Lessons Ch. 03

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Chapter Three: Friday Evening

Margaret’s week had passed in a blur. She was always busy. As finals and the end of the school year approached, she was even busier than usual. It was the last burst of activity before the campus slowed its pace for the summer. Driving home, she realized that she was exhausted.

She pulled her car into the garage and carried her things into the house. She poured herself a glass of wine, kicked off her shoes and walked out onto the back patio to enjoy the warm spring evening. She settled herself onto the loveseat and closed her eyes. Sighing deeply, she finally allowed her body to begin to relax.

Her mind drifted to Josh.

She had not seen or heard from him all week. She’d been so busy that she hadn’t really much thought about it. Oh she had kept her office door open in the hope of finding him standing there, yet again. And she’d walked across campus more aware than usual of the cars; keeping a look out for his red mustang. Once, downtown, she had seen the white Anderson Computer van coming up from behind her at a stoplight. When it pulled next to her, she had looked, fully expected to see Josh sitting behind the wheel. She had wondered if Tom Anderson had seen the disappointment in her face as she smiled and waved at him before speeding off from the light.

But no Josh.

During the days, she didn’t really miss him. Her days had always been filled with the many activities of her life. In the evenings though, when she sat down to write her stories, she found herself thinking about him Her writing wasn’t going well, either. She wondered if that had anything to do with Josh. She had found herself increasingly more frustrated with the flow of ideas; increasingly more willing to shut the computer off and retire to her bed, the research videos and her toys.

There, in the quiet of her bedroom, she gave in to the fantasies of him that she carefully avoided during the day. Closing her eyes, she could remember the first tentative touch of his lips. She remembered the question that she had felt in them. And, she remembered her answer. Without even thinking, she had responded to him. Her lips had met his and clearly shown her willingness for the kiss to deepen.

No tongues yet. Although Margaret loved ‘french kissing’, a french kiss should never be a first kiss. Beginning kisses should be soft and gentle, barely there. The sense of hesitancy fueled by the underlying passion. Everyone was always in such a hurry with kissing; ready to move immediately into the deep, open mouthed soul kisses that should be shared a bit more sparingly so as to increase the sexual tension inherent in them.

Margaret believed that there was a whole art to the range of kisses that lovers shared. Josh had begun with soft and gentle. She liked that.

She was startled by the sound of the telephone. She got up quickly and made her way inside, hoping to catch the call before the answering machine. “Margaret Wilkes,” she said.

“Hi, Margaret,” Josh said. “I got your number from the work order at Anderson’s. I hope that’s OK,” he stammered. “Am I bothering you?”

“No, no, Josh. It’s fine. I’m glad you called. I’d just been thinking that I hadn’t seen you all week. How are the revisions on the paper going?”

“Good,” he replied. “I’ve really been hitting it hard, trying to finish up. I’m planning on a last re-read tonight, making the final corrections and printing it out tomorrow and then taking it into Professor Butler late in the afternoon. I took off from Anderson’s to finish this up. I hope that’s the end of it. I don’t think I can look at it any longer.”

“That’s great,” she responded.

There was an awkward pause, before they both began to speak at once.

“Josh,” Margaret began at the same time she heard him say, “Margaret.”

They both laughed

“Would you like to come to dinner tomorrow night to celebrate?” she finished.

“I would like that very much. I was trying to ask you if you’d like another computer lesson, perhaps late tomorrow afternoon. Dinner sounds wonderful.”

“Then let’s plan on it; about 6:30 PM. But for a celebratory dinner, Josh. No computer lessons tomorrow, OK?”

“Sure, Margaret. I’ll see you then.”

Saturday Afternoon

The day passed in a whirl with the usual Saturday morning activities of laundry, shopping and errands. She took time to set the dining room table before heading to her bedroom. She wanted to be able to take her time to prepare for this evening.

She stripped off her jeans and t-shirt, throwing them into the hamper on the way into the shower. She turned the water on to heat up. The steam filled the bathroom as she slipped under the hot spray. She washed her hair and while the conditioner was working its magic, carefully shaved her legs and underarms. She trimmed her pubic hair. She eschewed the bath puff and opted to wash her body with her hands. She pumped some sweet smelling soap into her palms and rubbed her hands together to work up a later. She slowly slid her hands over her body, gently massaging each and every inch, fully aware of her desire that soon, his hands would be repeating Escort Bayan these very same motions.

