Life of Paul: Rendezvous: Golf Fun

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All characters appearing or mentioned in this story are 18 years old or older. This story is a work of fiction and any reference or description to actual persons is unintentional.

If you are enjoying these stories, leave a comment about what you liked or didn’t, or things you want to ready more of. I’ll take advice into consideration when I’m working out the next parts of the LoP stories.


September, 1998

Stress, I have come to find out, is a sneaky thing. So sneaky that you never really know you’re under it until it’s too late. And even the most happy people, ones with everything going well and not a worry in the world, can be stressed.

I came to realize this as I laid in my apartment, windows shut, hiding under my covers, suffering the absolute worse headache I had ever had. This was a first for me so it was incredibly painful. If I lived, I hoped it would be the last.

Having already thrown up a couple times, and with no improvement from the headache medicines I was taking, I resigned myself to the fact that I would likely be dead soon.

Hyperbole, perhaps, but not far from the truth.

It had started early last night around midnight and had not ceased. It was now just showing morning light with no end in sight. A knocking on my door which I could only describe as a car crashing right next to my ear made me cry out. Whoever was at the door decided to come in anyways when I didn’t answer. As long as they stopped knocking I didn’t really care.

“Paul?” I head Leila call. She came into my apartment and into my bedroom. “Hey, you awake?”

“Go away or kill me. Either way, please do it quietly,” I replied.

“What’s wrong,” she asked, the nurse in Leila coming to the forefront. I explained how badly my head hurt and other symptoms. She felt my sweaty head with her small, cool hands and felt my wrists.

“You look like you’re having a migraine headache,” she pronounced.

“Aspirin doesn’t work though,” I told her.

“Migraines are different. Here, I got something that will help.” She departed and came back in a few minutes.

“Here, swallow these,” she instructed. I did as she asked. The pills were huge and difficult to go down.

“They’re samples of something that’s prescription strength, so that’s all I can give you. But it should help in about a half hour or so. In the mean time…” She clambered onto the bed behind me and started massaging my neck and stroking my head. After about maybe ten minutes I started to feel a little light headed. I told her what I felt.

“Good, thats the medicine kicking in. You’ll likely take a nap too if you’ve been up all night. I’ll stay until you fall asleep.”

“Thanks, I appreciate it,” was the last thing I remembered saying before falling asleep.


I awoke a few hours later, sun breaking in through my closed curtains. I turned over and saw Leila still in bed with me. She fell asleep rubbing my head and it was quite generous of her to stay. My head still hurt tremendously, but I felt at least somewhat functional. My turning over woke her up.

“Hey,” she said, a little dreamily. “How do you feel?”

“Better, but still really painful. I don’t feel like dying any more at least,” I told her.

“That’s good,” she said, “That was pretty powerful stuff you took and I can’t give you any more, so we’ll have to find something else to get you on your feet.”

“Crutches come to mind,” I said.

“Well,” she said, moving from behind me to sit between my legs, “the best medicine is always what your body can do.” She reached for my boxers band and started pulling them down. I didn’t resist (because honestly who the fuck would).

“The brain, especially, has a great center for pleasure and releases endorphins, which are natural pain-killers.” She pulled my boxers off, tossing them aside. My long, thick, presently flaccid member flopped onto my stomach. She rose up and pulled her top off, revealing a sensible black bra. Deftly, she also removed this and tossed it aside, letting her DD-cup breasts sway hypnotically before me.

“Sex,” she continued as she leaned over me, her breasts grazing my slowly engorging cock, “feels good because of these endorphins. Orgasms in particular release a huge amount of them.

“So,” she said quietly, close to my face, “I am going to give you a literally mind-blowing orgasm. This should help get rid of the rest of the pain.”

Kissing me again, she started planting kisses on my chest, head, and neck. “Just lay back and relax,” she said, planting more kisses on my chest as she moved slowly down my torso.

Reaching my member, she gave it a long, wet lick up the shaft, flicking the head rapidly with her tongue. She stroked the underside of my cock with her lips parallel to it, slicking it up generously with her saliva. She moved down to suck on the base, lapping it with her tongue before moving back up and taking the head into her mouth.

At this point I was fully hard and my brain definitely was grandbetting yeni giriş no longer hurting. Since most of the blood in my body was pumping into my cock this was not surprising.

