Lisa and Mr. Hanks

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Lisa Ware was having difficult time in her college class “The Study Of American History” which she hated that class at the beginning because it didn’t make since till the old professor Mr. Brown died due to natural causes which put the class on hold till almost a month later class got restarted till she met the new professor name Mr. Hanks.

(Bio here Lisa is 5′ 5 1/2″, dark brown hair that goes to her shoulders, blue eyes, a bit on the heavy side, and a natural singing voice.)

Mr. Hanks was told that this class would have no choice, but to get use to him that he is well; Hot! Some of the girls one name Miranda was a total slut and would sleep with any teacher to get extra credit or a lead in something. He came during after finding out about the “Phantom of the opera musical” auditions and came face to face with Lisa. As she sit in her seat he couldn’t help, but notice what beautiful eye’s she had and try to focus in class and would ask questions. During one day the speakers ran down naming the ones who got the role in the musical.


That’s when Miranda stood up and yell saying it wasn’t fair that Lisa got the part instead of her. Mr. Hanks told Miranda to get out along with the rest of them as he asked Lisa to stay behind.

“Mrs. Ware I know this is all new to you.” Mr. Hank locks the door.

“What do you mean?” Lisa asked.

He then guided her to the desk and slowly rubbed her shoulders, which she reacted bad to it.

“What are you doing?!” Lisa pushed him away.

He turned her around and kissed her lips, which she pushed him away more, but couldn’t help that his mouth slipped…

…Lisa woke up in sweat and looked around and saw she was in her bed. Lisa was having more sex dreams about Mr. Hanks again and couldn’t stop thinking about him. She was severely attractive to him and wanted nothing more than to explore her deepest desire by sleeping him though she knew it would be wrong. Lisa was a virgin and never had sexual experience before although she wished she did. She laid back down and sleep a bit more and woke up to the alarm clock as she dressed in her skirt and a nice blouse which she saw how everyone this morning when she enter into her “Biology of the Earth” class taught by the Sandra Bullock Escort Bayan look-alike as she brings up the core of the mantle. As the day went on she gets her report and see that she is failing her “The Study of the American History” and needs an extra credit to pass her semester so she can be a Junior in college. She walked to her last class which is she see Mr. Hanks wearing a tight fitting black button up shirt that was short sleeve’s which makes Lisa heart skip a beat and made her underwear wet.

…an hour later…

“Now remember that the test will be next Tuesday and someone gets a hold of Mr. Hunter Johnson that he needs to be in class tomorrow.” Mr. Hanks yelled.

As the last of the students leave the room Lisa walks to Mr. Hanks desk and stood in front of him with the report in her hand,

“Mr. Hanks?” Her soft voice rang into his ears.

“Yes, Miss Ware what can I do for you?” He looks up at her and see how her breast were bit exposed from her v cut shirt which made his mouth water.

“It’s about the grade you gave me. If I have to write a report I will do a topic of anything you want.” She saw him get up from the desk and walk to the back of the room to lock the door and then drew all of the curtain windows.

“That’s not what I want.” He came behind her looking at her sweet round small ass and saw her trembling.

“Then what do you want?” She felt his hands on her hips as she feels his breath on her neck.

“Your pussy.” He whispered in her ear.

Startled and frighten she turned around “My what?”

“You heard me I have seen you teasing me all term and now I want it, your above 18 right?” He pressed himself against her feeling his hunger for her begin to rise.

Lisa begins to blush red in embarrassment and try to look inside his eyes. He told them months back that he was 23 years old for being a prodigy and being smart and advance.

“I am 20 years old and to tell you the truth I never once tease you, have I?” She felt his hands caress her back as he lean in to kiss her forehead.

(Bio about Mr. Hanks or Josh; 6’2″, light green eye’s, black hair, a good body build from playing football, and a tan.)

“Once or twice I have accidentally seen you spread your legs and see your underwear which I really like that black lace underwear.”

Lisa tried to get off of the desk as he skimmer-ed her sides,

“Please I just want to Sincan Escort do a report. I am not attractive, I’m not thin, a virgin, and I don’t give up my body.” She feels his boner against her ass as he pulled her closer.

