Lily’s Library

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Big Dick

“C’mon upstairs, Babe,” Jack yelled down to his wife, who had been banished for the better part of the weekend, only seeing him at meals, and when he’d come downstairs, freshly showered, at the end of the day. Then, it seemed, after all that work he’d still found the energy to molest her.

Lily grinned to herself and even blushed thinking about how he’d joined her on the deck on Friday night wearing nothing but a robe and boxers. It had been dark enough, and the only neighbors with a view of that part of their yard were out of town, but it still had made her a little anxious as he stood by her, and she realized that his hard cock was sticking out of the boxers just inches from her face.

Anxiety and embarrassment losing stature to the sight of her favorite toy, Lily had leaned forward and let him slide his cock deep into her mouth. Jack moaned with pleasure as Lily’s mouth worked her magic on his shaft. While he couldn’t prove it statistically, there was no doubt in Jack’s mind that Lily was the most enthusiastic, highly-talented cock-sucker on the face of the earth. She had bobbed her head slowly up and down, lathering his cock and making it even slipperier as she forced more and more into her hungry mouth. Gently Lily had caressed Jack’s balls and played with his asshole, just the way she knew he loved it.

As Jack got closer to another Lily-inspired orgasm, she had teased him to prolong his agony. Leaning her head back, she reached around him and pulled him forward so her head was positioned between his legs. Adjusting herself, Lily moved her head up to lick Jack’s balls, heavy with his cum. She lifted up a little and sucked one deeply but gently into her mouth, then the other, and then, deliciously, both. Jack’s cock had twitched with desire, and she felt it burning against her face. Knowing it was time, Lily had reluctantly let go, and turned around, dropping to her knees. Wrapping his robe around herself to give at least the appearance of privacy, Lily sucked his entire length into her mouth, the head forcing its way into her throat. She pulled off just long enough to look straight into his slightly glazed eyes…

“Fuck my mouth, Jack,” was all it took. Jack had reached down and wrapped his fingers in her hair, forcing his cock back into her mouth. Lily loved the feeling of him using her mouth roughly, from the sheer heat and thrill of it to the knowledge that she inspired so much lust in him. She knew that her body was both his temple and his toy, and it was perfect for her, just what she wanted. He had meant what he’d told her so often before they were living together; Jack had never let a day go by when he didn’t try to have his cock somewhere inside her body, and knew how to keep her feeling sexy.

“MMMMMMmmmmmm,” Lily moaned around Jack’s cock, which sent him into deeper, harder strokes. By now, Lily herself was soaked, and was glad that the loose shorts she’d worn without panties gave her access to her own burning body. She flicked her own clit and shuddered, thinking that his tongue was going to be there any minute, and that he’d gratefully repay her for the blowjob she was giving him. Sliding two fingers deep inside her pussy she began to slowly fuck herself. Lily stopped… slid her hand up Jack’s thigh, and with knowledge borne of experience with him… and the desire for pleasing her man, she slid one well oiled finger straight up his ass. The sensation was too much for Jack, who had immediately unleashed a load of hot cum into Lily’s waiting mouth.

Sucking hard, Lily emptied Jack’s balls, holding it all in her mouth until it dripped out of the corner between her lips. Moving slowly up from her knees, she rubbed her cum-soaked lips on his body, leaving a trail as she kissed her way up to him. Bending her head back, Lily opened her mouth to show Jack the load of cum she’d kept. With a great show, she swirled her tongue in it, and swallowed, making Jack believe it was the finest thing she’d ever had in her mouth. Lily then pulled her head down to him, kissing him hard and forcing her cum-slick tongue deep into his mouth. They’d shared the long kiss, she knowing that it turned Jack on to taste his cum in her mouth, and he simply appreciating deeply the woman that he’d waited so long to be with.

