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John finished tying his new boots before wiggling his toes to check the fit. He had ordered the calf high black leather boots specifically for tonight to go with his black military-style pants. That was the whole of his outfit as he was planning to go shirtless for the night. He and his girlfriend, Laura, were headed to a local bar that held a monthly event with a theme of “Leather and Lace” where people donned their best leather, lace, or whatever other sexy attire they chose.

Satisfied that his boots fit the look he was shooting for John sat down to wait for Laura to finish getting dressed and ready. He didn’t have long to wait as she soon emerged from the bathroom and stopped in front of him to model her new outfit. She had chosen an all black corset, which narrowed her already thin waist and accentuated the curve of her hips. Below this was a gauzy, ruffled skirt that almost came to the bottom of her gorgeous, firm ass and was short and see-through enough to allow glimpses of the g-string she had on underneath it. Her long, sexy legs were encased in fishnet stockings and the outfit was completed by her black four-inch heels she called her “stripper heels”.

“You look amazing.” John said as he walked over to her before pulling her against him for a quick kiss. Breaking the kiss he stepped back and said teasingly “We better go before I decide that I’d rather just have my way with you now than go out first.”

“Okay, do you have everything?” Laura replied.

“I think so.” He answered, checking his pockets for both of their IDs, keys, and other essentials. He had again wound up being her purse as he had pockets and she, of course, did not. Not that he minded, he thought with a smile as he watched her walk up the stairs in front of him.

They arrived at the bar after a short drive and made their way inside, pausing to pay the cover charge. Rather than heading directly to get a drink they made a tour of the bar to take a look at the other bar-goers to check out what other people were wearing and commenting to each other on particularly notable outfits. A few people were in leather head to toe, a number of women were simply wearing lingerie, and there was a range of everything in between. Two other young women in particular caught John’s eye. Both were built a lot like Laura having the tall, thin build with small, perky breasts that he liked so well. The first was a brunette wearing a mostly black bustier, black bikini cut panties, and white stockings while the second was a blond wearing what John thought was a baby doll top over ruffled panties and black stockings.

Having made the rounds they stopped at the bar to get a drink for Laura. John would be driving home later so wouldn’t be drinking, so once Laura had her drink they stepped to the side to have a good view of most of the bar and dance floor.

“Who has your favorite outfit?” John asked, after they had settled into their spot.

“I think that older guy is hilarious.” Laura replied, indicating a man probably in his mid to late sixties wearing a full three-piece suit along with a top hat and carrying a riding crop. “Otherwise I don’t know if I could pick, I like pieces of lots of outfits, like those boots.” She continued, motioning toward a woman wearing thigh-high leather boots. “What’s yours?”

“Yours.” John said, with a smile as he hugged her against his side with one arm. “Otherwise that blonde girl and the tall brunette over there.” He continued, indicating the two young women he had noticed earlier. “But I think that’s at least partly because I think they’re hot, and are built like you.”

“They are pretty sexy.” Laura responded before taking a sip from her drink.

They continued to watch the other bar-goers and comment on outfits as Laura finished her drink, and another. Escort Bayan Being all of a hundred and fifteen pounds and not drinking often it didn’t take much to get Laura drunk and by the end of her second drink John was noticing indications that she was starting to feel the alcohol.

“Why don’t you go dance?” He suggested, knowing that she would be feeling a bit loosened up and that she enjoyed the dark, almost rave-like setting of the dance floor here.

“Are you coming with?” she asked.

“I think I’ll just watch you for now.” He responded, nudging her out toward the dance floor with a smile.

Laura set her empty glass down, paused to press her lips to John’s for a quick kiss, then headed onto the dance floor. As she walked away John enjoyed the view and was looking forward to watching her dance.

It took a minute for Laura to get into the dancing but soon the music and the alcohol took over and she was moving to the music. John enjoyed every minute as her dancing offered him ample opportunity to enjoy watching her sexy body.

As he watched John noticed that the blonde he had noticed earlier was also on the floor, dancing by herself toward one edge of the dance floor, not far from the cage at the corner of the floor. Here too he found an opportunity to admire a hot, sexily dressed young woman moving her body to the music. Occasionally he would make eye contact with Laura as she focused sultry looks on him as she danced, and with the combination of these looks plus the views of her body and that of the blonde he could feel his arousal building, and his cock responding accordingly.

