Little Red Pill Ch. 04

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I woke up the next morning to a sense of uneasiness and dread. It wasn’t that I had my first shift back at Shure-Save, the neighborhood grocery store, that afternoon. That actually wasn’t a terrible summer gig. It was more mind-numbing than unpleasant. The co-workers were generally nice and some of the customers were weirdly interesting, if nothing else. No, my dread had more to do with the events of the previous day, which at this point seemed more like an absentminded fantasy gone wrong, than something that had actually happened.

The hired landscaper, who happened to be a hunky star athlete from back in High School, had knocked on the door looking for payment that I was unable to provide. Instead, I lured him into the kitchen to offer payment on my knees in the form of a messy blow job. It all made for a perfect, if not terribly cliched, gay porn scene.

Or at least it would have, if not for the fact that I didn’t think I was gay. And up until a week ago I had never even considered the possibility of engaging in any kind of sexual encounter with another dude. Oh, and let’s not forget how this encounter ended; with me dropping trou and bending myself over the kitchen table begging for said Sports Hunk to fuck my ass. To which he seemed to come to his senses, aghast to find himself staring down my hole, before fleeing the scene.

Never mind the fact that it seemed these uncontrollable homosexual urges and out of control sex drive all stemmed from a magic penis enlarging pill prescribed to me under the table by a mysterious doctor. A Little Red Pill, he called it, which actually seemed to be working, as a matter of fact.

All this was starting to become no small pill to swallow, pun most definitely intended.

I fully expected that I was waking up to a world that had been let in on my shamefully crazy new lifestyle choices. How many mutual friends did Gavin and I have on Facebook? How many of those friends were friends with other people in town? Jesus, did my mom have a Facebook? didn’t everyone at this point?

It wasn’t until after I’d stress-ate half the kitchen for breakfast that I even braved a look at my phone.

Precious few notifications. A message from Team SnapChat and a notification that someone had shared something to the Pro-Wrestling Facebook group I belonged to. Seemed about right. Aside from those type of notifications, I had really only used to get them from Casey texting me or tagging me in memes. We were not exactly on speaking terms anymore since the close of Spring semester.

A quick perusal of my Facebook feed proved that I had yet to be outed. My scandalous sexual affairs did not appear to be the talk of the town.

Now that I felt a little more at ease, I was able to rationalize everything a bit more. In order for Gavin to out me about yesterday, he would have to at the very least admit that he’d allowed me to suck his dick. That could damage his reputation just as thoroughly as mine. I’m sure whatever girlfriend or girlfriends he had at this point would not be too amused by the story. Suddenly I was feeling a bit silly about my worrying.

I calmed down enough to take my morning dose of Little Red, and set about getting ready for my triumphant return to Shure-Save that afternoon.

As I had come to learn about myself while on this bizarre new medication, my mind was a dangerous thing when it had idle time to wonder. And I found my mind doing just that while I showered.

Steamy thoughts swirled in the steam of the shower. Showering reminded me of the locker room at the gym, and what I’d done there with the Latino stranger, Renzo. I thought of how he’d sat on my cock and rode me for all I was worth. How I had cum multiple times, but more intriguingly to me, how Renzo had cum while bouncing around on my cock. I had barely touched his own cock when it suddenly erupted while he gruffly whispered how I was hitting him in just the right spot.

That ‘spot’ fascinated me. It was all I could think about while I finished sucking off Gavin in my kitchen the previous afternoon. It’s what drove me to my feet to yank down my pants and beg for him to stick it in me. If it had felt that amazing for Renzo, could it feel that amazing for me?

I snapped back to reality to find that the water spraying down on me was no longer hot enough to be producing steam. Yet even the cold shower didn’t deter the painfully hard erection my thoughts had conjured.

The cold water did clear my mind a bit, and I was left feeling a little angry with myself. I told myself that I wasn’t so far gone that I was now completely controlled by my growing penis. I was strangely determined to prove this theory by not compulsively masturbating, like I now felt compelled to do.

I could use the erection for another purpose, however, and padded naked and dripping back down the hall to my bedroom, my dick jutting out in front of me along the way. I went straight to my nightstand drawer.

A thorough and accurate measurement came up at 6 and 5/8 inches on the tape measure. I was growing a few fractions of an inch daily, like clockwork. I silently cursed myself gaziantep bayan eskort as well for not attempting to measure my little guy’s circumference around from the onset. I had no empirical data to back it up, but I swear I was starting to look thicker, girthier around, as well.

