Leave Me Be Ch. 01

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I want to thank LeaveMeBe for inspiring this story, FallingForRose for helping me work through it and rewriting parts. S_Pearce for talking me through what should happen next. They are much more talented than me and you should read S_Pearces story, it’s awesome.

All mistakes are mine and mine alone.


The security monitor shone with people, that played around, mingled and had a good time. Why couldn’t I be like them? Why couldn’t I just walk out there and be normal?

I sat in my office, minding my own business, I usually have all the time in the world, but I kept busy picking up the slack. It was better that way, I never fit in at parties.

We had the charity summer ball coming up and all the visitors waited until the last minute to ask questions. I read about a billion emails that day. Ninety five percent needed only a link to the right place on our home page, but the last five percent were important. Allergy reports and special accommodations type stuff. Miss one of those and it would ruin their ball.

It was the summer send off party and the five interns were the life of the party. Five? We had six interns where was the last one?

I quickly closed the security monitor and pretended to be busy answering emails as Dawn burst through the door.

Dawn said something but I waved my hand. The emails actually poured in faster than I could answer them. It was why I had been watching the party. I definitely didn’t have time for the daydreaming that would follow if I acknowledged whatever it was she needed ‘help’ with.

Dawn leaned in on my desk and her cleavage was in view just over my monitor. She wore a blue dress with a deep cut, showing off her black bra pushing together her perky boobs. My eyes snapped to her cleavage, a deep valley through her mountains.

Focus on work. Mr. Swanson’s complaint email. Anything but how I’d love to twist her pink nipple’s until she begged me to have her inside her. Wait no I can do this. I can do this.

She said something, I heard it and I saw her lips move in that way, but it didn’t make any sense.

She walked around my desk and my brain worked overtime. Did she really say ‘I’m not wearing any panties’? Where had they gone? Sure, she was drunk but how did she lose her panties? Why? Was it a cruel prank? Did someone bully her?

She fell into my lap. Her tight dress rode up to showed off her creamy thighs and hinted towards her promised place. Her arms came up around my neck and her plump lips planted on my cheek. Probably leaving a bit of red lipstick in her wake.

My left hand took hold of her hip and my other hand her knee. I pulled her close, holding her tight against my growing member. She giggled and wiggled her buns over my erection, sending tingles of pleasure through my body. My heart pounded in my chest.

~Take her.~ The beast growled. ~She wants it. Fast hard dirty. She might complain but she’s just a slut. She craves it.~

The fight inside was ever lasting. I took a deep breath. The beast could struggle but it wasn’t going to win. Not today, not ever again.

Her finger reached down and scratched against her thigh, leaving a red line. Her hand worked its way up to her dress hem and pulled it up. Her legs spread, giving me free sight to her pussy. Her lower lips were fully engorged and the light reflected in her juices.

“No panties.” She sounded so pleased with herself and it rubbed me the wrong way. My anger boiled. She spoke like taking off her panties was some kind of achievement.

~See? She’s just a slut. She wants it.~

My hand worked it’s way up her thigh and she stopped me. It took me a second to stop, collect my thoughts and put the beast back in his cage.

“I want you to fuck me hard and fast.” Her voice was playful.

Was it a test? The beast growled but I took another deep breath. I was in control, the one in charge.

“No, I’m going to take my time. Enjoy the moment.”

My hand worked its way towards her core. She tried to push me back but she wasn’t strong enough to resist, not that she should need strength. I paused and looked into her dark eyes. She leaned in close, her breath tickled my lips before she turned her head and kissed me on the cheek, again.

“I’m just teasing.” She whispered in my ear, before she jumped off my lap and her shoes sounded *clackity-clack* as she ran away. All I’m left with is a certain smell on my hand. FUCK!


I tried to focus on work but the images didn’t let me. The beast imagined slamming her into a wall and taking her. The beast craved it.

There was no point in staring at emails, so I pulled up my phone and called Boss.

“Do you need me for anything? Otherwise I’m going to workout and fix the last emails from home.”

“What about the party? Dawn went to get you?”

“She did, but I’m not in a party mood.” I tried to keep the anger from my voice.

“Did anything happen?” He knew me well enough to know something was up.

“Just have her come into my office Monday so I can explain.”

“Sure thing.”

