Last one to know, Chapter Five_(1)

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I thought I was dreaming. My cock was hard and something was griping then releasing it. I slowly opened my eyes and realized I was not dreaming. My hard cock was still wedged in the cheeks of Beth’s ass and she squeezing them together then relaxing them. I moved a little and Beth giggled. Mom ask “what are you two kids up to”? I snickered and told her Beth was teasing me. Beth told Mom it was not her fault, I had my hard cock wedged in the cheeks of her ass.

I heard Tammy laugh then asked “don’t you two ever quit”? I raised my head to look across at Mom and Tammy. I laughed telling Tammy “ and you ask that while you have your ass pressed against Mom’s pussy and her hand fondling your tit. We all laughed as we all started moving apart to get out of bed. I told Mom if it was alright with the girls we could get a quick shower while she was getting her clothes together. Then the three of us can make breakfast while you get ready.

Before Mom could answer the phone rang. Tammy picked up the receiver and handed it to Mom. Hello, Oh, good morning honey, no we are still in bed, yes, all four of us Mom said with a little giggle. Well, the kids have make me an offer, they’re gonna get a shower then make breakfast while I get ready to go meet Kim.

Mom filled Dad in on what she and their friend was planning for the day. Dad said something to Mom that make her smile then say “ no sweetie, we can catch up on all that later. She told him she loved him then we passed the phone around and Dad spoke to each of us. I was the last, we talked a little then said our good-by’s

The three of us jumper out of bed and headed for the shower. Though we showered quickly we still took time to wash, kiss and fondle each other a little. We toweled each other off and headed for the kitchen. We met Mom at the bathroom door and told her to take her time, we would have breakfast ready when she was.

We made bacon, eggs, hot cakes with coffee and juice. We were just putting it on the table when Mom walked in. Holly Shit, we said in unison. She was wearing a white knit sweater with black, well fitted slacks, her hair was pulled back in a French twist, her make-up was just enough to highlight everything without being over done. Nothing slutty about it, just hot and damn good looking.

She smile and ask you like? Before I could catch myself I had blurted out “ Mom, you SSSSOOOOOOOO EATABLE!!. BOBBY!! Mom said as she blushed. I realized what I had said, I could feel my face getting hot and knew I was blushing also. We all had a big laugh.

Mom left just after breakfast telling us she would take care of dinner. We cleaned the kitchen then moved to the den. I set on one end of the couch, Tammy on the other and Beth lay down with her head in my lap and her feet in Tammy’s lap. We were just relaxing and I was thing about all the changes that had taken place in my live in just the past few days. I was so deep in though I jumped when Beth spoke. Do we want to just hang around here on the couch all day or would you like to fuck and suck a little. Tammy and I both laughed and said together, our little pervert.

Tammy ask Beth what she had in mind. Well, Beth said with a smile, I was just thinking how much I enjoyed fucking you with the strap-on, I was hoping I could use it to fuck my dear, sweet brother while you and he were doing a hot 69. I was also hoping you could get me cleaned up and put the large butt plug in my asshole so I can keep it stretched out.

They both looked at me like it was all up to me . I told them my asshole and cock was a little tender from all the action last night but I would be stupid for me to say no. Tammy said we should all go to the guest bath and get cleaned up then take it from there. We all got up and headed that way.

We took turns giving each other our enamels. Beth wanted to do me so she could play with the butt plug some before taking it out. She filled the enamel bag and I got in position on the floor. She kneel down behind me and pulled the plug out. She put more lube on it then started fucking my ass with it. It was a little uncomfortable at first but I made myself relax and it started feeling really good.

Beth pushed the plug in my and held it there and I could hear her moving around behind me. Then I felt her tongue touch my balls. She licked me with her wet tongue until she had me really wet. Then she sucked first on then the other ball into her mouth. I could feel her fingers pulling on the plug again. My cock was jerking up and down and I was about to cum when Beth suddenly stopped and pulled the plug out of my ass.

