Lady Gambler Ch. 11

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After looking at several homes around the Las Vegas area, Scott and Rachael settled on purchasing a two-story home, northwest of the sprawling city. Located just a few blocks from the prestigious Painted Desert Country Club, the home offered many amenities, including a luxurious swimming pool with a waterfall feature.

For Rachael, the home represented an investment. For Scott it meant living in absolute luxury at no cost to him. The five-bedroom home was significantly large enough to permit Scott to expand on the escort service’s original business format. His plans, still in their infancy, were something he wanted to discuss with Charlene before proceeding.

Furnishing the house and setting up a home office for the escort service took almost three weeks. The secretary’s office would be located just off the main living area. Scott’s spacious office offered direct access to the terrace and swimming pool. One of the perks, he hoped to enjoy as often as possible.

Skeptical of some of the men and women working as escorts, Scott has used his free time to run background checks on several employees. Finding numerous discrepancies in their employment files, Scott convinced Rachael to replace several escorts.

“We need women with style, sophistication and education.” Scott stated. “And of course, great looks!”

“What about the guys?” Rachael inquired.

“I wouldn’t worry to much about education with the guys.” Scott responded. “Women are gonna go for looks first. If they’ve got style and sophistication, that’s just a plus, not a requirement.”

“Women aren’t going to want to go out with some dumb-ass.” Rachael said.

“I realize that.” Scott replied. “Women want someone who’s going to act like a gentleman, be entertaining and hopefully will give them the fuck of their life before morning.”

“Maybe I should help conduct the interviews.” Rachael suggested.

“Like hell!” Scott exclaimed. “I’ll do all the interviews, especially with the women. You can sit in on the interviews with the men if you want, but that’s all. Just sit in and keep quiet.”

“Scott, you’re forgetting who owns this escort service.” Rachael boldly stated.

“You’re forgetting that without me running the day-to-day operations and overseeing everything, you won’t have a business.” Scott retorted. “You damn near let Glenn and Crystal rob you blind and put you out of business.”

“It’s going to be run my way or I’m walking!” Scott added. “I’d prefer you stay out of sight and away from the business as much as possible. It‘s for your own good.”

Not arguing any further, Rachael conceded to Scott’s demands. With Charlene far off in Colorado, Scott was the only one she felt she could trust. She needed Scott alot more than he needed her. Scott knew it too and he wasn’t about to let her forget it.

After Rachael left to return to her desert home, west of Vegas, Scott thought about calling Charlene to see how she was getting along.

“How’s things on the ranch?” He asked.

“Fantastic! Couldn’t be better!” Charlene exclaimed.

“Really! Never figured you for the country type.” Scott responded. “But, you sure sound happy.”

“I am. I really am.” She stated. “It’s alot of work, but I’m not constantly having to look over my shoulder.”

“I know what you mean.” Scott said. “I can tell I’m going to have to keep a close eye on Rachael.”

“How’s the escort service coming along?” Charlene inquired. “Ready to reopen for business?”

“Yeah, but on a scaled down version till we hire more people.” He replied. “I’ve got to start interviewing for a secretary before I do anything.”

“Someone sexy, I presume.” She quipped. “But not too dumb.”

“Someone smart and sexy would fit the bill.” Scott responded. “Single and horny would be a plus.”

“You keeping your dick clean?” Charlene kidded. “Not stroking it to Rachael, are you?”

“Nah, she thinks I’m gay as hell.” Scott answered. “I’m going to let her keep thinking it too.”

“When are you coming back for a visit?” Scott asked. “You can always stay here. This house is fantastic, almost as nice as Rachael’s.”

“I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get away.” Charlene replied. “We’re still dealing with contractors and Rick needs my help.”

“You started on the house yet?” He inquired.

“No, not yet.” She answered. “Rick wants to build the barns first. Then we can start buying horses.”

“You gonna buy a horse?” Scott quipped, laughing.

“Yeah, I am.” Charlene quickly answered. “And don’t laugh.”

“Whoa! You really are into this ranching thing, aren’t you?” He exclaimed.

“Yeah. It’s a nice, clean way of life.” Charlene said. “I may buy a ranch myself someday.”

Scott and Charlene discussed a few business ideas before concluding their phone conversation. Charlene was anxious to get back to work and Scott had plans to go shopping for a car.

After looking over the inventory at the Mercedes-Benz dealership, Scott narrowed his choice down to a beautiful black S430 sedan. Paying Escort Çankaya cash for the car, Scott drove it off the lot, cruising up the strip towards home. Beaming as he drove, Scott’s mind drifted to thoughts of hiring a secretary.

