Library Love Ch. 01

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Before I begin to tell this tale let me tell you a little bit about myself. At the time this happened I was twenty-two years old. I was attending a University in South Orange NJ, though I won’t say which one in case of copyright infringement or some bullshit. I was working on my criminal justice degree and was in the process of applying to the County Police Academy. I was going to be a cop, and a damn good one.

I had been working for months to turn my already physically fit body into a cut, chiseled and molded muscular frame so I could get through the academy with no problems in the physical fitness aspect. I had so far succeeded, turning my six foot two inch two hundred and forty pound frame into two hundred and fifty pounds of bristling muscle. I was careful not to overdue it and turn into a gargantuan, because I never wanted to look like a body builder. I had built long, lean and crafted muscles all over my frame; including for the first time in my life a nice six pack!

Get down to the raunchy stuff you say! Well I will in due time, I’m merely setting the stage for you. Besides being big and muscular I was pretty good in school, not idiotic classes, English was a strong point, but anything criminal justice, I was a wiz at. But I definitely don’t conform to many pop culture standards.

My hair isn’t all spiked up like some Backstreet boy wannabe; it’s military style short in preparation for the academy. I don’t wear many designer label clothes, which isn’t to say I don’t wear them but the name printed on my ass is not a reason for me to wear them. Usually I wear a pair of black boots, stylish ones but not designer label ones, with jeans, a T-shirt and at the time this story occurred a black fleece with a black jacket over top, both with the collars turned up.

I had been told on more than one occasion, by more than a few people that when they first met me they were scared to death of me. But I’m a nice guy with a good heart and piercing blue eyes that always had a way of making girls smile.

Girls were always a problem for me. Not that they ever found me revolting or anything but I was always “the friend” if you know what I mean. After growing tired of that attitude I changed the way I acted most of the time and merely walked around, minding my own business but always standing up for what I believed in. After a couple of years I had acquired a not undeserved reputation of being one bad motherfucker.

So anyway its senior year and I’m applying to the police academy. I had to go and get an unofficial transcript to send with my application to the academy. So here I was standing at this little door table, counter thing filling out the request form listening to the stupid women in the office blathering on about some bullshit when out of the corner of my eye I see someone standing next to me. So I look over and swallowed hard.

I had had a class with the girl the previous spring. Her name was Aleida (A-lay-da), though I couldn’t recall her last name, it ended up being Morales. She was half Spanish with light blonde hair, died mind you but I had always found something attractive about a girl with died hair. Her eyes were these big brown things that had always made me stare incessantly. Though my looks at her had always been one sided, I had sat behind and to her right and my interactions with her had been limited to idle chit chat while leaving class r when she would thank me for holding the door open for her. But I had always found her extremely attractive and she had seemed like a fairly sweet, confident girl.

And God was she gorgeous! She was about five feet- six inches tall, her hair reaching down to the small of her back, with such a fine looking ass and legs that looked like they were as delicious as the rest of her. It was hard to tell because she always wore jeans but you could tell they were incredible. Her belt buckle was always plainly visible so you knew her stomach was nice and tight and her breasts were a perky 34, probably a C. Her lips were these full but not too full light pink, almost amber color, you know soft and inviting looking and she had straight, pearly white teeth, the kind you wanted to run your tongue along.

So after realizing who she was I merely looked quickly away, dismissing her as just another gorgeous girl I would never have the privilege of laying my hands on. When I was finished filling out the transcript request I handed it to the woman behind the counter and she walked to her desk and began typing on her computer. I turned and leaned against the door while I waited and faced Aleida but kept my gaze through the door to the office. I had left my Academy Application on the counter by mistake because I needed to see if I needed an official or unofficial transcript and when I looked out of the corner of my eye I saw Aleida looking down at it from her position opposite me.

