Lady Gambler Ch. 01

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I love to play poker! With me, it was a passion. My father had explained the game to me when I was a young girl. I found it most intriguing. I compared it to chess only with money, sometimes lots and lots of money. Over the years I improved on my playing skills and techniques. Besides skill, I had one exceptional gift, luck. There were many games where I couldn’t lose, the cards fell my way. Of course, there were those times when I couldn’t buy a good hand. I had the common sense to get out of those games quickly, not even looking back. No sense throwing money out on the table just to see it get raked away. I always kept one thing in mind, money management. Although I hadn’t perfected the art of money management, I felt I was damn close.

In college, I played every Friday and Saturday night. There was usually a game going on at one or another of the frat houses. If not, you could always find a game somewhere in one of the coed dormitories. I spend most of my school day evenings finding out where all the games were going to be. I only played for money, serious money, not nickels and dimes. I didn’t waste my time playing strip poker with a bunch of beer drinking guys either. I had my share of sex, just not while there was a game going on somewhere. Sex was my second passion. I couldn’t keep a boyfriend, most of them condemning me for being a “compulsive gambler”. Maybe I was, but as long as I was winning, I didn’t care. I spent four long years in college, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Finance. I also earned a lot of money playing poker during those four long years.

As you can see, money was also my passion. I wanted lots of it and I was willing to do whatever it took to make it. I couldn’t see doing the nine-to-five thing for forty years till I could draw social security and retire in some cramped apartment. I wanted the better things in life and I wanted them now while I was young enough to enjoy them.

I interviewed with quite a few corporate recruiters during my last semester in college. I felt I was doing as much of the interviewing as the recruiters were. I asked more questions than they did. I often felt I had discouraged the people doing the interviews from being interested in me. I didn’t really care; I was looking for something that would allow me to pursue my real passion, poker. I needed to be close to the action if not right in the middle of it. I had enough cash on hand to support myself for awhile so I took my time finding the right situation. It got to the point where I didn’t bother attending some of the recruiting sessions. I just went when I felt like it.

Most of the large corporations had made their pass through our campus. Some of my friends were lucky and got some fairly good jobs. There were others who were passed over. They felt their futures looked pretty dim in the limited job market. I felt sorry for them, offering words of encouragement, but my words often fell on deaf ears.

I noticed a posting in my dormitory lobby informing graduating students of an upcoming job recruitment session. The recruiters were small businesses, not the large corporations who’d moved on. I was wasting my time even reading the notice. I did glance down at some of the business names and their locations. Nothing in Vegas, Reno or Tahoe so I went on up to my dorm room. I did make a mental note of the date and time just in case I might have second thought later on. I didn’t have any plans the day the small business recruiters came to our campus so I thought I’d kill some time by going over to the student center. I put on my make-up, high-heels and best dress, trying to look businesslike. There were quite a few tables and booths set up. I walked up and down the rows just to see if anything would catch my attention. I had just about made my way down the last aisle. I glanced at a sign posted on front of a table in one of the booths. It was an accounting firm based in Phoenix, Arizona. There was a young man and woman sitting behind the table. They smiled at me and I smiled back.

“Hello.” The young man spoke. “Are you a graduating student?”

“Yes, I’ll graduate in a few weeks.” I replied.

The couple smiled and asked what my major was. I told them I’d have a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Finance. The looked at each other and then back towards me. They asked if I’d like to be interviewed.

“Sure.” I replied almost hesitantly. “If you really think you might be interested.” I added.

The young man introduced himself and his female co-worker. I introduced myself and we shook hands. The young man motioned for me to come back behind the table to another area they had set up for private interviewing. I walked behind him as he led me to the area. We sat at a table with two chairs next to each other. He asked if I had a resume of any kind or class documentations. I handed him a copy of both. He seemed a little surprised that I had any work experience. I’d worked for my father during the summers doing bookkeeping for his friends. Escort Çankaya I sat in a chair facing towards him. I made sure I had a good amount of leg showing without making it obvious I was using my body as bait.

