a body that was made to be fucked and often and hard. I finally left her lips alone for a moment, lowered my lips to her neck and kept going with my sweet torture, touched her sensitive spots with my lips, biting on her neck, carefully reaching down for her dress and raised it slowly all the way up over her breasts, caressing her legs, teasing all the way up and that’s when she stopped me. I paused and looked at her but just for a split second, as my lips continued looking for more of her weak spots, I heard her say: “Michael, we shouldn’t… ” moan followed those words coming out of her sweet mouth “Mikey, please…” she begged me as I went on kissing her gorgeous bra, biting her tits above her bra “Oh my God, please… don’t stop…” she said raising her hands by herself above her head to let me undress her completely; I pulled her dress all the way up and looked at her.

Silence covered us both, in my room full of lust. I had my mom, finally surrender herself to me. She had her eyes closed, laying on my bed. I smiled at her, felt warmth called love for this absolute perfection under me. Caressing her hips, her legs, lowering my face into her breasts, kissing slowly, making a pause between each touch of my lips with my mother’s skin, with my mother’s tits still covered by her sexy underware. I climbed up her neck with my lips, taking one of her boobs in my hand, squeezing it hard through her D cup bra and mother awarded me with another long moan. My dick twitched, she felt it and opened her eyes but quickly closed them again once she felt mu tongue licking her lips, she welcomed me in her mouth once again, hugging me and as it couldn’t be any worse moment, we heard steps in the hall. I freaked out, mom pushed me hard off of her and looked for her dress but there was no time…

The door handle lowered and the door started opening, but mom showed at the right place at the right time. She blocked the door with her leg, peeked through the small space to see who it was and she almost yelled at the person on the other side of the door:

“Get out of here, Michael!! I told you this isn’t your room anymore!”

But the person was stronger. And pushed the door a bit more further, I jumped quickly to help mom holding the door. Stood behind her so the whoever she was talking to doesn’t see me, but her words did confuse me. She couldn’t have confused me with dad, not this time… she knew where I was, right?

“Oh… it’s you, sleepy head. I thought it was Mike. You can’t come in right now, me and Jessy are trying out some sexy lingerie we bought the other day. You know we turned this room into our own large closet the moment Mike moved to his apartment.”

“Oh, okay baby, but where is he? Mike? I fell asleep during the game and I think he went home. “

“No he didn’t. I think he’s taking a shower. Check in Jessy’s room or the downstairs bathroom. And go wait for us downstairs. We’ll be there quickly.”

Mom was coming up with whole bunch of lies to save our asses and my brain died the moment I heard my dad’s voice. I was right behind her as I was afraid my crazy and horny father might get some crazy ideas and all of a sudden decide to enter no longer my room; as I was facing mom, I noticed she was kind of restless herself. Nervous and all, her body changed bunch of positions at the door and her hands too. She accidentally touched my dick and instead of moving her hand away, she took it in her grip. Wasn’t sure whether she wanted to keep it out of touching her or she just wanted to hold it, but it felt so amazing I almost moaned a bit and came right there and then. Luckily, my father went away quickly, after my mother told him to go downstairs and wait for her and Jessy, dinner will be in 15 minutes. She postponed the dinner as her hand kept stroking my dick behind the door. She released my dick and went out of the room to give dad some attention, I hated him so much, but she had to make sure he did as she said; then she returned back to the room.

I waited behind the door just in case. Mom entered and closed the door, leaning her back on the door as she let out a sigh and a big one… she looked at me then smiled turning her back to me

“Could you please help me?”

Her bra was unhooked, probably dad wanted more attention than she could offer him at the moment. I stepped closer, resting my hands on her shoulders, trying to decide… as I approached her, my head poked her, I was still hard. She was holding her bra over her tits, but she reached behind her ass and took me in her hand as I kissed her naked shoulders, she moaned again, her hand gently pulling my dick towards her as she spoke

“Please, baby, we should get down… dinner is ready… ” she sighed and moaned after each word, as if it was quite opposite of what she was really thinking to say. Her hand didn’t leave my dick alone, my hands started lowering down her shoulders, bra straps falling down. She bit her lip as I started kissing her skin all over the back, her shoulders, tracking her spine with my lips, all the way to her butt. She had to let go of my dick as I kept on kissing lower and lower…

“Oh my Lord, Michael I beg you…”

“What, mom? What are you begging me for?”

I asked quietly, not stopping for a second; dropping slowly to my knees, kissing her butt, licking it, admiring it as my fingers grabbed her thong in the middle and pulled it aside gently. She was keeping her mouth and eyes shut as I did all these inappropriate things to her. I spread her ass wide and kissed her right where I should not. And I did it again, and again, and again; slid my thumb in her sweet ass and enjoyed how tight it was. I kept spreading her little hole as she was shivering. Fucking my mommy in her ass gently with my thick finger, making sure she enjoyed it and so she did. Front side of her thong was soaked, her juices were running through her cunt, and over her legs. If I doubted for a single moment whether I want this, I stopped the moment I felt her soaked panties.

