Lisa and John Ch. 02: Nudity

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This is the second installment. Please read the first, The Meeting.

Chapter 02: Nudity

Over the next couple of months we indulged ourselves in a myriad of sexual activities. One night we went swimming nude in my pool. However, before we got out, Lisa wanted to fuck, so I managed to get my hard cock in her cunt underwater and fucked her until I came in he cunt. The only evidence of our encounter was some of my cum floating in the pool after I pulled my cock out from Lisa’s cunt.

I eventually sold my Yonker’s house and moved to Georgia. My wife stayed in New York. This arrangement was great as Lisa visited often for relaxation and lots of sex.

One day, I suggested to Lisa that I wanted to do something different. I told her I wanted to go to a nudist resort. I told there was one not too far away and would she go. Lisa said she would go to see what it was all about.

The next morning we drove off to the resort. The day was overcast but fairly warm, in fact warm enough to go Escort Bayan nude. When we got there, the place wasn’t crowded, just a few men in the nude and a nude woman every now and then. I got nude right away and Lisa staid dressed. The men kept passing by to see her, clothed and all. They wanted to see her naked, for sure.

After about an hour, Lisa removed her top than her bra. Her big tits looked gorgeous and told me that nobody had ever seen them out free like this, and laughed.

Finally, the men and women were able to see Lisa’s tits up close as they paraded by and telling her she looked great.

As the temperature climbed, Lisa said she wanted to use the hot tub. I reminded her that she had to be completely nude to use it. Lisa sat there thinking, then stood up and removed her skirt, then dropped her thong, leaving her completely nude. We then walked over to the hot tub and got in.

The men circled her in the hot tub. They wanted to get a good view of her tits and smooth pussy. Sincan Escort I could see she was enjoying the attention. I noticed that her big nipples were now huge and protruding out significantly. She was definitely enjoying the attention.

We staid in the hot tub for awhile and Lisa enjoyed teasing the men, even brushing up against their cocks. She liked the attention and several of the men asked her for a date.

She told them she was with me and that I would have to approve and they all laughed.

we got out of the hot tub and dried off. Then we went for a walk.

We found a secluded trail and made sure nobody was around. I pulled her naked body to mine and we kissed and played with each other, something not allowed at the resort.

As we were playing, one of the fellows saw us. He said that he could report us and have us removed from the resort.

I asked if he would just forget it and we would be on our way.

He said he would look the other way if he could feel Ankara Escort Lisa up. I told him he couldn’t and that we would just leave.

Lisa pulled me aside and said, “I don’t want to leave just yet. Let him feel me up and then it will be over.”

I told the guy to go ahead and feel her up and that I would tell him when he had enough.

The fellow came over and had his hands all,over her nakedness and felt every part of her. His cock was rock hard and he enjoyed every second.

After a couple of minutes, I ended his fun and sent him on his way.

We discussed the event and she said she didn’t mind it. In fact she said it turned her on.

We stayed a few more hours then left. On the way I teased her about our adventure. She said she enjoyed it and would do it again.

When we got home, Lisa and I got naked and jumped in the shower. After we got out, we had the most amazing sex ever. I teased her and told she got real horny because she exhibited herself to strangers, a statement she did not deny.

I told her I was very proud of her and there was one more thing I wanted her to try and that was a threesome with me and a stranger. She looked at me and said that was not going to happen.


The next installment is entitled Threesome

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