I spent the rest of my time before work focusing on not focusing on my penis, determined not to have to whack off in order to get rid of my boner. I succeed by the narrowest of margins and was able to go in to work hard-on free.

I fell right back into place at Shure-Save. I smiled and greeted some co-workers I hadn’t seen in a few months, and caught up with my supervisor, Dave, in the back receiving area. We exchanged pleasantries and he gave me my evening work assignments. Stock clerk work was not rocket science. It was the same evening routine I was used to; refill the milk and eggs in dairy, keep an eye on the bread aisle, and work any back stock out onto the shelves if I had down time. Dave would be taking off for the evening, and I’d be maintaining the grocery department by myself.

When it came time for my first break, I grabbed a yogurt cup and a pack of cracker sandwiches off the shelf and headed up front to buy my snack, randomly picking the first checkout line I noticed with it’s light on.

I made it to the front of the line and set my things down on the belt.

“Hey, Noah. Long time no see!” The cashier exclaimed.

I looked up and met the piercing blue eyes of the smiling cashier before me. I recognized him from last time I’d been back for Christmas break. His name was Connor, and as I vaguely recalled, he was a grade behind me, which meant that he had just graduated High School while I was finishing up the Spring semester. What I didn’t remember, was him being so fucking attractive.

Actually, we were friendly at work, but we had never really crossed paths or hung out while we were in school together. Of course, Old-me would have no interest in his attractiveness. New-me, on the other hand, couldn’t stop staring. He had clean-cut boyish features, with his hair buzzed short on one side and parted long to the other side. Somehow in his black Shure-Save polo shirt that he wore a size too small, and black skinny jeans, he kind of looked like a pretty boy lead singer for a pop-emo band. But what I kept getting stuck on were his deep icy blue eyes.

Luckily, New-me also seemed to never stay tongue-tied for long. With a faint tingling in my balls, I felt my uncharacteristic new confidence kicking in, and I was beaming back at him.

“Connor! how the hell have you been, man?”

“Oh you know, my parents bought me an old beater car for my Eighteenth birthday, so I’ve just been killin’ it,” he joked.

“Oh? We’ll have to take a spin in it, sometime,” I mused. Where all that had come from, I had no idea. We had never expressed interest in hanging out outside of work before. And yet I found myself suggesting it naturally, and Connor seemed receptive to it.

There was no one behind me in line, and I noticed Connor was in no hurry to ring up my two items. I also noticed that he was fairly obviously checking me out.

“You look good, Noah. Have you been working out?”

Now, I know my hormones had been amp-ed up like crazy lately, with my cock doing most of my thinking. But still, my gaydar was pinging off the charts. Though I had never noticed any type of gay vibe from him before, suddenly he was just screaming it. It wasn’t the way he was talking or any obvious mannerisms which all seemed perfectly masculine, but more so the way he was looking at me. Or was I just imagining that because I suddenly had the urge to jump over the register belt and pounce on him? No, I’m pretty sure he was eyeing me up.

“I have been, a little,” I answered. “You aren’t looking too bad, yourself.” Although he was definitely a little thinner and more wiry than myself, he was also a bit taller, and filled out his tight fitting clothes perfectly. He smirked at my compliment.

I was just coming up with my next vaguely flirtatious comment when a customer appeared at the end of Connor’s checkout stand with a whole cart of groceries in tow.

“Shit, great,” Connor mumbled under his breath. I stifled a giggle. The customer, oblivious, began unloading items onto the end of the belt one at a time.

“Well, we got some catching up to do. You still gotta tell me about college!”

“Yeah, when’s your next break?” I asked. He sighed cutely.

“In about an hour.”

The customer, now with the end of the belt stacked high with food, cleared their throat noisily. Looking at me, Connor rolled his eyes dramatically before reaching under the register and flicking a button that caused the belt to move forward and carry the groceries towards him and the scanner. I resisted the urge again to chuckle.

“I’ll see you then,” I said coyly, grabbing my snack and sauntering away.

59 minutes later, I made sure to be leaning against the wall at the front end time clock, which was nestled in a little nook beside the customer service desk near the entrance lobby. From my position I could see down across the front end to Connor at his register. I watched as another employee, I believe her name was Becky, came up behind Connor, exchanged a few quick words with him, and then took over ringing at his checkout stand.