I ignored her and kept looking into the office when I suddenly felt her eyes on me. It was an indescribable feeling, the kind you get when Escort Bayan someone is staring at you, sizing you up and in this case seeing you in a new light. In my case I felt that it was the first time she had actually seen me. Then the woman in the office asked what my zip code was because I hadn’t filled out that part of the request form she informed me with a very apparent condescending tone. I apologized and dutifully gave her the number than turned to Aleida and made a sarcastic comment to the general effect of what the fuck difference does it make?

Aleida surprised me, not by laughing at my sarcastic comment like most girls may have or at least used to, but by smiling. I saw a sparkle in her eye and could see my image in those pools of brown, which I then realized were more of amber color, almost golden, before she blinked. I smiled back at her in the easy manner that I usually have and she smiled again. The moment was growing quite awkward. Then she opened her mouth and spoke.

” Are you in a fraternity?” she asked.

Hearing her voice, which sounded heavenly, directed towards me of its own free will sent shivers down my spine. I shook my head and smiled again.

” No, I can stand on my own two feet,” I replied. I had never respected fraternities, though I had many friends who were in one or another. I just never saw the need to join, though I was invited to more than a few over the years.

” Oh,” she replied, folding her arms around the notebook she had in them and leaning against the wall.

” You looked like someone in my brother’s fraternity.”

I nodded. ” Which frat?”

” Sig-Ep’s,” she responded, her eyes glancing quickly over my body.

” No, I was never really interested in them.”

She nodded then glanced down at my academy application again. ” You’re applying to a police academy?”

” Yeah,” I responded, following her gaze than glancing back to here eyes, which were met mine at once. ” I’ve always wanted to be a cop.”

” What kind of cop do you want to be?”

One of my professors had once asked me that and I had responded by saying local, but I cursed myself knowing I should have just stated matter-of-factly ‘a good one.’ I promised myself if ever asked that question again I would answer like that.

” A good one, I hope,” I told her.

She smiled. ” Didn’t we have a class together?”

” Yes we did, Aleida. Anthropological Linguistics. What did you get in that?”

” I-I got an A,” she said, looking at me in a different light. ” You remembered my name?”

I nodded. ” I never forget a pretty face.”

She smiled, and I could see a glow in her cheeks permeating her light almond colored skin.

” Here you are,” said the woman behind the counter handing me my transcript.

“Are you two together?” she asked.

Aleida and I looked at each other and before I spoke I could see what appeared to be a longing look in her eyes.

“No,” I replied, my voice low and somewhat disappointed.

I turned to go and reached for the door.

“Wait,” Aleida called.

I turned to face her.

“What’s your name?” she asked.

“John,” I replied.

She extended her hand and I took it in mine, feeling the smooth, cool fingers, the nails that tickled my palm and the soft skin of her hand. It might have been my imagination but I could feel something in that handshake that made my hair stand on end.

“You’re a criminal justice major, right?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I replied, and I was, though if she had asked me if I was an evolutionary biologist at that point I would have said yes to that also.

“I’m taking a CRIM course now, Criminological Theory, have you taken that?”

I had and I told her so. And I had gotten and A so I told her that also.

“I have a midterm in that class on Friday, would you be able to help me study?”

At that point in time I knew something was happening between us, and I’ve never been able to read between the lines with girls but I knew in my heart that this was special.

“I’d be honored,” I said with a smile.

I told her I had a night class and that I would meet her in the library afterwards, she had a night class also and said that would be great. So somewhat reluctantly I left the building to go to the rest of my classes. Needless to say the rest of the day dragged by with a dreadfully slow pace so that I was afraid by the time I did get to meet this girl I would be too old to get it up.

But eventually eight o’clock rolled around and I skipped out of my night class fifteen minutes early and headed over towards the library. Walking into the lobby I saw Aleida leaning against one of the columns running from floor to ceiling in front of the main desk and I walked towards her. She saw me before I got to her and she smiled and met me in the center of the room.

We both stood there for some time staring into each other’s eyes. The rest of the world ceased to exist in those few moments, Ankara Escort neither of us passing any attention to the people around. Finally she broke the silence.

“Where should we go?” she asked.