Standing in that very position, Jack and Lily undressed each other, moving quietly to the hot tub, where they slipped in to appreciate the steaming heat. Lily sat up on the edge of the tub, and Jack stood up to meet her, kissing her mouth and neck, finding the place behind and below her ear that he knew would melt her. Hungry for her, as he always was, Jack’s hands roamed her body, tracing her curves, down her side and to her hips, which he held tightly in a possessive way. His mouth moved down as well to Lily’s shapely breasts, and he searched for a rock-hard nipple to suck. Using just the right pressure, Jack Escort Bayan elicited a moan from Lily, who reached up to grab his head and pull him tighter to her breast. Alternately licking and sucking, Jack teased his wife, while his free hand moved down between her legs.

Finding her freshly shaved pussy, Jack’s hand moved slowly, first caressing her entire mound gently, and then drawing his palm back, allowing his hand to graze Lily’s engorged clit, and letting a finger trace the valley of her pussy, almost, but not quite entering. He let the now wet finger stray to her clit, and moved it slowly, but confidently, rolling it around and playing with it, causing Lily to toss her head back and nearly disengage his hungry mouth from her nipple. Still a somewhat shy girl, Lily let her body speak, as she spread her legs wider, and her hand pushed Jack’s mouth down until it reached her delicious pussy.

“Dinner appears to be served,” Jack grinned up at Lily… “my favorite meal.”

With few words in her head, Lily had simply leaned back and let Jack’s tongue go to work. Within moments, the alternate flicking of his tongue on her clit and the deep diving of his tongue inside her had caused her first orgasm of the evening. She held back too obvious a display, knowing that if she let him continue, the next one would be even bigger. Jack had grinned around her pussy, having felt the contractions on his tongue, and knowing what she wanted, he dove back for more. He worked his tongue feverishly around her clit, telling her over and over again how tasty she was, and how sexy her shaved pussy was. She loved both the compliments and the attention, and loved it even more when she found one, and then two, of Jack’s fingers had slipped inside her. Moving in and out, he brought her slowly to the edge, and when he knew he’d found the right place, he sucked down hard on her clit, and forced his fingers deep inside her. Almost without realizing it, Lily let out a sharp cry and shuddered deeply, leaning forward so that her breast rested on the top of Jack’s head. His tongue teased her sensitive clit and made her shiver as she came down from the high of the orgasm.

“Uh…. Lily?” Jack repeated again, jogging her out of her blushing memory just before she’d gotten to the part where he’d taken her from behind in the tub, thrusting his fingers in her mouth for her to suck on…..

Literally shaking her head to clear her mind, Lily walked up the stairs, wondering what he’d done the whole time. Recently remodeled, their house seemingly needed nothing. The new two-story master bedroom with the sleeping loft had been his favorite part, what he called his wedding present to her, knowing that redoing the house had made it as much hers as his, even though he’d been their years before the marriage. With her two children away at college, and his one year away (and thankfully with his mother this weekend), there was plenty of room to work with. Lily only knew that he’d been working on the spare bedroom, which they used as a home office.

“Bedroom first,” said Jack. She obediently went into the bedroom, where she saw a Victoria’s Secret bad sitting in a position too obvious to miss. Curious, she opened it up and found what he’d obviously intended her to wear, a filmy little babydoll nightie, in black, of course, and a tiny pair of panties that might as well not have been there. Not surprised, knowing both how much he knew she loved Vicky’s, and how he’s seemed to never lose the thrill of dressing her in ever more revealing clothes (the Fredericks of Hollywood story would have to wait), she quickly undressed and changed into the little outfit, trusting that none of the windows would be open.

“For you, my love,” Jack said to Lily (with a quiet whistle of appreciation), “go on in,” as he opened the door and bowed her through.

“Ohmygod” was all Lily could manage. The room had been completely redone as a library, complete with rich rugs on the hardwood floor, wood trim, and, on the one wall without windows, a full wall of bookshelves. With only small spaces left for knickknacks and other decorations, the wall was filled with books. Some were there own, but many were obviously new editions.

She looked through the shelves, scanning the titles. World history, economics, the works of the masters, books by some of the leading woman philosophers, including obviously rare works that he must have been collecting for years. Her fingers caressed the spine of one… “Book of Human Nature” by Aesara of Lucania. “This is impossible,” she thought…

Lily sat down in the overstuffed chair with a reading table and lamp by it. At a loss for words, she simply looked up at him and smiled, the smile that he had loved from the moment he saw it. Lily was not always a woman of many words romantically, but her smile shouted ‘I love you’ so loud Jack swore he Sincan Escort could hear it.