After a couple songs of watching the two sexy young women dance John stood to go get another drink for Laura. Motioning her over he handed her the drink and pulled her into his lap.

Settling down Laura squirmed a little bit then said “It feels like you enjoyed watching the dancing” with a smirk.

“I did, but I think you could make it more exciting.”


“You should drink that then go dance in the cage.” He said, nodding toward the slightly raised cage in the front corner of the floor, just a few feet from the blonde who was still dancing.

The idea of putting her scantily clad body on display like that seemed to turn Laura on as he felt her shift slightly on his lap and press her body against his chest a bit more firmly.

“Okay.” She replied simply, then betrayed her excitement by gulping down the rest of her drink. She then set her drink down before slipping one hand between his stomach and her hip to give his cock a quick squeeze before standing and heading toward the cage.

Stepping up the two feet or so into the cage Laura began to dance, moving her body so sexily and seductively that John knew there was no chance of getting his erection down while she was up there. Not that he was particularly concerned as his pants and the darkness concealed it pretty effectively.

He watched for a few songs as Laura continued to dance, his eyes occasionally straying to the sexy blonde who had slowly wound up ever closer to the cage Laura occupied. Eventually the blonde was dancing immediately next to the cage and reached out to take hold of one of the poles and continued to dance, swaying and moving using the pole as leverage.

After a couple minutes there the blonde looked up at Laura before reaching in to touch her to get her attention. Laura paused in her dancing to lean down to talk with the blonde. The two exchanged a few words then Laura stepped back to allow the blonde to step up and join her in the cage. After a few more comments back and forth the two resumed dancing, now both crowded into the cage.

As the two girls started dancing Laura met John’s eyes with a slightly questioning look, to which John Eryaman Escort responded with a big grin and a slight nod, indicating that he was of course okay with her dancing with the blonde. Knowing that she had his approval Laura’s dancing lost the bit of hesitance she had picked up when the blonde joined her in the cage. As the cage was not meant to have two people dancing separately in it the two young women wound up dancing with each other.

The sight of his gorgeous girlfriend dancing with the hot, sexily dressed blonde sent John’s arousal through the roof, and if he hadn’t been so enjoying watching the dancing would have dragged Laura from the bar. But watching the two of them grinding their hips together, running their hands over each other’s bodies, and generally being unbearable sexy was more than worth the wait.

After maybe ten minutes of dancing together the girls had wound up facing one another with one leg between the legs of the other. As John watched the blonde wrapped one arm around Laura to pull their bodies together and leaned her head in to lick and nibble Laura’s earlobe. Laura tipped her head back with her eyes closed, clearly enjoying the blonde’s actions.

Releasing her earlobe John saw the blonde say something in Laura’s ear. Whatever she said seemed to really turn Laura on as she gasped then pulled the blonde against her while pressing her lips to the other girl’s in a passionate kiss. After a few moments Laura broke the kiss and said something to the blonde before turning to step out of the cage and hurry over to John.

Grabbing his hands she pulled him up before whispering in his ear “I’m soooo horny, we have to go.” With that she turned and pulled him toward the door, not that John needed much encouragement after that pronouncement.

She continued to pull him along until they reached the car where she turned and flung herself against him, hugging him fiercely while kissing him equally passionately. After a moment of enjoying their embrace John broke the kiss, saying “Come on, the sooner we get going the sooner we’ll get home.”

As John was pulling the car out of the parking lot to head toward Laura’s apartment she leaned over and pressed her head against his shoulder. “I don’t know if I can wait until we get home.” She said, plaintatively.

“You don’t have to, you know.” John responded.

Laura’s face showed incomprehension for an instant before a smirk spread across her face. “I suppose you’re right.” She said, one hand sliding across her stomach towards her groin. “I suppose you don’t want to wait either.” She continued, a touch of sultriness in her voice.