I Escort Bayan packed my stuff and hit the gym. Working out cleared my head and shut up the beast. People stared at me as I punched my way through the bag but this place was my home, the venue I grew up in and where I belonged. They knew better than to disturb me with the beast prowling.


I spent my weekend planning out what I would say and avoided my mother’s invitation for Sunday dinner.


A cautious knock came from my door followed by Dawn peeking her head in.

“You wanted to talk.”

“Yes, come in, shut the door and take a seat.”

She shifted in, looking at anything but me as she took her seat.

“The boss yelled at you?” She shifted in her seat and I was right. “Don’t worry, you’re not losing your job or anything. I don’t know what he said but this is just a briefing. You’re new. You don’t know me yet and there are some things you need to know after yesterday. You know how normal people have an angel and a demon on their shoulders.”

She nodded, a bit confused about where this was going,

“My demon is stronger than normal. I try to fight it everyday, control it, but sometimes someone comes along. Someone special feeds it and I’m not strong enough to control it. Giving in is easy and it can be fun but I always feel terribly afterwards. So please don’t play your games with me. I’m not strong enough to deal with it.”

Dawn gathered her thoughts and was about to say something but she stopped when I waved my hand and she left. Did her hips sway a bit extra as she walked away? Fuck me. She didn’t understand at all, did she?


That day I walked on eggshells, waiting for the next incident. A tight knot built in my stomach as I feared her bursting in any second. I ate in my office and pretended to be swamped so I would be left alone. I clocked out early for a trip to the gym.

My dad stood behind the counter with the phone in one ear, and I knocked on the desk in the way he hated. *Tapp, tappitapp.*

“When you speak of the devil.” Dad said into the phone before handing it to me.

“Hi, Mom.”

“Terry said you ran through the place pissed like all hell, is everything okay?”

“I’m fine.”

“You can always come talk to me.”

“I know. Love you.”

“That’s it? That’s all I get? Are you coming over for Sunday dinner?”

“No, I’m judging a tournament.”

“I swear, you’re more busy now than when you were a fighter.”

I bit back the comment on my tongue. The only reason I kept busy was since she kept setting me up with women.

“What about next weekend?” Her voice sounded hopeful. A knot formed in my stomach, she had found another one. Thankfully I could say no.

“It’s the Ball. I saved you two tickets. Please tell me you haven’t forgotten?”

“No, of course not honey.” Her voice rose half an octave and the words came out way too fast, it had slipped her mind. “There’s no way you can score a third ticket is there?”

The beast wanted to lie, just say it was full and I would be saved from an awkward evening but, no. “I’ll look into it and see what I can do.”

I listened enough to hum in the right places as mom talked about the new girl, while I tried to communicate with my dad about practice.

The phone grew quiet. “She sounds lovely, I’ll see what I can do. Love you mom.”

“Love you too, my wonderful son.”

The phone went *click* and dad met my gaze. “Give me 15 minutes to clear the paperwork and I can give you the next 15 before women Thai boxing.”

“Sounds perfect.”

I warmed up and 10 minutes later dad really put me through my paces for twenty minutes. The sweat worked it’s way down my shirt, making it see through. Showing off my chiseled abs.

I fell panting to the floor. The pleasant tiredness worked its way through my body. My breath scraped against my throat as my chest worked hard to force air into my lungs. The heated sweat trailing down my torso had started to mercifully cool my already aching muscles.

A minute later dad came back with an ice pack on his hip. Fudge. I tried to apologize but he just shook his head.

“Want to tell me what got your panties in a bunch?”

“A girl at work. She’s confusing.”

“Oooohhhh, when are you bringing her over so we can meet her?”

“Never, she treats me as a play thing. I don’t know how to make her stop.”

“Is a little girly bullying you? Need your mother to call her mother?” His voice was filled with mockery, followed by a sigh. “Grow up son. The world’s a confusing place. Stop forcing everything to make sense, least of all women. Now, could you take over the warm up for the women kickboxing? Some idiot put me in the dirt.”

A bunch of horny middle aged people staring at me, sounds great. But I hurt him. “Sure, when does it start?”


Ten minutes. Plenty of time to wipe down and get a new shirt.


20 ladies stood waiting for me as I stepped into the mirror room. Most were chatting in pairs, some Eryaman Escort in groups of four.

“Hello ladies, my dad hurt his hip while doing mitt work so I’m going to start you up while he ices it.”

