Lost and Found

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I tapped my desk in the lecture… the statistics on the screen held absolutely no interest for me. The lecturer was droning on about something or other, a quick glance telling me I knew it all already. Letting my eyes wonder I looked around the room. Most students were furiously writing down notes, tying as hard as they could to keep up with the monotonous drone, paying attention and learning all they could. I almost laughed out loud, I had no idea why they needed to study this, it was ridiculously easy.

Up the back a few students were whispering quietly to themselves, not paying attention for a completely different reason to me. They had no intention of passing this course, most likely they were only here under mummy and daddies strict orders. And their liberal bank accounts as well.

I sat in the middle of the rows to the far left of the lecturer’s dais. As I continued my inspection of the room, something caught my eye. On the opposite side of the room, sitting in the bottom far right seat was a girl. She was idly twirling her pen, staring blankly at the laptop screen in front of her. Her dark black hair was pulled back in a ponytail, square yet stylish reading glasses rested on her nose. At first it wasn’t her exquisite beauty that caught my eye, but her attitude. It reflected my own, a lazy but confident boredom, bordering on arrogance. She sat cross legged, a short black skirt revealing long tanned thighs. A simple but button up shirt revealed the hint of a red lace bra, and ample cleavage.

Now I was intrigued, I’d never seen her before in this class, and I was beginning to wonder how. I waited patiently for class to end, but time dragged on regardless.

As another table flickered on the projector, I wondered how I’d meet her. I knew I’d have to tread carefully. She was the type of girl who would be harassed constantly by admiring guys. I had to stick out, be different. To approach her and ask for a date was out of the question.

Even as I was debating with myself on what to do, she stirred from her trance. Glancing around the room her eyes met mine. For the first time in my life I was locked in a gaze. It was breath taking; with just her eyes on mine she reduced me to short breaths, my pounding out of its chest.

Then her eyes slid slowly up and down my body, taking in the faded jeans, button up shirt left undone and open, singlet underneath. Leaning back in my chair, I put my feet on the back rest in front of me. As she turned away I saw the hint of a smile on her face. Mischief written in her eyes.

It was not for the first time I thanked the many hours spent crafting my body in the gym. I knew as far as things went, I was relatively attractive. Even so, it would take much more than looks to charm this girl. I prepared my game. She had made the first move in this intricate dance, even if she hadn’t realized it.

Time finally slid by, and the clock read 3 o’clock. Promptly the lecturer ended her lesson, seemingly sensing the lack of attention in the class.

My mystery girl was the first out the door. Throwing my bag over my shoulder I jumped down the steps to follow her. Nerves raced through my body, an unusual sensation. Normally I viewed this with dispassion; there was no “thrill of the chase”. This time was different. This time I cared. I had to get this date; I had to no more about her. I quickened my step; Escort Bayan I wouldn’t let her get away…

As I exited the building I looked around for her. I looked left then right, but neither direction showed any sign of her. I was just about to leave when a voice came from behind me.

“Looking for something?” The very sound seemed to drop honey. Sweet and seductive, I had to believe it could belong to no-one else.

Trying to be smooth, I turned slowly, my best smile in place.

“I’m not sure,” I straightened my shoulders, trying to emphasize their width, “maybe I’ll tell you if I see it.” sure enough, there she stood, just to the side of the entrance way, right out of sight of anyone exiting. She smiled in return, and I noticed with satisfaction as her eyes swept down my body. I silently returned the favor as her eyes were diverted. Her breasts were amazingly framed by red, her bra looked expensive and the design was elegant. Under closer inspection, her button up shirt was a tight fit design, and her firm breasts strained at the few buttons that were done up.

She smiled

“If it was your folder you were looking for, it’s under your chair in the lecture hall.”

I reached over and unzipped my bag; sure enough my blue folder wasn’t there. I laughed at the irony.

“I guess I better go get it, thank you very much.” smiling I turned to walk back into the lecture hall.

To my surprise she fell in step alongside me,

“Do you mind if I walk with you?” she asked. Shaking my head I laughed.

“Not at all, it would be my pleasure.” licking her lips, she looked at me,

“Mmm,” it was barely audible, but the confirmation told me she was a wicked girl. Just by standing next to me she caused my heart rate to quicken.

I opened the door to the lecture hall quietly; the next class should have started by now. Peering in through the crack I found it completely deserted.

“The next class scheduled in here isn’t for another two hours, you’ve got plenty of time.” something in the way she said made me pause, and I wondered exactly what I had plenty of time for.

Walking up to my old seat, sure enough my blue folder sat underneath, I was about to take the last two steps up when she strode past me. Those long sexy legs taking a few quick steps. Her ass wiggled in the short tight skirt, and I couldn’t see the outline of any underwear. Curiously I stopped.

She walked straight over to the seat my folder was under and sat down. Her legs weren’t crossed like last time; on the contrary they were split slightly apart, just too little to seem to be consciously spread, but just enough to allow me to see the red g-string that matched her bra.

Tearing my eyes away, I looked up at her face. It was not lost on me that the next button down on her top was undone. The shirt was now stretching the limit of being civil, giving anyone a fair show of everything she had.

“Well,” she said, “aren’t you going to get your folder?” even I had to admit, her innocence was so overplayed a kindergarten student could have spotted it. I realized that in order to get to the folder, I would have to put my face extremely close to her crutch.

I grinned outwardly, and dropped my bag. Getting onto my knees, I put my arm out and began to reach for my folder. These were her rules now, any mistake, any slip Eryaman Escort up in how she wanted this game to play out, and the opportunity would be lost forever. My hand slowly crept towards the folder, even as my face moved slowly towards her crutch. Realizing that I would stop a good 15 centimeters away if I legitimately wanted the folder, I pretended to fumble around, knocking it back even further.

