Last Night

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Big Tits

“Don’t you agree, Matt?”

“Hmmm? Sorry – miles away…” In reality I was simply transfixed by the girl sitting opposite me – Nicola. Her eyes glinting in the low light. The way she kept brushing her blonde hair back over her ear. Her ready, flashing smile. Her tongue as she licked the last of her dessert from her lips (was she looking at me when she did that?). Her frankly dirty laugh as she mercilessly took the piss out of everyone else at the dinner party. “Please excuse me a minute. Bathroom…?”

“Down the hall, Matt. It hasn’t moved.”

What I really needed was some cold water on my face and to get out of there. Nic was the problem. I’d known her for years; half my life almost. She was my friend’s ex, just split a couple of months ago, and bizarrely I seemed to have handled the break-up worse than either of them; it’s very strange seeing your two closest friends at each other’s throats, so I just left them to it. James had moved on already, shagging one of the legal secretaries at work, and I hadn’t spoken to Nic until tonight. There had always been a sexual tension between us – lots of flirting, “accidental” body contact, innuendo and even a New Years kiss that lasted a bit, well a lot, longer than it should have. But no more than that.

And then tonight. I’d never seen her looking quite so hot. It felt likes all the years of repressed desire for her were coming to the surface at once. But still…. I mustn’t. James was still my friend, and almost more importantly so was she. What if my feelings were misguided? What if they weren’t? I’d had too much wine to trust myself to make a good decision. Better to slip away before I said or did something I might regret.

“Listen, thanks guys, that was lovely, but I’m going to catch a cab. I’ve got an early start tomorrow.”

“Can I share? Early start too.” Oh christ. Both Nic and I lived the other side of London. How could I say no? The cunning escape plan had fallen to pieces at the first hurdle.

She huddled against me as we stood in the cold waiting for a cab; head against my chest, arms around my waist, shivering as I shielded her from the worst of the winter wind. I could smell her perfume and was struggling to keep myself in check as it set my senses on fire. Finally a cab hove into view, and we bundled gratefully in. Still trembling with cold, she snuggled against me in the back of the cab.

“Your hands are freezing! Let me warm them up…” She took my almost blue right hand and furiously rubbed her own against it, stopping only to breathe on my fingers. Then she just clamped it between her thighs as she started on the other. Oh my good god. This was not part of the plan. I had convinced myself that all of the evening’s teasing and flirting, even up to finding my hand sandwiched between her firm thighs, was just a continuation of how we used to be round each other for so many years, in her eyes at least.

I shifted to hide the obvious indication of my arousal, and leant back against the seat, eyes closed, hoping that sleep would come before I made a fool of myself. But I left my hand between her legs. I could think of nothing else – it was like my whole being was concentrated in my fingertips. Surely if I just twitched my fingers a little she won’t notice? I felt her skin give a little through her jeans as I squeezed, but no reaction. I forced myself to breathe, trying to calm my heart down. Swallowed hard – maybe I could do that again? Slowly I flexed my fingers again, and shifted my hand just a few mm upwards, praying she would think I was just moving as I dozed.

Then I felt her hands grab my wrist and hold it tight. My mind was a blur of panic. What could I say to her? What was I thinking? I held my breath and waited. And waited.

“I know you’re not asleep,” she breathed into my ear. I didn’t move. “You can carry on like that if you like – it’s nice. But don’t open your eyes, don’t move around. I’m not giving the driver a show here.”

Swallowing again, I nodded imperceptibly, and felt her grip on my wrist relax, her legs parting just a little. Stealing a quick squint out the window I could see we were still a good half hour from my flat – longer to hers. I began to massage the inside of her thigh, slowly so as not Escort Keçiören to give the driver any cause to think we were anything other than asleep. Gradually I worked up her leg to the seam of her jeans, tight against her body, and gently pressed the thicker material against her sex. Sighing under her breath, she wriggled slightly, and I knew that my finger was rubbing her jeans right against her clit. I had to slip my other hand inside the waistband of my own trousers to adjust my hardening cock, and felt her hand slide up my leg and over the buttons, coming to rest over my erection. I could scarcely believe this was happening, and I’m sure she sensed my over-excitement, just lightly gripping my throbbing cock through my clothing rather than stroking it.

I continued to run my fingers against the crotch of her jeans, feeling her lean into me every time I got anywhere near her clit. Even through the denim I could feel the heat coming from her. Concentrating on her clit more and more now, her hips started to rock ever so slightly. She was trying so hard to be quiet, it was only her hot breath against my ear and the movement of her hips that gave her away. Slowly I became aware that the crotch of her jeans wasn’t only hot, it was damp. James had once let slip that Nic got really wet during sex but I’d never pressed him on the point – now I could feel for myself. My hard on began to twitch a little in response to her arousal. I longed to slip my hand inside her jeans to feel her pussy for real rather than through her jeans, but I knew the cabbie would notice if I “woke up”, so I just kept circling her clit through her jeans, a steady rhythm in time to her shallow breathing, which in turn became the rhythm of her hips as she rocked minutely against my fingers.