I often dressed sexy for poker games, finding the art of seduction and distraction worked in my favor. I often made little gestures or remarks just to keep everyone from concentrating on the game at hand. If it worked at poker, it might help me land a good job I where I wanted. It was worth a try anyway. I watched as the young man read over my resume and class records. I also noticed his eyes drifting over the top of the paper checking out my legs. He seemed more interested in my legs than the materials I had put together. He asked a few questions and I answered them truthfully. I crossed my legs and pushed my foot downward. The gesture tightened my leg muscles, made my legs look sleeker. I kept a hint of a smile on my face so I’d look friendly. I’d used the same gestures during poker games all over campus.

Phillip, the young man conducting the interview seemed sincerely interested in me. He asked if I would have any reservations about locating to Phoenix after graduation. I told him I thought I’d love to live in Phoenix. In the back of my mind I was trying to figure out how far Phoenix was from Vegas and Reno. I sure didn’t want to ask Phillip. That question would have probably killed the interview. He reread my paperwork over again, occasionally glancing at my legs. I think the bait was working. I hoped it was anyway; my high-heels were killing my feet.

Phillip talked about the accounting firm he was recruiting for. It was fairly small but growing as they brought in new business clients. It was a sound firm; some of the partners were graduates of major universities with Masters Degrees. He reviewed the job and what I might be doing. The chances for advancement and raises would be available but I’d have to earn them. The starting salary wasn’t the best, but comparable with some of the large corporations. I acted interested just to keep him volunteering information. The young lady, Marla who was sitting at the front table came back to the area and joined in on the discussion. She was attractive, her skirt rose almost as short as my dress had. Marla reviewed my class documentations. She looked over the top of her glasses as she scanned the papers. She seemed interested in pursuing the interview further but time was running short. The recruiting sessions were scheduled to close in a matter of a few minutes. I was expecting Phillip or Marla to offer me their business card and say they’d get back in touch with me.

“I’m sure our firm would like to have you as an associate.” Marla stated. “That is, if you think you might be interested.”

I told them I was interested. I could always tell them different later on, if I changed my mind.

“Phillip and I are staying at the Clarkson Inn on Highway 30.” She informed me. “We‘d like to talk with you more before we fly back to Phoenix tomorrow morning. Would that be possible?”

“Sure. I’d be more than happy to discuss the job with you further.” I replied.

They asked me if I could meet them at their hotel later that evening. Phillip suggested we meet for dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. It sounded good to me. I didn’t know of any poker games going on. Most to the other students were cramming for final exams. I agreed to meet them in the hotel lobby at 6:00. They asked if I needed transportation. I had my own car so I could drive myself. I thanked them for their offer though. I shook hands with Phillip and Marla and left.

I hurried back to my dorm room and booted up my computer. I was anxious to find out how far Vegas was from Phoenix. I clicked on a mapping website, typing in the information I needed to find the distance. Vegas was less than three-hundred miles from Phoenix. I figured maybe five hours to drive the distance, an hour by commuter plane. I was close to the real action. Probably as close as I’d be able to find employment and still enjoy my passion for poker on a frequent basis.

I had a few hours till my dinner date with Phillip and Marla so I took a short nap stretching out on my bed. I didn’t know where my roommate was; probably up in her boyfriend’s room, screwing his brains out. I dosed for about and hour or so. I showered and picked out something to wear. I figured sexy but still dressy would be my best bet. If I had to flirt a little with Phillip to get the job, I wanted to be dressed appropriately. I kind of suspected maybe Phillip and Marla might have something going on between the two of them so I’d have to play it by ear. I didn’t want to get caught between the two of them and blow this chance. I picked out a black leather skirt and white blouse trimmed in black lace. The outfit went well with my sandy blonde hair. With my black high-heels, I looked hot yet dressy. I checked my make-up, grabbed my purse and headed downstairs.

I kept my car parked Çankaya Escort in the student parking lot where it was fairly secure. It wasn’t much, but I wanted to wait till after graduation before buying a better car. I drove north out of town on highway 30 towards the Clarkson Inn. It was about a fifteen minute drive. I pulled into the hotel’s parking lot and headed for the lobby. I was a little bit early but better to be early than late. I entered the hotel lobby, spotting Phillip and Marla as they stepped off the elevator. They waved when they saw me. I walked towards them and we exchanged greetings. Phillip complimented me on my attire.