She seemed to notice, because in response her legs opened a little wider. Now I could see everything in perfect detail. Her pussy was shaved, and the g-string was an intricate designed lace. From a distance it would obscure view, but from this close it may as well have been see through. Her lips were slowly becoming darker as he watched. Blood was rushing round her body; I could her breathing start to quicken.

Resting my hand on her thigh, at first I pretended to use it as balance. But as it became more and more apparent it was all a charade I slowly started sliding up her thigh. They were firm, but not hard, giving way slowly as I slid higher up to her ass cheek.

I couldn’t take it anymore, my cock was rock hard, and her smell was overpowering my senses. I let the hand reaching for the folder come up and grab her ass, burying my face into her pussy. My tongue massaged her clit through the material, and she moaned loudly.

She moved her legs spreading them wide open. I could feel the material become damp as her pussy became wet. I began to slowly move my kisses up her body, all the while rubbing her pussy with my hand. With my other I began to slowly undo the buttons of her shirt. It took all I had to not rip it off. Finally as she struggled out of her shirt my lips met hers for the first time. The taste of boiled lollies was still on her tongue, and the quick passionate kissing and warm wetness of her tongue in my mouth set me on fire.

Down below her g-string was soaked. I gently pushed it aside, massaging her clit with my thumb. Then, very slowly, I pushed two fingers inside her. There was resistance at first, muscles tightened. I pushed more firmly, feeling the warmth of her vagina. Slowly at first, but gathering more speed as muscles relaxed, my fingers were soon pounding in and out, causing her to moan and simper.

With impending orgasm I felt muscles tighten. Instead of continuing, or speeding up, I pulled out. Breathing hard and moaning she shot me an accusing look. It was quickly switched with a mischievous grin.

She sat up in her chair and began undoing my belt buckle. I nearly ripped my shirt off in the hurry to remove it.

Still rock hard, my penis practically pushed its own way out of my jeans. Teasingly she traced a finger from the tip down the shaft. By the time she reached my balls her lips had closed over the head. Her tongue flicked back and forth over the sensitive nerves nearly causing my legs to give out. Then she slowly began sliding even further down. I felt sensation transfer from the softness of her tongue to the more rigid walls of her throat. Bobbing back and forth, she sent ecstasy tingling down my spine and into my toes. Right as I wondered how much more I could take before Cumming, the hand that was teasing my balls pushed firmly on the fleshy part of skin between my ass and balls. At that point I cried out, every single nerve in my body on fire. I felt muscles contract, my Ankara Escort body about to blow its load.

Then she stopped. It was like air had been removed from my world. From sensation everywhere to a sudden nothing had shocked me. And my penis responded in kind. On the verge of orgasm it stopped, leaving me feeling incredible full.

She stood up. Teasingly she pulled my close.

“You think I was going to let you cum?” her finger traced her finger over my chest then down my abs. “no… Not before having this bad boy inside me.” she flicked my cock, sending it bouncing like a punching clown.

I grinned.

“Fine then.” with that I reached over and hiked her skirt up around her waist. Pulling her panties down to her ankles, I playfully tongued at her pussy on the way down and back up.

With powerful arms I picked her up, hands clutching her thighs at her knees. Arms looped around my neck she clung on. Ever so slowly I lowered her down until the lips of her vagina touched the head of my penis.

“You ready?” I asked. She just bit her lip and nodded, eyes never leaving mine.

With expert control and great strength I slowly lowered her the rest of the way. Moaning softly, I began to thrust softly. Gaining speed and strength as my orgasm built, till I was eventually ramming her pussy. Her moaning grew louder and louder, till eventually it sounded as though she was stifling a scream.

Muscles began to contract at the base of my cock. Nerves were on fire, I knew I was about to cum any second.

With a gut wrenching muscle spasm, her vagina tightened. She let out an almighty scream, as if trying release her built up climax with her voice. I felt her entire body go rigid as she came.

This only set me off. 2 more thrusts and I felt every muscle associated with my cock clench. With one last almighty thrust, release was upon me. Ecstasy coursed from my chest all the way down to my toes, causing them to curl.

In great spurts I came inside her, only to have her moan more in response.

Holding her against my now sweaty chest I tried as hard as I could to catch my breath. I had no idea how long we stayed like that, her head resting on my shoulder, holding her in my arms. It was only after a while I realized I was still insider her. Slowly I withdrew my now limp penis. She sighed as I did.

Looking up at the clock I realized we had only minutes before the next class. As quickly as possible we got dressed and I tried to tame my unruly hair.

As we walked out hand in hand, I realized a few people were giving us strange looks. Stifling a giggle I pulled her away and around the corner out of sight.

As we rounded the corner she pushed me against the wall, I leaned in and kissed her fiercely. After we pulled away she looked deep in my eyes.

“I have to go.” she whispered sadly.

“I can’t let you go; I have to see you again.” I tried to reply with as much conviction as possible. She laughed softly.

“Of course you’ll see me again; I still have to pass that course.” I could have sighed in relief.

“Well, I’ll see you next week.” smiling I let her pull away and leave. As she walked away I realized something monumentally stupid.

“WAIT!!” I called out. Turning slightly she kept walking away.

“What!?” she yelled back.

“I don’t know your name!!” spinning in place she danced backwards. Grinning, that now familiar trouble makers smile.

“You’ll find out next week.” with that she rushed to the bus stop.

Smiling like I had never done in my life I began to slowly stroll to my next class. I certainly better, I thought to myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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