Beth pushed the rubber tube up my ass and released the clip. I felt the warm water as it flowed into my asshole and filled my gut. I heard Tammy moaning. I looked over to see her setting on the edge of the commode, legs wide apart slamming two fingers into her hot dripping pussy. Her other hand was busy pulling hard on her nipple.

Beth pulled the tube out of my ass and told me to hold it for a few minutes. She walked over, lean down and gave Tammy a hot tongue kiss then started sucking and licking on her other tit. When I looked back at Tammy she was really into her sex play and enjoying Beth’s attention.

I started getting up and told Tammy she would have to move that I had to get to the commode. She smiled at me and kept fingering her pussy and pulling on her nipple. I walked over to her with my ass puckered, about to squirt all over myself. TAMMY! I have to get to down there. Tammy continued to smile, moved her legs further apart and moved back as far as she could. She patted the front of the seat and told me to set right there on the edge and let if fly. TAMMY, I’LL GET THIS SHIT WATER ALL OVER YOU. Yes, I know Bobby, go for it, that’s what I want.

Beth stopped sucking on her tit and looked up at me. “Do it Bobby, shit on her, look at her, it’s what she wants”. I told Tammy I couldn’t hold gaziantep lezbiyen it any longer. I turned around and put as much of my ass over the commode as I could and relaxed my ass cheeks. Looking down between my legs I could see the yellow shit water spraying all over Tammy’s stomach and pussy. She let out a soft whimpering sound and I was sure she had an orgasm. Beth was now standing in front of us watching as I sprayed Tammy. She said “OH FUCK, NOW THAT IS HOT.

She dropped to her knees and took my stiff cock deep in her mouth. She pushed down until I could feel my cock in her throat and her chin bumping against my balls. She gagged several time but didn’t pull back. At the same time Tammy reached her arms around my chest and clamped down hard on my nipples. I cried out and thrust forward, shoving my cock even deeper into Beth’s mouth. She was gagging so hard I was afraid she was going to throw up but she didn’t and she didn’t pull back.

Tammy relaxed her grip on my nipples a little just as Beth started moving my cock in and out of her throat. I could smell the strong odor from the enamel and I knew Beth had to smell it as close as she was. The whole thing seem to make her just that much hotter. She was now jamming my hard cock in and out of her throat and I knew I was not going to last much longer.

When I told Beth I was about to cum she let out a loud moan, pushed my cock as deep as it would go in her throat and started shacking her head from side to side. She reached her arms around my waist and pulled me to her. That done the trick, I started shooting line after line of cum down her throat into her stomach. I felt like I had cum a gallon before it finally started slowing to a dribble. Beth held my cock in her mouth until it was completely soft.

Beth turned and picked up one of the towels off the floor and handed it to me. Wrap that around you and stand up but don’t go to the shower yet. I did as I was told and when I turned and looked at Tammy I thought for a second she had passed out. Then she open her eyes and looked up at us with a big smile on her face. The shit water was still covering her stomach and I could see it dripping off the bottom of her cunt lips. She used her hand to smear it around more on her stomach and up to her tits. “Damn, it smalls like shit don’t it”? Beth and I looked at each other and went “DUH, it is shit, what did you expect.

Beth give the other towel to Tammy then went and turn the shower on for us. Beth placed two more towels down while I give Tammy a quick washing. She stepped out of the shower and didn’t bother to dry off. She prepared Beth and her enamel while I showered, cleaning my cock, balls and ass really good. By the time I was out of the shower Tammy was through with Beth so I started getting things ready for Tammy.

As Tammy lay down on the towels Beth took her seat on the commode and I could hear the fluid as it hit the water. As I looked down Tammy was teasing me by making her asshole flex in and out. I could hear her giggling as I kneeled behind her.

I placed the tube of lubrication to her ass and squeezed out a nice glob, then I squeezed enough in my hand to coat the tube and all fur of my fingers. I started by pushing two fingers into her ass. I moved then in and out of her asshole until I felt her relax a little. Then I added a third finger causing her to grunt a little. It took a while before she relaxed and I was moving the three fingers in and out with ease.