Then she was whispering in my ear: “Please keep going… feels so good… wanna cum… this is so hot… gonna cum…” She came without the driver noticing. For about 20 seconds, her body went entirely rigid. She didn’t breathe. She squeezed my erection so hard I thought she’d break it. I could feel her pussy throbbing and contracting through her jeans. As she relaxed, she released her grip, and just lay against me, getting her breathing back under control, until finally she sat upright as we entered my street.

“I’ll get out with you if that’s OK,” she said, and smiled at me as I paid the cabbie. It seemed I had no choice in the matter.

She held my waist tight as I struggled with the front door, and practically dragged me up the stairs to door of my flat. Then she was on her knees, giggling as she kissed the length of my still hard cock through my jeans while I tried to open the flat door before anyone came out to investigate the laughter. “Nicola!! Stop it! Let me open the door!”

As the door opened she rose and kissed me full on the lips, arms around me as we bundled inside. Her mouth which normally looked so soft was hard and insistent, her tongue fighting mine, lips locked together, pushing me against the wall, forgetting to breathe, lost so deep in the moment as if it was the last kiss she’d ever have.

I pulled away, panting for air, conscious of her body pressed against me, knowing she must be able to feel my erection against her waist. “Nic – I don’t want you to regret this tomorrow…”

“Shhh! Talk later. Now it’s your turn….” Leading me into the lounge, she once again knelt in front of me, loosening my belt and purposefully undoing the buttons of my fly. My jeans had scarcely touched the floor before she was kissing the tip of my cock as it tented my boxers, a little wet spot indicating where a bit of precum had escaped. She took the head into her mouth, still encased by the soft cotton, her teeth scraping against me through the fabric. As I moaned a little, she withdrew, and pulled my boxers to the floor, finally exposing my manhood to her gaze. She gave a little giggle which momentarily crushed my soul, but quickly realised her mistake and reassured me: “It’s OK, I’ve just never played with an uncircumcised one before…” And with that she pushed me back onto the couch and lowered her lips to my shaft.

Once again she took the head into her mouth, more careful with her teeth this time, sucking gently Keçiören Escort and running her tongue round the smooth flesh. Kissing down the underside of the shaft to my balls and back up again – soft, wet kisses that quickly cooled my hot skin under her breath. Cupping my balls in one hand, again she took me in, deeper this time, sucking harder, and squeezing the shaft with her other hand. As she pulled back, her hand ran up the shaft, prompting another dribble of precum to flow from the end. She lapped at it with the tip of her tongue, before taking it between her lips again.

My balls ached for release – including the taxi journey I’d been hard for about an hour now. With every flick of her tongue, movement of her lips, squeeze of her hand, my cock twitched – hard beyond belief. Sensing I was getting close, once again she withdrew me from her mouth, and just slowly wanked my cock with one hand, massaging my balls with the other, staring between my legs as she watched the foreskin moving over the end with each movement of her hand, fascinated as the engorged glans emerged and vanished time and again.

Finally, she just looked up at my eyes, and smiled her dirty smile, “I think you’re ready now.” Licking her lips again, she maintained eye contact as she once more took me into her mouth, knowing she was tipping me over the edge, sensing the moment of release. Her lips just covering the swollen end, tongue pressed flat against it, hands working my balls and shaft in tandem, I just had to cum. She gave one deep suck that seemed to draw the first jet from the very centre of my body, and she flinched as it hit the back of her throat, but kept her rhythm going as stream after stream pulsed into her mouth. Finally it was over, I sagged into the couch as my still twitching cock slipped from her lips. She’d swallowed most of my cum, but her eyes glinted as she deftly licked some from her lips just like she had with her dessert before.

“I love cum, but wine is better,” she said as she skipped into the kitchen, returning a minute later with two glasses and newly opened bottle.

“I’ve got some news,” she said. “I’m off tomorrow. Not holiday – I’m going. I’ve got a 6 month placement in Madrid, which might extend to 2 years. I’m sorry about forcing myself on you – I just couldn’t go with out knowing what it would be like with you. I’ve always wanted to fuck you.”

Stunned, I searched for a response. “I can assure you the feeling is mutual,” I managed, still dazed from my orgasm and her news.

