Late Night Rendezvous

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He sat at his desk, looking at the clock. Time passes slowly when you’re horny. He checked his cell phone again. No new text messages. He made up his mind and called home:

“Honey, I’m going to be late. The night guy called in sick so I have stuff to take care of for tomorrow morning. I won’t be too long, just an hour or two.”

That was out of the way. Then his phone chirped with a new message.

“Leaving shortly, can u make it?”

He sent back:

“Yes, won’t have too long though. Where?”

Another agonizing minute ticked by. Then a new message:

“The park on Highway 8, just East of town.”

He knew it instantly from a previous encounter. He packed up his desk and left a note for the night shift guy explaining he had to leave a few minutes early and to punch his card for him.

The drive was empty. It was only 10 but weeknight traffic ended much earlier. His drive was uneventful.

He was finding it hard to drive with such a raging hard on. But enough blood found it’s way to his brain to keep him safely on the road. But not by a very wide margin.

Meanwhile, across town, she called her husband. “The meeting in running late, and the executive has to stay behind to sort some stuff out. I shouldn’t be very late, probably only an hour.”

She went back to the meeting to wait for the end. Leaving early would be unusual for her, and she tried not to change any of her patterns. On the surface, at least. Under her clothes she was soaking wet in anticipation of her clandestine meeting. At her first opportunity she excused herself from the meeting and went to her car. She quickly changed from her jeans to a skirt, because she knew he liked them.

Her drive was uneventful. As she approached the entry to the park, she noticed a car pull out of a church parking lot and follow her. She recognized it instantly, having seem those headlights follow her out of similar parking lots over the previous year.

They drove down the long driveway to the park together. The driveway was several hundred feet long, and gravel. It made it easy to hear cars coming, especially when the roads are as empty as they were today.

He backed into a spot, and she pulled up beside him so their windows were right beside each other. On any other day, they would have made idle chat. But today, there was no time and they were both too horny to concentrate.

He got out of his car and sat in her front seat. She drove Escort Etimesgut a Miata, and there wasn’t much room. They kissed, deeply. Passionately. Their tongues moving with a sense of urgency that mirrored how they felt about the moment. She got out of the car and moved to the passenger side. He swung his legs out of the car, and was surprised as she squatted in front of him. He could see up her skirt, and could make out her panties in the darkness. It drove him crazy, and she knew it.

She leaned forward and undid his jeans. His cock practically burst forth, popping out of his underwear. She didn’t hesitate and took him in her mouth. She worked slowly up and down the shaft. Her free hand moved to her own body. She tweaked her nipples, and felt a shudder pass through her body. She sped up her pace, moving her hot mouth up and down his shaft a little faster. Her hand then moved lower and slid up her skirt and inside her panties. She was soaking through her panties, and her lips were all swollen. She slowly massaged her clit in little circles. With a hand on her clit and a cock in her mouth she was almost in heaven.

He lay back and watched her rubbing herself as she sucked him. He was so turned on, he could feel pressure slowly building inside him. But not yet, it was too early. He reached down and gently guided her mouth up to his. They kissed again, hungrily. He told her to stand up and they stood, pressed against each other. His jeans were around his ankles, and his cock was exposed to the cold night air. But they were so tightly embraced that he couldn’t feel the cold.

They switched spots so he was kneeling down and she sat on the car seat. She slid her panties off as he watched. He moved forward and kissed his way from her mouth downwards. Her top was unbuttoned and her bra undone. She took it off without removing her shirt in a sort of magic trick that although he had seen it many times before he never fully understood. But he was too distracted every time to put much thought into it.

His mouth found her nipples. He sucked hard, drawing it inside his mouth. His tongue playing with the nipple as it filled his mouth. Then he moved to the other nipple. It was cold inside his mouth, but it warmed up in short order.

She arched her back and felt the hotness of his mouth on her nipples. He was driving her crazy, but it was fair game for the show she put on with her skirt. He slowly kissed lower and Etimesgut Escort lower, until he came to her skirt. She had hiked it up around her middle, exposing her swollen pussy to the night air.

