Long Day

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Toby closed her eyes in frustration. How long was it going to take to get home? Another red light. “Shit.”

Who knew when she spent 4 years in med school she was going to be wasting her life away for corpses. She liked the dead far more than the living, but she was starting to doubt her own mortality more and more everyday.

I’ll just call Dan, she thought. Dan was Toby’s best friend. They’d been close since med school. After his marriage failed, they’d become closer, and the attraction had become harder and harder to resist.

Finally, she thought when she pulled into her driveway. As soon as she walked in the door, Ellen, her Great Pyrraniese, jumped on top of her, begging for attention. “hey girl,” she said, regaining her footing to check her voicemail. A call from her sister, Vicki, and a call from Dan. I’ll call him as soon as I get out of the shower.

Taking off her clothes on the way to the bathroom, she imagined herself in bed with him. She shut the dor, and stripped off her remaining garments. Looking at herself in the mirror, she said aloud “I look far better than I’m feeling, these days.” With her short blonde hair, pixie face, sparkling green eyes, striking cheekbones, and stubborn chin, she looked great, far younger than she was. Her body, slim as a magicians wand, looked just that. Like magic. Her breasts, an average size, were perky, and he hips were slim, set off by long slim legs.

She turned the hot water on full Escort Bayan blast and let it scald her ivory skin. Ten minutes later, she was jerked out of her hypnosis by the sound of the doorbell.

She turned off the water, and grabbed her black silk robe. Reaching the door, she wondered who it was. As she opened the door, she sighed to herself.

Dan was standing there, his black hair ruggedly wind blown. She longed to run her hands through it. She jerked back to reality and realized his beautiful green eyes were focused on her body. She gazed down to see what he was staring at and realized her robe was slightly open, revealing nearly her whole upper body. She pulled it together and his eyes went to hers.

“Would you like to come in and share a drink?” she asked huskily, embarrassed by her lack of manners.

“No, I’d rather stand outside in this humidity.” he joked with a laugh in his tone.

She grabbed his hand and started leading him to the couch in the living room, where she left him to get them both drinks. She returned with brandy and sat beside him, inhaling deeply.

“What’s the matter, honey?” he asked quitly. He gathered her in his arms, and she laid against him.

“I’m just tired and sore.”

He lifted her up and carried her into the bedroom. He laid her on the bed, and went back to shut the door.

“Lay on your stomach.” He requested as he lit some candles and crossed back to her. Kızılay Escort

He straddled her lower back and whispered “Just relax,” close to her ear. She sighed again and closed her eyes. She felt his hands kneading her back. She moaned softly and settled deeper into her pillow. He began with her shoulders and worked his way down. She was acutely aware of her arousal and struggled to lie still.

He ran his hands up and down her back, his fingers grazing the sides of her breasts. She drew a breath and tensed her body. He slowly stripped off her robe, tossing it carelessly to the floor. He began nibbling on the back of her neck and she moaned helplessly.

He shifted and she rolled into his arms, her naked body pressed hard against his clothed one. She let herself sink into his lips, their tongues clashing and breaths meeting. He lifted his head and said hoarsly

“You’re so beautiful, I’ve wanted you for so long.”

She pulled his mouth back to hers and rolled on top of him, pulling at his clothes. She got his shirt off and had his pants unbuttoned. She got off the bed and took the rest of his clothing off. He tugged on her wrists and she landed, sprawled on top of him. He rolled her over, gave her a thorough kiss, and whispered in her ear

“Let me kiss you everywhere.”

He took her earlobe into his mouth, sucking and nibbling. She moaned in pleasure. He moved down to her breasts and took her nipple into Ankara Escort his mouth. He lightly bit down on it, her back arching in pleasure. He had his hand playing with one nipple as he sucked on the other one. He replaced his mouth and hand and made her cry out in pleasure. He moved lower still, keeping his hands on her glorious breasts. He moved to the small patch of blonde hairs between her legs. She jerked her hips and he laughed. He breathed in, basking in the scent of her arousal, and flicked his tongue over her to taste her. Her hips jerked again and she tugged at his hair. He slowly traced her slit with his tongue. Her hand moved to her clit to rub at it, but he simply bit it lightly and said

“mine.” He inserted a finger into her wet hole and flicked his tongue over her clit, watching her face. Her eyes closed, her mouth open, a loud moan of pleasure escaping her mouth, He inserted another finger and felt her first orgasm. She screamed, pulling his hair, jerking her body in pleasure. He trailed kisses up her body and she rolled over him, his hardness rubbing against her swollen sex.

“Your turn” she said huskily, moving quickly down his body.

She rapidly put his whole cock in her mouth, nearly swalling it. He nearly came right then, but instead pulled her up and put her on his hard cock.

She moaned and started to ride him. He jerked his hips, fucking her hard. She moaned and began to rub at her clit. He watched her, feeling the pressure build at the sight of his cock buried inside of her. She came hard, screaming his name. He slammed himself into her one last time, and filled her with his juices, moaning.

“I love you” they said together, and both fell asleep, covered in sweat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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