She turned in her seat to face him before slipping one hand to his lap, quickly finding his hard cock through his pants. She gave him a gentle squeeze before moving her hand to undo the button and zipper. Once she had his pants unzipped she snuck her hand in under his boxer briefs to grasp his erection before slipping it up and out of his pants. Attempting to both keep his eyes and the road and watch Laura John saw her lean over then gasped as she engulfed the head of his cock in her mouth.

Laura teased the head of his cock slightly before taking as much into her throat as she could manage. As she continued sucking his cock John knew that it wouldn’t be long until he came due to the prolonged aroused state he had been in, so tried to concentrate on driving to be able to hold off as long as possible. He managed for a couple minutes but his attention was pulled back to Laura as he noticed her slip one of her hands under her skirt before moaning around his cock as she again took it into her throat. This tipped John over the edge into his orgasm, filling Laura’s mouth with his come, which she readily swallowed, her hand never pausing in its attentions Ankara Escort on herself.

After pausing a moment for a breath Laura took John’s softening cock in her mouth while continuing to pleasure herself with one hand. The scent of Laura’s arousal reached John’s nose, and this combined with the continued stimulation of her mouth caused his cock to once again harden under Laura’s attentions.

A couple minutes later John pulled the car up at Laura’s apartment and, reluctantly, pulled on her shoulder, getting her to sit up. As she sat up he looked into her eyes and returned her look of desire with one of his own and simply said “Inside” before hurriedly stuffing his cock back in his pants and following Laura into her apartment.

As soon as the door closed behind them Laura practically threw herself at him, pressing her body against his and forcing his back against the door as she kissed him. They kissed passionately as John’s hands roamed over her body before slipping up under her skirt to cup her ass. Grasping her ass he pulled her into him for a moment before breaking the kiss to turn and pull her toward the bed. Reaching the bed he pushed her so she was lying on her stomach with her hips at the edge of the bed and feet still on the floor.

After pushing her onto the bed he pushed her skirt up off her ass to grab the sides of her g-string before pulling that to the floor, exposing her neatly trimmed sex. Not waiting a moment he dropped to his knees behind her and brought his mouth to her waiting cunt. Pressing his mouth against her he licked her from top to bottom before working his tongue in and out of her as far as he could get it. After a moment he moved lower to attack her clit, drawing a cry from Laura as he flicked his tongue over her sensitive little bud.

As he continued his attentions on her clit Laura moans became louder and more frequent and John knew that her orgasm was approaching. When he could tell she was about to reach her peak her slid two fingers inside her to rub her g-spot in time to his tongue on her clit. This added stimulation pushed Laura over the top and she cried out as her orgasm swept through her. John kept his fingers and tongue busy as she writhed through her orgasm and didn’t pause until he could tell she had come down.

Once Laura had settled down again John stood up behind her and stepped forward between her legs to press his cock against her practically dripping slit. He slowly worked the head of his cock inside her tight opening then thrust in to the base in one stroke, pressing his hips against her upturned ass. Laura gasped as his cock filled her depths then moaned as he began pounding his cock deep into her with hard, rapid thrusts. John had his hands wrapped around the front of her hips, pulling her back against him with each thrust.

Soon the tight embrace of Laura’s wet cunt was bringing John towards his orgasm, and as he approached his peak he wrapped one hand in Laura thick curly hair. With a moan he roughly pulled her hair, thrusting into her again as he reached his orgasm, shooting his come into her depths. The combined sensations of his come filling her depths and him pulling her hair pushed Laura over the edge and she pushed her hips back against him as she again shuddered in orgasm.

After a few more slow thrusts John released Laura’s hair and pulled his softening cock from her. He pulled on one of Laura’s shoulders, prompting her to roll over so he could press his lips to hers in a passionate kiss.

Eventually the two recovered enough to remove the rest of Laura’s outfit and crawl into bed. As they settled in John looked to Laura and asked “So what did that girl say to you that got you so excited?”

Laura started a bit then somewhat hesitantly replied “She whispered in my ear that she wanted to take me home with her tonight.”

John’s eyebrows shot up and in a surprised tone he asked “Oh? What did you say back?”

Laura smiled slyly as she turned to bring her head over to whisper in his ear “Maybe next time…”

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