“Lisa, I am deeply in love with you. I want your body and your personality so bad. You make me so turned on when I hear your singing voice.” He leaned in her ear as he kisses her neck up to her ear.

“I am not a sexual person or a temptress.” She feels his lips kiss her cheek.

“I know you’ve been wanting me Lisa. You look at me with such hope and sadness when you see a girl who isn’t beautiful as you make you wish what is it like to be with someone.” He unzipped his pants and took her hips to turn her around and take her hand, “Here just touch me down there my sweet Lisa.”

She felt the shaft and shrieks as she pulled it away and look at the clock and realized that she needs to get home before her manager realized that it is pay date for rent.

“I need to go. I am sorry.” Lisa tried to leave, but Mr. Hanks took her hand.

“Please don’t go Lisa.” He kiss her for the first time on the lips which her lip were so soft and warm that he cupped her cheek and pull her closer to deepen the kiss more. He spanked her ass and tried to see if she gets turned on. “Does that turn you on?

Lisa looked at him and then wants to kiss him again, as she drew him on the ground she straddles his lap and kiss his forehead, cheek, and lips with passion so much. He rub her back as she took her shirt off and reveal her wearing a red and black lace bra which made her breast pop out more and then took his shirt off which she got lower to his pants and start unbuckling his belt.

“Oh Lisa please. I want you some much.” He unhooks her bra and saw how perfect her tits were which was pink.

She gets the hard rock cock out of his pants and studies it, “I have never seen a dick before. Well never a hard one.” She blushes.

“Ohhh i love how you are holding it. Have you ever had sexual experience?” He massages her breast.

“Mmm no I never had it. Oh Mr. Hanks!” She strokes it softly.

“Call me Josh, Lisa. Keep stroking it with your hand just like that. Mmm and take the head in your mouth and begin sucking on it along with licking it.” Josh moaned.

Doing what he said she begin to lower her mouth on the head of the cock and licked it which she saw him tense as Ankara Escort she start to suck on the head which with all of the moans and groans he was making she start bobbing her head and sucked harder and went faster.

“Ohhh just like that Lisa. Oh god babyyyy.” He begins to twitch.

She pulled him out of her mouth and then rolled off to take her pants and underwear off which Josh kicked out of his and climbs on top of her and begins to suck on her tit’s which she withered underneath him loving this experience as he went lower to her belly.

“Have you ever been eaten out?” He asked her.

“Never had.” She felt his hands on her thighs.

“You will enjoy this then.” He licked her clit.

“Sweet Jesus!” She softly moans.

He begin to lick up and down her sweet virgin pussy while begin slowly about it and she didn’t want it to stop. He then probes a finger in her and slowly thrust inside her back and forth and added another finger as he sucked her clit making her shudder in every way.

“Ohhhh god Josh.” She threads her fingers in his hair.

She came on his face which she was much more wetter.

“Mmm her juices are so good.” He crawled back on her and set himself between her legs.

“I want you in me now.” She moans in his ear.

Doing what she wanted he push the head inside her pussy slowly as she winced in pain as it tore her pussy apart from the size and the thickness, which he gotten deep enough as he pulled himself out and went back into her again which he was greeted by a moan. He thrust-ed inside of her slowly and soft as he quicken the pace and how hard he can go into.

“Oh baby your pussy is so wet and tight.” He bites her neck.

He went faster and harder as she clawed his hips and would whisper ‘Fuck me teacher. Fuck me so good’ in his ear which made him more excited. She was loving of having someone inside her and knowing it was her teacher that she had so much sex dreams about that she cam already three times. When he let his cum inside of her sweet little pussy he withdrew out and rolled off of her and laid down to kiss her sweet head.

“Theirs blood you know that.” Lisa voice went to a sexy soft whisper.

“I know. I can just say that I had a pregnant woman given birth here. God Lisa I have wanted you my whole life.” He nuzzled his nose against her soft neck.

“I have wanted you also. How come you never said anything?” She looked at him.

“Do remember the roses with the black ribbons and that note saying ‘Angel of Music’.” He trailed a finger to her chest.

“You were my angel.” She looked at him as he nodded.

“Yes and I always will be.” Josh kissed her as he held her tight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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