Love Among the Headstones Ch. 1

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Derrick wondered if picking up a hitchhiker would be such a good idea. He normally frowned on such things, but when he saw the woman on the side of the road, shuffling along sadly in her flowing white dress, he felt an unaccustomed twinge of pity. Why he felt pity he had no idea, for though she seemed sad she was beautiful and didn’t seem the type to need anyone’s pity. Still, something about her made him pull the car over to the side of the road.

“Hi, I’m Claryssa.” she said as she opened the door and peered in at him. Her lush lips formed a smile, but behind that smile something was missing. Derrick couldn’t help feeling that sadness again, and still didn’t know why. “Do you need a ride?” Derrick asked. “Well, I suppose I could use one. I actually just went walking and lost track of time. I guess I’ve just sort of been wandering about, really…no real destination. Does that sound odd?” Her smile warmed a bit, but still the emptiness showed in her eyes. “No, I sometimes wander aimlessly myself, especially when I need to think about something. But…well…it is kind of dangerous for a woman to be walking around in the dark, even though we are outside town. It’s nearly midnight…are you aware of that?”

Her eyes immediately saddened, her smile faded. “Is it that late already?” “Maybe you’d better get in and I’ll take you home.” Derrick offered. “Yeah, I suppose I should.” she sighed, and slid her supple form onto the seat alongside him, gathering up the folds of her summery white dress to make sure the door didn’t close on them. She looked over at Derrick and smiled weakly. “Ready.” was all she said.

He stared at her briefly, admiring her natural facial beauty and taking in her figure, trying not to be too obvious about it. She appeared to be in her early twenties…maybe five or six years younger than himself. She was of pale complexion, ample bosomed and curvaceous, obvious even under the loose-fitting dress. Her hair was long and tightly curled, that and her complexion giving Derrick the impression that she might be of Irish descent. In any event, she was a joy to behold, in spite of her sadness. The unintentional pouting of her full lips gave her a sensuality above and beyond her overall physical attractiveness. Just looking at her made him feel good. He just wished she wasn’t so sad.

“Well, where to?” he asked. She started to answer, then hesitated, finally saying, “Claireyville…Olmstead Road. It’s not too far. Do you know where it is?” “Well, I know where Claireyville is, but when we get there you’ll have to point me toward Olmstead Road. Wow…you really did wander quite a ways. You must’ve been walking for hours! Are you sure you’re okay?” “I’m fine,” she smiled, “I just have alot on my mind.”

The next ten or fifteen minutes were spent in silence. Derrick couldn’t help occasionally glancing over at Claryssa, admiring her. He found himself completely enchanted by her. And, as they resumed their conversation, he felt she was cheering up a bit. She was becoming more animated and her smile was beginning to seem genuine, as if the sadness had been pushed aside for the time being, if not for good.

As they chatted happily, Claryssa seemed not only to be cheery, but she even became flirtatious. When Derrick said something that made her laugh, she’d lean over and rub her hand on his thigh as she chuckled. Often when she smiled at him, there was a definite twinkle in her eyes. Yes, she was flirting with him…and he was not only enjoying it, but reciprocating.

Their conversation became more openly sexual, with bawdy jokes and lusty innuendo becoming the norm. Claryssa took to licking her lips alot, and being obvious about it. Derrick was getting very warm and even turned on the air conditioner. He could tell by the look in Claryssa’s eyes that she knew she was getting to him. And that knowledge made her bolder. She turned in her seat, leaning her back against the door. She kicked off her shoes and slipped one bare Escort Bayan foot up under Derrick’s pantleg, gliding it up his calf. The other foot she plopped on his lap, her heel nudging the growing bulge it found there. She playfully wiggled her crotch-bound foot while the toes of her other foot slid up and down through the hairs on his calf. The bulge expanded…and Claryssa giggled approvingly.

“What’s this?” she teased, “Is this for me?” Flustered, Derrick smiled and said, “You had me worried for awhile there. When I first picked you up you seemed really down. It would appear you’ve cheered up quite a bit.” “You’re the reason for that. I just feel so vibrant and alive with you…you’re not at all like the company I’m usually forced to keep.” Briefly, the sadness clouded her lovely face, but it quickly disappeared again.

Claryssa pulled her legs back over to her side of the seat, ending her footplay, and got to her knees on the seat. She slithered over to Derrick and pressed herself against his body, her right hand stroking his chest and her left playing in his hair. She leaned so that her lips were near his ear and she blew into it. This was quickly followed by her tongue, which barely grazed all around the outside of his ear, and flicked serpent-like into it. Her lips then captured his earlobe and sucked it…her right hand by now having found it’s way to the spot where her heel had been earlier. Derrick found himself straining to concentrate on the road.

