Lishas first time

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Lisha gritted her teeth another boring french lesson listening to Mr Jhonson rant on about french verbs and nouns.

Hi this is my first story so i know that it wont be great but if its worth mymwhile writing another one then post it in the comments and give me ideas for a possible followup to this story thanks!

She looked across the room at Joe. She allways did when she was bored, he was undeniably hot and she oftern masturbated over him. Tall and strong with bright blue eyes, Lisha went bright red as she noticed her pussy getting warm just thinking about him. Lisha herself was short and had good legs and a large round ass she was a virgin but knew loads of guys wanted her.

She was just getting used to the idea of having to learn french when the schools fire alarm went off “thank fuck!” Lisha thought. She and the rest of the class began makeing their way to the school feild. On the way she began chatting to joe at first they talked about how shit the lesson was, but then joe blurted out “I know that you watch me in class” lisha paniced and tried to think of an excuse for herself. “it’s ok lisha” said joe with a huge grin on his face.

Then out of the blue he grabbed her by the waist,drew her close to him and kissed her full on the lips. Lisha didnt resist she was inlove with the gaziantep lezbiyen whole situation “come one in here!” said joe and pulled her into an unused classroom. Once inside he locked the door and began undoing his pants. Shocked but turned on Lisha pulled her top over her head and began unclasping her bra. The sight of joe’s large throbbing member made her virgin pussy ache for him. She promptly revealed her perky b cup breasts to him, he lay her down on a desk and began slowly sucking and massageing her nipples and breasts she let out a small groan of plesure.

The heaven that she was in from his teasing of her breasts made her compleatly unaware that he had removed her pants and knickers, she lay naked before him. He kissed her mouth and then began kissing lower, untill he reached her pink teenage pussy he began to lick her pussy and she cried out in plesure, never had she felt so goood in her life. She was so wet now, she was willing to do whatever he wanted her to.

She felt his member at her pussy lips and nodded to him to signel that she was ready to lose her virginity. No sooner than her nod he was inside her violently fucking her pussy, she was in heaven, consumed in the pleasure, she felt like his whore and she enjoyed this idea lisha cried ” oh fuck yes joe violate me im your slut!”
He was near his climax she could feel it coming, lisha too was close to cumming and she could feel the buildup like a wave of Plesure crashing over her. He finaly let out a low groan and his load was let loose inside her, it felt sooo good to have joes sticky seed all inside her that lisha orgasmed she came for the first time ever in her life she had Popped her cherry.

Lisha lay back panting and thourghly Plesured. But joe had other ideas he asked lisha to turn o er so she lay on her front, she did so eager to see what he had instore for her now. She suddenly felt something that was compleatly new to her, lisha had heard about a lot of dirty stuff but this never crossed her mind before. She could feel joes tounge slowly licking her arse hole. It was weird but somehow very pleasurable, this might even feel better than his licking of her pussy she wAs so turned on by this that it surprised her. In truth her arse had allways been her best feature it was big round and smooth and she enjoyed joe licking and sucking at her other hole. She was in so much plesure from this treatment that she came again this was when she realised that she needed more ” fuck me up there joe up my tight arse hole” joe said “seriously are you shure its ment to hurt really bad” but lisha was persistant and insisted on it, joe began to slowly push his dick into her ass and discoverd that it felt good around his dick.

Lisha was enjoying her dirty adventure and she began to cry out to joe “‘ fuck my arse fuck it harder and faster” she screamed out with a mix of pain and plesure “oh yes oh yes joe fuck my arse fuck me harder
harder!” he began to thrust as hard as he could and he felt her body rock with another orgasm from his persistant pounding of her anus. She was panting now she lay sprawled across the desk out of breath but wanting him to continue their fuck session he finaly shot his load into her ass and lay down beside her on the
desk panting and out of breath. They both smiled At each other. But lisha who needed to know asked him the big question ” was this just an easy fuck for you a simple way to get sex from mE or was this serious, i guess what im asking is what did this mean thats whAt i need to know. Be ause i’ve liked you for a long time and i just want to be with you.” joe looked over at lisha and saw a girl on edge waiting for his awnser ” of course this wasnt just for sex i love you lisha and i want to be with you too” and they both got up and went to the school feild where their classmates asked them questions like where they were and why they were sweaty. Lisha looked over to joe and smiled if they only knew she thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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