The restaurant was located right off the lobby so we didn’t have to walk far. We were seated at a nice table secluded in a quiet corner of the restaurant. We’d be able to talk without being disturbed. I glanced over the menu, deciding what to order. Marla ordered a bottle of red wine for the three of us to share before dinner. Wine was something Marla and I shared a liking for. Phillip mentioned that they were picking up the tab since this was a business dinner. I didn’t order anything expensive, not wanting them to think I would take advantage of their hospitality. We sipped the chilled wine and talked about my college years. I was careful not to mention anything to do with gambling. Gambling would be a definite turn-off to people in the accounting business. The waitress served our meals so we concentrated more on eating than talking. After dinner, Phillip and I drank coffee. Marla wasn’t a coffee drinker so she drank a little more of the wine.

Marla and I chatted about Phoenix. I’d never been there so she described the city and the surrounding area. She made mention of its fairly close proximity to several of the lakes and Las Vegas. I asked her about the lakes, steering clear of her mention of Vegas. She had lived in Phoenix all her life so she knew her way around the entire state. The restaurant was filling up rather quickly, making it a little difficult to talk with much privacy. Marla suggested we find someplace quieter to continue the interview. I agreed it was a good idea. Marla casually suggested we go up to her room on the third floor. It would be much more relaxing and casual to further discuss the job.

Phillip, Marla and I got on the elevator and went up to the third floor. We walked down the hallway to her room. Marla opened the door to her room using a security card instead of a key. I entered her room noticing the doors open to the adjoining room. Marla saw me take notice of it.

“Phillip’s in the room next to mine, makes it much more convenient to work together.” She stated.

I nodded, thinking it probably made it a lot more convenient for other things as well. Phillip went over to his room, returning with my folder of information. We sat at the table and Phillip asked me about some of the classes I’d taken. It was a friendly conversation, not like a typical job interview. I felt at ease, relaxing in the comfortable chair. I was looking at Phillip while he talked so I hadn’t notice Marla moving her chair closer to mine. I felt the back of her hand brush against my leg. My skirt was short but not a mini. I kept my composure trying not to react to Marla’s hand on my leg. It was becoming more and more difficult as she moved her hand back and forth. I realized I wasn’t in a good situation but I wasn’t going to be the one to call an end to the interview. I wasn’t going to blow this chance. Marla stood up and stepped behind me putting her hands on my shoulders. I bit my lip to keep from grinning. It was obvious what she was interested in. Phillip looked up at her. Although I couldn’t see her face, I was sure she was giving him some sort of signal.

“Well. Do you think you’d like to join our accounting firm in Phoenix?” He asked. “I think we’d like to have you with us.”

I took the last remark as “almost” an offer of the job. Almost, but not quite. I was sure there would be conditions I’d have to comply with.

“Yes. I’d like to be part of your organization. I’d accept the job if it’s offered to me.” I asserted.

Phillip got a big smile on his face as he rose from his chair. I stood up as Marla’s hands slipped off my shoulders.

“I’ve got a bottle of chilled wine over in my room. Why don’t we have a drink before you leave?” He asked.

“That would be fine.” I said smiling.

I knew it was a ploy to keep me from leaving. I figured Marla had planned this all to open if the interview went this far. I was going to go along with it but only if I was promised the job. I wasn’t going to do anything without being given the job. The ball was pretty much in my court and I wasn’t going to let them play with it.

Phillip hurried through the passage doors returning shortly with the wine and three glasses. He poured the wine, handing Marla and me our drinks. I smiled and sat down on the edge of the bed, my way of tempting Marla to make her move. She didn’t waste any Çankaya Escort Bayan time. Phillip sat at the table as Marla sat down next to me on the bed. She put her hand on my leg and slowly inched it up towards the hem of my skirt. I had to remind myself to be the one to control the situation, not Marla. Marla’s hand inched up under my skirt pushing it upwards. I sipped the wine, my hand shaking a little. I let Marla get her hand well up under my skirt before I stopped her. I wanted her to think I was going to go along with her seduction.

