Learning to Swim

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Dave and I were standing around at work shooting the breeze when the topic changed to our current living arrangements. We both hated where we lived. He lived with his brother, and I had a small apartment in a bad neighborhood.

“You know,” he said. “If we moved in together we could find a nice two bedroom apartment in a good area.”

It sounded good to me right away. “I like it! What area are you thinking about?”

“Well, ya know, a friend of my brothers’ lives in a great apartment complex near the college. Has a weight room, sauna, hot tub and a swimming pool. It’d be perfect! And, the place is crawling with horny college babes! You interested?”

“Yeah, it sounds like a fun place.”

We agreed to take a look at it after work.

I wasn’t excited at the prospect of having a roommate, but most of the time we worked different schedules; we wouldn’t see that much of each other anyway. And I really wanted to get out of where I was at now.

So after work I followed him in my car. When we arrived, I saw it was a nice place, but I worried I couldn’t afford it. It looked too nice.

We found someone who showed us around. There was one vacancy on the 2nd floor of Building 1.

When the landlord let us in the apartment, Dave whistled and said: “Wow! This is great!”

I was quiet. It was very nice, but probably out of my price range.

He told us the rent. Dave said: “That’s not bad! What do you think, John?”

I felt a little depressed. It was more than I figured I could spend. I mentioned it to Dave.

“Nah, c’mon, that’s pretty good for this area. I doubt if we could find anything better around here.”

The landlord agreed with Dave. “This is a great bargain this close to the college,” he said. “Here, I’ll show you around.”

We walked around the grounds and viewed all the amenities. We came to the swimming pool last.

Nice pool, I thought. So secluded. Far enough from the building to be private and there was a thick grove of trees behind it, and to each side.

Not that it mattered much to me anyway. I couldn’t swim. It just looked like a nice place to hang out.

We heard some noise from the pool area. There were two pretty girls and a guy splashing and having fun in the pool. As we turned to leave, the guy climbed out of the pool. I did a double-take. Now I’m not gay or anything, but even I had to admit the guy looked good. Muscular and handsome. with a hard, tanned body. I surprised myself when I checked him out.

Dave tried hard to sell me on the place. Nothing worked until he mentioned that it was probably 10 minutes closer to work.

“Actually, it’s 15 minutes closer,” I said.

“There you go! 15 minutes times 5 — you’ll save two-and-a-half hours of driving every week!”

I didn’t mind the driving, but it would save me a lot of gas. My old clunker guzzled gas, and as much as gas costs these days it might be worth it.

“Sold!” I said with a smile on my face.

We followed the landlord and signed a lease.

I gave two-week’s notice to the guy at my place. I was getting excited: we were going to move into a nice apartment, and maybe there were a lot of horny college girls living there.

When the time came the move went off perfectly. We took some of my old furniture, and we bought a couple of small things. And, with every load we carried into the apartment, we saw more and more pretty girls. Life was definitely getting better!

We made a grocery list and I went shopping. When I got home, I thought I could carry all four bags in one trip. I struggled up the stairs and fumbled for my keys at the door. One of the bags got away from me, but out of nowhere, some guy came up behind me and saved it from falling.

“Jeez, thanks,” I said without looking at him. I opened the door and put the groceries inside.

“Oh, so you’re my new neighbor,” he said.

I finally looked at him. My heart skipped a beat — it was the guy we saw at the pool that day.

“My name is Tony, I live right here,” he said, and pointed to the door directly across from ours.

We shook hands: “Ah…ah, I’m John,” I stammered as my face turned red.

What the hell is wrong with me? I wondered.

“Welcome to the building, John, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of each other,” he said, then turned and opened his door and disappeared inside.

“Yeah, ah, nice to meet you, Tony,” I called out to him.

Dave fixed us dinner and it was very good. He said he was a good cook and he was right. Hell, I had trouble boiling water.

A short time after dinner he announced he was going for a swim. He asked if I wanted to go along. My first instinct was to say ‘no’, I don’t swim, but I thought about it and decided I’d go sit by the pool and look at the ‘scenery’. The landlord had said that canned beer was allowed so we each brought one with us.

Dave wore his swimming trunks; I didn’t have any, so I wore my navy blue gym shorts and a t-shirt.

