Little Red Pill Ch. 05

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I was shocked to see Gavin coming towards me up the sidewalk. He had been sitting in his truck waiting for me to return from work for who knew how long. Meanwhile, I had stayed after work to fuck Connor in his van in the parking lot.

Gavin’s handsome face was set unreadably grim. My mind flashed back to yesterday when I had lured him inside after he’d mowed our lawn, seduced him into letting me suck him off, and then desperately pleaded for him to fuck my ass. His reaction then had been less than favorable, and he’d fled the scene.

I suddenly got the notion that Gavin had returned to confront me about my actions. As he hurried up the sidewalk towards me, I had no time other than to brace myself for what I was sure would be a punch in the face.

Instead, Gavin grabbed me hard around my arm and kept walking, pulling me along with him around the side of my mother’s house.

“We’ve got to talk,” He grumbled gruffly as I had no real choice but to be pulled back around the side of my house with him towards the backyard. It made sense that he knew where he was leading me, he was our landscaper, after all.

He led me down the steep grade that our driveway took down around the side of the house to a lower backyard with further parking space on a flat concrete pad, as well as a decent sized patch of grass surrounded by woods. We stayed close to the side of the house as we rounded the corner and he pulled me into the shadows underneath the deck that extended out off of the dining room and looked out over our secluded backyard. The moonlight didn’t reach under the deck, and my eyes hadn’t adjusted yet. I could just barely make out the impressive outline of Gavin as he shoved me backwards against the back of the house and crowded in around me, giving me no room to escape.

This close to him, I could smell his sporty scented deodorant or body wash, and despite being scared shitless, I was incredulous to find myself still getting excited, feeling a stirring, even, in my pants.

“If you ever tell anyone about this, I will kick the shit out of you, Noah.” He kept his voice low, but still full of enough menace to scare me.

I realized I’d have to push my hormones aside to save my skin. Thinking he was talking about the events from yesterday, I opened my mouth to assure him I wouldn’t tell a soul.

“I-I promise I won’t tell anyone about yester-“

I was cut off mid-sentence as I felt one of Gavin’s strong hands clamp onto my shoulder and forcefully begin pushing down on me. I had no choice but to comply and begin sinking down to my knees. When I felt my knees hit the grass, Gavin shifted his grip from my shoulder to the back of my neck. He used his grip to pull my head forward towards what was mostly just a dark shape that was his lap.

I felt something warm and soft, yet firm, press into my cheek just to the side of my mouth. With a shocked thrill, I realized that it was Gavin’s cock that he must have already pulled out of the fly of his track pants.

Instinctively, I reached up and found the base of his already hard shaft protruding from the fabric of his pant’s fly. I wrapped my hand around it, opened my mouth, and guided him between my lips.

I picked up just where I had left off yesterday, bobbing my head up and down his length, using my fist around his base to stroke up and down his lower half as my mouth engulfed his upper half.

Gavin’s hand remained at the back of my neck, guiding and quickening the pace of my head bobs. Almost right away, I felt his other hand grip around the wrist of my hand that was wrapped around his pole. He forcefully pulled my hand away.

“Get that out of the way,” he commanded in a low voice just above a whisper. Almost immediately, he brought his other hand up around the back of my neck as well, and began using both to force my face further into his lap.

I gagged and sputtered as he forced my nose and chin into the fabric of his pants around his protruding cock. He nevertheless held me there a few moments while I gagged and thick saliva involuntarily built in my mouth and bubbled out around my jam-packed lips while I struggled to get in some air.

He let up the pressure on the back of my head and I instinctively pulled back away from him, his now saliva-coated cock plopping wetly from my mouth as I greedily gasped in air.

“Again,” Gavin ordered, and I found myself desperately moving my open-mouth around to find his free-bobbing cock-head as he pushed me face-first towards his crotch again. I found it and wrapped my messy lips around just as he forced himself again to the back of my throat and held me there as I fought my gag reflex.

“Uhhhhhn, that’s it. Get it nice and slippery,” Gavin breathed.

I felt my mouth again filling with thick spit with nowhere to go. Just when I desperately needed a breath, Gavin released my head and I again pulled back off his dick, gasping. Saliva ran down the corners of my mouth and coated my chin. I felt snot leaking from my nose and reached a forearm up and swiped it across the bottom half of my face.

Gavin still had a hand latched onto the back of my neck. My eyes had adjusted enough to the darkness that I could now make out the dim shape of Gavin’s cock jutting out inches from my face. gaziantep bayan eskort He had his other hand around it’s base now, pushing down on it and aiming it at my face.

