Lariats and Lacrosse Sticks Ch. 07

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There are scenes of unprotected sex depicted in his story. In all cases it was between the two main characters, who are in a committed, monogamous relationship and were tested. If you aren’t in the same kind of relationship, then you should always protect yourself and wear a condom.

Tanner and Randy had gotten to know Tanner’s uncle and his husband quite well after they helped Tanner come out to his parents. Not only had that brought the family back together, the reunion had given Randy and Tanner another, more established couple, to talk to when questions arose. It wasn’t that the boys were having trouble, or that Rob and Ian were the epitome of normalcy, but it was still good to see another couple who had already been through the same thing. Their new friendship with each other helped a few times when questions had come up. Oddly enough they had bonded with their opposites. Tanner got along great with Ian, and Randy seemed to prefer Rob’s company. It wasn’t that they didn’t all get along — they did — but they seemed to split up in those pairs.

The new found closeness also translated from a loose invitation to the older couples’ wedding, to a place in the wedding party and plane tickets to get them to Seattle. The rest of Tanner’s family had been invited too, but they hadn’t been able to get away from the ranch for that many days. Tanner also thought his parent’s didn’t want their reunion with his uncle to be at the wedding. They probably needed to have a serious talk, and a wedding wasn’t the right place. But they had sent gifts with Tanner for the wedding couple. Tanner refocused on the bowtie Randy had helped him tie, as he tried to get it to sit more comfortably on his neck.

Tanner shifted uncomfortably in his tux. The layers of starched clothing wasn’t so much the problem as the nervousness at being in his uncle’s wedding. Randy had gotten off lucky – he was an usher – but Rob and Ian asked Tanner to be one of Rob’s groomsmen. The whole logistics of the thing were humorous: two grooms, each with five groomsmen, who weren’t all male. The arrangements were enough to confuse anyone although the other people in the wedding party took the unusual arrangement in stride.

“They’re a bitch, aren’t they!”

Tanner turned to see Ian’s niece, Rene, who was also dressed in a tuxedo. A tux was fitting, considering she was one of Ian’s groomsmen. She was dressed as a counterpoint to Tanner in a white tux with black shirt and cufflinks. At some point during all the planning the couple had decided one groom and all his wedding party would wear white, and the other all black. Tanner agreed the color choices made it easy to tell who went with whom.

“It’s not as bad as the cummerbund, though. I don’t care what Randy says, they feel like a girdle,” said Tanner with a chuckle as he tugged at the uncomfortable piece of clothing.

“Come on you two. It’s time for the groomsmen to file in,” said Ian.

Tanner and Rene moved, knowing where they should be, since Ian had been drilling everyone all week on the processional, which Tanner had to admit, wasn’t the worst idea ever. It wasn’t like there was anything like a traditional gay marriage. So a lot of decisions had to be made. But the couple had agreed on the details long before the event and it was just a matter of teaching everyone else what they wanted.

The twin lines of groomsmen walked lock step down the church aisle. The sanctuary of the Episcopal Church was awash in fresh flowers and origami cranes that Ian asked each guest make and add to the decorations. Ian’s father was Welsh, but his mother had survived the Japanese internment camps and so they were a tribute to her. As the wedding party made their way down the aisle and split to each side, the piano solo ended and quiet descended on the church.

The day had dawned into a rare sunny late fall event for the Puget Sound area, and the weak yellow light was piercing the sanctuary with a kaleidoscope of colors from the stained-glass windows. After the setting had reached a respectful silence, the first notes of the bridal chorus began and the couple stepped into place with Ian’s diminutive mother standing between them. As they walked slowly down the aisle, Tanner had to admit they made a handsome couple. Rob looked a lot like Tanner, his reddish tinted hair was thick and wavy, his beard carefully shaped and trimmed, looking extremely handsome in his black tux. Ian was equally stunning in a white tux that contrasted artistically with his blue-black hair, his Japanese heritage framing his face in an indefinably exotic feel.

Between the two beaming men was their escort, Ian’s mother. A full head shorter than either of them, she easily was the focal point of the procession. She was wearing what was obviously a custom-made kimono, white with a black-on-black embroidered obi. As the first cords of the bridal chorus drifted from the pipe organ, the three began walking down the aisle, preceded by the flower girl throwing tiny black and white origami gaziantep bayan eskort cranes, symbols of loyalty, honor and peace, down the aisle. The couple had chosen two ring bearers, twin boys from a couple they were friends with, and the tow-headed twins each held a pillow with a ring securely attached.