There were seven other people there, but no Tony. I gaziantep escortlar felt strangely relieved. We found a couple of chairs. I sat down while Dave put his things on a chair then jumped into the pool.

There were three scantily clad young ladies and four other guys. The women were hot! I tried hard to get a good look without being noticed.

Then I saw the door to the building open, and out walked Tony. I felt my blood pressure rise. I had to admit he did look fantastic! I imagined he had no difficulties getting laid around here.

He sat across the pool from me. He saw me and waved; I waved back. He greeted the others, they obviously knew one another. He dove into the pool and swam for about 10 minutes. After he climbed out and dried himself off he walked over to where Dave and I were sitting. I introduced him to Dave. We exchanged pleasantries then he was kind enough to introduce us to the other people.

We listened to their small talk and volunteered our own. Tony sat next to me and wondered why I was dry.

“I…ah, don’t really swim,” I mumbled.

“Never?” he asked. He seemed incredulous.

“Well, I…ah, never really learned how. I can dog-paddle, but that’s about it.”

“If you want, I’d be happy to teach you,” he said then jumped back into the pool.

Dave was starting the early shift at work the next morning so he excused himself and went inside. I took the last swallow from my beer and was going to go inside myself when Tony offered me a beer. I gladly accepted. I hadn’t even noticed that he’d brought a cooler with him.

The other people slowly left the pool area as Tony and I talked. He was very interesting, and entertaining. He had a great sense of humor and we laughed and laughed. I found out we had golf in common and we made a golf date for a not-specified future day.

He was older than I would have guessed. He was 15 years older than me. He certainly didn’t look it. He was a psychology professor at the college, and he’d lived in his apartment for five years.

He offered me another beer. I didn’t have to work until 1:30 the next afternoon so I took it. I was beginning to get a little buzzed. He kept trying to get me into the pool; he finally wore me down and I took off my t-shirt and followed him to the shallow end. I walked in up to my waist and stopped. The water was warm.

He swam to the far end then back. He wanted me to try it. I did my best but about halfway I panicked, and reverted to my old dog-paddle. He laughed. He swam to me and placed his hands on my arms to show me how it was done. I felt my penis twitch.

Embarrassed, I begged off and said I wanted out of the pool; he laughed again.

We sat by the pool and talked until midnight. He said he had an early class and got up to leave. I followed behind him; my head swimming with crazy thoughts.

We said goodnight at our doors and I went inside and went straight to bed. I’m usually not an emotional guy but I had all these strange things going through my mind and I was totally confused.

I couldn’t sleep right away. I thought about how I felt. I finally decided I had a man-crush on Tony. It sounded silly, but I couldn’t think of any other explanation. I would never act on it, and I figured it would go away in time.

A week went by then another. I sat at the pool every night. The most I would do is sit on the edge and dangle my legs in the water while I watched everyone else, especially Tony.

The next day was Saturday and I didn’t have to work. Tony and I sat on the edge of the pool; close. Our thighs were touching. When we laughed he put his arm around me. It somehow felt right. He asked me if I wanted to play golf with him tomorrow. I accepted without hesitation.

I met him at 9 the next morning in our buildings’ parking lot. He put my clubs in the trunk of his car and off we went. He bought me breakfast on the way. He paid for my golf, too.

He was a good golfer — no surprise to me. I played fairly good myself but he beat me by 6 shots. Afterwards, we went into the lounge for drinks. We talked and laughed. We had 4, maybe 5 drinks. Then he said it was time to hit the showers.

“Showers?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah, it’ll feel great!” he said.

We undressed and wrapped towels around ourselves and walked to the shower room. We showered side-by-side. I washed my hair and body, and, yes, he was right, the hot water did feel great!

I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see a smiling Tony.

“Johnny, look at this,” he said as he pointed down. He’d started calling me ‘Johnny’ a few days earlier.

I automatically looked down: his penis was fully erect and he was stroking it. I couldn’t believe my eyes and turned away.

“No, Johnny, look at it. Really look at it!”

Somehow I couldn’t resist. I looked at his hard penis again. This time he held it towards me as if he were offering it to me. I could not look away. I was in a trance.

Suddenly we heard a couple guys coming toward the shower room. Tony turned away from me. The guys entered and we finished up our showers, grabbed our towels and walked to our lockers.

We dressed in silence.