Leila slowly stroked my shaft with her hand, sucking firmly on the tip, bobbing her head up and down in small, gentle movements.

Over what felt like years, Leila continued her blowjob, jacking me with her hands as she took more and more of my long girth into her mouth.

The whole time I just saw the top of her curly haired head slowly making my cock disappear. At one point, she was bobbing down on my cock nearly all the way before coming back up for air. I could barely see her through my half closed eyes as the pleasure of it was intense. It was definitely the longest blowjob I’ve ever had, but I think that was her plan.

She looked up at me briefly and smile. “When you’re ready, just cum,” she said. She then went back down on me halfway, eliciting happy moans from me.

Her blowjob and jacking pace increased slightly and I could feel my orgasm build slowly. It felt like it took forever but Leila did not stop nor slow her pace. Eventually I felt the tingle in the base of my cock telling me I was close. From the pleasure of it I was unable to say anything or warn her. My hips started to push up slightly against her mouth, wanting her to go faster.

As I felt the first shot, my hips bucked into her mouth, exploding in the much needed sweet release Leila had built up in me.

She pulled off and stroked me quickly, pulled large, thick ropes of cum out of me, splashing up onto her face and neck. She bobbed her mouth on me between shots, encouraging even more cum out, aiming it at her tits as I blasted.

Finally, after a month or two, I finished cumming. Aftershocks produced some drops of cum at the tip, which Leila licked off. She then proceeded to lick off all of the cum that she wasn’t able to catch in her mouth, showing them off to me before swallowing several mouthfuls with an audible gulp.

Once finished, she looked up at me, cum streaking her left cheek in a thick rope. “Feel better?” she asked.

I checked myself, waiting for the headache to return. After several moments, it was staying away. “Yea,” I told her. “Yea that was amazing. It’s more like just a shadow now but totally manageable. This is great!”

I pulled her up and kissed her passionately, despite the mess I made on her face.

“Good,” she said. “I’m glad I could help. And just in time too it seems.” She stood up on her knees on the bed. I could see that aside from half her face, her entire neck and most of both breasts had large streaks of cum running down. “I think if you were down another day your balls might have literally burst. Fuck!” she said, as she rubbed the cum into her breasts.

The site of her playing with my cum on her tits elicited a small but noticeable twitch in my cock. Leila pretended to not notice this.

“C’mon,” she said, grabbing my hand. “A nice hot shower, and some mutual washing will get the rest of that migraine gone.

“And,” she said, stroking my cock with her fingers, “if you really are feeling better, I have a favor you can do for me as a form of repayment.”

Moving closer to her half naked form, I grabbed her ass with both hands, firmly squeezing. “Anything. That was not only incredibly helpful, it was possibly the greatest blowjob ever.”

Leila kissed me again. “Good,” she said sultrily, “Cause I have need of a long, hard shaft, and you can help me with that.”


I should have known it’d be like this.

Leila’s favor was, technically, what she was saying it was. The only difference is that I did not enjoy this particular activity.

“Tell me again why I am golfing with you” I asked the next morning.

“Because the rest of my friends cancelled and it was already paid for, so I wanted to try it out,” she replied. “Also, I sucked your cock, which was fun for sure, but also something I was going to do anyway to bribe you to come today.”

Good reasoning I supposed. Still, it was a nice bright morning, my head didn’t hurt, and I got to see Leila in a very short t-shirt dress that went just below ass level. It was pink and white stripped with a collar and short sleeves. The tightness was probably against whatever dress code the Rancho Hills golf course had, but no one stopped her on the course or in the club house.

We didn’t have an electric cart reserved so we walked with our little wheeled thing holding our rental golf bags and clubs. Neither of us were really knowledgeable about how to play, so we just hit the ball until we sunk it in the whole.

I had to admire Leila though when she went to drive. She put so much effort into it that her short skirt rode up a little bit each time she did it. It was pleasurable to watch.

My efforts were likely far less interesting. Although I did have to adjust myself a few times since my shorts were much, much shorter and tighter than I usually wear. Leila complimented grandbetting giriş me on them though, so I had that going for me, which was nice. (golf, Caddyshack, get it?)

Around about the 9th hole the course looped back toward the club house. This end of the course had only sparsely adorned scrubland all around it as far as the eye could see. The apartments and houses and stores hadn’t creeped out that far yet. There was also a wooded strip in the middle of the loop, which was thickly planted so you couldn’t see the other side. All of it gave the feeling of being alone on the course.