I got up off the bed and set my wine glass down on the table. Phillip appeared to be a little disappointed that I was preparing to leave. I turned back towards Marla and smiled at her. She had to force a smile, she looked disappointed too.

“If you’d like to offer me the job, make it definite, you can call me at the phone number listed on my resume.” I stated boldly I sounded a little exasperated trying to force the issue.

Marla rose from the bed and looked towards Phillip. She put her free hand on my waist, still holding the wine glass with the other.

“The job’s yours if you want it.” She stated. I could tell she wasn’t too happy about having to make the decision without getting what she wanted first.

“I’d be happy to accept the job.” I fired back at her, almost callously. It was a done deal!

Marla smiled and set her wine glass down, putting her hand on my waist. She leaned towards me and I let her kiss me on the mouth. I didn’t flinch or act surprised. I kissed her back softly and passionately. I think my reaction took her by surprise. We kissed again, this time harder, more aggressive. I felt her tongue dart into my mouth, flicking at my tongue. I flicked my tongue hard on hers trapping it with my teeth. I put my hand behind her head and held it so she couldn’t pull away. Our lips ground hard on each other’s. I had to release my hold on her tongue with my teeth. She broke off the kiss and stepped back from me. It was evident she was breathing hard, harder than I was. Phillip walked past us towards his room. He didn’t shut the door behind him though.

Marla cupped my breasts through the fabric of my blouse. I stood there letting her massage and fondle them. She was staring at them, smiling.

“I bet you have beautiful tits. I’d really love to see them.” Marla said almost whispering.

I started unbuttoning my blouse slowly, teasing her. I kept my eyes focused on her face. When I undid the last button, I slipped the blouse off my shoulders and down my arms. I tossed it on the table covering up my folder. Marla stepped back and sat on the foot of the bed, her arms at her sides supporting her. She was breathing hard, short deep breaths. I decided not to unhook my white lacy bra. Instead, I reached back and slowly unzipped my skirt. I slipped the skirt down my legs and stepped out of it. I tossed it on the table with my blouse. I stood in front of Marla wearing just my bra, panties and high-heels. Marla was excited, she was squirming her butt. I wanted to tease her that much more.

I stepped back towards the dresser and turned around facing away from her. I knew her eyes were looking at my ass. I spread my legs a little as I reached up and unhooked my bra. I’m a little small-breasted, a 34B, but they’re firm and well shaped. I let the bra fall to the dresser. I turned around to face Marla. I noticed Phillip had come back into the room leaning against the doorframe of the passage doors. He was wearing tight white boxers. The bulge let me know he was enjoying the show I was putting on. Marla’s face was flushed, her fingers grasping the bed comforter. I looked down at my breasts and took my fingers teasing the nipples. The coolness of the room aided in making them stand out. I tweaked them, pulling on them just a little.

“Oh God!” Marla muttered. “Please take off your panties……………please.” She begged.

“Why don’t you get out of your clothes first?” I suggested, smiling.

Marla got up off the bed, she was shaking a little. I knew I had control of her. I still had the ball in my court and I was keeping it there. I wasn’t sure where Phillip was going to come in but I’d worry about him later. Right now I was playing my hand and it had Marla’s beat all to hell. Marla slipped off her dress and unhooked her bra, slipping it down her arms. She kicked off her shoes and pulled her thigh-high nylons off. She was wearing black panties. She had a great body, beautiful breasts, long, slender legs and a nice shaped ass. I felt myself starting to get excited just looking at her. Marla stood there not quite sure if she should make the next move or not. She wasn’t aggressive now. I pulled the comforter off the side of the bed, letting it fall to the floor. Marla just stood there watching me, her hands behind her.

I walked towards her, my face expressionless. I was breathing hard but Marla was almost panting. I cupped her breasts, massaging them. She let out a low moan. I kissed her hard, grinding my lips against hers. Our breasts brushed together. I pushed Marla back till she was pinned against the dresser. I stepped to her side, my hands still fondling her breasts. I flicked my thumbs over her nipples. They hardened immediately. I bit my lip to keep from grinning.

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