“Spit on it,” he instructed.

I was confused for a moment, opened my mouth because I wanted to continue sucking, when Gavin squeezed harder on the back of my neck and gave my head a forceful shake.

“Spit on my fuckin’ cock,” he hissed through gritted teeth.

My mouth was still swimming with spit from my recently triggered gag reflex, and was also watering just from the thought of having Gavin inside of it again. I did as instructed, gathering the saliva towards the front of my mouth and spitting it out in a glob on the tip of Gavin’s glans, which he had pointed inches away from my lips.

Gavin stroked his hand up from his base and caught the wad of spit before it could drip off his head, and dragged it down his already spit-slicked shaft. I could hear my fluid squishing and squelching between his fingers as he stroked himself.

His other hand left the back of my neck and grabbed a handful of hair on the top of my head, yanking upwards.

“Get off your knees, faggot,” he ordered. I complied, pulling myself up off the ground until I was standing again, facing him. “Turn around!”

He grabbed me by the shoulder and roughly spun me around. A little shove sent me stumbling forward into the nearby wall of the back of my house. I felt Gavin’s hands now gripping the waist of my work pants and tugging on them.

“Get them pulled down,” he grunted.

A thrill ran through me and my legs momentarily felt like they might buckle. Was this really happening? I couldn’t unbuckle my belt fast enough. When I got it undone, Gavin’s hands were already at the waistband again and he roughly yanked them, and my underwear, down off of my hips. They momentarily got tangled up in my hard-on in the front, and I quickly untangled it and it sprung free just as Gavin pulled them down my thighs just far enough for me to feel the cool night air on my bare cheeks. He left them that way, half pulled down my legs, and was pushing forward on my upper back between my shoulder blades.

“Do you want fucked or not? Stick your ass out.” He sounded a little annoyed, like I wasn’t complying fast enough.

He was still pushing on my upper back, hard enough that with my pants bunched up around my calves and ankles I almost tipped forward and smacked my face off the brick wall of the house. To prevent that from happening, I brought both my hands up and planted my palms on the bricks, bending myself forward and sticking my ass out behind me.

I was already panting in nervous anticipation as Gavin shifted around behind me. I felt something, his foot, nudging my feet further apart, until I had my legs spread as far as my pulled down pants allowed me to. Then Gavin was looming even closer behind me, and I almost jumped in surprise when I felt something warm and bulbous pressing right into my puckered anus.

I couldn’t help but hiss as it felt like Gavin was trying split me open at the crack. Behind me I heard him grunting and felt him push with even more pressure trying to force his saliva coated tip into my virgin hole. The pain was blinding and I bit down on my lip to stop a scream that would have woken the neighborhood. Nevertheless, I felt a sharp pang of disappointment rather than relief when Gavin pulled his cock-head away unsuccessfully.

“Oh, you got a tight little hole, don’t you?” He gruffly whispered.

I stayed where I was, trying to find the voice in my throat to tell him not to give up. I stopped myself when I heard him hawking a spit-wad behind me and spitting it out. I half expected to immediately feel his lougey hit me somewhere. Instead it was a few moments before I felt his rough warm hand swipe between my ass cheeks, smearing his spit around my asshole.

“You better be fucking clean down here, dude,” he grumbled.

I nearly jumped up out of position when I suddenly felt him invading my back door again. There was a quick sharp pain that faded just as quickly, before I realized he had popped a spit-lubed finger up my anus. He worked it in a slow circle and I felt it roaming around just inside of me, the sensation alone causing me to want to moan out. He worked the finger in past the second knuckle and pulled it slowly almost out a few times, and I felt my eyes fluttering up into my skull.

I glanced over my shoulder and watched in the darkness as he hawked another lougey up out of his throat, brought his free hand up to his mouth and spit it into it. I let out a low whine as he pulled his finger out of my ass. I heard the squelching sound of him rubbing his saliva into some other part of his body, and then felt him roughly plant one of his hands on the very small of my back, just above my butt cheeks, dragging it to the side to splay my cheeks further.

His wet cock-head pressed once again into my now slick puckered hole. He again put more force into it, pushing his tip against the closed opening. I hissed again at the searing sensation like I was being split in half as he sunk the fat tip into me millimeter by agonizing millimeter.

Suddenly, just as I was about to beg him to stop, his head breached my sphincter with a wet plop and the burning pain turned into a duller ache with a twinge of relieved satisfaction as his shaft sunk up into me.