Connor made his way towards me and the time clock, noticing me leaning there about halfway through his approach. As he got closer, he raised his eyebrows and smirked at me.

“Sir, are you stalking me?” He sounded mock-concerned. I raised my hands defensively.

“I was just about to take my last break, is all,” I responded innocently. His smile grew a bit wider.

“Well what a coincidence, me too!” He stepped right up next to me, and I could smell his clean-fresh deodorant as he punched out on the time clock, he turned to face me. “I forgot to pack a lunch. What should I get to eat?”

I raised an eyebrow and the corner of my mouth in a half-smirk.

Six minutes later, Connor was on his knees in front of me, bobbing his head on my cock.

We had hurried to the back of the store towards the break room. Once outside the break room door, he grabbed my arm and yanked me down a side hallway, past the employee restrooms, to a metal door tucked into the end of the corridor. Inside was a dimly lit seemingly unfinished room used for storage. Old display shelving, sales bins and advertising crowded the room. He quickly pulled me to a corner hidden away beside a stack of shelves and pushed my against the wall, already ripping at my belt.

“Do you come here often?” I joked.

I was already getting hard before he’d finished tugging down my jeans. He had them pulled just far enough off my hips to expose the crotch area of my boxer briefs. His hand pressed right up against the tight cotton fabric, rubbing his palm up and down over my quickly stiffening trapped cock and balls.

His whole body was inches away from mine, and then he was pressing against me. Before I knew what was happening, his lips were pressing into mine. For a second my heart leaped towards my throat as I instinctively felt like I wouldn’t like the kiss. I was expecting it to feel too intimate, too romantic. After all the sexual acts I had performed with men over the last week, I thought that this one would somehow feel too gay.

But there was nothing romantic about the way he jammed his tongue into my mouth, and I found myself opening mine and letting him in. His breath and tongue tasted minty, and soon I was tonguing him back. For a minute we seemed to be fighting to see who could swallow the other guy’s face.

All the while, Connor had his arm wedged between our bodies rubbing at my crotch. With a little tight maneuvering, he was able to snake his hand up and down into the front of my underwear. He wrapped his fingers around my now rigid shaft and began awkwardly stroking me within the cotton confines of my briefs.

He pulled his head away from me, taking his tongue along with him. Panting for breath, his baby blues met my eyes.

“Can I suck your dick?” He practically pleaded.

“Well, since you asked nicely-“

He was already pulling away from me and sinking to his knees before I’d finished my response. On his way down, he grabbed hold of my jeans and underwear, yanking them down my legs to my ankles.

He wrapped a hand around my now stiff shaft and pulled it down away from my body so that it jutted out pointing towards his face. He wasted no more time, attacking my cock with his wet tongue and hot mouth. The way that he eagerly went about sucking my cock, with no hesitation, with a sense of urgency, sent a thrill through me.

He used his lips and tongue expertly, with the right amount of pressure, suction, and moisture. His hand wrapped around the base of my pole acted as support, stroking and twisting upwards, catching the slickness of his saliva and rubbing it back down towards my body. I found myself wondering if I was the first guy he’d brought back into this hidden nook for a blow job. I also found myself not caring.

Looking down at Connor greedily slobbing on my knob, I felt a strange swelling of pride. Never before had I experienced someone so eager to service my cock, without having to worry about the insecurities of how small I was. I wasn’t exactly huge, not yet, but I seemed to be enough for Connor.

Connor hummed out a satisfied sound around his mouthful of cock, and began bobbing his head up and down my pole even quicker, his lips making a wet suctioned slurping sound as he worked. I felt all the attention beginning a tingling build that announced that at this current pace, a release wasn’t far off.

I brought my hands up and cupped them on the sides of Connor’s head, not to force him to go faster, but rather to try to slow him down.

“Easy there, tiger, or I’m gonna blow already!”

With a wet plop, he pulled his mouth off my unit, and panting in breaths, looked up at me.

“That’s the point, dude. I can’t be too long on my break or Becky the Bitch will start paging me back up front over the PA system.” He looked so damn cute and innocent on his knees looking up at me.

Without waiting for the go-ahead, he dove back in. He seemed more focused and determined than ever, suddenly he was taking me to the back of his throat with ease. I appreciated his eagerness to please, but at that speed and intensity, it was torture trying to force myself to hold back any longer.