“I kind of always knew… I was sure when I saw you watching me at dinner and tried to hide your hard-on, and certain when you started feeling me up in the cab…”

My cheeks flushed red as I started to stammer an apology. Then her finger on my lips, a twinkle in her eye, “Shhh! Lets just enjoy tonight now…”

I leaned into her and kissed her, gently now, taking control, manoeuvring my arms around her so I could stand and pick her up without breaking our kiss, before carrying her to the bedroom. Standing her down with her back towards me, I bent to kiss the back of her neck as I ran my hands down her arms, her skin turning to goose bumps as my fingers brushed over it. Still kissing her neck, I reached round to unbutton her blouse, slipping it from her shoulders. She moaned as I bit gently at her shoulder, slipping my hands down and forward to unbutton her jeans. Stepping free as they fell to the floor, she span round to stand before, her pink lace bra cupping her perfect bronzed breasts, the matching panties seemed almost painted onto her.

Stepping into her to renew our kiss, I lowered her to the bed, dragging my tongue down her chest, over her tummy to her hips as I did so. I could smell her musky scent, but it was only as my fingers found the edge of her panties that I realised how wet they were, soaking from her excitement and her orgasm earlier. Kissing her mound through the lace, I could taste her already, and once again I started to feel my cock grow heavy as my body responded to the smell, taste and sight of her. Lifting her hips, I slid the panties down her legs, to reveal a beautifully smooth mound, slightly puffy lips, and her glistening clit just peaking out from between. She Keçiören Escort Bayan moaned quietly as I kissed it, teasing with my tongue, alternately flicking at it with the tip and making small circles as she pressed her hips towards me, eager for more contact.

I ran my tongue down her slit, pulling her thighs apart, opening her lips. Pressing my tongue as far as I could, I sought out her hole, seeking the source of her juices, wanting to taste her nectar. Then back up to her clit, focussing my attention in response to the sighs and moans she was making. Gently I drew her clit between my lips, sucking slightly, pressing it with my tongue. My fingers crept towards her pussy, guided by the slick moisture on her thighs. One finger slipped easily inside and the second elicited a little gasp. A quick glance up showed that she was mauling her breasts through her bra – her erect nipples obvious through the lace.

I opened my two fingers, stretching the entrance to her hole slightly, feeling the wet skin give a little as she started to rock her hips in response. Hooking my fingers I searched for her g-spot, massaging the walls of her pussy. She groaned and bucked a little, and I struggled to keep my tongue in place as it worked on her clit. Suddenly she sat up: “I want more…”

I leaned forward to unhook her bra, letting her tits fall free. Cupping one in my hand I moved to kiss her, but instead she just started licking her juices from my face. With a wicked grin she moved sideways and pushed me down, immediately straddling me, her pussy hovering above my now full hard cock. She lowered herself down, not onto me, but over me, so her clit was squeezed against my shaft. As I stretched my neck up to take a nipple in my mouth, she started to slide back and forth, her soaking pussy leaving me covered in a trail of her wetness. Moaning, she moved more quickly, her clit travelling the entire length of my shaft as she rubbed herself against me. She tossed her head back and began to groan deeply.

“Cumming…” was all she said. It felt like her whole pussy had melted over my cock, the entire shaft was in contact with her soft wet flesh. Her arms trembled as she supported herself on my shoulders, and slowly she collapsed down onto me.

I held her still for a moment, before she reached back and moved my cock so it was against her hole. “Now fuck me!” she breathed in my ear. I rocked my hips, pressing into her. Just the head at first, her pussy clenched tight around it, slowly relaxing to admit more. Moving slowly, I worked a few inches in and she started to respond to my hip movements with her own. Rolling her onto her back, I pressed further in, feeling her surrounding me, drawing me in further until there was no more to go.

Shifting position slightly again, I opened her legs, slipping my arms under her thighs to lift them and hold them apart. Legs trapped between my arms and by body, she couldn’t move, save for rock her hips as I thrust into her. She managed to slip a hand between us, her finger locating her clit as I drilled into her, eyes closed in ecstasy as she approached another orgasm. Every thrust felt like I was falling further into her, balls slamming into her backside, shaft throbbing as she clenched around it, almost trying to pump the cum from me.

“Your cock fits my cunt perfectly,” she moaned. “I want to feel you cum inside me – deep inside me…” She was breathing hard now, hand furious on her clit, hips bucking under me. I stared at her beautiful face, eyes screwed closed, lips apart, tongue flicking out to moisten them as she started to move her head from side to side. Her neck began to flush, little beads of perspiration on her forehead. As she took a final deep breath I knew what was coming, and closed my eyes as my own climax rapidly approached.

With a stilted scream, every muscle in her body contracted at once, her pussy squeezing and enveloping my cock so completely that I had no choice but to follow her, conscious of nothing but the cum flooding from my cock deep inside her pussy, which was contracting in time with my own bursts, even as they weakened and my pounding slowed.

We lay there afterwards, after she had licked me clean, and with my cum slowly oozing out of her, her head on my chest. We sipped wine, we laughed about the fun times we’d had over the years, and we stroked each other’s skin until sleep came.

When I woke in the morning she was gone, a note on the pillow with her still damp panties: “You can bring these back to me in Spain…”

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