“Maybe someone like that leggy receptionist at the dealership.” Scott thought. “She had a friendly personality and seemed quite intelligent. Not to mention being drop-dead gorgeous with legs all the way to heaven.”

Arriving at home, Scott made a call to the dealership. The receptionist answered the phone, her sexy voice most distinguishable.

“This is Scott Timmons.” He spoke. “I was just in an purchased a new Mercedes sedan.”

“Yes, Mr. Timmons.” The receptionist said. “I remember you. You’re not having car trouble, are you?”

“No, no! Nothing like that!” Scott responded. “I was just wondering if you’d be interested in a secretarial position I have available?”

Silence between the two lasted for several moments before the receptionist replied to Scott’s inquiry.

“Are you serious or just putting me on?” She inquired.

“Believe me, I’m serious. Very serious.” Scott answered.

“Well, I’m happy with my job here and I make good money.” She replied. “It would hard for me to just up and quit.”

“I understand.” Scott stated. “I don’t suppose I could lure you away by offering you more money.”

“Depends on what you’re offering.” The receptionist replied.

“I’m guessing you make about $500 a week.” He assumed.

“I wish!” She quipped.

“Hmmmmm. How about if I were to double that?” Scott inquired. “Let’s say an even grand a week.”

“We definitely need to talk in person.” She quickly replied. “I get off work at 6:00.”

“How about dinner at Antonio’s in the Excalibur around 8:00 this evening?” Scott suggested.

Without hesitation, the receptionist promptly agreed to meet for dinner. Scott called to secure reservations, not wanting to have to wait for a table. Till then, he had ample time to put his proposition together. Not sure how the girl would feel about working for an escort service, he needed to make the business sound upscale as well as stable.

Arriving at the Excalibur shortly before 8:00pm, Scott found his dinner date anxiously waiting in the hotel lobby. Wearing an ankle-length evening dress, the young lady smiled when she recognized Scott.

“I see you remember me.” Scott stated when he approached her.

“I remember everyone I meet.” She replied. “Especially those that make an impression.”

“By the way. My name is Melissa Walsh.” She added.

Melissa stood about 5’9” with a fantastic figure. Her shoulder length blonde hair and ice-blue eyes accentuated her beauty. The long slit up the side of her dress parted slightly when she walked, allowing Scott a generous view of her perfectly shaped legs.

After being seated at a cozy table and ordering cocktails, Scott asked Melissa about her background.

“I’m originally from Tampa, Florida.” Melissa stated. “I graduated from Florida State three years ago with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business. I’ve been working at the dealership for almost a year.”

“Seems like a waste of time with my educational background but it’s not easy finding a corporate job that I don’t have to compete against a thousand other applicants.” She added.

“Married?” Scott inquired.

“Divorced.” Melissa replied. “Married for about a year, no children.”

“Can you tell me what kind of business you’re in?” She inquired.

“I’m restructuring an escort service here in Vegas.” Scott responded.

“Restructuring?” Melissa said.

“Adding some new male and female personnel, changing payment policies, keeping a tighter rein on everything.” Scott stated. “A general overhaul of the entire business.”

“What’s the name of the escort service?” She asked.

“Nightlife Escorts.” He replied. “It’s been in business for several years.”

“Can you tell me about the job?” Melissa inquired.

“You’re main duties would be scheduling the escorts to meet our client’s requests.” Scott stated. “Making reservations when required. Answering the telephone, of course. Most importantly, you’d be documenting all the activities and transactions.”

“That is keeping a tight rein on the business!” Melissa exclaimed.

“You’ll have to pass a drug test and a background check.” Scott stated. “If you’d like, why don’t you stop by tomorrow sometime and fill out an application?”

“I could stop by this evening and take care of that, if you’d like.” Melissa responded, smiling.

“Even better.” Scott replied, realizing she was definitely interested in the job.

After dinner, Melissa followed Scott back to his home. Entering the luxurious home, Scott showed her the secretary’s office just off the living area. Melissa was impressed with the layout as well as the rest of the house.

After completing an employment application, the two shared a drink on the terrace.

“I could get used to working in Çankaya Escort these kind of surroundings.” Melissa quipped.

“Well, if things check out, you could start as early as next week.” Scott responded.

“Maybe I could start immediately.” Melissa spoke softly, leaning towards Scott.

