Library Liaisons

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She sits across from me, leaning over the open textbook, highlighting certain words and phrases. Her shirt is loose and from this angle I can see her ample breasts. My eyes trace their outline, starting at her neck and slowly working my way to the cup of her bra. Pale smooth skin, stretching the lacy fabric, seeking freedom. I can’t see her nipples but my mouth waters as I imagine the short, taut nubs between my lips, my tongue grazing them softly, tenderly.

“Enjoying the view?”

I tear my gaze away from her chest and stare into hazel eyes, knowing that I’ve been caught. Only I let it happen with my proverbial pants down. Warmth spreads throughout my face and reaches my ears and I frantically search for something to say, anything to make myself look like less of an asshole than I must already look.

An apology is on the tip of my tongue when I notice the small grin.


What the hell, I think.

“As a matter of fact, I was” I say, staring into her eyes.

She blinks. Stares back.

The grin widens and she leans forward, shirt opening further. I want to reach out and grab her, bury my face in her breasts, and take her right here on the table.

“I bet you got real turned on, didn’t you?” she says. “I know I did.”

My heart skips a beat, then two. Licking suddenly dry lips, I lean forward also, concentrating hard not to stare down at her breasts and failing miserably.

“Very turned on,” I say. “Very.”

Our faces are inches apart, the air between us thick with tension.

“How turned on?” she asks.

Then I feel her foot on my leg, slowly moving upward, bare toes caressing my shorts. Stopping at my knee for a second, delaying the moment, then sliding further up my inner thigh and onto my crotch. My cock was already hard but now it’s bulging, pushing against the fabric.

“Oh my,” she whispers.

Her toes begin to knead my cock, playing with me through the clothing. My shaft jerks upward, twitching involuntarily, wanting freedom. My eyes half closed from the pleasure of her toes, I barely notice her hand slide under the table. As I watch, her eyes close and her arm begins to move slowly, rhythmically. A moan, barely a whisper, escapes her lips. I can’t see what she’s doing but my imagination fills in the blanks and drives me close to the edge.

“Oh god,” she moans. “I’m so wet right now. My fingers feel so good.”

Another soft moan. Her toes continue their massage on my cock, starting at my balls and working their way up to the head and back again. I reach out, cup her cheek in my hand, stroke her soft skin. She turns her head into the caress and suddenly sucks one finger into her mouth, tightening her lips around it. She sucks softly and I imagine her mouth on my cock.

Releasing me, she licks her lips and stiffens. The moans that now flow from her sensual lips are deeper than the others, more erotic. Her arm is moving frantically, fingers working their magic below the table. Faster, faster, breath quickening, suddenly she arches her back and lifts off the chair slightly. A final moan escapes as her body sags and her foot drops.

Eyes still closed, she slowly brings her hand out from under the table and reaches towards me. I see the wetness there, confirming what my mind already knew. I take her fingers into my mouth and suck them dry, licking away the last of her moisture as she pulls her hand back.

After a moment of silence, she looks at me and smiles.

“God, that was fantastic!” she says. “I needed that.”

Not sure what to say or do, I stay quiet, watching her.

She stares back briefly and then stands.

“That wore me out. I think I need some fresh air.”

Moving around the table, she walks over to one of the library balconies. I watch her go, staring at her ass swishing back and forth in her tight mini skirt.

As she passes through the double doors, I feel a little faint.

A little air might do me some good too, I think.

I follow her to the balcony.

Night has arrived Escort Bayan and as I go through the balcony door, I see her. She is at the far corner, tucked into one of the deepest, darkest spots, leaning over the railing. I stop just outside the door, glance around and, seeing no one else, move forward.

Coming up behind her, I press my body gently against hers, my hips to her ass. My hands slide down her arms until my fingers tease hers. Not sure how receptive she’ll be to my desires, I lower my head and place my lips against her ear.

“Hi beautiful.” My breath washes over her ear gently.

In response, she moves backwards, resting against me and raises her fingers, interlacing them with mine. I move my hips forward, pressing against her and feel her push back harder, drawing a moan from my lips.

“Damn, that feels good,” she whispers through a moan of her own. “I wasn’t sure if you were going to come out or not.”

I don’t answer at first, continuing to grind against her and loving how she grinds back. I feel her skirt moving back and forth and know the friction is driving us both crazy. I slowly slide my hands back up her arms, fingertips teasing her skin, drawing forth goose bumps. Over her shoulders and down her sides they slide, and then back up the front of her shirt.