When we were in his car he asked if I wanted dinner. I had a million emotions running through me. A voice in my head screamed for me to get home and stay away from Tony forever.

“Ah…sure,” I answered.

He took me to a dimly lit steak house. I squirmed into a booth and he inched his way beside me. Our legs were touching.

We had a couple drinks then ordered dinner. We had 2 bottles of wine with our meal. From time-to-time he put his arm around me and massaged by shoulders and back. Other times he would rub my thigh. I was becoming aroused. Towards the end of dinner he brushed his hand against my semi-erect penis. I became fully aroused. He smiled at me.

Once inside the car, he wanted me to sit beside him. I did.

He started the car and turned to me. I couldn’t see his features in the dark. He kissed me on the cheek. I didn’t know what to do or say. He put his arm around me and pulled me to him and kissed my lips. His lips were soft. The kiss lasted too long for me; I broke it off.

“Tony…I…Tony, I can’t do this,” I said. I moved as close to the passenger door as I could.

He laughed and said he understood. We rode home in silence. When he parked the car he said I might as well leave my clubs in the trunk; we’ll probably be playing sometime soon. I said okay.

We saw the pool area was empty. Tony said this was the best time to go swimming. We would have the pool to ourselves. He said he’d meet me at the pool then we went into our apartments.

Inside my apartment I felt dizzy and bewildered. I thought about what happened at the restaurant and in the car. I had a clear mental image of his hard penis in the shower.

I went to my bedroom and stripped to my underwear. I saw my gym shorts on the chair next to the bed. I remembered Tony telling me I shouldn’t wear underwear with my shorts; there was no sense in getting them wet in the pool.

“What am I thinking?” I wondered out loud. I felt lost.

I slipped out of my underwear and into the gym shorts. I put on a t-shirt, grabbed a towel and my keys and headed to the pool. I had no idea what I was doing or thinking.

Tony was already there. He poured wine into a plastic cup and handed it to me. He said I should take off my shirt and I did. We sat close to each other. He put his arm around me and kissed me on the cheek. I didn’t pull away.

We finished our wine and he helped me into the pool. We stood in waist-deep water facing each other. We looked at each other. He took hold of my hand and placed it on his penis. It was hard — rock hard. Then he smiled and swam away. He had a wonderful smile.

Then I remembered a couple days earlier: I was at the pool, expecting Tony. There were two pretty girls near me and I could hear what they were saying. When Tony came out of the building and into our view, one of the girls said, “What a waste”, the other girl agreed. I didn’t know what she meant. Now I understood.

Tony was at the other end of the pool. He wanted me to swim to him. I tried. When I was in deep water he swam towards me. He suddenly dove under the water and out of my view. Then I felt his hands on my hips. In one swift move, he pulled my shorts down and off my legs. He swam to the edge and climbed out: holding my shorts above his head as though they were a prize. I spit water and dog-paddled to the shallow end.

“Tony…Tony…very funny. That’s a good one. Give me my shorts back.”

“If you want them — you’ll have to come and get them.”

He scooped up my shirt, towel and keys and disappeared into the darkness of the trees. I was left standing naked in the pool.

“Tony! Tony!” I said as loud as I dared.

“Over here, Johnny…come and get’em!”

I looked around; we were still alone. I figured I could get out of the pool and no one would see me. As fast as I could, I scrambled out of the pool and ran into the darkness.

“I’m over here, Johnny.”

I walked towards his voice. When I found him he pulled me close to him and kissed me on the lips. I tried to pull away but he held me close. He was a lot stronger than me. He kissed me again. This time I kissed him back. I put my arms around him and we kissed for a long time. His hand took hold of my hard penis.

“Caress me,” he said.

I didn’t know what he wanted me to do. He guided my hand to his penis and showed me what to do. He was naked, too. I stroked him with an open hand. From the tip of his penis, down along the shaft and further down over his balls then back up again. Over-and-over I caressed his penis and balls.

“Stand to the side of me,” he instructed. Then he said: “Reach around and stroke my cock.” I did. “Now reach behind and between my legs and rub my balls with your other hand.”

I did that, too.

I stroked his penis and rubbed his balls. We kissed. We kissed long, and deep; our tongues meeting; our lips wet and soft. When he whispered in my ear, “Faster”, I knew what he wanted.