“No reason, and every reason. I told you, that I was going to give you back everything he took from you, with interest. I told you that I was going to make you forget everything that happened to you, and make you the happiest woman in the world.”

For the next half hour, Lily did nothing but wander around the room, touching the new desk, examining the contents of the file folders, playing with the computer and the draperies and just enjoying her present. For his part, Jack watched every move Lily made, catching a glimpse of a nipple when she bent over; the curve of her hip as she turned a corner and the babydoll shifted. He was hungry for her, but kept his composure, waiting for her to finish her exploration.

Stepping back up to the bookshelf, Lily noticed for the first time the rolling ladder, its track allowing her to slide it quietly from one side to the other, giving her access to the shelves that were above and out of her reach. She happily climbed up a couple of rungs to explore the top shelf, knowing full well that doing so put her butt just about at the level of his chest. Partly in thanks, and partly to be a tease, Lily lifted the babydoll skirt up, showing him just the panties and wagging her tail at him. As she knew he would, Jack responded by coming up behind her, holding the skirt up and planting kisses on her ass.

Holding onto her hips, Jack bent down slightly, to get better access to his wife’s tasty pussy. Feeling her own temperature rise, and losing interest in the book titles, Lily arched her back to give him better access. Pulling the panties aside, Jack kissed his way between the cheeks of her ass, licking gently and causing her to shudder slightly when the tip flicked across her asshole. She wondered whether that part of her anatomy was on tonight’s menu, but lost the thought when his kisses continued and his mouth found her pussy, which she ground back against his face.

Lily loved it when he ate her from behind. There was something feral about it, something animalistic that thrilled her. An intellectual, she fit the pattern of so many bright women… she was quietly adventurous and thrilled by being naughty. While she certainly loved “making love,” she equally loved it when Jack put her down on her hands and knees and fucked her hard from behind. The feeling of his hard cock shoving in and out of her as if she was just a toy for his pleasure made her feel deliciously decadent, and she pitied those women who simply didn’t get how much love a man was showing his woman when he gave her a good hard fucking (that was, of course, if the man was the sort who knew when a girl wanted lovin’ and when a girl wanted to be an animal!)

In response to his tongue entering her pussy, Lily literally sat back on Jack’s face, her back arched to give him full access. Her clit resting on his chin, she rocked back and forth on him. Jack knew Lily was losing control, and was loving it. His tongue moved quicker, fucking her pussy, making it drip, soaking wet, and tasting her juices. Lily had always been the best-tasting woman he’d known, both in their early years together in college, and now that they were back together in their 40s. Tonight she was on fire, riding his mouth, propped up by the ladder and his body. Hands free, they roamed her body, reaching up to grab her breasts roughly, kneading the hot silky smooth flesh and feeling the hard nipples burn holes in his palms.

As the first orgasm ripped through her, Lily nearly lost her balance. Jack’s tongue had caught her clit just right, at just the right time, and the extra bolt of sensation had thrown her for a loop. Jack could hear her breath as she panted, knowing he had a few moments before she came back to earth. He decided some extra fun was in order, and hoped he could move fast enough.

Ducking out from between her flushed legs, and helping her down to the floor, he reached in a drawer built in to the adjoining wall. Lily was still standing, slumped against the ladder, when Jack rejoined her. Without her really understanding what was going on, Jack moved quickly, lifting first one arm and then the other in the air and quickly strapping her wrists to the ladder with Velcro cuffs. Bending down, he finished the job by securing her ankles to the outside of the bottom of the ladder. Jack untied the ribbon, and the babydoll floated to the floor.

Realizing what had happened, Lily quickly tested her freedom, and understood that all Jack had done was leave her the ability to slide her wrists down so that she could bend at the waist and arch her back. She shot him a glare, and he responded by putting a blindfold on her, and telling her she had to behave.

Lily hear a little scuffing behind her and realized he’d brought up a chair, and that Ankara Escort he’d sat behind her. Grabbing her hips, Jack tilted them up and brought his mouth back down to Lily’s throbbing pussy, where he proceeded to tease her, bringing her close, but not quite, to the orgasm she was craving.