Claryssa’s hands, lips and tongue teased Derrick for another several minutes. When he noticed his driving skills had deteriorated badly, and his veering and swerving was beginning to scare even himself, he told her she’d better stop if she wanted them both to survive. She stopped, but her pouting lips showed her displeasure at doing so. Not willing to give up, she leaned again into him, but instead of tasting his ear, she whispered in it.

“You know, we’re almost to Claireyville. I’d really like to show my appreciation for you giving me this ride. And I know the perfect place to show my gratitude. It’s private, it’s quiet and it’s out in the open…but it might be a little bit…well, kinky.” Then, as she made her voice thick with lust, she whispered, “Are you willing to try something a little different?”

“I’m almost afraid to ask,” he said. This woman had certainly come a long way since he first saw her despondent face on the road several miles back. “What did you have in mind?”

“Well,” she cooed, one hand reaching between his legs again, “I’ve always wanted to have sex in a graveyard in the middle of the night…and, as luck would have it, there just happens to be one coming up shortly on the right. What do you say…are ya game…lover?” Derrick was unsure whether or not he should laugh. He simply sat there, staring at Claryssa with the dumbfounded beginnings of a laugh plastered on his face, the suspended outburst waiting for its cue. It never came. Claryssa was stone-faced… dead serious.

“Uh…Claryssa…you’re kidding, right? I mean, a graveyard? I’ve done some kinky stuff in my time, but…a cemetery? Weeds and dirt and, well, dead people? Don’t you find it just a tad disrespectful to – y’know, do it – where people are trying to get their eternal rest? I mean, you are kidding, right?”

Claryssa’s succulent mouth once again transformed…from smiling to softly pouting. That change caused Derrick to feel that he’d somehow hurt her, and he rebuked him- self for it. She obviously had enough sadness in her life. But as he watched her lips shift from smile to frown, his gonads sent a testosterone rush to his brain and he found himself wishing she were doing other things with those pouting lips. But still… a graveyard?

“I disagree with you completely,” those lips revealed. “I think a cemetery is a perfect place to make love. Think about it. All those poor people are dead. I think that having sex near them like that would be Keçiören Escort a welcome change for them. If you were dead, wouldn’t you relish two lovers rolling around on your grave, giving each other pleasure? What could be more life-affirming than having sex? Don’t you think that after years – even decades – of boring sleep in a moldy box that the dead would wel- come two lovers exploring each other’s heated bodies directly overhead? Don’t you think the dead would be thrilled to experience the desires and passions of life once more…even if only for a few fleeting hours?”

Derrick was numb. He had no idea Claryssa would feel so passionate about it. He certainly couldn’t find fault with her logic. In fact, when Claryssa leaned in again to nibble his ear and massage his crotch, her logic sounded damn good! His mind was trying to come up with all sorts of negatives to a tryst in a graveyard, but Claryssa’s hand was squeezing testosterone out of his loins and his circulatory system took care of the rest, spreading the hormone directly to the reasoning centers of his brain, subsequently shutting them down. Yes, sex in a graveyard was looking like a perfectly sensible thing to do! And after the car tried twice to go off the road, once on each shoulder, Derrick decided that cemetery sex would probably be the only thing that could keep him alive tonight.

“Well”, Derrick sighed the words as Claryssa licked his neck, “you make a valid point, lovely lady. Who am I to fly in the face of such logic?” And as Claryssa’s hand slowly lowered the zipper of his jeans and then entered the opening caused by that lowering, Derrick gasped, “Well! If the dead want to see some action tonight, I’d feel terrible if we just drove on by and denied them that! What kind of people would we be to cheat them out of a chance like this? I say let’s find that cemetery and make some dead folks very happy…how ’bout you, Claryssa?”

Claryssa’s only reply was, “Just in time, Romeo…Eternal Rest Cemetery is just around this bend up ahead…on the right. Slow down or you’ll miss it.” To which Derrick answered…”Honey, there’s no way in hell I’m gonna miss that turn.”

Even so, he almost did miss it. It was pitch black in this obviously rustic area. If the car’s headlights hadn’t briefly glinted off the crumbling gate, he might have passed by Eternal Rest Cemetery and then had to turn around and try again. But, instead, he steered the car off the main road and up the bumpy dirt path leading into Eternal Rest.

As the tires bounced and spewed rocks, the headlights danced on the rusted metal of the gate, the jail-like doors of which were open like outstretched arms inviting in all weary souls. Derrick drove through the gate and entered the home of the dead.

