Letter to My Love Ch. 2

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Walking up to the house after work I am mildly surprised to see all of the lights out. Most nights when I come home the house is brightly lit, with supper either on the table or close to being ready. But tonight a million thoughts run through my mind as my hand falls onto the latch.

Did you go to the bar? Maybe you went shopping. Or, a little voice in the back of my head whispers, did my letter this morning seem so off the wall that you left? Our sexual adventures in the bedroom had never been what you might call wild-I mean the sex is great but it’s the same night after night. So that idea might have just been shocking not arousing, as I had hoped.

I push these unsettling thoughts aside as I open the door. There is a faint light shining from the direction of the kitchen which I hadn’t seen from the outside as it was at the back of the house. Feeling much better now I took off my coat and shoes before making my way down there. Walking into the kitchen a smile crosses my lips as I see a single candle sitting in the middle of the table with a white envelope resting against the base.

Stepping up to the table I pick up the envelope, open it and draw out the folded sheets inside. I need to turn on a light so I can sit down and read it. It says:

To my love,

Your letter on my pillow this morning was a delightful surprise. I have often wondered if you might be willing to explore new and exciting experiences with me but did not have the courage to approach you with it. I would never do anything to hurt you and I was afraid. Please take this as an answer.

After a few minutes;

I am caressing your back feeling your heart Escort Bayan pound inside your ribcage when the feel of your soft skin causes my cock to twitch back to life. I turn you gently so you are on your stomach and getting on my knees, I lean over you and press kisses down your spine. Your skin twitches under my lips and tongue as you moan softly deep in your throat. You arch your back into my hand stretching your hands out at the same time.

Quickly now I reach up and before you know it have your hands tied to the bedposts. You squirm a little and I take great delight in watching your ass wiggle. Reaching down to cup it, I lean over and whisper in your ear “watch yourself Hon or I’m going to have to tan that pretty ass of yours.” As my tongue traces the outer rim of your ear.

Immediately you still, and I smile, knowing that your ass is so sensitive and that you are not up for that kind of fun-yet. I come up on my knees and straddle you, my calves gripping your thighs gently, my cock and balls gently brushing your ass and back. I splay my hands over you and begin to massage you with slow powerful strokes.

Just as you are relaxing, I change my strokes so they fall directly on your ribcage. You undulate your ass against me, trying to get away, knowing what is coming. But you can’t and my fingers dance along your ribs as you shout with laughter, wiggling more frantically now. All this does is rub your hard little nipples against the bed, making them even more sensitive. You begin moaning low in your throat now in a painful mixture between arousal and laughter and I decide to take pity on you.

I slide my hands in under Ankara Escort you so I can play with your nipples and you raise up off the bed to grant me easier access. I am still overtop of you and as I lean forward to gently lick and bite your neck my cock trails up your body. It is leaking precum now and you moan at the wet warm feeling it gives you.

Tweaking your nipples I push back and then lay flat on top of you, wiggling around so my cock slides in between your slightly parted thighs.

Right away your legs close and your leg muscles grip my cock as I begin sliding in and out slowly. The head of my cock brushes against your puffy outer lips on every stroke and I feel the moisture seep out over it making my cock slide a little easier. After about ten minutes of that I have had enough and I withdraw only to slip down your body and assault your ass with my tongue, and then down to your pussy.

I spread your legs a little for easier access and dive in deep. Flicking my tongue out I run it along your pussy lips and then back a little deeper now, just catching the edge of your clit on the way through. I feel more of your juice flow out of you and onto my tongue and my cock throbs in reaction. You are moaning harshly now as your hands clench in response. You shudder and jerk as your orgasm engulfs you and you jam your pussy into my face trying to milk it for all its worth.

I’m afraid I am not as patient as you my dear and not being able to take anymore, I rise up behind you. Pulling you up so you are on your knees a little I tilt my hips and slide home, burying my cock into you so deep I think my balls are going to go in too. Ankara Escort Bayan

I can tell you expect me to start fucking you in this position because you are bucking your hips at me trying to start a rhythm but I lean over your back and nip you sharply on the neck causing you to stop. I brace myself on my hands and draw one leg over yours and then the other. Then I lean forward which makes you instinctively lower your pelvis so you are flat on the bed.

On the withdrawal you can feel every ridge and vein in my cock and you gasp as every nerve in your pussy is stroked the right way. On the way back out you feel my cock stroking your g-spot and you almost cum on the spot. It doesn’t take very long before your hands find purchase on the wall and you are shoving yourself back at me as best as you can.

Your pussy clamps down on me and I can feel the pulse of your heart. It is pounding just as mine is and you suddenly thrash and scream as you cum. I have stroked your g-spot one to many times and you literally gush juice. I feel it pouring over my cock and shooting onto my balls. The feel of this combined with the fantastic feel of your pussy spasming over my cock is mind blowing. Pulling out of you with a ragged groan, I grab my cock and jack it fiercely, watching my cum arc out of my cock to splash across your back.

I reach down and tenderly rub it in, smiling at your purr of content. I reach up and with trembling fingers and untie you, drawing you gently into my arms and kissing your hair. We relax and the world fades to gray and then to black as I fall asleep, listening to the sound of your breathing.

Well Hon, I hope my letter has you as hot as yours made me. I am sitting in the bed room, naked with a hard-on waiting for you. I went to the store today and bought a really special toy-do you want to try it with me? What is it you ask? Come and find out.

To be continued…

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