I cup her breasts, drawing a moan from her lips, and begin to massage them. I feel her nipples harden through her blouse and bra and tweak them with my fingers, pinching lightly, and rubbing them. She moans deeply. My lips seek her neck and I slowly kiss her, moving upward towards her ear. Reaching it, I nibble softly at her lobe, then flick my tongue inside and along the outside in a slow caress.

“I wasn’t sure you’d want me to come out” I say, then place my lips on her ear again and continue nibbling.

“Oh god,” she moans. “I want to feel you.” She slides her hand between us, then begins to massage my cock through my pants. Her fingers begin to tug insistently on my zipper, pulling it down. Sliding inside, they wrap around my rigid shaft, dragging it out through my underwear and pants. I groan against her neck, my lips sucking at her skin, and thrust myself against her palm. She grips me loosely but hard enough to create great friction, each thrust sending new sensations through my body.

As I thrust against her palm she lifts her skirt with her free hand and slowly guides me between her legs, up against the soft material of her panties. They are soaked from her excitement and almost wrap around my cock. Her fingers move slightly and I feel her panties pushed aside and her juices engulf me as I now rest directly on her folds. The sensation of her pussy against my cock is too much and with her hand trapping me there, I begin to thrust back and forth, sliding my stiff rod through her lips each time. She moans deeply as I move my hands downward to her stomach. I slide them lower, one hand going to her hip and the other sliding over the outside of her skirt and panties, fingers moving past my cock onto the edge of her folds. My thrusting combined with the friction of my finger is driving her wild, her moans echoing into the night.

She’s so wet, my probing fingers rub her effortlessly. As another moan escapes her lips, I press one, then two, fingers alongside my cock, creating additional friction for both of us. Cock thrusting, fingers rubbing, we’re both getting closer and closer. She’s grinding hard against me with each thrust and it’s driving me wild. Harder, faster, god it feels good, hips pounding against her rear, her pussy pulsing, she groans deeply.

Her body begins to tremble against me as I thrust and thrust and suddenly she stiffens and moans loudly. I feel the rush of her moisture flow over me and I can’t hold back any longer. With a deep groan of my own, the first spurts of my cum blast from my cock and arch over the railing. The rest of my seed flows and she captures some in her hand, rubbing it against my cock and her pussy.

Out of breath, I nibble at her ear and whisper, “Fuck, Ankara Escort you were fantastic!”

She squeezes my cock gently then turns, raises her hand, and slowly licks it clean. When she’s done, I lean forward and crush my lips against hers, kissing deeply. She answers with equal passion and our tongues explore each other’s mouths. After a few minutes, I break off our kiss, my lips moving to her chin, then her neck. I nibble lightly as I slide a hand up between us, cupping one of her breasts. At the same time, I slide my other hand downward, letting it slide past her skirt and in between her legs. I push aside her panties and rub my fingers over her swollen folds, drawing a deep groan from her. Slowly, I slide two fingers as deep into her as I can and begin to pump them in and out, my thumb rubbing her clit at the same time.

She lifts my face to hers and smashes her mouth against mine again, groaning into it. With each pump of my fingers she rises up on her toes and comes back down, timing her movement so that she rides my fingers like a stiff toy. In and out, up and down, she’s so wet my fingers move easily. Breaking the kiss, she gently bites my ear and runs her tongue inside and around it, moaning softly.

“Harder,” she whispers. “Faster.”

I listen and respond, driving my fingers into her with abandon. Her delight is evident as her moans increase in volume and intensity. As her breathing speeds up, I slide a third finger into her, and feel her respond immediately. With a loud, deep, moan, she collapses against me, her fluids pouring forth. Holding her with one arm, I slowly remove my fingers, and bring them to her lips for a taste after taking one of my own. Her tongue darts out and licks them once, then twice.

“I want you,” she whispers, kissing me again. “I want your hard cock inside me, fucking me. I want you now.”

She’s rubbing my cock now, making it grow hard again. I want her too, need her, but out here we’re exposed. I put my hand on hers, stop her movements, and tuck my cock back into my pants.

“Not here” I say, staring into her beautiful eyes. “But I know a place nearby. Come on.” Taking her hand, I enter the library again.

We run through the aisles to the stairwell and down the stairs to the basement. Out on the floor I maneuver between stacks of books, heading for the back corner. No one ever comes down here and today is no exception. We emerge from the aisles, facing five doors, each with a number on it. Above every door handle is a sign, all currently saying vacant. We stop in front of them.

“Where are we?” she asks, squeezing my hand.

“The sound rooms” I reply. Rooms used by students for audiovisual projects, they are eight feet by eight feet in size and completely sound proof.

“The sound rooms?” she asks, then gasps. “Oh my god, that’s brilliant! Which room?”

