Letting a stranger use my wife Part 2

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Charles stepped a little further back and the guy beside me wanted to step in closer. He still had his cock in his hand and begged to fuck my wife. “I will pay to fuck her right now. Please. How much?”

Charles laughed a little. “Do you think you can handle this Slut?”

“Yes! For sure I want her badly.” He replied

Charles then spoke up again. “I have control of her for the night, but if it is ok with Bill and you can assure us you are clean and have no STDs, I think you might get to use her for an hour if you have a $1000 cash, on you.”

Buddy reached into his pants and pulled out his wallet, he pulled out his cash and started to count it. “Fuck!” he said. “I only have $750 on me.” Charles looked at me and asked if the $750 was enough to let him fuck your wife. I nodded back sure $750 was good to let him fuck her. So, buddy quickly handed me the cash and stepped into the stall.

Tamara looked at me, “Really? I don’t get a say in this?”

“Nope. Up to Charles.” As I laughed a little.

Charles then spoke up and told Tamara to get back into that position, to turn around again and grab that grab bar like she did before. “Let this poor guy fuck you before he explodes.” My wife shrugged her shoulders and turn around once again.

Buddy then got right between my wife’s legs trying not to slip on the wet floor. Cum was still oozing out and dripping from her pussy, it was so hot to watch. Charles stepped closer and leaned against the side of the stall so he could have a better view of my wife’s cunt, when buddy reached up under her and rubbed the cum that was dripping out of her all over her thighs and ass.

Tamara moaned a little as he stuck his fingers deep into her wet pussy, he then pulled them out of her and his they were covered in cum. He did the same with his other hand and it too came out of her soaked with cum. He then reached his hands under Tamara’s body and rubbed the cum all over her tits and nipples, pinching her nipples along the way. His cock was hard and pressed against her, but not in her yet. He kicked her feet a little to spread her legs wider so her cunt and ass would be lower to his waist. He started to finger her again with one hand and with the other hand he gave her a hard smack on her ass.

“OOWWW…” Tamara screamed. And Charles told her to be quiet. Just then buddy slapped her ass three more times and all three pretty hard, but my wife did not say a word.

What a site to see my wife bent over with cum all over her tits, ass, and pussy and huge puddle of cum on the floor. Buddy’s cock was average, and he was not really a handsome man but for $750, why not let him fuck my wife as it was her night to be a Slut and that fit right in. The thought of my wife being bought for, to fuck a stranger in front of me was pretty dam exciting and thrilling, she really was the ultimate Slut that night. Buddy looked over at me, “for the $750 can I fuck her ass instead of her pussy?”

I laughed, “You have to ask Charles he’s in control.”

Charles nodded. “Sure, why not. She has not had it up there yet.”

Buddy then took his fingers out of my wife’s cunt and pushed two fingers deep into her asshole. Tamara whimpered for a second as he jammed them in moved them around in her. He undid his pants with his other hand and pulled both his pants and underwear down to his knees. He then gave Tamara another hard smack on her rosy ass and once again she did not as a word. It looked like buddy was just about to stick gaziantep lezbiyen his dick up her ass when the door to the lobby opened and two guys walked in talking. They could see my wife clear as day and watched from where they stood, they did not say a word but just smiled and carried on with their conversation.

Buddy gave my wife one more slap on her ass and it looked like a hard one. Tamara whined this time as his hand made contact with her ass, and at the same time we all watched his cock slid into her hole. The two guys watched as Buddy was fucking my wife and did not talk. He started to fuck her asshole slowly and was fucking her when the two guys left. He then started to fuck her ass like a crazy man faster and harder, maybe worried the two guys might say sometime and we would all get caught.

Tamara started to moan, and her legs again started to shake. “I’m going to cum!”