Melissa’s lips pressed lightly to Scott’s, nibbling gently. Her hand reached behind his head pulling Scott’s lips hard to hers. Scott’s tongue sliced between Melissa’s moist lips, slithering into her mouth. Working his tongue over Melissa’s, he quickly aroused her desires. Within moments, the pair’s lips were grinding against each other’s.

“Maybe we should find someplace where we could be more comfortable.” Scott muttered.

Taking Melissa’s hand, Scott led her back into the house and upstairs to the master bedroom. Entering the darkened bedroom, Melissa unzipped the back of her dress, stepping out of it as it fell to her feet. Not missing a step, she kicked off her high-heels as she approached the bed. Wearing nothing but black thong panties, Melissa stretched out on the bed, resting her head on a pillow.

Scott undressed casually, never taking his eyes off Melissa. Her long legs, slightly raised, were even more gorgeous than he first thought. Stripping off his tight briefs, Melissa caught her first glimpse of Scott’s long, thick cock standing fully erect. Wetting her lips, she couldn’t wait to get her mouth on him.

Scott climbed on the bed slowly, not wanting to hurry the moment. Stretching out next to Melissa, he pulled her warm body close to his, crushing her beautiful breasts to his chest. Their lips meshed together in a fervent kiss that grew more and more passionate. Scott’s hand cupped Melissa’s breasts, silently admiring their shape and firmness.

“What a great set of fucking tits!” He thought. “Damn, their perfect!”

Gently massaging Melissa’s breasts, her nipples responded to his touch. Scott’s lips, tugging gently on her nipples, teased them till they hardened. Melissa’s soft moans were the only sounds filling the large bedroom. Scott continued working on her breasts and nipples, making her inner passions gradually rise.

Slipping his hand beneath Melissa’s panties, he found her pussy already secreting juices. Scott’s fingers slipped between her legs, forcing them to part slightly. Melissa’s moans grew louder as he leisurely worked his finger between the folds of her pussy. Her perfectly shaped butt pressed down against the cool sheets, slightly bucking against Scott’s hand. Rubbing his finger upwards, he brushed against Melissa’s sensitive clit, causing her to gasp aloud.

Scott grasped Melissa’s panties at the sides, slowly sliding them down her long slender legs. The bedroom, barely illuminated by the moonlight, allowed him to see the neatly trimmed, light blonde pubic hair covering her pussy. Tossing the panties across the room, Scott focused his attentions on Melissa’s pussy. Spreading her legs, his lips kissed her pussy with a passion. Melissa’s hands tightly grasped the sheets, her fingers clawing. Scott’s tongue licked her slit, tasting her juices. Melissa’s body twitched as his tongue brought her close to orgasm. Penetrating her pussy with his tongue drove her over the top. Melissa’s cry of ecstasy filled the bedroom.

“OHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh” She cried out.

Scott sucked on Melissa’s hard little clit, prolonging her incredible orgasm. The juices flowing from her pussy, dripped down onto the sheets. Scott kissed the soft pubic hair of her pussy, slowly working his way upwards toward her heaving breasts.

Kissing her soft lips, Scott felt Melissa pushing him off to the side, onto his back. Holding his cock firmly in her hand, she straddled him, guiding his long, thick cock to her pussy. Easing down on him, Scott felt his cock sliding deeper and deeper inside her. His hands held Melissa’s ass as she rode him. Her body rising till his cock was barely inside her then slamming down hard, grinding her pussy into him. Scott’s cock felt like it was as hard as oak. Melissa fucked herself for several minutes, hard and fast, then slow and easy. Her hands held Scott’s shoulders pinned against the bed. Feeling herself about to cum, Melissa increased the tempo once again. Scott’s hips bucked hard into her, forcing her to orgasm.

Waiting patiently till her orgasm finally waned, Scott pushed her over backwards. Melissa’s head was hanging over the foot of the bed. Scott’s long cock, still buried deep inside her, plunged in and out. Taking long, deep strokes, he ravaged her body, fucking her with a vengeance. Melissa begged for more, begging him to fuck her even harder! Scott was most obliging, not wanting to ever stop fucking the beautiful woman. His balls felt like they were going to explode as they slapped her ass with each hard stroke. Scott continued his frenzied motions till his cock spewed his hot, thick cum inside her. Gritting his teeth to keep from screaming out, he felt another load exploding from his cock. Scott gasped Çankaya Escort Bayan for air, trying to catch his breath. His head was spinning as he collapsed on top of Melissa. The last of his cum, dripping from his cock, buried deep inside her lustful pussy.