It was immediately evident Ian’s mother was guiding both men. The trio beamed and nodded at friends and family as they went down the aisle. The day seemed particularly preordained for perfection. The couple had actually been together for well over a decade, but laws had changed to allow them to marry. The mix of light and pattern seemed to be a celebration from on high for an event that shouldn’t have been the struggle it had. By the time they reached the end of the aisle and both leaned down as if synchronized to gently kiss Ian’s mother, there were handkerchiefs aplenty out drying eyes.

Their eyes locked as Ian’s mother settled into her seat on the first pew. Rob intertwined his fingers with Ian’s, lifted his hand and kissed it with tender love before walking the remaining few feet to stand before the minister, hands still tightly clasped. With a dignified and meaningful cadence, vows were exchanged. The room glowed from within when the ceremony was concluding and the couple leaned in to exchange kisses. As their lips separated and they turned to the crowd, a thunderous cheer met them. The audience stood and continued their cheers, and with the addition of a few wolf whistles the pair retreated down the aisle feeling blessed.

“Good lord! You people do understand we’ve been living in the same house for years, so we can only use so many gravy boats,” said Rob with a laugh as he held up the latest gift he had opened.

He let out a low grunt as an elbow was shoved into his ribs. “What my husband meant was it’s a lovely and thoughtful gift,” said Ian with a smile. The crowd around them broke into laughter, knowing the multiple gravy boats were a running joke between many couples.

The pair opened the multitude of gifts, including some simple presents from Tanner’s parents. But Rob came to a silent stop when a large, plain box was placed on his lap. His eyes locked on the gift tag for several long minutes.

Ian nudged his arm. “Open it, what’s going on?”

Rob looked at Ian with an indecipherable expression on his face. “It’s from my mother.”

“I thought she died years ago,” said Ian.

“She did,” said Rob. He looked at Tanner who was sitting to one side with Randy. “You brought this?”

“Yeah, Dad said there is a note inside explaining everything.” Tanner shrugged.

Rob tried to open the gift, but his hands shook too badly to accomplish it. After a second failed attempt, Ian reached over, gently took the package from Rob and sat it on his lap. He began to slowly open the package after getting a confirmation nod from Rob. The box opened to reveal its contents.

The couple’s eyes met, and Ian reached in and pulled out the folded letter on top. Ian read through the note and then handed the aged paper to Rob. He read through the note in the growing silence around them, tears rolling down his cheeks. After trying to speak with abortive results, he handed the note back to Ian.

Ian read through the note again and cleared his throat. “The note is from Rob’s mother. If it’s okay with Rob, I’ll read what it says.” Ian glanced at Rob, who nodded. Ian cleared his throat and began reading.

“My dear baby boy,

This quilt is for you on the day of your wedding. If you have it in your hands, I didn’t live to see the wonderful day of your marriage. I wish you and your husband love and happiness for the rest of your life. The quilt is made from bits of your clothes as you grew up. I hope it brings you good memories of times we spent together.

I hope you can forgive your mother for being too weak to stand up to your father the way you did. You were always strong. But my weakness lost my baby to me and I don’t know if you can ever forgive me. I know I’ve never been able to forgive myself.

Your mother and God are proud of you on your wedding day. Never doubt that.

All my love,


Ian carefully folded the letter and handed it back to Rob. Leaning over he kissed his husband tenderly and then wiped away the tears. Rob cleared his throat and gave Ian a weak smile. “Well, that was unexpected. I guess we have a handmade quilt.”

The pair pulled the blanket from the box, unfolding the huge piece of art across their laps to reveal the double wedding ring pattern. They fingered the cloth, studying the artistically presented handiwork. A warm, gentle chuckle came from Rob. “It’s from shirts I had over the years. These are from years and years of saved material.”

The pair touched the individual pieces, each a small reminder of Rob’s childhood and adolescence, with fond recollections of time spent with his mother. He glared at Ian when he began to laugh. “What?”

“Deep purple paisley? And they thought you were straight?”

Rob smiled and gently smacked his husband on the shoulder. “Hey! It was very in style in the early 80’s. I looked fabulous!”