When I added the forth finger Tammy screamed out and ask” what the fuck are you trying to do, split my ass wide open“. She started laughing so I just held my fingers in her ass until she could adjust to the size. She pulled her knee a little closer to her chest and told me to fuck her good. I started off slow and easy. As I felt her ass relax I picked up the pace fucking her harder and harder. I started twisting my fingers back and forth as I slammed in and out of her ass. I pulled my fingers all the way out and looked at her gaping hole.

I laughed to myself as I jammed my fingers back into my sweet sister. I thought, you’ve got to be one fucked up kid, finger fucking your older sister in the asshole and getting so turned on looking at her gapping hole. I looked up at Bath setting on the commode watching us and rubbing her pussy as the last of her enema dripped out of her ass. She was smiling as she mouthed “I love you”.

Yaeh, I may be a fucked up kid but I was loving it and intended to stay this way. I pulled my fingers from Tammy’s ass, slid the tube in and released the clip. Tammy moaned as the hot fluid flowed into her asshole.

When we were all through and had our showers I ask the girls if they had had enough. Beth laugh” not on your life big brother, I’m gonna have your ass”. We all laughed as we headed for my bedroom. Tammy had to help Beth get the strap-on in place again. When they had everything in place Tammy moved over to the bed. She lay on her back and I positioned myself over her. She moved her head around and slid my hard cock into her hot mouth. I lowered my mouth to her hot, wet pussy and licked my tongue from her clit, down through her pussy, licking up her juice as I went and ended up at her still slightly gaped open asshole.

I could feel Beth positioning herself behind me. I could tell she was really turned on about what she was about to do to me. I could feel her hands trembling as she touched my ass cheeks and I could hear her heavy breathing. I felt Beth as she pushed her lubricated fingers into my ass, fucked them in and out a couple of times and twisted it from side to side.

She pulled her finger out and I felt the head of the toy cock as it touched my little rose. It was very tight at first until it shipped pass my sphincter, Beth stopped to give time to relax and get used to the invasion of my ass. Then she pushed on in until I could feel the harness of the strap=on against my ass cheeks.

At the same time I was busy working over Tammy’s ass, pussy and clit I couldn’t help but notice she was doing something a little different. She usually put her hand around my cock to act as a bumper so I couldn’t go too deep. That was not the case this time. She had her arms around my hips and was pulling me down a little deeper than usual. She would stop for just a second then pull me down some more.

With Beth banging away at my already tender asshole and me licking away on Tammy I dodn’t realize what she was doing. I first noticed when I heard Tammy GGGrrrr, then push me back just a little. In just a second she was pulled me back to where I was and a little more, some time having to pull back just a little to stop her gagging.

She continued this until I could feel my balls rubbing against her chin. She would hold me in her throat for just a moment then push me back to catch her breath then pull me back again. She started doing this faster and faster and it was sure having it’s effect on me

Beth spoke up and told us that the back side of the toy was rubbing against her clit every move she made and it was about to make her cum. Tammy pulled off my cock just long enough to inform Beth she was laying there deep throating my cock while watching the toy fucking my ass and her pussy being consumed by a true master. She warned me she was about to go off like a rocket. I started massaging her clit with my thumb and tongue fucking her as hard ad I could. I was able to reach her G-spot and that was all it took.

She started trashing around so much I couldn’t hardly keep mouth in place. Then she started squirting and it was like a fire hose. I tried to swallow it all but there was just too much too fast. She pulled my hips down and berried my cock in her throat. Bath was stand behind me now with he knees slightly bent to stay in line with my ass as she was really banging away. She was grunt lout on ever inward thrust, slamming to toy cock to the hilt.

I told Tammy I was about to cum in case she wanted to pull back little. She just pulled down harder on my hips. The tip of the toy was massaging my prostrate and Tammy’s throat muscles took me over the edge. The cum started flowing and flowing. I remember Beth letting out a very loud and long moan then collapsing on my back. I thing I remember falling forward, my face between Tammy’s legs but everything went black about that time and I’m not sure what happened .