Small circles of my thumb in her butthole made her moan a bit more into her palm, taking a hold of my wrist.

“Please… ”

Mom whispered barely loud enough for me to hear her. I stopped, my dick was hard as a rock and I was hoping so much this isn’t the end, but I stopped. Realizing I’ve lost the best chance. I couldn’t rape my mother. If she was begging me to stop repeatedly, I should listen to her. Then my thoughts interrupted again by mom’s voice equally quiet:

‘ll scream, baby…. it feels too much, I can’t handle it without being loud… please… help me..”

“You want me to stop?”

“You father took it only once… “

That wasn’t a no. I knew know why she was so tight, but that made me want her ass even more now. Tho not today. I pulled out my finger slowly, stood up. Turned her around so she could face me, and removed her hands covering her face.

“Hey, look at me.”

I smiled warmly at her, showing her not to worry. She smiled back, it wasn’t the biggest smile ever, but for now enough.

“I won’t do anything you don’t want me to.”

She hugged me and I hugged her back. Then we kissed some more, as I hold her ass in my hands. The difference now was her smile. She smiled from the bottom of her heart. She wasn’t shy but happy for kissing me. She looked me in the eyes between each few kisses. And smiled at me. Even tho I was naked and held her almost naked ass, and almost fucked her ass, and destroyed her marriage and our family, she hugged me, kissed me, loved me. Best mom ever. So much forgiving and kindness.

“You know, we are one hell of a strange family.”

She said and laughed silently. I smiled at her kissing her while she talked. I wanted her still, my dick was equally hard.

“I have noticed.”

I replied to her comment and she giggled hugging me even tighter. Her bra straps fell to her arms, and she noticed me looking at her breasts.

“You want to see them, don’t you?”

“Can I?”

I looked at her, she bit her lip, as if I could get any hornier and she nodded. With that she quit hugging me, lowered her hands so her bra could fall of; and it did. There they were, at fucking last. Most gorgeous pair of tits that ever existed.

I looked at her and at her naked boobies. I drooled and so did my dick. Precum was on the tip of my hard boner, and again my mother noticed it.

“Feel them up, we don’t have much time.”

She took my hands and put them on her tits.

“Whoooly…” I reacted a bit too loud. My mother kissed me to shut me up. And I wasn’t complaining. Playing with her tits and enjoying mom’s lips, as I felt a hand taking my dick and gently stroking it. I looked at my dick, hugged by mom’s fingers.

“How long you think you can last?”

She asked quietly as she stroked me and the question confused me completely.

“Not long…” I answered not at all proud of my answer, but after all this torture who could?

She giggled at me as she noticed my embarassment.

“Don’t worry, baby. You’ve had a lot at your plate today. ”

She stroked me faster and faster.

“Can you keep a secret?”

She asked as if I was gonna dare telling any of this to anyone, but it was part of her horny self and her teasing act, so I nodded again.

She lowered herself, onto her knees in front me, her son and started jerking me hard. I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. My dick was nearly seconds away from exploding. She approached me with her lips and kissed the head of my dick and my eyes went as wide as they could as I groaned from pleasure and emptied second big load of sperm in an hour all over my mom’s face; she stroked my dick few more times as her head went underneath it and with her open mouth she tried to catch as much as possible; but I was spurting all over her hair, her amazing breasts, her shoulders, uncontrollably. My mom’s hand tried to drain every last drop out of my dick and once she realised I was done, she took me in her mouth, all the way and almost reached to my balls, then licked my dick clean from the rooth to the tip of my head. She slurped around my red-ish head, and opened her mouth wide open to show me how much of my cum she managed to collect in her slutty mouth. Then she closed her lips and swallowed all of it, moment after it smiling at me with her white teeth.

I was frozen. Not able to say a fucking word. Watched my mother as she took me in her mouth, she almost took me whole, was she even real… it felt way too good to be true. Then I saw my dick leaving her mouth and her swallowing all she could. She was a mess and she smiled at me as never happier.

She stood up, I helped her. Still shocked, even tho I got what I wanted.

“You taste delicious baby, you got that part from your dad.”

Than she stopped a step further, taking my dick in her hand checking it out.

“But that length, and width, baby… you make your dad look tiny. And he’s not. Mommy knows. I take his cock easily in my mouth.”

She kissed me.

“Guess I just need some more practice for a few inches more.”

She winked at me, then told me where to, in Jessy’s room, find my clothes that I left behind when I moved.

Mom took my towel and wiped her face and her body. Then put on her dress and she was out of the room. She left her wet panties in the room, but she undressed them so that I wasn’t able to see her front. As she was putting her dress she looked at me over her shoulder.

“Be patient, honey.”

And as I wondered what it meant she opened the door, stepped out of it checking if the air was clear, I walked behind her, and once she was sure Jessy wasn’t in her room she let me through, biting her lip, and as I passed by she spanked my naked butt.

“Lovely ass you have there, young man.”

She laughed and ran downstairs cheerfull just like she was earlier in the kitchen, fixing herself along the way. I closed the door and found my clothes were mom said it would be.

What a day…

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