Losing the Bet Pt. 01

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The trauma of people finding out I was a no-mage was still etched deeply for her words to cause fear. Not many treated me the same once they found out and her reaction wasn’t a great start.

“Are you sure you were concentrating properly?” I tossed her remark back with my own head tilted in wonder.

“Yes, the only mana I felt was the one directly supplied into your hand by me.” Rachel squinted suspiciously.

“Maybe my magic is too strong for you to detect or something?” I quickly countered.

“I’ve never heard of that kind of situation.” Rachel took in a breath. “I can take a hint. I won’t push the topic, you can keep your secrets.”

“That may be for the best, though we’ll be together for the next three days and possibly longer. I’m sure things will come to light in due time on whether or not I can trust you.” I appreciated her holding back and pinned it as another good quality she had.

“There’s something I should tell you then.” She made sure to take a seat before continuing. “All VIPs are provided attendants as a quality of life for your stay here, but there’s a hidden agenda attached to our purpose. We’re meant to gather intel, all while building up a good rapport with our clients.”

“Does that mean you’re going to report back to your higher-ups about me?” It was a tense matter though my tone remained calm. I knew the implications of her telling me all this in the first place. It wouldn’t make sense to tell me everything and ruin any possible relationship we could end up with.

“On the contrary, I’m taking a risk telling you all of this and I have no intention of relaying sensitive information about you to them.” I couldn’t sense any anxiety from her tone.

“Why the change of heart, or do you say this to all of your other clients too?”

“You are the first.” Rachel held eye contact. “Call it intuition, I’d rather not make an enemy out of someone that can easily kill me in a fight.”

“I wouldn’t say easily, I’m actually hoping to win you over to my side. You would do good as a dojo instructor.” I added in a laugh thinking about her transformation into a dojo uniform.

“Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.” She giggled at the prospect and her gratitude sounded sincere. “Now can we get out of this mess?” My sight went down to the mess of apple her finger was pointing to and the bits covering her unbuttoned bahis firmaları blouse.

“Oh right, I missed my moment for excitement. Why don’t you wash up in your unit and meet me back in the training center when you’re ready.” I acted like a kid that wanted to test out his new toy, all I could think about was recreating the apple explosion and getting stronger.

“I’ve got a better idea…” Rachel moved in closer using her speed magic. “How about you help me wash up the mess you made?” I could taste the bits of apple juice that her tongue shared inside of my mouth. She caught me off guard with her use of magic to close the distance. I was confused about the speed at which she came onto me, though the sweet flavor of her lips mended any worries from taking action.

I returned a few more kisses then broke for air. “Are you hoping this will make it easier to manipulate me later on?” I still wasn’t sure of her goal and felt uneasy about moving forward.

“Is that your preference?” Rachel whispered in between kissing along the side of my neck. “You like someone else in control?” She carried on with her own agenda, deflecting a response to my question.

“Stop twisting my words.” I moaned from her gentle teasing as she made her way down my body. “I’ll never forgive someone for backstabbing me.” I wanted to get my point across but she was making it damn near impossible to do so with her constant nibbling.

“I won’t, plus you never denied my guess.” I imagined a smirk on her face as she planted a hand onto my bulging crotch. A perfectly timed squeeze from her hand shot down any quirky comeback I was about to respond with and instead seemed to rile her up even more from my moans.

Rachel’s giggling was like the onset of a wonderful discovery that she wished to explore. It looked like she never cared about the mess caused by the apple and even used it as a means of foreplay, smearing it from her body to mine to lick it up later.

It was beginning to get uncomfortable and my attempts at freeing my erection from my pants were instantly denied by a firm slap to my hand. “What the hell was that for?” I voiced my frustration though held back from trying again.

Rachel gripped my balls and tightly squeezed as a way to cement her position. “Consider this payback for treating me so roughly in our sparring match.”

“That wasn’t kaçak iddaa intentional.” I grimaced from her varying pressure. “You were moving too fast.” I practically lost my breath trying to finish the sentence.