The next thing I remember was a cool cloth on my forehead. I slowly open my eyes to see Tammy and Beth stand down at me smiling. “Now that’s what I call reaching a climax” Tammy said as she removed the clothe from my forehead and started wiping my face with it. “What the hell happen, what did I do. They both laughed and Beth said “you passed out big brother, the power of sex put you out like a light.

Tammy got up and walked out of the bedroom. Beth told Tammy was going to get me a sandwich and a glass of milk and I should just stay where I was. When Beth stood up I sas she still wearing the strap-on. I laugher and ash if she didn’t think she had done enough damage with that thing for one day. Beth looked at me with a scolding look and said” listen to me big brother, you scared hell out of both of us. We were afraid you were dead until we saw you were still breathing“. Sex is one thing and don’t get me wrong, I love it but loosing our loving brother is something all together.

I motioned for Beth to come closer, when she I reached out, took her in my arms and just held her. I could feel the love radiating between out two souls. I love sex with this young girl but I knew than it was far more than just sex. She, like Tammy was a part of me I hoped it would always stay that way;

Tammy startled both of us as she come back into the room saying “ hey you two, don’t you ever get enough”. As Beth moved back Tammy could see the tears in both our eyes and her mood changed. She joined us at the bedside in a big three way hug. I love you guys you know, with all my heart and soul. The tears were flowing and I thing for the first time in our lives we realized that we really were a special family. It was a love beyond brother and sisters and the sex We knew that Mom and Dad were special people and it was far more than just the sexual freedom that the family now shared, It was more, something that is not easy to explain unless you are part of a family like ours.

Just as Tammy handed me the sandwich the phone rang. Tammy answered, “ Oh hi Mom, yes we have been playing some, we can tell you all about it later”. Tammy listened while Mom talked then said ‘’Well we had to get Bobby a sandwich and glass of milk but you know he eats like a horse so I’m sure that would be fine. About an hour, yes, we’ll be ready, Bye Mom, see you in about an hour”

So what’s going on big sister I ask while munching away on my sandwich. Mom said for us to be ready in about an hour. She will be by to pick us and we are meeting the mystery lady Kin at a restaurant in town for dinner.

We were all showered and dressed looking like three innocent little kids when Mom got there. We all loaded in the car and made the short trip to town. We went to a nice restaurant we had been too before and the food was really good. When we walked in the hostess was waiting to set us. She told Mom her friend was already there. We went past most of tables to the back of the restaurant. We saw a lady setting alone at a large table. I though this must be the place. As we reached the table the hostess told the lady, “your friends are here”. The lady stood and turned around with a big smile on her face.

My sisters and I stopped suddenly and our mouth’s dropped open. We all looked at Mom then back at Kim. They were both smiling and Mom said” just so you know we have talked with Kim’s husband Dave and your Dad about this. We didn’t understand what she was talking about at the time. The three of us were still standing frozen like statures. Except for the fact that Kim had shoulder length blond hair and Mom had longer brown hair the two women looked alike. Well, not completely alike, Kin looked just a little younger and Mom was just a little taller, but close enough they could almost pass for twins.

I looked at Mom and could tell she was a little nervous, Then I though back and she was very quite and seemed nervous when she picked us up at home. Tammy was the first to speak. What’s going on here Mom. Mom walked around beside Kin, put her arm around her shoulder and said, “my dear sweet children I want you to meet my younger sister Kim.

We all just looked at each other for a few seconds. Kim looked at Mom and said, “Kathy this may not be such a good idea after all. Mom told her it was gonna be okay. Mom looked at the three of us for about a minute as we stood looking back at her and Kim or should I say Aunt Kim. Mom said’ I know this is a shock to you but as I told you we have already talked to Dan and Dave, I know you have a lot of questions about our past. There are thing some that are not very nice. When your Dad gets home we will set dawn and tell you everything but let me tell you now, Kim and Dave are one of the good things from our past” I could see that Mom and Kim were both crying and I knew as hard as this moment was for us it had to be ten time harder for then,

I moved around Mom and stuck my hand out and said “ hello Aunt Kin, I’m very pleased to meet you. With big tears rolling down her cheeks and a smile on her face she said “ I don’t want a damn hand shake I want a hug, I’ve been waiting years for this and a hand shake just don’t get it young man’. I thrower my arms around her neck and pulled her close in a big hug. In less than a second I could feel four more arms around us. I could hear Tammy and Beth crying and hell yes, I was too.