To my bedroom, my mind screamed at me. ” Lets go up to one of the study rooms upstairs so we won’t be distracted,” I suggested.

She smiled. ” Yeah I want to be able to concentrate.”

I groaned inwardly. I followed her to one of the elevators, my eyes glued to her ass as it shifted inside her jeans and I knew then that she had a world-class ass. But beyond that I was also well aware that this girl was a ten in almost every aspect you could wish for. I tried to remain calm as we stepped into the elevator and pressed the button for the fourth floor, the top floor. I turned and saw Aleida where she had taken up position in the far corner of the elevator.

Her hands were on the railing on either side of her, one foot she had placed on the wall of the elevator raising her knee slightly and cocking her leg outwards. Her face was lowered slightly but her eyes were still on me. All in all the pose was straight out of playboy and my toes were beginning to curl as I watched her. Her smile though was all innocence and I wondered if she even realized the pure sexuality that she was oozing at that moment.

The elevator doors dinged open and Aleida stepped off the elevator, casting me a look over her shoulder. I followed her down the rows of books to the back of the building and then along the wall that was interspersed with doors opening into private, group study rooms. Where she was headed was no secret to me. In the back corner of that floor were several groups study rooms that were in areas not frequented by students.

Again I still wasn’t certain whether Aleida merely wanted my help studying or if she had something else in mind. Either way I was going to be alone with this beautiful girl in a secluded, private part of campus. One thing I did know for sure was that the only thing that was going to be standing in between Aleida and me was my self-control.

She opened the door to one of the rooms in the corner of the building and walked inside. I followed her in and closed the door behind us. I watched her as she set her backpack down on the table and slid her jacket from her shoulders. Underneath the brown suede jacket she wore a light, khaki colored shirt of a delicate knit fabric with a scalloped front that showed the beginning of the valley between her breasts. The shirt also gave me my first glimpse of the stomach that I had known all along to be smooth and sculpted as the shirt pressed against it.

I turned away from her nonchalantly and laid my bag on the table then shrugged off my jacket. Reaching down I grabbed the bottom of my fleece and pulled it over my head, the movement also lifting the bottom of my shirt and I felt her eyes on the skin of my lower back, which outlined the muscles I had developed there. I set the fleece down on the table and turned towards Aleida who quickly made a show of opening her bag and taking out her books and notes. I smiled as I pulled out a chair and sat down next to her while she leafed through her papers.

Once Aleida was situated she took me through everything they had gone over in class already. Though it had been over two years since I had taken the class I remembered everything fairly clearly and took her through the material. I drew my own deductive conclusions from the material she had before us, and the questions her professor had laid out before the class. At a certain point during one of my answers to her a question she asked me I looked over at her.

Aleida had moved closer to me throughout our discussion and she was now looking at me with those big brown eyes. She was leaning over the table with her head resting on her right hand and her left arm across her chest with that hand on the edge of the table. Her arm was pressing her breasts upwards on her chest showing me just how gorgeous they were. Her mouth hung open slightly and I could her tongue moving imperceptibly behind her teeth. My eyes flickered involuntarily towards her breasts, but she didn’t seem to mind and I was sure she wasn’t really listening to me anymore.

After another half hour or so I glanced out the window behind her and saw that it was indeed quite late, but she didn’t seem concerned about the time and with her sitting there next to me I was sure as hell not going to worry either. I looked back down at her and saw she was still regarding me with that same look in her eyes.

“How is that you know so much about all this?” she asked me.

The question took me by surprise and I sighed then glanced down at the book before me, suddenly nervous.

“Well I got an A-” I began but she cut me off.

“I know you got an A, John. But you know this better than someone who just got an A.”

I drew a deep breath. ” Aleida, this is going to be the rest of my life. I’m going to be a cop. I want to Ankara Escort Bayan be a good one, so with things like this I just internalize them,” I said with a shrug. ” It’s going to be my life.”

“Your whole life?” she asked.

