Like Mother…Like Wife – Chapter 2

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Like Mother….Like Wife
Chapter 2

I watched in awe as my wife Katy sucked one cock after another, with a passion that I had never experienced during my 3 years with her. She slowly stroked each cock lovingly, gently tickling and massaging the balls. The look in her eyes said it all…..she loved cock.

Now my mother was working my cock through my jeans in a steady rhythm. Nibbling on my neck and ear I was in heaven as she continued to fill my head with dizzying words.

“You like to watch don’t you Danny?” “I remember how much you liked to watch me get dressed for my dates.” “You were so cute in your pajamas with your little dick so hard and stiff”, she giggled. “Do you think these guy’s are going to fuck her?” “Would she do that in your new house, with us here?” “What a hot wife you’ve got Danny!”

As if on queue, Katy took two of the young studs by the hand and led them up the stairs. The third followed closely behind as they made their way to our bedroom.

My mother put on a mock look of surprise with her eyes wide and hands at her cheeks. The same sexy, sly grin gave her away as she purred, “I had the bedroom made-up first, but I thought you would christen it with Katy…..not these young guys!” “Cm’on Danny, let’s she what that slut of yours is up to.”

With that she took me by the hand and led me up the stairs. She looked over her shoulder as I followed, eyes glued to her sweet escort mecidiyeköy ass, covered in her tight black Lycra pants. By the time we reached the bedroom door Katy was naked on her hands and knees with her 8-month pregnant belly being caressed by one of her lovers. The Alpha male of the three was slipping his briefs off and getting ready to mount my pregnant wife from behind. As he forced his cock into Katy’s cunt, she turned her head to the doorway. Her eyes were glassy with lust and a half-crazed smile was on her face.

Mother was getting worked up. She turned to me and her nipples looked like grapes through her thin top. “Look at Katy”, she instructed as she brought her face to mine. Her mouth moved over mine and we kissed. Mother’s mouth opened and we began the most intense mind reeling kiss I had ever experienced. Her hand found my cock again. She broke the kiss and while painfully tightening her grip on my balls and hissed,” I said…look at that slut Katy.”

Deeply kissing my mother while watching my wife get fucked was unbelievably erotic.
Mother unzipped my pants and began caressing my cock. She broke the kiss and looked me in the eyes as she stoked me, with the sounds of Katy getting fucked playing in the background. Grinning the same sexy crooked grin, looking deeply into my eyes she stroked my cock.

“Danny, do you want me to move in with you and Katy?” I couldn’t breathe istanbul escorts let alone answer. “Do you Danny?” “Katy might need her own bedroom though.” She giggled.

Taking me by the cock, she led me down the hallway to the second bedroom. Nodding to the king sized bed, “this would be our bedroom Danny.” “Would you like that?” she teased. “Of course when I have dates, you will have to sleep with Katy.” “That will be the arrangement. When Katy, uummm…entertains, you will sleep with me and we can listen from our bed. When I entertain, you and Katy can listen from her bed.” “How does that sound Danny?” “I think it sounds wonderful!” she giggled.

The sounds of my new marital bed squeaking as my pregnant wife was being fucked were ringing in my ears as my mother ordered me to strip.

“Get on our bed Danny,” she said smiling. “Spread your legs.”

Naked and exposed, I spread my legs as mother ordered. She was still wearing her tight black lycra leggings and small white tank and mule pumps as she climbed onto the bed between my legs. She opened a bottle of oil and began massaging my cock once again. She slowly stroked me as we listened to Katy’s cries of pleasure as a cock much younger and larger than mine impaled her. We listened as Katy’s moans were abruptly muffled, as a cock must have been forced down her throat. Mother continued her torturously slow stroking of my cock.

My escort şişli mind reeled as I looked down and watched mothers well-manicured hand worked my cock. I looked at her wickedly sexy face. The face of the woman who brought me into the world. The woman who breastfeed me, nursed me and cuddled me as a baby was now leading me into a world of depravity. Mother was just getting started.

“I remember how horny I was when I was pregnant with you Danny.” “I couldn’t get enough cock.” “Looks like Katy is cut out of the same cloth as your mommy.”

She slid like a snake up beside me, keeping her hand on my cock. Mother snuggled beside me and nibbled at my neck as she stroked my cock.

“This is nice isn’t it Danny?” “Mommy and her boy in a nice big bed.” “Do you want to cum Danny?” “Your balls are so tight.” She ticked my nuts with her red nails.

“You can cum when Katy cums.” “Are you picturing that big young cock fucking Katy in your bed?” “You can cum in my hand as that boy pumps his load into Katy’s cunt.” She said with a smile.

She stroked my cock like a pro as she continued to talk dirty in my ear. She timed her pace perfectly and my cock erupted just as Katy came in our bed next door. Mother leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek as my body shuddered. She bounced out of bed with a giggle, “Goodnight Danny. Mommy needs some cock!”.

She turned off the lights and closed the door leaving me with a pool of cum on my stomach and my mind dizzy. Then I heard the sound of a deadbolt sliding….on the outside of the door. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea…..

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