I looked over at Mom to see big tears rolling down her lovely cheeks, “ Just give me a minute, I have waited many years to see this“ Mom said. Our waitress come to our table. She was a very stout lady with a heavy German accent. The tears I see, but I see the love and smiles behind the tears. The boss lady sent this for all of you to enjoy. We looked at the large bottle of champagne. Mom told her we kids were not of age. Age , Smage, it’s happy celebration, we all know, OK!!. OK Mom said as the lady started pouring us all a glass.

I had so many questions I wanted to ask Aunt Kin as I’m sure Beth and Tammy did but Mom stopped it before we could start. Okay you guys, we know you have questions and we will answer anything about Kim, age, number of kids, dress size, bra and panty size” Aunt Kim broke in and said, “Hell no. they have to guess the bra and panty size. The three of us give a nervous laugh at that remark then looked at Mom. Mom smiled and told us to get used to it Aunt Kim hasn’t been drinking too much, that’s just the way she is with family. Kim spoke up and said” one more thing while we at it. Drop the Aunt Kim shit when it is only family, Okay”

Beth had not spoke a word since she first set eyes on Kim, but that was about to change. We were sipping our champagne and talking about all the good things on the menu when Beth ask,” So, what size bra do you ware. I was expecting Mom and Kim to have a fit. Mom just continued look at her menu and Kim, smiling, looked over the top of her menu and said, “Well homey, it really depends on the effect I want. My working, out in the public size is a 36 cc and my fun size is a 36 c, you know more cleavage”. Beth laughed and told Kim she didn’t know about things like that yet, hers was about a 26- a. We all had a big over that. I could tell by the look on Beth’s face and the gleam in her eyes there was more to come. Kim told Beth not to worry they would get there.

Then come the next bomb. Beth ask “ so what is your favorite position for fucking. Oh shit, I knew this was gonna draw fire from Mom but she just smiled and looked around to be sure no one was close enough to here. Then Kim surprised me when she answered. Beth, I really don’t have a favorite, I have never found one I didn’t like. Oh, I knew there was more to come, I just wondered what it would be. It didn’t take long to find out. Beth ask “ have you ever fucked my Dad.

Kim looked at Mom this time. Mom lowered her menu, nodded and said” Dan said it was alright to talk things about us but no more”. Then Kim looked back at Beth with a big smile on her face and said, “ yes, I sure have sweetie. It’s been a long time so you may be ahead of me by now. Then Tammy perked up and said “me too, not as many times a Beth but she found out before I did and Bobby was the last to know about the family secret.

Tammy said I have a question. Kin said’ and I’ll bet it’s about sex. Well yes it is but you may not want to answer this and if you don’t I’ll understand. Well, ask away Kim said. I knew it was gonna be tough one. Tammy was so nervous I see her hand holding her glass was shaking. Kin saw it too and told Tammy “calm down honey, we are all family“. Tammy let out a sigh of relief the ask “ have you ever made love with Mom”? Again Kim looked at Mom. This time she didn’t even lower her menu, she just said “ I ask him and he said it was okay. Kim looked at the three of us and with an ear to ear grin said, “ many times and I hope many more”.

Now it was my turn to ask the question but mine were not about the past but the future. Kim, I have a question. Kin looked at with those dreamy blue eyes and said “Okay Bobby, fire way” Would it be okay for me to fuck you”. I heard Tammy and Beth gasp and Mom snicker behind her menu and said “ remember little sister, I told you so”. Kim looked at me and the smile left her face. I though, oh shit, I’ve fucked up now. Kin said, “Bobby, I could give you a quick smart ass answer to that but I’m now. In fact I’m going to give you the facts because we need to discuss it sooner or later. Just hold that thought, here’s our waitress and we need to order.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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