Buddy arched his back and pushed his cock into her as deep as he could and started to grunt a little himself, so we all knew he was filling her ass with his load of cum. He pumped away at her for a few more seconds, I guess till he finished cumming. Cum started to drip from Tamara’s cunt at the same time so we also knew she was cumming too. The cum dripped down to the puddle on the floor and some ran down her thighs again down to her stocks.

Buddy pulled his dick out of her ass a few seconds later and like her pussy from earlier her asshole stayed open for a while. Tamara pushed her ass muscles and cum started to run out of her ass now too. What a show, better than anything I ever watched before, seeing my wife fucked in both holes and allowing strangers to cum inside her was just fantastic. Like I said before we have never played like that allowing other guys to cum inside, this was a first.

I know people might think I’m crazy or stupid for doing that and thinking it is a turn on but it’s the truth watch her get used like that got me so excited and her too.

Buddy went to the sink and washed himself off, said “Thanks.” then just went out the door without saying another word.

Charles pulled up his pants, then handed Tamara her clothes. He was dressed before she had anything back on, so he said. “I will meet you guys back at the table and by the way Tamara, I’m keeping these as a souvenir,” as he rolled up my wife’s thong and placed it into the palm of his hand. “Oh, one more thing. I want you to come back out to the table with no bra, just your blouse and DO NOT wash off your tits. Tamara did you hear me? I want you to leave the cum on them and only blouse and skirt. Now hand me back your bra. I will give it back to you at the table when I get ready to leave.”

Tamara looked a little shocked about his request but looked tired and well used so she just smiled and said, “Ok.” She pulled up her skirt, then put her blouse on. The cum was still wet on her so the thin material stuck right to her tits and nipples, shinning brightly as the wetness started to come through. It looked so sexy and slutty seeing her nipples and tits so clearly, it made my cock rock hard again.

Tamara stopped by the sink and grabbed some paper towels and was going to try dry her tits more and wipe some cum off her pussy and thighs, cause she felt embarrassed about going out like that and also her pussy and ass were still oozing cum.

“No way!” I told her. “Charles would not approve.” I took her hand and we walked out of the restroom and back to the bar and what a walk it was. Every guy and girl just starred with their jaws open it was wild to watch their reactions. Tamara was totally embarrassed about walking around like that and turned beet red as she tried to cover up a little with her arms around her chest. As we got to our table she said, “Fuck, that was humiliating having me walk out in public like this.”

Charles was waiting for us at the table, but our drinks were gone. The waitress came running over and apologized for removing our drinks, because she thought since we were gone for over an hour that we left the bar and went back to our rooms. Charles looked up at her with a devilish look, “No we just went to have some sexy fun and I guess lasted longer then we thought. Lol.”

The waitress left and came back a couple minutes later with fresh drinks, “These are on the house. Sorry again for assuming you guys left.” She looked at my wife and noticed that she could she her wet tits and nipples clear as clear can be and her eyes opened wider. She smiled at Tamara, “Looks like someone had fun.” Then walked away slowly.

The thee of us chatted for a while about the night and the excitement of fucking in public and the chance of being watched or getting caught was, a thrill and even fucking another some guy for money was a thrill too for all three of us. We made plans to keep in touch and Charles got up gave Tamara a big long kiss and handed her, her bra while everyone in the bar area watched what was going on. He thanked us both for a great fucking night and walked out.

We stayed another few minutes then got up to leave the bar too. I looked down at the chair where Tamara sitting, and I could see a big wet spot of cum and a few drops that dripped out of her as she stood up. I guess she was not joking earlier when she said that she felt that hot mixer of cum still seeping out of her pussy and ass.

As we walked through the hotel lobby a security guard came up to Tamara and asked if she was staying at the hotel and if so, what room number was she in. She told him yes, we were staying there but could not remember the room number, so he stopped her. She then told him I was her husband and that if there was a problem to talk to me. I turned back to see what was going on and the guard let my wife go and apologized for stopping her and into the elevator we went.