Self-control was no longer possible, I was about to bubble over. Suddenly frantic, I grabbed onto the long side of his hair and pulled backwards, trying to unlatch his mouth from my crotch.

“Sorry, man- I’m gonna cum!”

Taking his hand off the base of my cock, he reached up and swatted mine out of his hair, now unobstructedly bobbing his face down my length, completely burying me between his lips each time. Panicked, I felt my seed literally pumping up my shaft. I was going to cum right in his mouth, and he was either oblivious, or didn’t seem to care. I tried to squeeze the stream off through sheer force of will, but only succeeded in causing myself to cum harder, my balls contracting as I nutted into Connor’s mouth.

Connor “mmmmmmm’d” around my cock, dragging his lips from the base back up to my glans and leaving it there as my cock continued to pump, filling his mouth with my jizz. Still between his lips, he grabbed me at the base and squeezed up the shaft, further milking me into his mouth.

A bit of thick white liquid leaked out of the corner of his mouth as he pulled his head free of my cock. He snaked out his tongue and caught it, licking the last drop of me back into his mouth and swallowing.

“Ahhhhh,” He exhaled like he’d just taken a refreshing sip of iced tea. I leaned panting against the wall. Connor pulled himself up off his knees. “Well, I gotta get back,” he said matter of factly, and made for the exit to the storage room. “I’ll see you when my shifts over.” And then he was gone.

I was left standing there with my pants at my ankles, my cock a slobbery mess. I was satisfied, but still hard and amazingly ready for more. I would go back to work with a boner stuffed in my pants for at least the next hour.

I tried to get Connor, and the experience, out of my head for the rest of my shift that evening, but failed. I was unable to concentrate, and couldn’t even tell you if I was stocking the milk to the appropriate spots on the shelf.

Finally, after hearing Becky make the announcement that the store was closing, it was time to go home and I headed up front just as Becky and Connor were punching out. Becky finished first, said her goodbyes to Connor and smiled at me as I approached and she headed for the lobby.

Connor was left there smirking at me while I clocked out, and we headed for the door together. In the parking lot, precious few vehicles remained, including my jeep and a big white panel van.

“Where’s that whip you were talking about getting for your birthday?” I joked, as we stepped off the sidewalk heading out into the near empty lot.

“You’re looking at her. My pride and joy!”

He pointed to the old panel van. I stifled a laugh.

“The rape van? You’re parents bought you a rape van?”

He elbowed my side playfully.

“Yeah, didn’t I mention, I’m in a band? helps with hauling all the equipment.”

“Ha! I knew it! let me guess, it’s an emo band?” I teased. He elbowed me again.

“Shut up! … And anyways, it’s not a rape van when it’s consensual,” his eyebrows raised.

Moments later and we were closed into the back of the van together. The seats were removed with only a battered blanked spread across the floor. The back area was windowless, aside from two heavily tinted windows on the back doors that we had entered from.

We were already seated on the blanket, inhaling each other’s mouths while we pawed at each other’s bodies and yanked on each other’s work clothes.

I was already rock hard in my pants, and as was usual recently, my cock was now in control of my thinking.

I pulled back for a second, pulling our mouths and tongues apart, and grabbed the bottom hem of my own shirt, yanking it off over my head. By the time I had pulled it off, Connor almost had his own removed.

In my excitement, I couldn’t decide if I should focus on removing my own clothes, or if I should be pulling at Connor’s pants. I decided it would be quicker to get my own pants off rather than fumbling with his belt and button and zipper. I undid my own fly instead and started hurriedly yanking them and my underwear off.

“Get your pants off!” I demanded, shocking myself with my gruffness. Connor was already at work doing just that.

I took a moment to watch as he finished undressing. He was all sharp angles and smooth skin, no trace of body fat, save for a tight little hairless bubble butt that I glimpsed as he rocked on his hips to get his pants down off his ass. He made me look hairy by comparison, even though I only sported a thin patch of soft hair between my peck’s and a short trimmed happy trail of hair from my belly button down to my trimmed crotch pubes. He was, in fact, all boyishly smooth, save for a small patch of downy soft looking brown pubes. Below that hung a glorious looking smooth unblemished semi-erect cock, slowly lifting to full attention before my eyes, capped by a proud red head.

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