Lying on top of Melissa, the two of them tried to get their breaths. Melissa’s arms around Scott, held him firmly to her overheated body. Scott’s strength not sufficient to lift himself from Melissa, he remained motionless for several minutes.

Melissa managed enough strength to roll Scott onto his side. His cock slipped from her pussy. Kissing him softly on the lips before she glided off the bed, Melissa headed for the bathroom. Returning several minutes later, she washed his cock with a warm washcloth.

“If you’d like to stay the night, you’re more than welcome to.” Scott said, smiling.

“I’d like to but I’ve got to be at work in the morning.” Melissa whispered.

After several moments, she added, smiling. “I guess I could stay long enough for a short nap.”

Cuddling up with Scott, the two drifted off to sleep on the king-size bed.

Scott woke up early the next morning, well before sunrise, finding himself alone. Walking across the hallway to another bedroom, he peered out the window. Melissa’s car, a late model Trans-Am was gone from the driveway.

Scott made his way to the kitchen to put on some coffee. Waiting for it to brew, he carefully reviewed Melissa’s employment application. While it was up to Melissa to get the drug test, Scott would run a background check on her through his contact in the sheriff’s department back in Phoenix.

With Melissa’s degree in business, she could prove to be a valuable asset to the business. Even though she had no real experience in management, she had potential.

“Brains and beauty, a hell of a combination!” Scott thought.

Late Wednesday, Scott had the results from the background check on Melissa. Other than a traffic ticket for speeding, her record was clear. Friday morning, the lab had the results from her drug test, all negatives. Scott was both happy and relieved. Phoning the Mercedes dealership, he informed Melissa of the good news.

“How soon would you like me to start?” She inquired. “Monday?”

“Monday’s fine.” Scott responded. “Let’s say 9:00am.”

“I’m going to be scheduling interviews for new escorts.” He added. “I’d like you to sit it on them.”

“Do you need me to do anything this weekend?” Melissa asked, implying something not work-related.

“No, not really. “Scott replied. “Not unless you want to stop by and use the pool.”

“That sounds good.” She said. “I could work on my tanlines.”

Scott’s phone call was interrupted by another call. Saying a quick good-bye, he answered the other call noticing it was from Charlene.

“Hey there!” He greeted. “How’s things at the ranch?”

“Couldn’t be better!” Charlene exclaimed. “Still working from dawn till dusk.”

“You still sound awfully happy.” Scott responded. “Maybe this ranching stuff was what you were destined for.”

“I’m beginning to think that too.” She replied. “Even though I don’t have a clue to what I’m doing. I just follow Rick’s lead.”

“Bought any horses yet?” Scott asked.

“No, not yet.” Charlene answered. “Been doing alot of shopping over the internet though.”

“The contractors are just now starting to build the two barns.” She added. “As soon as they’re completed, we’ll start buying.”

“How’s the weather there?” Scott asked.

“Nice, in the low 80’s during the day.” Charlene responded. “Gets down into the 50’s at night.”

“Staying warm?” Scott kidded.

“With Rick, I don’t have a problem staying warm at night.” She quipped. “But I know that’s not going to last forever.”

“Rick’s been sleeping with you!” Scott exclaimed, surprised at her remark.

“Not every night.” Charlene answered. “Just when we need each other sexually.”

“You‘re not jealous, are you?” She asked.

“No!” Scott replied. “Just curious.”

“Speaking of sex, how’s the business restructuring coming along?” She asked.

“It’s coming along nicely.“ Scott answered. “Now that I’ve got myself a secretary, it should be easier too.”

“Make sure she’s honest and stays that way.” Charlene warned. “I’m sure she’s attractive.”

“Attractive, that’s an understatement!” He responded. “Melissa’s hot! Beautiful and legs like you wouldn’t believe and a great ass to go with them!”

“Did you hire her or did you let your dick make the decision?” Charlene kidded.

“It was a joint decision.” Scott quipped. “My dick really enjoyed the interview though.”

“You’re not jealous, are you?” Scott asked.

“No!” Charlene replied. “Just curious.”

“She’s got a degree in business but no real experience.” He added. “Brains as well as beauty!”

“Sort of like me only a much younger version.” Charlene kidded.

Instead of getting a smart response to her statement, Charlene heard nothing but silence for several moments. Thinking about what she had just said, she had meant it jokingly.

“I wish you weren’t so damn far away.” Scott said, finally breaking the silence. “I think about you every day.”

“I think about you too Scott.” Charlene muttered. “I worry about you.”

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