Limbo Evening

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Before that night, I knew her for a while but not well. We went through Specialist Training at the same time, and as usual for me under high pitch conditions, I absorbed myself in work. I’d betray a smile every time she passed by in her uniform and rolled-up hair, beautiful women being the one chink in my wall of habitual discreteness, then go back to reading a report. I knew only the basic water-cooler facts about her so I was a bit surprised when she approached me on the last day of training.

I was talking to this girl I met just after boot camp, sharing goodbyes and speculations about the future. Then she passed by holding one of those Styrofoam cups, bumped into her and spilled the drink. The girl ignored the apologies and hurried angrily into the nearest bathroom. So we were left alone and I looked into the green of her eyes until she opened her mouth to speak.

“You like Italian food? My cousin opened a restaurant and been badgering me to pay a visit. So, what are you doing tonight?”

“Just found out I’m having a lovely meal with a lovely lady. Why are you asking?” They tried to teach me to think before acting, but I’ve been practicing healthy restraint for too long. She gave me a time and a place, told me to meet her there and went on her way.

On the first trip home in a while I broke off my previous engagements. The civilian shower I had was a pleasure so I took a couple of moments of vanity. I recalled all the times she half-smiled back and the quick studying glances she placed on me. The damnable maxim echoed in my head: ‘Why not?’.

Soft music welcomed me into the little eatery. I scoped around, catching perfume and the smell of food but not my date. A guy who bore the slightest resemblance to her gave me a modest bow and shifted a curtain Escort Bayan on the far wall, motioning me in.

She had her back to me, but I was the one caught by surprise. I’ve never seen her like this, in black heels accentuating her behind, in a thin skirt under an earth colored sleeveless, with her red hair flowing past her shoulders. Seeing her bare skin awakened something in me.

Turning away from the window, she faced me with a glass of sparkling wine, enjoying my reaction. I, in turn, watched the candle light reflected in her eyes and in her silver necklace that led my gaze down a neckline to a generous chest.

“Some Prosecco to open your appetite?” she asked, raising her glass in a lithe motion.

“It would be a pleasure. If I may so, this place is even nicer than I expected.” Thinking the compliment justly due to her, she cooled a bit, moving the glass further away from her body. I sipped and felt alcohol climbing to my head. It was a warmly lit back room, with two seats at a table.

We sat down for some spicy antipasti and light conversation. She told she’s been living pretty much alone since she was 15, taking care of her dad when he bothered to come home. Described her hobby of jewellery making, exposing the little earrings she made herself and allowing me to lean forward for a closer look. The smell of her hair was amazing, and her neck looked even more tempting than before. I touched an earring, then slid my hand across her cheek. She kissed one of my fingers lightly, but then moved back and said:

“Tell me a bit about yourself.” Following her example, I didn’t mention anything about our shared career and gave the usual amusing account of my sad little story. She could tell it was practiced, but still asked the right Sincan Escort questions and seemed to approve. I loved the sound of her laughter. At one point, we both laughed and her bare foot brushed my leg, making little circles. None of us skipped a bit in the witty repartee as her foot raised higher under the table.

“There’s only one glass. Come sit here and drink with me.” There wasn’t enough room on the little couch for the two of us, so she raised up a bit, bending forward, and I could she wasn’t wearing a bra. I followed the cue and sat in her place and she slipped to my lap. She liked the feeling of my member on her ass cheek, but decided to make herself a little more comfortable. There was something else she wasn’t wearing.

I used her moment of heat to move her hair and kiss her neck. I grew underneath her, and gave small bites that made her moan quietly. I moved up in the seat and placed both hands across her stomach, feeling the smoothness of her skin. I traced the outline of her breast with one finger and she threw her head back. I moved my hand in smaller and smaller circles, going painfully slowly towards her nipple.

“Push the couch back” she whispered. I complied and she turned towards me. Now her warm womanhood was very close to me and my manhood ached to reach her. She took off one earring, then the other, then her necklace, then, just as casually, she lifted her shirt and tossed it too. She arched her back towards me then proceeded to open my shirt buttons. Her nipples were erect and eager. I threw away the shirt and held her close, embracing the moment and catching my breath.

The hunger got the better of me and I nibbled at her ear, exploring. She thrust her pussy forward and the blessed state of abandon washed over Ankara Escort her. Her body moved rhythmically on mine until I grabbed at her shoulders and held her back.

“Take off the skirt and go on all fours” I ordered. Red blazed in her eyes as she tried to get up. She turned away from me, untied the strap, and the fabric fell. There’s something inspiring about a figure like that. She stepped out of the discarded garment then leaned forward on the carpet, revealing her womanhood to me.

I rose slowly, taking the time to disrobe and watch her shiver. She sneaked a pleading look at me and I bent kissed her bare back. I cupped her breasts, kneading them, and moved my mouth up her body. She turned her head and we kissed violently for an instant, then I entered her.

She screamed at the deep plunge. I drew back and penetrated her again. The whole of her quivered around my member, and she fought to keep balance on her forearms. She was so hot, so wet, so deliciously open. I drove at her, always giving her a little more than she can handle. I threw all my pent up energy and frustration form the last months into the act and she had a lot to relieve too.

Haze took over my senses as I became addicted to the increasing pace. Faster, deeper, my nails digging into her breasts, her moans filling the room. I forced her toward me for a great stroke, then another. The last one took me all the way inside her and I collapsed with release. Her arms gave and we fell to the carpet. I held her tightly as my seed washed into her, and the sweat of ecstasy covered us both.

I slid off of her, and she rested on me, our bodies pulsing as one. We fell into exhausted, fainted sleep with her head on my chest.

It was still dark when I woke up, but she wasn’t there. My clothes were piled up, with one of her earrings on top of them. I dressed and left through the back door.

When I returned to the base, I got the job I wanted. I don’t know what she wanted to do, or what she did afterwards. I never saw her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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