Liz and Donna and Me

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“And then she came, hard, while I was licking her clit! All of the muscles around her pussy and her ass were clenching and releasing and she was screaming her head off. It’s a wonder the neighbors didn’t call the cops on us. But it was one of the most unbelievably powerful moments ever thinking I’d made my friend Donna come like that with my tongue!”

Liz and I were cuddling together in bed under the down comforter on a brisk autumn late evening. Well, actually we were closer than cuddling; she was stroking my cock while I was feeling her very wet pussy. A few minutes earlier I’d been in bed, reading, when Liz had burst into the bedroom, and with a silly grin had said, “We did it!”.

I guess I’m getting ahead of myself.

Liz was in her early 30’s, a petite 5’3″ with a huge head of dark brown, curly hair, a truly infectious grin, and a curvy body with small tits. I was 12 years older, though in reasonably good shape from my daily 3-5 mile run. We had been living together as a committed couple for several years. We would have been married, but we had both had previously failed marriages and were in no hurry to tie the knot. We really did have a great relationship, a fantastic sex life, good jobs, a nice house, and a wonderful life. Did I say a fantastic sex life? I mean that in both the literal meaning and the older meaning: imaginative and fanciful.

From the very beginning of our relationship we had exchanged erotic stories through email. We even went so far as to learn how to encrypt our email; that’s how hot it was and we didn’t want it intercepted. We were best of friends, sharing all the details of lives, sharing some really intense sex, sharing erotic fantasies really put that sex life over the top.

We each tended to write of threesomes. I’d long dreamed of adding another woman to my lovemaking, along with 96% of the other heterosexual males in the world. Liz, I think, really was very much into women; given the right circumstances I’m convinced she could have had a full-out lesbian affair.

In fact, there was a woman where Liz worked named Donna. Donna was a hot dirty blonde, about 5’5″ in her early 30’s, single, with a great smile and an even greater laugh. She was really fun to be around, and Liz and she had hit it off from the first day they’d met at work. Of course, Donna had no idea that she participated in our sex lives and in our erotic stories. The fact was, we had no idea what Donna’s sex life was like, that is until Liz got to know her better.

What Liz did know was that there seemed to be this sexy undercurrent running between her and Donna. Liz and I talked about it frequently; she wanted to know if she was misreading the situation, whether there really was a spark of electricity between them that neither dared mention. We learned that Donna had a long-term relationship with a boyfriend, a relationship that had never gotten farther than really good “friends with benefits” as they say now. To all intents and purposes, both Liz and Donna were very heterosexual females.

But that funny feeling persisted, according to Liz. Whenever the two of them were together the feeling ran high, but was left unstated. Finally, Liz couldn’t take it anymore. “Tonight, I’m going see if Donna feels the same connection as I do”, said Liz as she was getting ready to go out to dinner on a girls-night-out.

“That’s a pretty ballsy thing to do!”, I said. “What if there really isn’t anything and Donna gets offended?”

“Oh, I’ll be really, really careful how I bring it up”, Liz replied. “We almost always get talking about sex one way or another, and I think I can bring up the subject without offending her. You OK with this?”

“Are casino şirketleri you kidding? “, I asked incredulously. “You making it with Donna would be just so incredibly hot! You have to promise I’ll get all the details, though!”

Late that evening, my wonderful, sexy partner burst into the bedroom and announced, “We did it!” She hurriedly shed her clothes, leaving them in a heap on the floor. Blouse and pants and bra and a little red thong. A little red thong that was obviously wet in the crotch. I was already naked, tucked under the covers on a cool evening, reading. Liz jumped into bed and we cuddled closely. I had gotten an instant erection, and Beth was still glowing and warm from her time with Donna.

“Tell me what happened! This is so incredibly exciting and I want to hear everything!”

“OK, I met Donna at that chi-chi new Italian place near her house. She’d been working late, so she was a bit frazzled. We ordered a bottle of Chianti, and it took a couple of glasses for her to calm down. Over dinner and a second bottle we talked about work, mostly, but then you know how easy it is for me to get talking about sex. We were talking about the new receptionist, you know, the cute 20-something with the unbelievable body who just started last week. Gave me the perfect opportunity to say how hot I thought she was, and how I wasn’t ashamed that I could have the hots for another female.