I was left breathless, leaning forward against the brick wall as he halted his slow plunge into me, pulled out a few inches, and then forced his way back in.

Each shallow stroke felt less like I was being torn at the seams, and more like mysterious nerve endings were firing off new feelings of pleasure all throughout the lower half of my body.

After a few gloriously slow strokes, Gavin grabbed onto my hips and grunted as he forcefully thrust himself deep inside of me. I felt his cock plunging up into new territories of my guts, and felt the fabric of his track pants smashing into my ass cheeks. I realized he was now fucking me through the fly of his pants, humping forward into me as far as he could go and then pulling back at an ever quickening pace. Each thrust into me sent a jolt of pleasurable pain radiating out from somewhere inside of me.

“That’s it, faggot, take my cock up your ass,” he grunted as he pumped in and out of me. “God your so fucking tight! Tighter than Megan’s fucking pussy, and she won’t let me stick it in her ass,” he panted, ranting out loud to himself. “But you want me to stick it in your ass, don’t you faggot? You like when I fuck your ass, don’t you?”

I vaguely recalled a cheerleader from back in High School named Megan; a hot blonde that made sense that he would be dating. None of that mattered as he continued humping into me as he ranted. I felt the fabric of his pants pressing into my backside as he went as deep as he could with each thrust.

I let out a lame whimpering “Uh-huh,” in answer to his question, whether he was being rhetorical or not. Yes, as it turned out, I did like when he fucked me. It also sent a strange thrill through me to hear him belittle me and call me faggot.

His grip on my waste was getting painfully tight as he assaulted my ass.

“You want me to fuck you harder, faggot?” He hissed out through gritted teeth. By now each stroke up into my guts was sending electric waves of pleasure throughout my lower regions. I bobbed my head frantically ‘yes,’ and then, afraid he wouldn’t see that in the dark, I panted out a breathless “yes.”

“Yes what?” He spat back.

“Yes, fuck me harder!” I pleaded.

I let out a pitiful whimper as I felt him pull out of me completely, leaving me feeling empty. In desperation for him not to quit yet, not to leave me, I began straighening up and turning around to beg for him to put it back in.

He immediately halted me, grabbing onto one of my arms, spinning me back facing the wall. He pushed my hand back onto the brick to support myself and then shoved on my back to bend me over again.

“Did I say I was fucking done, faggot?”

There was some swooshing of fabric behind me and then Gavin was grabbing me down low again and plowing forcefully into me. It happened so quick that I barely registered the pain of him entering me this time, and then he was buried inside of me again. This time I felt the bare skin of his pelvis and the tickle of his short pubes between my splayed cheeks as he forced himself into me from behind. He had buried himself to the hilt. Apparently, he had only pulled out momentarily to pull his pants down and out of the way.

Instantly and without preamble he began forcefully pulling back and then thrusting himself into me completely over and over again. Each hump rocked my whole body forward and brought with it the sound of his pelvis and balls smacking into my backside.

Gavin latched one hand back on my hip, and the other on my shoulder before leaning into it and fucking me for all I was worth. He grunted with each thrust and I let out a soft “Uh” each time he plunged into me.

“Yeah, take my fucking cock, dude. Take it all the way fucking in!”

“Yeah, keep fucking me,” I panted.

“Yeah, I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you, faggot!”

We kept our voices low, yet I wondered how far they, and the sound of his flesh clapping off my cheeks, carried on the night air. At the moment, I really didn’t care. All I cared about was Gavin’s cock pumping in and out of my hole. The pleasure was unlike anything I had experienced thus far; hard to pinpoint and describe, it had built as the speed and intensity of Gavin’s fucking built. It radiated throughout my groin area, but I couldn’t seem to focus it’s intensity completely up and through my cock, which bobbed around still erect between my legs.

It felt as though Gavin was brushing past a particularly sensitive spot each time he fucked into me. I found myself arching my back further, squirming my hips, trying to buck backwards into Gavin’s crotch as he humped forward. But try as I might, I couldn’t seem to completely scratch that mysterious itch from my current position leaning into the wall with Gavin fucking me from behind.

As it was, the fucking still felt glorious. Even though I found myself unable to bring the pleasure boiling over, I still would never get enough of feeling just like this.

“Quit squirming around faggot,” he ordered, holding me even more firmly in place by the waist and shoulder. “Unless you want me to fucking cum? Is that what you want, fag? Me to nut up your ass?”

I didn’t know it until he said it, but yes, suddenly I did want him to shoot his load up inside of me. I may have never wanted anything more.