“Baby, that was never really in style, but I’m sure you looked fabulous.”

A gentle laughter spread through the crowd as the wedding party relaxed again. Ian began unwrapping the last of the gifts as Rob folded the quilt, giving the precious gift a loving pat before going back to their day.

A pair of arms wrapped around Tanner’s waist, and he twisted to find himself face to face with Randy. He leaned in for a much-needed kiss, then smiled and touched his boyfriend’s face.

“It was a great wedding. I think the gift from your grandmother was the best thing,” said Randy.

“Yeah, I think they really loved it too. The wedding was great though. Too bad it took fifteen years before they could have it.”

“I don’t want to wait that long, I want us to get married soon,” said Randy.

A slight smile came across Tanner’s face. “Are you proposing to me Randall Warfield Preston the fourth?”

Randy smiled and kissed Tanner. “Yes, Tanner William Carson. I want you to marry me.”

“Where’s the ring? I may be easy but I ain’t cheap,” said Tanner with a chuckle, his emotions mixed about the intimate moment they had shared.

“I’m on it!” said Randy with a smile. “And when I have the ring, we’re setting a date!”

“Hey sexy, wanna get lucky?”

Tanner shivered at the familiar husky voice, the scent of Randy curling through his nostrils. The reception was beginning to wind down and as the party continued, Tanner escaped to a quiet corner and had been watching. He turned and ran his hands over Randy’s chest. Pulling Randy against him, he started nibbling on his ear. When he got a low groan, he released his ear and whispered. “You’re fucking hot in a tux.”

Randy groaned as Tanner’s hand grabbed his crotch and squeezed. His tongue traced along the edge of Randy’s jaw, pressing hard against his lips. As they continued to make out, their youthful bodies responded and began grinding against each other. Randy broke the kiss, and scanned the area to see who might be watching them. Relieved no one caught them, he pulled on Tanner, directing him to a coatroom he noticed earlier. Randy scanned the room again, and then opened the door and yanked Tanner inside.

In the dimly lit room, Randy turned to Tanner, taking him in his arms. “Hello, sexy. What did you want now?”

Tanner smiled and kissed Randy hard, Tanner’s tongue battering against his teeth for entrance. He gladly parted his lips, and Tanner immediately rammed his tongue inside. No less aggressive in his assault he grabbed Tanner’s ass and squeezed hard. After several minutes of frantic kisses, Tanner broke their embrace and moved backward.

“I want your cock. You’re so fuck’n hot in your tux and I’m going to suck you dry!” Tanner slowly kneeled in front of his man.

Tanner’s hands gripped his package, Randy’s cock quickly filling and stretching down his leg. Tanner’s mouth descended on his hard cock and sighed. But a second later Randy’s eyes flew open; he grabbed Tanner’s head and pulled him off his crotch. Looking down into his questioning face with a grin Randy whispered, “Oh no. I don’t want it to look like I pissed my pants.”

Without a word Tanner pulled down the zipper and opened Randy’s pants. Tanner’s fingers probed the opening, finding the fly in his underwear and fishing out his hard cock. His dick popped loose and Randy sighed when Tanner’s tongue travel along its length. He let out a low moan as the jolts of pleasure shot through his body until Tanner let the cock pop from his mouth and reached up and smacked Randy’s ass.

“Quiet. There are people in the ballroom, you know!” said Tanner.

Randy nodded, trying to be quiet. “Okay, yeah. Just hurry up, before someone needs a coat from in here.”

Randy watched Tanner run the sleeve of his tux over his wet mouth, Randy’s hard cock waved between them protruding virulently from the fly of Randy’s black pants. For once Randy felt good looking, he thought the tux was a perfect fit and showed his body off to its maximum. The glistening hard column of flesh protruding from his zipper made the entire scene just nasty enough to make Randy’s body begin to throb.

He watched as Tanner wrapped his fist around his cock, sliding the head of his cock into his mouth and swirling his tongue around its rim. Randy almost let out another loud moan, but strangled it back. Without conscious thought he took Tanner’s head in his hands and started pumping into his hot mouth. It didn’t take many thrusts until the tingle in the root of his cock signaled the eminence of his orgasm.

