Late Night Reunion

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It had been a few weeks since Heather and I had broken up. Heather and I were an average couple. She had a good body, a great smile, 34B tits, and nice tight ass. She kept her pussy smooth all the time and it would drip with the slightest attention. We had dated for about 6 months but it was clear our lives were going in two different directions. It was the goal of both of us to remain friends, a daunting task for any couple that splits up. That brings us to this story…

For the last few days Heather and I have been talking more than we had since we broke up. And just as when we were dating the topic often turned to sex. We had a healthy sex life, despite the fact that we both lived with our parents. When we were in the bedroom there was one thing that was true, we always were trying new things, whether it’s a different position, a different hole, or just something totally kinky.

Like I said, our conversations kept turning to sex. It was clear that we were both getting hornier than ever since we broke up. Tonight we had gotten pretty hot and heavy in our conversation on AIM, that is until Heather realized how late it had gotten.

Heather: I hate to say it but I think I’m going to head to bed. I have to work in the morning and you are wearing me out with all this talk.

Me: Awww, that’s a shame. I thought that this conversation was actually going to lead to something.

Heather: You never know what might happen. But not tonight, you missed ur turn tonight.

Me: So if I came over earlier something could have happened? Are you sure you can’t tonight? I can be there in 12 minutes.

Heather: If I don’t go to bed I will be a total bitch tomorrow. But if you end up here I’m not going to hate you.

Me: So if I just walked into your house, got in your bed, and got started you would be fine with that?

Heather: That would be awesome. But I dunno about tonight. I’m going to bed now. Good night.

Me: OK, I’ll see you in 15 minutes.

Heather: Good night, I don’t have any expectations. You won’t show.

And with that she put up her away message.

I was surprised when she said that she would still hook up with me even though we were split up. I paused a moment to think if I should go through with this. I’m a horny man and I decided that an offer for sex is something that I can’t pass up. So I hopped in my car and 15 minutes later I pulled up in front of her house. I don’t know if she Escort Etimesgut expected me to actually come over, but I walked in anyways. Luckily her dad was in bed already because I really had no idea how I would explain this late night visit. I think she was a little surprised as I opened her bedroom door. She was lying in bed in her pajamas. The look on her face was both one of surprise and excitement. Deep down I know that she wanted this to happen, even if it did mean that she would be tired tomorrow.

I closed her door behind me as I kicked off my shoes. She just lay in bed watching my every move. I slipped into bed with Heather without taking any of my clothes off. When I got close enough to her we reached out in a tight embrace and kissed each other deeply. Not a word was spoken as we started to make out.

As we kissed my hands began to roam her body. I reached down and took a good squeeze of her ass before my hands found their way to her shirt. I slowly peeled off her t-shirt, breaking our kiss to get it over her head. Underneath were those B cup breasts that I enjoyed so much. I found she really was ready for bed since she had already taken off her bra, leaving those dark brown nipples out in the open for me.

Before I could make a move to start sucking on her nipples she pulled my shirt over my head and then tried to pull me in for a kiss. I resisted her pull and focused on her right nipple. Taking the little nub in my mouth I started to suck on it to get it nice and hard. When it was I slid over to her left and started to suck on that one. I didn’t forget about her other nipple and kept kneading between my thumb and index finger. The two sensations were enough to make Heather start to squirm.

I slid down the bed under the covers and pulled her sleep shorts down with me. Underneath was a small, purple silky thong hiding her pussy from my sight. I planted a kiss right on the front of the thong and could feel how hot her pussy was underneath. I hooked my finger under it and pulled it to the side exposing her dripping wet pussy to me. As usual there wasn’t a hair on her pussy; I loved it when she kept it nice and smooth.

Tonight isn’t the night to take things slow so I drove my tongue right into her pussy. I could hear her stifle a moan when my tongue brushed against her clit. I looked up and shushed her, we don’t want her dad waking up and finding us. Heather looked down at me and just Etimesgut Escort smiled.