Stepping out of the shower, she toweled her body dry and spread a lightly scented moisturizer into her damp warm skin. She chose a beautiful lace bra and matching panties from her dresser drawer. She wondered if he’d take time to notice the luxurious lingerie. No matter. Margaret indulged in sensuous undergarments for herself. She genuinely liked the way the fabrics felt against her skin and more importantly the way she felt when she was wearing them. She took her time with her makeup and hair before slipping into a light silk sundress. As she stepped into the strappy sandals, she heard the doorbell ring. She didn’t have to glance at the clock to know that he was early. She spritzed a quick puff of perfume over herself before making her way to the door.

Josh was standing there looking sheepish. He had a bouquet of flowers in one hand and a brown bag in the other. Margaret smiled warmly at him as she opened the door.

“I know I’m early. I can wait out here,” he stumbled.

“Josh, this is perfect timing. Please come in.”

He walked through the door and his eyes met hers for a moment. Immediately she felt the tension stir in her loins.

“Margaret, I brought you some flowers; sort of a thank you for the help you gave me on my paper,” he said, “Oh, and a bottle of wine.”

“Thank you Josh. Would you like to open the wine while I find a vase for these flowers? There’s a mini bar in the corner. I think you should find a corkscrew and glasses there. I’ll be right back.”

Margaret went into the kitchen to look for a vase, as well as, to calm herself down. She was feeling slightly unsettled. She had been anticipating this evening and now that it was here, well, she was having second thoughts. She was clearly attracted to Josh. He was an interesting young man. She’d had more fun with him in the past couple of weeks, than with any of the other ‘one-date wonders’ that she’d experienced since she’d been here. She had more fun with him than, well since Lee. She just couldn’t quite get over the difference in their ages and the fact that he was eight years younger.

She arranged the beautiful red tulips in a vase and walked back into the living room determined to relax and let the evening unfold naturally. “We’ll go slowly and just see what happens,” Margaret told herself.

“These flowers are spectacular, Josh. Red is my favorite color. Thank you again,” Margaret said. “Did you find the corkscrew and glasses OK?”

“Yes, I did,” he replied. “I’ve poured you a glass of wine.”

He handed Margaret the wine, clearly still very nervous.

“Thank you Josh. Let’s sit for a minute before I get dinner going.”

Margaret moved to sit down on the couch. Josh took one of the chairs opposite, clearly unsure of himself. Margaret began to talk about some of the things happening at school as the academic year was coming to a close. It was a busy time for her. The English department and the college as a whole, was a frenzy of activity as classes came to an end, grades were submitted and distributed, plans were confirmed for summer sabbaticals and positions opened for the fall semester. Margaret was pleased that her contract had been renewed.

“Josh, what are your plans? When you thesis is approved, that is?”

“I’ll be here all summer, working full time at Anderson’s. Mr. Anderson wants to take some time off and get a taste of what it might be like to retire. He asked me to stay on and take care of things when he is gone. In mid-August, I’ll be moving to take a post-doc position out east.”

“How exciting, Josh. I just know that your paper will be accepted and that you will pass your orals with flying colors,” Margaret said. “I’ll be sad to see you leave though,” she added softly. “Well how about dinner? Are you hungry? I got some steaks to grill, baked potatoes already in the oven, a salad, corn on the cob and some biscuits. How does that sound?”

“Great, Margaret. Wonderful in fact. I usually just eat carry-out or stuff out of cans. I don’t cook too much.”

“Well, good. I hope it lives up to your expectations. How are you with a grill? Can you get it started for me?”

“Sure. Lead me to it.”

Margaret got up and led Josh to the back patio.

“I think you’ll find everything you need here. I’m going into the kitchen to check on things in there. Let me know when the coals are ready for the steaks.”

Margaret checked on the potatoes and corn. She tossed the salad and put it in the fridge to keep cool and prepared the biscuits. Then she put the steaks on a plate and rejoined Josh on the patio.

It was a beautiful early spring evening. The weather was unusually warm. The sun had set and the patio lights illuminated the area with a soft glow. Josh was seated on the loveseat next to the grill. Margaret set the plate down and went to sit beside him. She felt his body tense slightly as her leg brushed his in sitting down. Her dress fell open to reveal her curvy legs and this time she didn’t move to cover them up. She leaned back and turned to Josh.