His tongue found her wetness, and he slowly massaged her clit. Then he moved lower and lower, savouring the juices. She arched her back again as his tongue found her opening. She could feel his tongue sliding in and out of her. It felt good, but was only as tease as he penetrated an inch or two. She unconsciously spread her legs wider, to give him more access. Just as she did, he moved back up to the clit and started to use his tongue. Small circles, and side to side. Just as she liked. Given how turned on she was, and from her own touch earlier she was already close to orgasm. She had even stroked herself a little in the car on the way.\

She lay back as she could feel the tension building inside her. He felt it too and knew he was on the right track. She could feel that it wasn’t going to be a big orgasm, she never got those from oral alone. But she could feel the wave building inside her. He slowly slid a rather cold finger inside her. She couldn’t feel the cold, just that something was filling her. It was too much and the wave broke. The orgasm flooded her body and her body rocked. Her legs closed in on the sides of his head, squeezing lightly. He could feel her pussy contract around his finger as she came.

She recovered quickly and stood up. They switched yet again, but this time she positioned herself over him. He guided his cock to her pussy. She rubbed the head of his cock up and down her wet slit. He tried to move upwards to enter her but she raised herself so he couldn’t. She was in control. He lay back watched as she guided him towards her hole. Then she slowly lowered herself, like a glacier. Down 2 inches, up one inch. Down 2 inches, up one inch. She topped when the tip of his cock touched her cervix. She sat there for a second or two, but to him it felt like an eternity. Then she slowly began to move up and down. He lay back as the sensation washed over him. Her pussy lips would swell, and it made her the tightest fuck ever. He knew he should be thinking of something else to prolong it, but he could never get past how tight she was.

She lowered herself down as far as she could again, filling herself completely. She then started to move her hips forwards and backwards. His cock moved inside her forwards Etimesgut Escort Bayan and back. The tip brushed past her cervix with each movement. She was in heaven. His hands found her breasts and he began to play with her nipples. She kept moving forwards and back, it felt so good. Riding him was nice, but she wanted her pussy to be full of his cock all the time. When he was thrusting in and out, she felt empty at least half the time.

She rocked forward and back, and she felt the orgasm build. Her hand found her clit since both of his were busy. She rocked faster, and stroked her clit. His hands on her nipples. It was too much for her. The wave crashed over her, and the spasm traveled through her body. He could feel her pussy clench down on his cock, hard. He knew it was a good one.

She recovered quickly, and knew it was his turn now.

They moved to the trunk of her car, and she sat on it. She hoped not to dent it, and didn’t. Her skirt was under her a little but she felt the cold metal of the trunk on her legs. She lay back, her skirt hiked up. He stood back and looked at her like that, taking a mental picture that would get him through long days down the road.

He then moved forward, and guided himself towards her. She was still swollen, and she felt so hot compared to the cold air. He entered her in one thrust, and buried himself inside her to the hilt. He began to pump, slowly at first. She brought her hips up to his every thrust.

He couldn’t hold off much longer. He began to thrust faster and faster. Finally, with a final deep thrust he came. He shot his load deep inside her. He felt surprised at the amount of cum he could feel himself pumping inside her. He often felt that way with her. She could feel his cock spasm and could feel the cum spurting deep inside her.

They stayed that way for a minute. Him deep inside her. Her lying back enjoying the afterglow. But they both had to get home, and suddenly it seemed a little colder outside. It was a chilly night, but they had both been too preoccupied to notice until now.

They stood up and made small talk for a minute or two. She put on her panties, and rearranged her clothes. He straightened up as well, enough to pass through the house to the shower when he got home.

They got in their cars and continued to chat for a minute, not wanting the night to end. He could see her shifting uncomfortably from side to side as they talked. Then he saw her reach down for something. She passed over her panties, and he could see that his cum had leaked out of her and filled her panties. He passed them back, as she licked the cum out of them to cover their tracks.

The image stayed in his mind as he drove down the driveway and on towards home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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