Giggles came from one of the groups. I took a deep breath and slipped into the mask of the preppy gym teacher.

“So let’s get you beautiful ladies hot and moving. Wait — You’re already hot. Moving and sweating. No, that’s also sounds like a porno line. Let’s just pretend I said something smart. Okay?”

They giggled for a while before I got them working and we went through the warm up. When that finished Dad was nowhere to be found, so I showed them how to do a one-two combo with defense spar. Dad had probably showed them it a thousand times already but they were all enthralled by me.

I walked around the room and helped them do it correctly.

“If you’re done showing off, there’s a young lady waiting for mitt training.” Dad’s voice was filled with merriment and he pointed out the door with his thumb.

“Sure, dad.”


Terry was alone when I got to the front desk. She nodded towards the bags and said, “Rebecka.” I took the two mitts from the desk as I passed by.

A teenager worked the Super Heavyweight bag. I sighed. Why was she using a bag 20 kg (40 lbs) heavier than she should? I was in for another rough session with an amateur.

“Are you done warming up?”

“Go find another bag. I’m using this one.” Her high pitched voice had a nasal tone and sent shivers through my back.

“That’s my bag.”

“I don’t see your name on it. Asshat.”

I walked up, stabilized the bag and turned it around, showing the stylized Hansson on the bag.

“How about now? Not that it matters. You’re Rebecka, right? I’m supposed to give you a form check.”

She stopped for a second, noticed the mitts and shook her head. “What about the old man?”

“He’s busy and I’m going to tell him you called him old man. He’ll love that.”

We entered the ring and she started throwing punches the second I got my mitts on.

Her one-two was incredibly sharp. Way too sharp, making her instep heavy. It was the classic boxer problem. Too much weight on the front leg. It resulted in heavier punches but left you open to kicks.

I called out different combinations and she followed through perfectly for two full minutes. The normal round length for a woman boxer.

“I think there’s been a mistake. I’m a kickboxer. I can’t check the form of your boxing.”

“I’m fighting in the Kick Open this weekend. I’m gonna do the MMA thing and thought a kickboxing tournament could be good training.”

“Good training? That’s the dumbest idea ever. You’re a purebred boxer. Sticking your neck into Kick Open is a one way trip to slaughter.”

“I paid for a form check not a sermon.”

“Sure kid.”

“I’m not a kid.”

“Righty-oh kidd-oh.”

She threw a quick text book hook. Point a to point b then in, sharp and deadly, no wasted movements. Whoever taught her to box was good.

It was second nature. I leaned in, took the blow with my shoulder and clinched her. She was on her way down before I had time to regret it.

I braced, took most of her weight. She landed softly on the ground.

She shot up angry as a bee and I floated like a butterfly past her punches while I got my mitts back on.

We went on for another two minutes. I threw in some guard checks and she slipped or dodged them all. That was probably her biggest problem. When I checked high she ducked under it. Leaving her face in the perfect position for a knee. She was going to get seriously hurt if she didn’t fix that habit.

She tried to throw me off with some weird combos and timings. One punch sailed through my guard and she smiled. The cocky stupid grin, I used to throw at dad. Oh fuck I was such an ass hole.

I ripped open the Velcro strap on my left hand and it was open hunting. I swatted her jabs. Pulling her in the direction of each punch. Either opening her up and receiving her strong hand or closing her off. Leaving her totally open for my counter. A slap to the back of the head with the mitt.

That got her to stop throwing jabs and she closed in, throwing hooks and uppercuts.

She was quite the fighter but her punches were nowhere near heavyweight impacts.

Don’t get me wrong, pain shot through me as she sent body punch after body punch my way, but it was a comfortable pain. A pain that reminded me I was alive, I was still a fighter. No matter what the kick boxing confederation said.

Becky eventually ran out of gas and I clinched her. My leg snuck behind hers and I gently laid her down. She tried to get up but my foot on her stomach stopped her and she gave up. Her heavy breaths filled the room with noise.

“You might not want to hear this but you paid for my evaluation. You lack kick, clinch and knee defense. Sending you into a MMA tournament would be stupid. A kickboxing one would be suicide. You need to find a partner to train defense with.”

“I’ll Ankara Escort show you. Asshole.”

“I don’t watch slaughters.”

I removed the second mitt and went out of the ring, with a different stupid girl on my mind.