“Like this?” She undid and freed my boner, pushing my pants to my ankles and returning her grip to my balls, with her other hand using my penis as a handle. This all occurred in the span of a second with the shimmering blue afterglow of her magic ending.

“Exactly-” Rachel teased with her caressing hands, causing me to gasp for air.

“I didn’t quite hear you…” Rachel was already on her knees, offering a grin from my reactions. I could feel her breath tickling the tip of my head, and knew she was soaking in satisfaction during the entire process of her revenge.

“Fine, let’s make a deal that will last only for the next hour.” It looked like she perfectly gauged my frustration and willingness to respond to her. “If you can last longer than one minute…, no even thirty seconds without cumming from a blowjob. Then, you can have me, any way you desire.” I couldn’t pry my eyes away from the view of her cleavage wanting to burst out of her open blouse as she looked up at me.

She let the prospect of fucking her mind out linger for a bit until carrying on with her conditions. “But if you fail, …well you know what’s going to happen.” She finished her sentence with a tight squeeze on my balls.

“Fuck.” I had to hold back from wanting to swat her away. I didn’t want to risk becoming a eunuch while she held my two precious stones in her grasp. “Get ready to become my slave for the next hour.” There was no way I was going to blow my load in less than half a minute. That never happened in the threesome with Alexa and Rhea, even if that wasn’t a goal of theirs to achieve.

“We’ll see about that, in thirty seconds.” Her grin turned into a wide smirk as her lips began to part, showing the whites of her teeth followed by the wet of her pink tongue.

I messed with my watch and set a timer for the allotted thirty seconds. “It starts now.” Her mouth had already soaked my entire length before the start of the timer, with her lips securely around the tip. There was a moment of eye contact between the two of us as she gazed up again.

It was like she was still grinning at me as if I had already lost. The brightness of her kaçak bahis eyes glowed sky blue, matching the color of her iris. I knew within a split second I should have added in a no magic clause into our deal. That was how much time I had until she had my head reeling back from the unyielding sensation.

I couldn’t even think about using my fear power on her from the constant disarray of my thoughts. There was no way I could get mad at her currently from the amount of pleasure she was giving me. My willpower was crumbling at high speed and the realization of losing came forth. A single second felt like twenty as she made excellent use of turning her mouth into a frenzied piston.

I lost it as soon as she stuck one of her fingers into my ass, unprepared and shocked at the additional pleasure. She knew to aim her curled finger directly for my prostate, in the hopes to ensure her victory. It was a full stream of moans and a mixture of audible whimpers from trying to speak.

A final thrust of her finger from my backside acted like a chain reaction, pushing my dick into the back of her throat as far as I could go. That followed my violent spasming into her mouth and my defeat. She pulled her mouth from my erupting member, letting the remaining jizz ooze down her chin and not allowing me the bliss of finishing in her warm hold.

“Haha, poor little thing.” Rachel giggled as my jizz slid down her open blouse with some falling into the crack of her taunting cleavage. “You didn’t even last the full thirty seconds.” As soon as she finished her comment, the timer on my watch sounded with its notification beeping as if to affirm her humiliating words. That only added fuel to her laughter and escalated her treatment now that she won the bet.

“You’re worse than a minute man.” Rachel mocked. “Don’t worry though. I’ve got one hour to train you into an obedient little sissy-slut.” She caressed my pathetic erection that was beginning to go limp, making sure to make me fully aware of her firm fingers on my delicate balls.

“You chea-” I knew it was useless to voice any opinion having lost the deal, but did so anyway after being worked up from her mocking. Rachel gripped even tighter than before our bet, evoking a painful wince on my end.

“First, no talking unless told to.” She went over the first set of many rules to come. “I hope you weren’t going to say I cheated in our little wager. We never agreed on using no magic.” She was in the right as far as fair play came into the picture. I couldn’t properly refute even if she didn’t have my sack as a hostage.

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