Letter To My Teacher

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Dear Mr. Nadeau,

I have a confession to make : ever since you walked into class on that warm august day, I’ve lusted after you. I only had to set my lovely brown eyes on your amazingly athletic body, and already you had me under your spell. Imagine my disappointment when, instead of sitting next to me like all the guys usually want to, you marched right up to the front of the class and introduced yourself as our teacher.

I couldn’t believe it! You’re so young and handsome, you can’t be our professor! Everyone knows you’re not supposed to have sexual thoughts about your teacher, but I can’t help it! I’m in my second year of college, and I’ve never been attracted to a teacher before. It is unbelievable the feelings you give me, it’s like my insides are boiling! You’re so smart, funny, confident and sexy when you speak French!

Tell me, do you like all the little things I do to get your attention in class? I love to wear my short skirts to your class, and I know that, since I’ve been sitting in the first row, you can see my panties when I cross and uncross my legs. Did you notice how my crotch is always wet before class is over? That’s because I’m imagining what it would be like to be making love to you, right there in front of all the other students. Escort Bayan Do you find that I go to see you too often during your office hours? I always pretend that I have questions about the material, but really I just like to go sit next to you, because I can smell your delicious musky scent.

You managed to stay in my mind long after class is over, and I’ve found myself thinking of you when my boyfriend fucks me, and when I masturbate. My roommate must be wondering what has gotten into me, as she can hear me when I masturbate : my soft moans as I touch myself in the places I wish you were touching me and when I turn on my vibrator to console myself that you’re not here. I’ve been masturbating very often lately, since as soon as I think of you I get so horny I have to relieve myself without wasting a minute. I’ve even masturbated on the bus the other day, I couldn’t even wait to get home!

One of the fantasies I have that involves you takes place at your office, and I give you my notebook from which you usually read my homework before I ask you questions. But today, what you are reading is this letter, and I see you blush when you make sense of the words you are reading. You turn to face me, and you bury your face in my soft, beautiful neck. Ankara Escort Your hands are slowly stroking my long, fragrant hair, and we stay like this, simply holding each other for a few minutes. It’s as if all you were waiting for was my confession, and now, I can tell from your heavy breathing, you’ve decided to let your passion for me surface. We still haven’t said a word when you lift your head from my neck and move in to kiss me. Softly at first, but when our tongues touch for the first time it’s like there is nothing holding us back anymore. You unbutton my blouse and slide it off my shoulders. Only then do your lips leave mine, so they can kiss my stomach. You look into my eyes while you unhook my bra, and you kiss me again as your hands move over my heavy breasts.

You are cupping my tits and rubbing my nipples with your thumbs. I moan, and you can feel the vibrations of my vocal chords. As a response, I feel your dick growing inside your pants. I reach down to take it out ot it’s denim prison, but you ask me to wait. You move your hands to my waist and you pull down my skirt and underwear. Slowly, as if to tease me, you remove each item from your desk one by one and sit me on the cold wooden surface. You sit on your chair and position my Ankara Escort Bayan legs over your shoulders. Gently, you massage the inside of my thighs, always stopping short of the place I want you most to touch. When you have me begging you to make me cum, you finally bury your face in my cunt. The contact of your lips with my clit sends shivers up and down my spine. I can now feel you (I say feel, because I’m not watching what you’re doing anymore, I’ve thrown back my head when I started moaning) insert your fingers in my warm hole as your tongue licks my clit faster. I cover your fingers with my juice when I cum, and you show them to me. You bring them to your mouth to suck on them, but I want to taste my juices too so I sit up on your desk and help you lick it off.

From this position, I can see your second hand was busy! You’ve taken out your cock and you’re stroking it. Without waiting one more second, I lower myself onto your dick and I fuck you. Each time I push myself down, I let out a little moan. Soon, we are both out of breath. I can feel your cock twitch inside me and, finally, I feel your hot cum inside me and the knowledge that you, the sexiest man alive, has just unloaded in my cunt gives me the best orgasm ever. My cunt muscles squeeze all your juice out, and I just stay there, happy to have fucked you after all this time of dreaming about you.

This is just one of the fantasies I have about you. After you read this letter, you can decide for yourself if we will be making them become reality!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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