“Yes, please cum in my ass,” I breathlessly pleaded.

If I thought Gavin was fucking me at his full force, I was sorely mistaken. Suddenly he was positively ramming himself forward into me. He released his vice grip on my hip and brought that hand up to latch onto my other shoulder. I braced myself and leaned further forward as he not only force-fucked up into me, but used his grip on my shoulders to pull me back into him at the same time.

My sweaty ass cheeks smacked into his sweaty pelvis continuously as his hips worked like pistons driving into me. Each thrust sent him invading up into my guts. I felt an elusive jolt of pleasure each time he drove himself home, as if he were brushing past but just missing a pleasurable bulls-eye.

Nonetheless, I was trying to keep my moaning ‘uuuuh’s of satisfaction from being loud enough to wake the neighborhood. Gavin was hunched forward grunting his pleasure closer to my ear.

“That’s right I’m gonna fucking cum up inside you! I’m gonna fucking dump my load in your tight faggot ass- Uggh Uuugggh Uuuuugh fuck! Fuck uugh I’m cumming- I’m fucking cumming- I’m fucking cumming-“

His forced and focused thrusts that had my ass cheeks rippling suddenly turned to sporadic short bunny rabbit humps. I felt the first spurt of his load shoot out inside of me with force. He managed a few more spastic thrusts as warm liquid filled my hole. Finally, he buried himself to the hilt and remained there grunting as I could feel his cock actually pulsing inside of me. Slowly the pulses subsided as he pumped the last spurt of his warm seed out to sooth my aching insides.

He stayed inside me for a few moments as I shifted my arms to rest against the wall at my elbows and leaned my head up against the wall between them, exhausted.

I still felt like whimpering when he pulled his cock free and left me almost empty, save for his fluid that filled my hole. I felt a warm stream of it dribbling out and down my leg, no doubt leaving a mess in my pants that were still bunched up down there.

I slowly resigned to the fact that Gavin was not putting his cock back in me right now, and turned my back to the wall, sliding down and sitting on my ass in the patchy grass beneath the deck. I didn’t bother yet to pull my pants back up. I noticed I was still hard between my legs, and for some reason, wasn’t sure if Gavin would be pleased or disgusted with that, so I concealed the erection with my arms. I felt more of his jizz sputtering out of my spent hole underneath me.

Gavin was busy pulling his pants up and stuffing himself back in. He wasn’t exactly looking directly at me anymore, but he wasn’t leaving yet either. I watched as he fished his phone out of his pocket.

“So, as long as you don’t tell anyone about this, give me your number so I can text you when I want to use your ass again…” He still had a bit of command in his voice, despite his inability to make eye contact with me at the moment.

My heart pounded at the mention of him using my ass again. I recited out my number for him. He stood there entering it into his phone, and a moment later I felt something down around my calf buzzing as my phone got a message.

“See you later,” he mumbled and then he was hurrying up around the side of the house. I heard his truck door open and shut and the engine start. I fished down in my tangle of pants and pulled out my phone. I had a new text message from an unsaved number that just read “Gavin.” I saved his contact.

Before pulling myself up off the ground, I still had a matter at hand to attend to between my legs. After all that had transpired tonight with Connor, and now Gavin, I had plenty to pull from mentally. I frantically masturbated there under the deck, shot a surprisingly voluminous load in the grass, and finally headed inside and up to my room, exhausted.

I had just enough energy left in me to toss back my evening dose of Little Red Pill before collapsing into my bed.

Despite my exhaustion, my brain was not immediately ready to shut itself off. I had a lot to process. I had hooked up with a cute-as-Hell co-worker who seemed to be totally into me and willing and ready to continue our sexual encounters. On top of that, I had finally popped my anal cherry; something I had become oddly obsessed with since being introduced to the hormone altering Red Pills. Having a straight stud like Gavin dominate my ass was every bit as glorious as I had imagined it would be. However, I had yet to experience the elusive orgasm from anal fucking that I was fascinated to see happen in my encounter with Lorenzo in the gym locker room. As amazinf as ut felt to havr Gavin pounding my ass, I had to wonder if such an anal orgasm were even possible, or if I was just remembering it wrong with Lorenzo. Speaking of Renzo, I couldn’t help but conjure up memories of his hunky Latin features and banana curved cock. It was hard to believe it was only at the start of the week that I had gone from an insecure tiny-dicked college student on Summer Break, to fucking and sucking a Latino stranger in the local gym showers. I thought about his number written on the small slip of paper folded up on my dresser.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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