I got into my box, grabbed my gloves and went back to my bag. My head filled with the violent pictures of my past.

I had worked up a sweat when dad was done with the kickboxing class.

“So? What do you think?”

I tried to catch my breath but I couldn’t get out an answer.

“She reminds me off Em. Young, smart and powerful but absolutely no defense. I thought you could help her?”

The image of Em knocked out bleeding was replaced by the new girl. It fit, if she got into the ring the result would be the same.

“When? She can’t learn defense in six days.”

“It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just enough to close in.”

“You’re asking a lot.”

“No — No, I’m not. It would be good for you and,” he leaned in close, “If you take her to your work thing your mother can’t set you up with someone.”

“A girl that can’t speak english is probably preferable over one that wants to pound me into the ground.”

“Do it for me then. Her trainer’s an old friend. It would break his heart if she got hurt and she’s going to get destroyed if no one trains her defenses.”

“So let him do it. I’m busy with work.”

“Yet you find the time to run for an hour every morning and train for three every night. Just scale back a bit, for a week. That’s all I ask.” His big brown eyes filled with tears, catching the light. Fake tears I knew but the visual still hurt.

“Fine. Do you have someone in mind for a sparring partner? I’m too tall to train her clinching.”


When I walked in the door the next day I was pissed off. Teaching Becky had been an exercise in futility and her constant complaints in the morning was more than I could take.

When I stomped into my office I was already in a bad mood and it didn’t help when Dawn sat in my chair, waiting for me. My mind went blank for a second then the anger hit like a red hot coal in the bottom of my stomach.

She smiled. Her full lips, formed a taunting grin. She wanted to play me for a fool. Her eyes had that hint of mischief and the wrinkles around them screamed at me, ‘You’re my play thing’.

“Hi.” I took a slow controlled breath and stretched out my fingers to keep my hand from balling up. “What can I help you with?”

“Take a seat. You’re not not in trouble or getting fired.” This bitch thought she could use my own words against me. “This is just a briefing…”

“Get the FUCK out of my chair! And close the door on the way out.”

Dawns hand trembled. Her grin turned into a stale mask. It felt great. I was a hunter and she was prey. Her fear hang like a stench in the room. My knees bent and my fist came up. I was ready to strike when the Boss knocked on the door and walked in.

“What’s going on here?” He sounded distant and uninterested.

The red hot rage cooled down, leaving shame in its wake.

“Yesterday I politely asked her to leave me be and today she’s back.”

“Dawn, wait outside, please.” She scurried out of the chair and hurried out the door. Boss slammed the door shut as soon as she was cleared. “What’s up with you? You can’t go yelling at an intern for sitting in your chair.”

“She’s a manipulative bitch that enjoys playing with my head! Like I’m stupid and can’t see what she’s doing!”

“Take a breath. Calm down. You’re angry and throwing out crazy accusations. The Dawn I know is an honest, intelligent, hard working woman with admirable integrity. A terrible taste in men though. If you ask me.”

Boss nodded pointedly at me. What the fuck did that mean?

~Scream at him. It will make you feel better. Punch him in his stupid little face, that’ll remove his stupid little grin. Better yet kick him in his balls.~

My muscles tightened up and I got ready to strike before I took a deep breath and let it out. Boss closed the door on his way out.


I sat down in my chair, took a deep breath and put the Beast back into its cage. Boss was right. I wasn’t rational. What do I do about it? First I needed to bite the bullet and apologize.

I walked out the door. Boss and Dawn were gently talking about something. I couldn’t hear what. I cleared my throat and they flinched a bit. Were they talking about me?

“I’m sorry. I had a terrible morning, my dad dropped a newbie in my lap and I have to train her for the big tournament this weekend and she’s over the top whiny.” Did I imagine it or did Dawn react on the word she? Her lips tightened. Was she angry over me yelling at her? “I’m sorry I overreacted when I saw you in my chair. It wasn’t about you and it wasn’t right to take out my anger on you. I’m terribly sorry.”

My heart pounded in my ears as they nodded and I closed the door. Leaving them to whatever conversation I interrupted.


I did my normal work routine for two hours before my phone dinged, reminding me it was time for coffee.

I stood by the coffee maker when Dawn prowled up behind me. She opened one cupboard and then leaned over, pushing her full breasts against my arm. I moved away but she just leaned closer again. It was intentional.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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