“This says the 9th hole is a par 4. So…maybe 8 for us?” Leila quipped.

I looked at the lengthy walk to the green with ire. While I would totally watch Leila walk that entire way, it was walking clear around this wood that would be annoying.

“We can skip it and just mark ourselves down for a 5?” I offered. “And just cut through the woods to the next one?”

“Deal,” Leila said.

We marked our cards and started our trek through the wooded area. It was more densely planted than we realized and soon it felt like we were deep in the forest, with not a soul in sight.

Leila caught onto this as well. “Seems we’re all alone in here,” she said.

“Looks like it,” I replied.

“Not a person around for miles.”

“Probably not.”

“No one to hear me scream.”

“Nope, not even if you’re really loud.”

“Well then, good thing I have you to watch out for me. Keep me safe from all of those dastardly fellows who might take advantage of my situation.”

“And what would be your situation,” I ask her, stopping our trek and looking back at her.

She lifted her pink striped t-shirt dress up above her waist for emphasis. “That I didn’t bother wearing any underwear today.”

She turned around for show, her dress still lifted up. Her full, round ass and smooth, bare sex were tantalizing to behold. She walked slowly towards me, her sneakered feet crunching pine needles as she stepped.

“Well,” I said, taking her into my arms and cupping her ass with both of my hands, “then it’s a good thing I’m here.”

“I’ll say,” she said, “who knows what might happen if some ruffian was to bend me over that log over there.” She kissed me hard as I pulled her closer towards me. Her hands were on my head, pulling me close to her as we kissed.

I maneuvered us over towards the log indicated. Breaking our kiss, I turned her around and bent her over it, her ass pushed out proudly. I kneeled down and ran my tongue over her ass cheeks before diving into her pussy from behind. Leila arched her back even more as she realized what I was doing, giving me better access to lick her soft, smooth pussy.

After a few minutes, I stood back up and withdrew my long, hard cock from my too-tight golf shorts. Teasing her sex with the head, I rubbed it up and down her wet lips before I pressed into her.

“Oh, yessssss. Fuck!” She called out to the woods.

I pushed in and out a few more times, getting my cock completely lubed up before I pulled almost all the way out and slammed into Leila hard.

“Oh, shit!” She screamed as I buried my cock completely inside her. Pushing her dress up more, her breasts were freed and swayed as I pounded Leila’s ass.

I tried to pace myself in order to give Leila a chance to finish, but I also was so turned on by her I couldn’t help but fuck her as quickly and hard as I could.

“Yes, fuck,” she moaned as I thrust into her. “Fuck me hard. Make my tits bounce. Yes. Fuck. Take me and use my ass. Yes, yes, FUCK, YES!” she yelled.

I could feel her rubbing her clit as I assaulted her ass with long, powerful strokes. Her ass cheeks rippled slightly with each thrust I gave her.

“Fuck, Leila, I’m close,” I told her.

“Yes, cum for me. Cum inside me. Fucking fill me,” she panted. She rubbed her clit hard as she encouraged me. A few moments later I felt her pussy squeeze down hard on my cock as she came.

“OHhhhhh, YEEEEEEEES!” she screamed into the woods.

I grunted as her orgasm made me cum. I grabbed her hips hard enough to leave finger impressions as I pulled her ass towards my crotch, burying myself as deeply as I could into Leila’s pussy.

After a few moments I withdrew from Leila. A large glob of cum dripped out onto the ground. Leila pulled her dress up to her tits and sat down on the smooth log, speading her legs.

Over the next minute, she watched as the cum I had deposited in her leaked out in slow but steady stream. She looked at me as I watched her.

“I guess I should have brought a towel or something. We could be here all day with how much cum you shot into me.”

I rummaged around the cart bag for something and came up with a little ball washing towel. She took it and wiped off the little remaining cum from her sex and adjusted her dress.

“Yea,” she said as we resumed our trek through the wood, “very glad no ruffians about.”


Once our golf round was finished, we returned grandbetting güvenilirmi the equipment (throwing away the cum soaked ball rag, just as a courtesy) and got some tacos for lunch.

“So, what did you think of golfing?” I asked her as we drove. The windows were down and her curly brown hair was fluttering all over the place.