“Donna agreed that the receptionist was cute, but that she left her cold. With that, Donna abruptly stopped talking, leaving an odd silence. That feeling of electricity between us was really strong, but at the same time I could feel Donna wasn’t going to take it any further. So I asked her if she’d ever felt sexually attracted to any other woman.

“She flushed a bright red, looked down at the table, drained her wine glass, and finally looked up at me. I could barely make out her very quiet, ‘yes’. By now it was obvious that I’d read the situation right, and that there was a strong sexual attraction between us. I have to confess I probably turned 10 shades of red myself. I could feel the heat from the blush warm the tops of my tits, and I started to get wet down there.

“I told Donna that I’d had the strangest feeling when we were together, that there was some strong and sexy attraction thing going on between us, but that I’d been too nervous to talk about it until now. Donna swallowed hard and said she’d felt it from the moment we’d met, but that she wasn’t comfortable talking about in such a public place.

“We were just about through our dinner, but neither of us had much of an appetite to finish. Rather, we had this need to get somewhere private and talk it out. We called the waiter and paid the bill — poor guy thought he muffed the service and we weren’t happy since we were in such a hurry to leave, but we left him a big tip. He had a big, broad smile as we left; we were much more subdued.

“Donna’s place was close, so that’s where we headed. Her cat was glad to see people after a lonely day, and meowed loudly, rubbing herself against our legs until Donna fed her and gave her fresh water. I sat out in the living room on the sofa, and Donna came in and sat in an armchair across from the couch.

“Both of us started talking at once. I guess it was such a relief to know we’d both had these same feelings, had felt this electric surge between us. Donna told me that she’s had sex on a couple of occasions with her college roommate and had enjoyed it, but hadn’t had any other encounters with women. But here the words just seemed to come tumbling out of her and she told me that although she had a good sex life with her boyfriend, casino firmaları she kept having fantasies about making it with another woman. And when she met me, the fantasies spilled over to daydreaming and masturbating thinking of me. This was pretty heady stuff for the both of us and I think if it hadn’t been for all the wine she’d had, she’d never have been able to spill any of this.

“I then told her that I’d been having fantasies with you about what it’d be like to make it with another woman. That I’d felt this wild spark between us from the day we’d met, and had also fantasized about what it’d be like to make love to her.”

“All right, already, get to the good stuff!”. I was getting as flustered and hot and bothered as they must have been just a short while earlier.

Liz continued, “At this point I looked Donna in the eye and asked her, ‘so what do we do about this?’. She looked back and said, “I’m game if you are’.

“We sat there looking at each other for a couple of minutes, neither one of daring to move. Donna surprised me by finally getting up out of her chair and sitting next to me on the sofa. We looked each other in the eyes and our heads moved together as if by their own will until our lips were touching.

“Oh, Casey, it was heaven. We kissed and kissed and kissed for what seems like ages. You know I love how you make love to me, but getting kissed by a girl is so different. Donna’s lips were so soft and her hair was so silky. Our perfumes mingled, creating a new sexy scent that filled my head. We really literally must have sat there together for half an hour at least, just kissing. It started slowly and softly, just lips brushing lips, fingertips running over faces. It built when our tongues darted out and touched at the same moment. It built even more as our tongues met in first my mouth, then hers, then in the middle, and then started the cycle again. I don’t know how we stood it, making out like teenagers on a hot date.”

By this time I was writhing in agony or was it ecstasy with an erection as hard and as large as any I’d ever had. Liz’s pussy was drenched and her nipples were two steel-hard points. I couldn’t help myself as we lay there spooned, and my cock slipped into her wet snatch. We lay there thrusting slowly, prolonging the moment, and I huskily whispered, “Keep going!”.

“I don’t’ remember who first touched who’s breast, but it was just like being in high school again. A tentative touch over blouse and bra, a lingering caress down the sides and over the top, a more assertive stroking of bare flesh above our bras. Only we were both touching breasts, feeling that soft girl-flesh. It was so different and so exciting.”