His fingers dug into Tanner’s scalp as the first surge of semen flood out. Randy pinned Tanner’s head against his pelvis as he exploded with days of built up cum. Randy watched and was turned on by the struggle Tanner had swallowing the entire load. After a few delicious moments of climax, Randy dropped back to the present and remembered they were in a coat closet at Tanner’s uncle’s wedding, and really didn’t want to become part of another infamous wedding story.

A tremor raced through Randy’s body as Tanner released his cock and began licking the last traces of cum. He tilted Tanner’s face toward him and wiped the dribble of semen from the corner of his mouth, sucking the cream from his finger. He watched with rapt attention as Tanner dug his cock out and pounded hard and fast. He continued to touch Tanner with careful tenderness as his partner raced toward climax. The handsome man under his fingertips shuddered as his orgasm began.

Randy dropped and plunged his face between Tanner’s spread legs and wrapped his lips around Tanner’s cock just as he fired his first volley. Randy’s hands gripped Tanner’s hips tightly as volley after volley filled his mouth. Randy swallowed quickly, relishing the hot bittersweet load. After a handful of convulsive jets, Randy nursed the rest of Tanner’s erotic release from him. Randy pulled Tanner to him and gave him a kiss.

“When you two are done let us know, some people need their coats.”

Randy and Tanner looked at each other in a panic at the sound of Ian’s voice, horrified they’d been busted.

Even weeks later, Tanner still turned red each time he thought about them getting caught at Ron and Ian’s wedding. Fortunately, the older couple had found their horny closet escapades more humorous than offensive, and said the whole thing sounded like something they might have done when they were younger. Adding to Tanner’s discomfort, Randy had started thinking them being caught was funny too. Fortunately, he didn’t think it was humorous enough to share the story with everyone.

As the end of the semester crept closer, and the winter holidays approached, Tanner had been struggling about what to get Randy for Christmas. He wanted something personal, but he didn’t have much cash. As they became more comfortable with each other, they had started adding a little variety to their sex life, but Tanner didn’t think he was comfortable yet with anything too far out there. The sex slave gift he’d given Randy for his 21st birthday was as far as he could go. Besides, sex toys weren’t cheap either.

As Tanner thought about gift options, he drifted into contemplation of how different their holiday was going to be this season. First, they were spending the entire time together. That alone was going to be wonderful, but adding the fact Tanner’s uncle and his husband were coming to visit Tanner’s parents for the first time in 20 years, the season was going to be special. Tanner had kept in touch with his uncle since their first phone conversation last summer and he knew Rob eagerly anticipated the visit. And Tanner was flying back to Maryland with Randy to meet his dad. All in all, the holiday was going to be packed with festivities and reunions. Realizing none of this wool gathering was helping him come up with ideas, he started searching for suggestions on the Internet. Following a random set of links, Tanner stumbled upon an idea that met all his criteria, and more. A broad smile blossomed across his face as he started to make of list of the things he would need.

Randy and Tanner were wedged tight in their make-out chair, both of them enjoying their time together. The pair relaxed for their last night in the apartment before they began their epic trip for the winter holiday. Tanner had finished his finals a few days earlier, and had been putting together a great last dinner for the two of them. Randy had come home early, happy with how his tests went and began helping with the meal too. They’d soon sat down to a great dinner Tanner had obviously splurged to buy, although Randy suspected the steaks were pilfered from the family freezer at the ranch. Everything was delicious, and they had a great time talking while they cleaned up afterwards.

Before long they settled into the chair together, but Tanner knew Randy was barely keeping his urge to open their gifts under control. He’d been on the same page in the book he was reading since they’d wedged themselves into the chair. Tanner was delighting in his eagerness, knowing he would break sometime soon.

“Ahh, you know it’s the last night for us in the apartment,” said Randy without meeting Tanner’s eyes.

Tanner hid his smile, slowly closing the magazine in his hand and let it drop to the floor. “Oh, I guess it is.”

“So, I guess tonight we open our gifts to each other.”

“Yeah. Yeah I guess we should,” said Tanner as a smile covered his face.

“Well, Damn. Let’s open them!” said Randy, losing any semblance of patience.

Tanner rolled out of the chair with enthusiasm. Grabbing the two presents from under their tiny tree. he handed Randy his gift, and then jiggled his own present. The weight and noise made by the box suddenly had Tanner questioning his homemade gift. But it was too late now for him to make any changes. He hoped Randy would know the present was from the heart.

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