I looked over at her and saw a sparkle in her eyes then we both looked down and realized at the same time that she had placed her hand on mine. I couldn’t recall exactly when she had done it but I known it was there the whole time. It’s hard to explain, but it felt so right that I hadn’t noticed it consciously, bodily however I felt a warmth emanating from her skin to mine.

We looked back at each other and she blinked slowly. At that point I had lost all doubts about what I was going to do. I reached out slowly with my left hand, my eyes never leaving hers and vice versa. I brushed my fingertips against her lips, softly and gently pulled her lower lips down a fraction of an inch. The tip of her tongue slipped out of her mouth and brushed my fingers then withdrew back to her mouth.

I moved my fingers to my mouth and licked them where her tongue had touched. I could taste her, a faint mix of something vaguely familiar to strawberries. She smiled at me and I reached out with both my hands and took hers in mine. I pulled her to me and draped her arms around my neck then wrapped my arms around her waist as she stood up, placing one leg on either side of my left leg. She looked down at me and licked her lips sensuously.

Her breasts were right at my mouth and I could see her chest rising and falling with each excited breath she drew. I stood up, passing her breasts and the bare skin of her chest and throat and looked down at her. Her smile grew as she pulled herself onto her tiptoes by my neck and I leaned down to meet her.

When our lips met, goose-bumps broke out all over my body. Her lips were some of the softest I had ever felt and when she opened her mouth to mine I complied. Our tongues met in the center and I felt right for the first time in my life with a girl. Her breath intoxicated my mind as I pulled her body against mine, feeling her breasts pressing against me as she tilted her head further to one side. Reaching down, I grabbed her ass and lifted her bodily off the ground.

She responded by open her legs to allow me to fill the void as I set her on the table. Pulling back for a moment I looked down at her. Her hands went to the sides of my face and I saw the smile had left her face. Instead she was biting her lower lip with a barely contained lust that seemed to emanate from every pore on her body. I stepped away for a moment and reached behind us to lock the door and turn off the lights, mainly for privacy from the world outside the window, which was occupied by one of the dorm buildings.

The room was filled with a soft glow from the moon outside but mainly from the lights filling the parking lot and lining the street outside. I turned back to Aleida and she gently pulled me to her. Her knees rose up to gently rest my waist and she placed her arms around my lower back and pressed her groin to mine where my throbbing organ could grind against her pussy through our clothes. She thrust her chest out, pressing her breasts against my chest and my hands rose up to hold her face as we pressed our lips together again.

I must tell you this in case my descriptions aren’t worded correctly. This was so far the most excitingly erotic thing that had ever happened to me. Aleida was fulfilling a fantasy of mine and stirring me in ways no girl ever had. Never in my life had I felt such a burning need to consummate a relationship or a sexual urge than I did at this point in time. Aleida though wasn’t acting like a porn star for those of you who may have misread what I am saying. She was acting in a gentle, passionate and undeniably sensual manner, which I found not only arousing but touching as well. There was a quiet intensity in this girl, which was making my heartbeat not only with a sexual desire but with something else as well. Somewhere inside me I was afraid that if we actually acted on our desires I might spoil any chance at some kind of deeper relationship with this girl. But at that point in time my conscience was being overruled by other, more prominent parts of my anatomy.

As we kissed Aleida’s hands slid under my shirt and across my stomach to grasp the shirt. Our lips parted for a moment as she slid the shirt up my torso and I raised my arms over my head and pulled the shirt off the rest of the way. I heard Aleida sigh in appreciation as my upper body came into view. Even before my shirt was off I felt her hands on my pecks, gliding over the muscles and tracing the lines of my muscles, which had become visibly pronounced from the mount of running I had been doing.

I set my shirt on the table behind her and looked down at her, enjoying the feel of the first woman’s hands to touch my body like this since before I had begun working out. She looked up at me and we both smiled at each other as her hands rose to my shoulders and I leaned down to her lips once again. Her mouth was comparable to a cool drink on a hot day. No matter how much you drank of it, it merely wasn’t enough. I could picture myself kissing that mouth for every day of the rest of my life.

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