I couldn’t believe that I was stroking those marvelously soft little mounds myself, just an hour or two after they’d been in Donna’s hands. Liz was moaning now as my cock slid in and out of her snatch, slippery with the excitement. I could feel her swollen clit as I gently rubbed it, my cock rhythmically sliding in and out, in and out. Our mutual excitement was building, but there was more to Liz’s story.

“Donna took the initiative and, looking me in the eye, unbuttoned and removed my blouse. I wasn’t going to let her get ahead, so I looked right back, unbuttoned the three buttons at the nape of her neck, and pulled the silk top over her head. I was surprised as Donna was wearing a very plain, grey, cotton bra. You know I like these satin and lace bras and I had my newest black one on. We kept looking deeply into each other’s eyes as I reached behind Donna and undid the hooks on the back of her bra. As I pulled it forward over her shoulders, she reached out and undid the front clasp güvenilir casino on my bra, so our naked breasts came into view at the same moment.

“She has wonderfully large, round breasts with the biggest areolas I’ve ever seen. Of course compared to mine, I guess nearly anything would be big”, Liz said with a grin. “We reached for each other’s breasts, caressing them with the wonder of touching something so familiar and yet so strange. Our nipples were so hard! I leaned forward and captured one of Donna’s nipples in my mouth. It was so large and so hard.

“Now we were beyond crazed. I somehow managed to shed my pants and red thong at the same time helping Donna out of her skirt and plain grey cotton underpants. We clutched at each other’s naked body, writhing on the couch, breast to breast, nipple to nipple, crotch to crotch. We ground our bodies together, kissing with our tongues fighting a furious duel. I was touching a woman in a way I’d never thought I’d actually do — rubbing her nipples, sucking at them, feeling the wetness that was gushing from her pussy. And Donna was doing the same to me. Her touch on my body was hot and cold and full of sparkling electricity. She must have been touching my boobs and nibbling my nipples, and rubbing my clit, but it all just blended together in one enormous feeling of sexual tension.

“After being on fire for what seemed like an eternity, Donna pushed me onto my back on the sofa, spread my legs, gave me a devilish smile, and lowered her head between my legs. She started to lick up and down and side to side around my slit, finally settling down to gently lick my clit. You know I’m so not wild about getting head, but Donna was so good at it and it felt so wonderful. I didn’t think it was possible, but her licking got me more and more excited and all of a sudden I was over the top, having one of the most unbelievable orgasms of my life. I think I gushed as I came, cause Donna came up with this even more devilish smile on a completely drenched face. Now I know what they mean when they say, grinning from ear to ear!

“Well, I wasn’t about to let her have all the fun, so I pushed her so that she was flat on her back, grabbed her legs, and spread them wide. Donna doesn’t shave, but she trims her bush very closely, and she was so excited that her swollen clit peeked out from her swollen lips. I’d never done this before, but I know what I like, so I started by licking up and down her slit, pushing my tongue into her, tasting her juices. It was so good and it was driving her wild. I had trouble staying with her as she gyrated about on the couch. But I grabbed her butt cheeks and buried my head in her crotch, feeling with my tongue for her large, deep purple clit. When I brushed it with my tongue Donna exploded with an immense orgasm. All the muscles around her pussy and ass were clenching and releasing, clenching and releasing. I could feel her cum in great waves. Like I said, she was moaning and crying and screaming all at once. It’s truly amazing the neighbors didn’t call the cops.”

Meanwhile, the intensity of our lovemaking had intensified. I had flipped Liz over and was slamming my cock in and out of her wet snatch doggy style. I grabbed a couple of handfuls of that gorgeous curly hair of hers and rode her to an earth-shaking orgasm of my own, spurting great gobs of cum into her.

Being a sensitive 90’s kind of guy (this was in the early 90’s), even before I caught my breath, I pulled out, turned Liz over, spread her legs, and licked her clit until she had the 2nd largest orgasm of her life.

Afterwards, as we collapsed into an after-sex cuddle, I asked, “So, are you two going to do it again?”

“I don’t know. It sure was fun, but I can’t see it as a regular thing. Heck, just keeping up with you is more than enough for me. Usually.” She said the last with a small smile and we both knew that fun times with Donna had just started.

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