“Josh, Ankara Escort I’ve been wondering,” she began, “Have you ever tried your hand at writing erotica?”

His cheeks colored immediately and he began to stammer. “Uh, no, not really…I mean I don’t have a lot of, well you know, experience…”

Margaret reached out and put a hand gently on his thigh. “It’s OK Josh. We’re both adults. We are both interested in erotica as an academic subject. You know I write. I just wondered if you did.”

Josh sighed deeply. “Margaret, I’m a little nervous. I’m sure you can tell.”

“Josh, I really like you. I enjoy your company and I have fun when we’re together. I’d like to get to know you better and well, we’ll see. Is that OK with you? Now, how about those coals? Are they ready yet?”

Josh visibly relaxed as he rose to put the steaks on the grill. Margaret went back into the house and got the rest of their dinner onto the table. She heard him coming through the door just as she was about to go check on him.

“The steaks are finished, Margaret,” Josh said.

“Great, Josh, then let’s eat. Can you grab the wine before you sit down please?”

The tension had relaxed and they talked easily through dinner. They found themselves sharing more of their life stories, their ideas about erotica in literature and the conservative attitudes prevalent in this country about sexuality. The conversation was interesting and comfortable. After dinner, Josh helped Margaret clear the table and load the dishwasher. He poured the last of the wine into their glasses.

“Shall we take this back outside onto the patio?” he asked.

“That sounds good, Josh,”

They walked slowly into the cooler evening air. Margaret sat down on the loveseat and Josh joined her. This time when his leg brushed hers, it seemed natural to them both. Josh felt Margaret shiver a bit.

“Are you cold,” he asked.

“A little,” she replied.

Without a word, he reached up and put an arm around her shoulders. He paused a moment, trying to read her response. She snuggled closer into his body and looked up at him.

“That feels great Josh.”

They sat in silence for a long time, drinking in the beautiful night air, gazing at the full moon dominating a sky of tiny little stars. Their bodies fit together as easily as they had in the diner that one night. They both had relaxed and were now enjoying the comfort of just being with each other. It seemed the most natural thing in the world when Margaret looked up into his eyes and he leaned his mouth down to meet hers. The kiss they shared was not quite as tentative as their first. This was still new and uncharted territory for them both, but this kiss, unlike the first that they had shared, lingered. They slowly explored each other’s lips; enjoying the whole host of touches and sensitivities lovers share through kissing.

Their hearts were beating quickly and their breathing becoming shorter and more shallow. Margaret shivered again, this time not from the temperature, but from the intensity of the kisses that they shared. Josh felt her body quiver and strengthened his hold on her. She moved tighter against him and rested her head on the broad expanse of his chest. He leaned down and nuzzled into the softness of her hair. His hand moved along the length of her arm and he could feel the tiny little hairs sticking straight up.

“You’re cold,” he said. “Maybe I should leave.”

“No Josh. I don’t want you to leave. Let’s go inside,” Margaret responded quietly.

They disentangled their upper bodies and rose from the loveseat. Margaret reached for Josh’s hand and led him inside. Her hand left his for only a moment as she locked the door. Grabbing his hand again, she began to walk toward her bedroom. The room was awash in the glow of the moon. Margaret turned to Josh. His arms automatically went around her and he bent his head to kiss her.

“Josh,” she said, “I don’t want you to leave.”

“Margaret,” he replied, “I don’t want to leave.”

Their mouths met again. These kisses took on a more demanding sense of urgency, but Margaret could still detect a slight sense of nervousness in Josh. It felt as if there was a battle raging inside him between following his natural instincts and thinking too much about what might be happening.

“Josh,” she began, “are you sure?”

“Margaret, I have never been so sure about anything. I don’t want to leave. I want to be here with you,” he said softly. “But you need to know that I’m not real good at this. I don’t have much experience at all of this, and what I do have has been rushed and uncomfortable and not satisfying. I don’t want to disappoint you.”

“Josh, nothing you do will disappoint me. We’ll take it slow and I’ll teach you everything you need to know. Is that OK?”

His response came in the deep and soulful kiss that they shared. Margaret opened her mouth to his and gently probed his closed lips with her tongue. Instinctively, Josh opened his mouth and their tongues met for the first time. As the dance began, the sensations were overwhelming and Margaret felt her legs Ankara Escort Bayan buckle under her. His arms caught her, as his face pulled away from hers.