I drag her into the middle room, flipping the sign on the door to occupied as we enter, and lock the door behind us. Turning, I kiss her gently, savoring the taste of her lips against mine.

Our tongues meet and begin their dance. We are content to just make out for a few seconds but soon our hands are moving over each other’s bodies, exploring every curve, every sensitive area. Unable to stand it anymore, I grab her shirt at the bottom and begin to lift it up. She raises her arms to help and soon I toss it aside.

Her breasts are straining at the fabric of her bra and I reach down and unclasp it, then run the palms of my hands over her erect nipples. I smother her moan with more kisses, then work my lips down her neck to her chest. Reaching out with my tongue, I gently lick her right nipple, tracing a circle around her areola, then close my lips on the taut nub and suck slowly, steadily, like a newborn getting his first taste.

Soon I suck harder, deeper, at the same time running my hands up her back and then down to her ass. Still sucking, I slip one hand under her skirt and panties and tease her puckered hole before sliding down between her legs, rubbing Ankara Escort Bayan her clit and slick pussy. She moans, twisting her fingers into my hair. My mouth and hand work in unison; rub, suck, rub, suck, together bringing delightful torment to her body. She moans more and more, moving her hips against my fingers, rubbing back and forth. With a gasp, she shudders as another orgasm wracks her body.

I immediately move my mouth to her other nipple and hungrily suck on it. My hands roam over her butt and thighs, then grasp her panties and pull them down her legs. When they hit the floor, she carefully steps out of them. My fingers slide back up her legs and begin to trace her dips and folds, teasing, touching, but never entering. I lick and nip at her breast while teasing, then move my lips to her mouth and kiss her deeply. Still kissing her, I move my hands to her butt and, gripping her cheeks, lift her off the ground. Her legs swing around my hips and with a few steps, I set her down on a ledge at the back of the room. The surface, normally used to hold laptops and books, is wide enough to sit on comfortably and she does.

We kiss some more, like old lovers playing a familiar game. Her hands have unbuttoned my pants and shoved them, along with my briefs, down my legs. I take a few seconds to remove them and then we’re kissing again. The only clothes we wear now are my socks and shirt and her miniskirt, now bunched up over her hips. She’s massaging my cock, rubbing up and down my shaft, one finger teasing my head as she nears the tip, smearing pre-cum over it. Her other hand gently plays with my balls, squeezing and massaging them. My hands play with her breasts, tweaking and twisting her nipples softly.

When I’m as hard as a rock and super sensitive, she pulls me forward between her legs. I can feel the tip of my shaft graze the inside of her thigh and then rub against her folds. I hover there, just on the outside of her heated core, grazing her lightly.

“Do you want me?” I tease.

“Yes!” she gasps. “Take me. Now!.”

Never one to turn down a pleading lady, I thrust forward, driving deep into her pussy, the way wet from her moisture. She moans, locks her legs around my hips, and bites my shoulder. Hands on her butt, I slowly thrust in and out, bringing the tip of my cock to the edge of her pussy each time before thrusting back inside her. My first few strokes are slow but soon I speed up, pounding hard, balls slapping against her skin.

She’s moaning in my ear, lost in sensations, her hands clawing at my back and shoulders, pushing her hips against mine as her legs tighten around my waist. I feel the pressure in my body building but I ignore it, thrust harder, deeper, driving into her over and over again.

“Make me cum” she whispers. “Fuck me, oh god, fuck me.”

I pump in and out, faster and faster, feeling my cock drive deep into her each time. She moans again, tearing at my flesh with her nails and arches her back, screaming out in delight. Her pussy clenches around my cock, triggering my own orgasm, and with a final thrust, my cum begins to burst from my swollen tip, spilling into her. She collapses against me, breathing hard, and gently kisses my shoulder.

“Sweet Jesus, that was good,” she whispers in between gasps of air.

“Uh huh,” I agree, also out of breath and unable to form intelligent words. We hold each other for a few seconds, me still inside her but limp now, and trade tender kisses.

She smiles contentedly and says, “I need to go.”

I nod and slowly pull out of her. Together, we hurry and dress, then she opens the door and, after one more kiss, leaves the room. I rest for a few minutes, then head back upstairs, stopping at the restroom to wash up first. Staring at myself in the mirror, I suddenly realize that I never got her name.

Her books are gone by the time I get back to our table but as I pack up, I see a piece of paper sticking out of one of mine. Slipping it out, I read it quickly and smile.

“I had a great time tonight,” it says, “and I’m already wet thinking about tomorrow. Same time, same place. I’ll be waiting.”

It’s signed “Lorie.”

I fold the note and put it in my pocket, grab my books and head out into the night.

Looks like this semester is going to be a good one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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