We entered the elevator, pushed the button to our floor, and up we went. Tamara looked tired, but so fucking hot, her shirt still wet, and totally see-through showing off her cum covered tits and nipples clear as day. We rode up the elevator without saying a word to each other, but as we walked out of the elevator and down the hall, Tamara said. “I can’t believe that you let them fuck me without a condom. I can still feel cum running and dripping out of me.”

Once in the room she started to unbutton her blouse more, so she could take it off. “Don’t take it off. Get on the bed, leave you shoes on, pull your skirt up higher and spread your legs wide open, so I can see that fresh fucked pussy of yours.” She did as I asked, and her cunt, thighs, and even her stocking had fresh cum still all over them. She looked so hot laying on the bed with her legs spread and with all the cum on her. That it made my cock rock hard, so I jumped up onto the bed between her legs and stuck my fingers into her wet pussy.

She started to moan, so I knew I had found the right spot. Soon she grunted and her cunt started to squirt. I lifted her legs so her ass and pussy where above her chest, so now her squirting fluids were spraying and dripping all over her tits and face. She must have been horny as hell still as she just kept cumming. I have never seen her cum for that long or that hard in a long time, so I am guessing she was still pretty fuckin horny.

I grabbed a couple pillows and stuck them under her ass as I laid her legs back down. Her cunt was now higher off the bed so when I fuck her, I can get as deep as I can into her. This way I hope she could still feel my cock after getting hammered for an hour with a monster cock that stretched her cunt wide open. It didn’t take long for me to cum, thinking about those guys fucking her, and looking at her laying there with cum all over her, from head to toe.

We both lay there and drifted off to sleep quickly. We woke up the next morning, most of the cum was dried up, but funny as there were still spots on her where the cum was still moist and sticky. Her hair was a mess and her blouse now stuck to her tits tightly as all that cum that covered her there had dried out. Most of the cum around her cunt, her thighs, and her legs was dry except for the middle of her pussy. A stream of white milky cum still looked like it was trickling out of her hole.

The smell of sex was strong, and it filled the room, so it was not long before both of us were horny again. I love the smell of sex as well as Tamara does too. I pushed the lounge chair closer to the window and told Tamara to remover her top and skirt. Then told her to stand behind the chair and bend over so her arms were on the arm rests of the chair. She looked so hot in the position, her tits hanging down her ass up high and her legs spread wide. Strings of cum started to form from her pussy lips as she waited for what was next.

The sun was bright and the curtains wide open, so anyone that was in the condo could now see my naked wife perfectly if they looked this way. I asked her if she enjoyed last night, which she said yes. I then told her it was exciting to watch her get used like a slut and getting paid to let some guy fuck her ass was crazy and yet pretty wild to watch. I was proud of her for being a true slut.

“Thank you.” She replied, “I still can’t believe you let them cum in me.”

“Well, was it hot? Did you like the feel of some stranger’s cum in you?”

Tamara answered, “Yes, I felt every load they shot. That was crazy but, frigging hot. Did you enjoy watching?”

I stepped between her legs and the smell of day old mixed cum really flared my nostrils. “Your pussy smells well used.”


“Nothing to be sorry about. I love it.” As I stuck my cock into her wet pussy.

I grabbed her hips with both hands and fucked her hard and fast. Her cunt was soaked, as I hammered, away, at her from behind. I looked over to the condo and sure enough there were a half a dozen people looking out their windows at us. I told Tamara too, to look over at them. I then pushed into her deep and let my load go into her. She moaned and came at the same time. I then cupped her tits with my hands and lifted her back up. I then turned her to the window removed my hands and told her to lean into the glass and press her tits to the cold window. She stayed there for a few minutes while the cum dripped out of her cunt. “Could you still feel my cock?”

“Yes.” She laughed. “Don’t be silly.”

I told her to wave to the everyone watching, and we then headed for the shower and got ready to check out of the hotel and back to a normal life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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