I went back to work on her pussy, sucking on her clit gently. I slipped a finger into her pussy as I worked her clit. She was so wet it slid in with no resistance. The muscles on the inside of her pussy gently squeezed my finger as they seemed to pull it in deeper. Knowing that she likes it a little rough I start to nibble my teeth on her clit a little, bringing out yet another muffled moan from Heather. My eyes tracked up her body and saw that she was holding her blanket up to her mouth to keep things quiet.

I moved a little further down the bed and while I was still fingering her tight pussy I licked my way down from her clit towards her butt. I pressed my tongue against her tight little rosebud, teasing her in a way I know she loves. I could feel Heather working her hips to get more of my tongue on her asshole. She goes wild whenever I rim her.

I pulled back from her ass and kissed a trail up her pussy lips and over her stomach. I paused at each nipple to give them a good suck and nibble before moving up to kiss her on the lips. By now the head of my cock is lined up with her wet pussy. I leaned over and sucked on her earlobe, one of her most sensitive parts. I could feel her bucking her hips up trying to push my cock into her pussy, but I arched my back to keep up the tease. I switched ears and repeated the process, again she tried to push her hips up to capture my cock.

I timed her thrusts and when she lifted up I pushed my cock into her pussy in one quick thrust driving her hips down into the bed. I just held myself there for a minute to let Heather feel the fullness of a cock in her tight pussy. I slowly pull my cock out until only the head is inside before pushing it back in. I start thrusting slowly, building speed up as I go.

I reached my arms under her legs, hooking them at the knees, and pulling them up so her feet are near her head. With her hips at an angle I can get a little deeper with my thrusts and rub her a little differently inside. I start to pick up the pace and feel my balls slapping against her tight ass. Heather reaches her hand down and starts to rub her clit while I am fucking her hard.

I can tell that I am starting to get close to finishing and ask “what position do you want to be in when I fill your pussy with cum?”

Heather just rolls over on the bed onto her knees, Etimesgut Escort Bayan looks back at me and simply says, “Fuck me doggystyle. I wanna feel you cum in my pussy. Fuck me hard and make me cum all over your cock.”

I got behind her and placed my cock at the mouth of her pussy. With a quick thrust I entered her juicy pussy. I told Heather to reach down and play with her clit while I fuck her from behind. I want to make sure that she cums before me. I grab onto Heather’s hips for leverage as I continue to take her from behind. I love the view from behind, with her tight ass and her rosebud looking back at me, and when I take her from behind I get to take a big handful of her pert breasts.

With every thrust I can feel Heather’s pussy getting wetter and wetter. Whenever I’m fully inside of her she contracts the muscles in her pussy to grip my dick tighter. I reached up and grabbed her hair and gave it a good tug, pulling her head back as I pounded my cock into her pussy. I pulled her head back against mine and started to kiss and suck on the side of her neck. I kiss my way up to her earlobe and start to nibble on it, gently at first and then a little harder.

“Babe, I’m getting close to cumming. Don’t stop fucking me,” Heather moans as keep up the pace. I reach my hand down and start to rub against her tight asshole. I get my thumb nice and wet from her pussy juices and work it into her ass slowly. She is so tight back there, and I can feel my cock through the walls of her pussy. Having my thumb in her ass should put her over the edge. I feel her pussy starting to contract around me and suddenly her entire body tenses up, bringing a low moan from her lips. I feel a surge of wetness around my cock as her body spasms from her orgasm.

Getting close myself, I keep fucking her hard as she comes down from the high of her orgasm. I pull her head close and whisper “I’m getting close to finishing, where you want it?”

Still out of breath from her orgasm Heather replies “I want you to fill my pussy with your cum. I want to feel it as it drips out of me.”

Hearing her words I hasten my thrusts to finish inside of her. I fuck her hard and push myself in to the hilt as I feel my orgasm approach. With a loud moan I empty my balls into her hot, wet pussy. I feel pulse after pulse of cum shoot into her.

We both fall to the bed to catch our breath. My cock goes soft and falls out with a plopping sound. From the sound of her breathing Heather is already asleep. I pull her thong back over her pussy, get out of bed and get dressed.

“You will always have a special place in my heart Heather. Good night, sweet dreams.” With that I kissed her on the cheek and slipped out of her room and headed home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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