“Go up that way.” Claryssa pointed up a hill to the left, and Derrick followed the fork that led up to where her finger indicated. “Oh, choosy about your graveyard play areas, are ya?” “No” she smiled, “just seems like a nice area, and it’s high enough up that we’ll be able to see the sun rise after we’ve made love.” Derrick looked at the car clock. Eleven forty-eight. “Sunrise, huh? After we make love? So you’re planning on a regular sexual marathon, are you? If we make love from now until dawn, I might not be in any shape to see it. In all likelihood, I’ll be in a coma!” “I have ways of keeping a man’s attention”, Claryssa sighed, her hand still busy in his jeans. And Derrick could only agree.

At the top of the hill, he pulled the car over to the side of the pathway and waited to see what Claryssa suggested next. When he looked at her, she was looking just off to the right, to an area where moonlight had broken through the oppressing darkness and bathed the ground in bright white light. It almost seemed like a beacon, and in an instant Claryssa turned to Derrick and said, “Who are we to defy fate? I’d say that was the spot.”

She removed her hand from his pants and slid over Ankara Escort to the passenger side door, get- ing out of the car, and waited for Derrick, who turned off the lights and ignition and went around the car to stand beside her, busily tucking his shirt back into the fly of his jeans, and zipping them up again (though not knowing why). Unexpectedly, Claryssa flung her arms up around his neck and kissed him passionately on the lips, her mouth forcing his open and her tongue attacking his. When she finally pulled her mouth away from his, she looked up at him and said, “God, Derrick, I need you so bad.”

Derrick smiled, and if any more testosterone had been flowing it woud’ve literally leaked from his ears. He lifted Claryssa up in his arms, her long white dress billowing in a slight breeze. When she locked her arms around his neck, Derrick buried his face in her bosom, his lips adoring her breasts as he carried her to the moonlit spot. He looked up only enough to see where he was going as his lips kept busy on her luscious mounds, eager to intrude beneath her dress and capture her erect and succulent nipples. It wasn’t her weight that made that dash to the moon- light difficult, for she was slim and feather light. Rather, it was roaring erection he had that hindered his progress, being tightly imprisoned in his jeans as he hurried to their chosen trysting spot (leading him to believe he should’ve just left himself unzipped after all when he’d gotten out of the car).

Emerging from an area of near total darkness, they left the old, gnarled graveyard trees behind as they entered the bright but cool moonlight…their spotlight…the place where they’d give the dead a taste of life again…of lust and passion and desire…if only for one night.

Derrick set Claryssa down on her feet. The grass was soft and well-tended, odd for such an out-of-the-way cemetery, but they were both grateful for it. As he set her down, Derrick noticed that Claryssa’s feet were still bare. She must’ve left her shoes in the car. It didn’t matter – he didn’t think she’d be standing for very long.

They gazed into each other’s eyes, locked in a visual embrace. Their arms encircled one another, and the kissing began. Their kisses began slow but thorough and escalated in intensity…becoming fiery and passionate. Their lips mashed together ferociously, and soon both of them buckled to their knees. They felt soft earth beneath them, and cool dry grass. Just beside them, not three feet away, three grave- stones watched impassively. The dead were preparing to experience the passion of the living for the first time in probably many years.

As their lips seared each other with more and more heat, their hands tore at clothing and fondled and caressed flesh. Claryssa unbuttoned and removed Derrick’s shirt in the blink of an eye, and likewise Derrick made quick work of Claryssa’s flimsy dress, which yielded easily and dropped quickly once the straps had been lifted off of her arms. Beneath the light dress, Claryssa was naked and beautiful.

Derrick sat back, stroking her milky skin with admiring hands as she began again on the fly of his pants. He then stood up to allow her to remove them, kicking off his shoes. She slid his pants down his legs, and he lifted first one leg, then the other, for the removal of his pants and socks. Claryssa then reached around and grabbed his firm buttocks, and leaned forward to nuzzle and kiss the crotch of his briefs before removing them also. She reached into his briefs with both hands to fondle and explore before allowing herself to see his engorged manhood. She played with his ass and penis before removing his briefs. Then she slid them down his legs very slowly, enjoying the eroticism of the moment, as his hungry erection became visible in all it’s pulsating glory.

“Now,” she whispered, “I’m going to show you my gratitude for the ride home.”

She stroked his throbbing penis slowly from base to head, gently fondling his tightening testicles with the fingertips of her other hand. His head was swimming as she gripped his shaft tighter and stroked quicker.

And he nearly passed out when he felt her soft, warm lips guiding him gently into her hot, wet mouth…

End Part I

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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