My hand stroked his penis faster-and-faster. His penis felt wonderful in my hand. So smooth — so warm. I heard a moan escape his lips and my hand went even faster on his penis. I felt his balls expand in my hand and his penis throb in my other hand.

He grunted. “Oh, Johnny…yes—yes—YES!”

I felt wetness on my hand. He kissed me again. He brought my hand to my face and told me to lick it. I did. I tasted his cum.

He gave me my towel and told me to wrap it around me. I did.

As we approached the door to our building, the same two girls came outside. They saw us together and gave each other a knowing glance. I knew what they were thinking. I felt embarrassed.

When we reached our apartment doors I stuck out my hand to retrieve my keys and clothes from Tony.

He smiled and shook his head. “No, not yet. I want you to come inside with me.”

“Tony…no…no, I can’t — Please give me my keys.”

He put his hand on my shoulder and slowly stroked it down my back. Suddenly, he took hold of my towel and whipped it off me. I was standing naked in the hallway.

“When you want to come inside,” he said. “Knock twice.” He went into his apartment and closed the door.

HUH? What the…

I pounded on his door then looked up-and-down the hallway. Good God!

“Tony, give me my keys someone’s going to see me.”

Then I heard footsteps on the stairwell. Oh shit!

I swallowed hard then knocked twice on his door. He opened it and I rushed inside.

We stood naked in his living room. He took me in his arms and kissed me. Then he took my hand and led me to the bathroom. All my resistance was gone.

“We need to shower first” he said.

I rubbed the soap all over his body. His cock was hard again and I lovingly soaped it and caressed him.

He took the soap from me and lathered my body. My cock was hard and aching for release. His soapy hand stroked my cock. He masturbated me with gentle expertise. He reached between my legs and rubbed my balls. His hand increased its motion. A steady groan came from my throat. My cum spurted out against the wall. He milked me dry.

We dried ourselves and he took my hand and led me to the living room. He spread a towel on the cushions and I sat down. He went to the kitchen and poured wine. I watched him walk naked every step of the way.

God, is he beautiful! I marveled at his body. His perfectly sculptured body.

We drank our wine in silence. He had his arm around me and would kiss me when the mood struck. When we finished, he took the glass from my hand, placed both glasses on the coffee table, then took me by the hand and led me to his bedroom.

My heart was pounding. I was giddy with joy.

He had a red light bulb in the lamp next to the king-sized bed. He pulled back the bedspread and guided me down upon his bed. He was still standing; I looked at his magnificent cock. It was gorgeous!

He positioned me in the center then climbed onto the bed and straddled his legs on either side of my chest. He moved forward and his beautiful penis came closer-and-closer to my face. His hard cock was inches from my mouth. I’d never felt such all-consuming desire in my life. He read my mind.

“Kiss it,” he whispered. I did.

I don’t know how or why I knew to do this, but I gently held his balls in my right hand then grasped the base of his shaft with my left hand. I kissed my way up-and-down his shaft until I’d kissed every wonderful inch of it.

“Lick it,” he said. I did.

My tongue bathed his cock with my saliva. His cock was hot and trembling and it filled me with desire. I loved the smooth texture of his cock against my exploring tongue.

“Suck it,” was his final command. I did.

I wet my lips and slid them over his cockhead. I had the right instinct again as I licked the head of his cock while my lips slid up-and-down his shaft. I watched his cock slide in-and-out of my mouth. The taste was wonderful. I breathed deeply to smell his aroma. My hand stroked his cock while I sucked him.

My head was lost in a fog. The only thing that mattered was pleasing him. I desperately wanted him to cum in my mouth. I wanted to swallow every drop of his cum. He began to thrust hips forward pushing his cock deeper in my mouth. My tongue lathered his silky smoothness. My mouth and hand quickened their tempo. I sensed he was near.

He grunted and groaned and shouted out his pleasure. I received his cum in my mouth like a royal tribute. I swallowed and swallowed but couldn’t keep up with the massive amount of semen he shot in my mouth. My cheeks puffed out filled with cum — I swallowed and swallowed. Finally it was over. I had swallowed every drop. I was happy and proud of myself.

When his soft penis slipped from between my lips, I licked it clean.

He collapsed on the bed beside me. Gulping for air. I lay my head on his chest, stroking his belly and thighs. His breathing finally returned to normal. He held me in his arms. I knew my life was never going to be the same again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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