“Well, not terrible,” she said. “That wooded area was the highlight I think.” She put her hand on my thigh, stroking it lightly as I drove.

“Yea, I think losing a ball in the woods costs a stroke. But, still, totally worth it,” I told her.

After tacos we drove back home. On the way up the stairs I asked what the rest of her day looked like.

“I picked up a shift starting at 7pm, so I need to get some sleep,” she said. I unlocked the door to my apartment and went inside, Leila following and closing the door.

“Um, ok. You’re welcome to sleep here,” I said, confused.

In response she nearly jumped onto me, kissing me passionately. Her tongue was moving every which way as I steadied myself from her enthusiasm.

“I am still hot from you fucking me in the wood,” she said. “I need you to fuck me some more. I need you to make me scream more and cum more and I need you do to it right fucking now.”

She pulled off her t-shirt dress roughly and tossed it down. Fully naked, her DD breasts swaying gently with her breathing, she looked absolutely gorgeous. The tennis shoes didn’t even seem to register to her.

Smiling at me admiring her form, Leila turned around and went to the couch. She kneeled on the cushions, presenting her ass high to me. Taking the obvious hint, I tore off my clothes, releasing my now erect member, and met her on the couch.

Stroking her sex with my fingers, I found she was already incredibly wet. Wetter then I think I’d ever experienced her to be until that point. She reached a hand back and spread her ass cheeks, exposing her wet pussy even more.

“I said I need you to fuck me,” she stated, looking back at me. “Now stick your giant dick into me right fucking now.”

I spread her cheeks and pushed fully into her in one stroke. Pushing hard against her ass, she pushed back just as hard. “Thats a good boy,” she said. “Now fuck me like a cheap whore; fast and hard.”

I withdrew and thrusted in long strokes, burying myself into her each time as fully as I could. I started at a moderate pace but her moans and filthy mouth spurred me on faster. After a few minutes I felt her cum on my cock, squeezing it hard in rapid pulses. I didn’t let up on my quick pace and fucked her through her orgasm.

During this frantic fuck, I once again explored her asshole with my thumb, gently stroking it. I was expecting something else other than what she said.

“Thats good, but I want something more in my ass,” she panted as I continued to fuck her doggystyle. “Use two fingers and really bury them in there. Fuck my ass with your fingers.”

Her groans as I inserted two fingers slowly into her ass were all kinds of hot to hear. I spit onto my fingers as I inserted them trying to make the going easier on her. When I got up to my second knuckle, she was cumming again.

“OOOOOOOOOO MYFUCKINGGODYESPAUL!” she screamed loudly as I felt her orgasm through my cock and my fingers in her ass. Again, I fucked herr her through her orgasm, stretching it out further than normal.

I finger fucked her ass faster than I was fucking her pussy, which was getting her ready again much quicker than I had before. A low but loud grunt into the couch cushions told me she was cumming again, weaker than the last ones but still powerful for her.

“I getting close, Leila. You want another orgasm before I finish?”

“Just fuck me and cum,” she whined. She was sweaty and panting heavily as I continued fucking her in both of her holes.

“Where do you want me to cum?”

“Anywhere you want. Just cum for me, please!” she pleaded.

“Anywhere?” I asked, adding a third finger to my assault on her asshole. “Even if I want to shove this cock into this tight little hole?”

“Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck,” she panted as I pushed into her ass as deeply as my fingers would go. “Yes. Do it. Fucking cum in my ass.”

That set me off. The fact she was telling me to cum in her ass was too much for me to handle. I pulled out of her pussy and ass as I felt the first shot come up. I aimed it at her asshole, coating in my thick white cum.

I then pushed the head roughly into her asshole, shooting again as my cock made contact. I pushed more and felt the head pop into her ass and plunged my cock in a few inches as I felt another spasm shoot off into Leila’s ass. I pushed in another couple inches as I finished, the cum I shot on her helping lube up my insertion.

We collapsed sideways on the couch after I was done shooting my wad into Leila. She was still impaled on my cock as we laid there, awkwardly half sitting half lounging on the couch. After a few minutes, Leila got up and off of me. A thick stream of cum ran down her ass and leg as she moved to sit down opposite me.

Still breathing heavily, she smiled at me. “That was fucking awesome.”

“And hot,” I said.

She moved over and kissed me gently. “I think I’m starting to really like anal,” she said. “But next time, lube. Cum only does so much.”

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