Leaky pipes

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You are in the kitchen in your nightdress kissing your man goodbye as he goes to work. He has been working hard for the last couple of months and when he comes home he is always too tired for sex. It has been so long since you had a fuck that simply kissing your lover goodbye has got you aroused.

As you watch your man drive away to work you are gently rubbing your clit against the corner of the kitchen sink. The rubbing soon turns you on even more and you are feeling desperate for some sex.

You go upstairs to your bedroom, get on the bed, open your nightdress and reach for your vibrator. You begin rubbing the vibrator over your clit as your other hand tweaks your nipples. You imagine the vibrator is a real cock. Within minutes you are thrusting the vibrator out your pussy. You are so horny it doesn’t take long before you are easily cumming. After you recover from your orgasm you carry on playing with yourself with the vibrator. All the time you are wishing the vibrator was a real cock. Your pussy is soaking wet and the vibrator slides easily in and out.

Suddenly doorbell ringing interrupts you. You have no time to get changed so you quickly tie your nightdress and answer the door. Apart from your nightdress you are totally naked.

You open the door to see me standing there.

“Good morning I have come fix the water pipes” I say

You had forgotten I was coming today.

“Oh sorry, I forgot you were coming. Please excuse me for not being dressed” you reply.

I give your body an admiring glance and tell you not to worry. I laugh and cheekily tell you I like what I see.

You tell me to come in and take me to the kitchen.

“Would you like a cup of şişli escort tea or coffee before you start?” You ask me.

“Coffee with 2 sugars please” I reply.

As you make the coffee I sit admiring your body. You notice me looking at you and think about getting my hard cock deep inside you. As you bend down to get the cups from the cupboard you make sure I get a good eyeful of your wet pussy. Your pussy is still soaking wet.

As you give me my coffee you lean right over to me making sure I get a good eyeful of your breasts. As we drink our coffees we sit chatting. Your leave your nightdress slightly open to give me a good view of your breasts. I notice how hard and erect your nipples are. AS we site chatting you keep on imagining my hard cock inside your pussy. Once we finish our coffees I ask you to show me where the problem is.

You tell me it is upstairs. As I follow you upstairs you are deliberately bending over to make sure I can see your wet pussy. You show me where the problem pipe is. As I look down at the pipes and your are pushing your tits near my face

You tell me you will leave me to it. You go back to your bedroom to get dressed and see your vibrator on the bed. Your fingers move to your wet pussy. You are still soaking wet and you decide it is the time to get some real cock.

You come back to where I am working. You lean down, pushing your breasts within inches of my face and ask me if I need any help.

“Ok hold this nut for me but be careful if you let go water will flood everywhere” I tell you.

You get on your knees. As you hold the nut you open your legs wide and flash your pussy at me.

I can take no more so I drop my knees escort istanbul and start feeling your pussy.

“What are you doing?” you say.

“Be quiet and don’t move or you will flood the place” I reply.

I start fingering your pussy.

Oh no I shouldn’t you protest.

I replace my fingers with my tongue.

This quickly changes your mind.

“Oh god that feels good” you say.

You pussy is soaking wet. You push your pussy deep into my face. I tongue your pussy until you have an orgasm.

“Oh fuck me” you tell me. “I need to feed your cock”.

I ram my dick up your pussy building up a steady rhythm. I can hear you moaning to fuck me harder. I rub your clit as my cock pumps in and out.

“Oh yes fuck me” you scream.

I am telling you what a dirty little whore you are.

“I knew you wanted my cock you little whore”

“Oh yes harder” you breathe.

An orgasm rips through your body. You begin to feel tired and protest it is hard to keep hold of the nut.

“Tough luck” I tell you. “You are not going anywhere until I cum” “You know you wanted my cock you dirty bitch” “You are going to carry on taking my cock until I have finished”

I fuck your pussy deep and hard. I fell my cum rising. I pull my cock out of your pussy and spray my hot jets of spunk all over your arse.

“you can let go of the nut now I was only joking you won’t flood the place” I tell you.

You call me a bastard and walk over to me. You take my limp prick in your mouth and begin to suck me hard.

“Now it’s my turn” you tell me.

You grab my hand and lead me to your bedroom and you tell me to lie on the bed. You straddle merter escort my erect cock and ride me. You tweak your nipples as you ride my cock. I lie there telling you what a filthy whore you are.

“Ride my cock harder” I tell you.

Another orgasm rips through your body.

“Don’t stop riding me you dirty cow I want to come also” I tell you.

You carry on riding my cock. I tell you to stop, as I am nearly cumming. You get off my cock and I tell you to suck my cock.

“Suck it harder you kinky bitch I want to come in your mouth” “Make me come you dirty cow”

You suck me off until I shoot my load in your mouth. You swallow every last drop. You kiss me on the lips and thank me. We both get dressed and I finish of the job. When I get downstairs you give me a cheque and thank me for a job well done. You lean over the kitchen sink and flash you pussy at me again

“Do you have time for another fuck?” you ask me.

I quickly whip out my cock and enter you from behind

“Play with you clit as I fuck you” I tell you.

You reach down and rub your clit as my cock rams in and out of you.

“Oh god that’s it fuck me” you shout. “Fuck me harder”

I grab your hips and fuck you deep and hard.

“Oh yes fuck me good” you pant.

An orgasm runs right through your body. Once you recover you pull my cock out of you and get on your knees. You suck my cock like a woman possessed. It doesn’t take long before I cum all down your throat. I give you a quick kiss and head for the door.

After I have gone you sit there feeling fulfilled and happy. An idea comes into your head, You remember the T.V. is a bit faulty and the washing machine could do with a service. All the time you are thinking about the servicing the T.V. repairman and the washing machine repairman can give you. The neighbours would never be of suspicious you think to yourself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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