“Margaret, oh Margaret,” he murmured into the softness of her hair.

She leaned into him, using the strength of his body to help her stay on her feet. She rested her head against his chest and sighed deeply. “I’ve waited a long time for a moment like this,” Margaret thought, “and longer still for the pleasure that I know will come. This seems so natural and right. I can’t remember when I felt this comfortable in a man’s arms. A man?” At that moment, Margaret realized that she had stopped thinking about Josh as a kid or even a young man. At that moment he became simply, a man.

Margaret took a small step back and began to unbutton Josh’s shirt. He stood still, his arms at his sides, clearly not sure what to do. Margaret reached for his hands and put them gently on her waist. Then she continued with his shirt. She pulled his shirt out from under his jeans and used both hands to spread it open, revealing his chest. It was wide and fully muscled and covered with tiny, curly, black hair. Margaret slid the shirt off his shoulders, feeling the definition in his arms under her hands. She leaned into him and began to cover his chest with kisses. The tiny little nipples were already tight and hard. She suckled gently, unsure of the pressure that he preferred.

Her hands roamed over his chest. She was amazed at the size of him. She moved behind him and her fingers grazed over the width of his back. She noticed how it tapered to his waist. She reached from behind him and began to unhook his belt, and then unzip his pants. Still from behind, she eased his jeans down over his narrow hips. Beneath his jeans he wore red bikini underwear. The cheeks of his ass were firm and hard under the silky fabric.

At that moment, she realized that he still had his boots on.

“Sit down on the bench at the end of the bed, Josh.”

He stumbled over where she had directed and sat down. He began to reach to remove his boots.

“No. Let me,” Margaret said.

She straddled each leg in turn and using her hips for leverage, gently removed his boots and then his socks. She turned to face him and he stood up. She gazed at him for a long time, drinking in his beautiful, young body and anticipating the pleasure they would share together.

“Margaret,” he questioned.

“You’re beautiful, Josh. I was just admiring how beautiful you are.”

Margaret continued to stand in front of him, just out of his reach. Slowly, she began to unbutton the tiny little buttons down the front of her sundress. When she reached the bottom, she slipped the dress off her shoulder. Her tight little nipples peeked through the lace of the bra

“Margaret,” Josh breathed. “It is you who are beautiful,” he said as he closed the space between them with one long stride.

His arms went around her waist again. She leaned into him and reached her arms up around his neck. Their mouths met for a deep kiss. His hands moved across her back, gently easing their way under her lace panties. The cheeks of her bottom were soft and yielding to his touch. He pulled back from her to look again into her eyes. It was as if he needed permission to continue.

“Yes, Josh. I want you to touch me everywhere.”

And so he did. He explored each and every inch of her body with his hands. She felt warm and soft to him. Even as his hands were moving over her body, Margaret was exploring Josh. His muscles were strong and firm. Each was struck with the wonderful new sensations that came with exploring a new lover’s body for the first time.

Suddenly, he reached his arms under her and lifted her up into his arms. He carried her to the bed and gently laid her down. He smiled at her as he lay down beside her. He leaned over and began to cover her body with kisses. “For someone without a lot of experience,” Margaret thought, “He’s doing very well.” And so she said to him, “Josh, that feels wonderful. Your kisses are so soft and gentle. You can also be a little firmer. I’m real. I won’t break. It is the juxtaposition of the pressures, one feather light and the other firm and intentional that is so seductive for me.” She moaned softly to indicate her pleasure as she felt him following her suggestion. He continued to kiss her body with his lips.

“Your tongue, Josh, sometimes you can use your tongue; and your teeth too. The variety is what is so intoxicating.”

Margaret lay on the bed, as Josh covered her body with an incredible variety of kisses.

“Your turn,” she said, rising up and flipping him onto his back. “The best pleasure is reciprocal. There is a constant give and take.”

Margaret straddled his thighs. As she did, she could feel the heat and strength coming from just under the thin fabric of his underwear. She positioned herself right on top of where she knew his penis lay. Leaning forward, she began to trace patterns across the expanse of his chest. She took his nipples into each of her hands and gently began to tweak them between her thumb and forefinger. She bent down to kiss him and her soft hair fell first across his chest and then into his face. She reached over to the nightstand to grab a clip to pin it up off her face. She knew that a little later, she’d want him to be able to see her full face as she pleasured his penis.

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