Lily began to plead for relief, something she’d rarely done… but then again, he’d never tied her up and teased her quite this badly before. She loved being secured and restrained, but he’d always go right to work, whether it was fucking her mouth, her pussy or her ass… knowing that seeing her that way turned him on to no end he could rarely resist.

This time, however, Jack seemed to be enjoying toying with her, knowing full well that she’d punish him for it. Knowing full well that the punishment would probably involve a toy that she’d strap on and fuck his ass senseless, he decided that it was a pretty good trade off. He told her to be quiet, or that he’d have to find a way to shut her up. When Lily kept moaning and begging for his cock, Jack went to the other room to their toy box and pulled out a realistic cock dildo with a suction cup end that they’d played with before. Pulling her head back slightly, he positioned the suction cup on the wall, and forced the toy into her mouth. Given how tightly Lily was secured to the ladder, she had little choice but to keep a good two inches in her mouth.

“If you want a fuck, give me a show” Jack whispered in her ear.

Realizing she needed the fuck, Lily began to bob up and down on the toy cock positioned in front of her face, her saliva dripping on it and making it easier to slip deeper in her mouth. She was amazed at how realistic it had been made. With her eyes covered, and ignoring the fact that it wasn’t burning her lips like a real man would, she was amazed at how believable it was. The show was obviously getting to Jack, who was playing with her pussy as she continued to suck the toy. His fingers on her clit, Lily was beginning to slide into the fantasy of having two men doing her in this vulnerable position.

Jack slid behind her and grabbed her hips. “Ready for another man?” he teased, and without pretense pushed deeply inside her. Lily could only moan and grunt around the toy cock in her mouth, which she sucked down deeply and appreciatively, feeling her mouth and pussy stretched and knowing that later on tonight she would be sore and happy.

For Jack’s part, he was simply enjoying Lily giving up control, letting herself be used and diving deep into the fantasy. He also knew that Lily was looking for a fuck; that she wanted to be a bad girl. He took his time, but gave her a hard ride, his fingers kneading the cheeks of her ass roughly. She gave a start when she felt a finger join his cock in her pussy, and another one when he inserted the newly lubricated digit into her tight ass. She realized that she was now completely full, that every part of her was being used, and the thought alone, coupled with all the sensations, through her into a loud shaking orgasm. Jack could feel her pussy and ass clenching him, and imagined that the toy might have some teeth marks in it when he pulled her off it.

He continued to fuck her even as her orgasm subsided. As he felt himself nearing release, Jack decided his woman would enjoy a little more sluttiness. He pulled out and released her arms and ankles. He turned her around and she dropped to her knees. He quickly filled her mouth with his cock, ordering Lily to suck on it. Needing only a little stimulation he pulled his cock from her mouth, shooting streams of cum on her face, against her cheek, where it dripped down her chin onto her heaving breasts. Jack removed Lily’s blindfold and motioned to her to look to her left, where a large mirror stood, reflecting their images to them.

Lily saw herself, hot and sweaty, her face covered with her husband’s cum, dripping down on chest. In a move worthy of a porn starlet, she put her fingers to her cheek and scooped the cum into her mouth, wiping every drop off her face and then sensually licking her fingers clean. The cum on her chest she massaged into her breasts, and, standing up, she presented her cum-stained nipples to Jack’s awaiting mouth, where once again he tasted himself on her.

Jack sat back on the chair, and Lily fell into his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing his neck. They sat there quietly, pulses slowing, completely comfortable with each other.

“Do you like your present?” Jack whispered.

“Which part, the incredible library or the incredible fuck?”

“You tell me….”

“Wellllllll… I love my library… and as for the other… I am going to make sure that for every book I read in this library, you get a fuck as intense as this one… and that you never ever forget that your girl is more of a fantasy than any girl in a book can be…”

Jack smiled at Lily, and reaching toward the wall, pulled the thinnest book he could out of the shelf.

“Read quickly” he laughed, handing it to her and rearranging her on his lap to allow his rapidly regrowing cock some breathing room….

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