Lace Wedding

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As a bit of background, we’d just been talking about what turns us on. I said the feeling you get when your eyes first meet with someone across a room. The eye contact that lingers just a split second too long. Your heart starts to beat a little faster and your brain starts to race with ideas – was it accidental? Was it intentional? Are they thinking the same things? Is this the beginning of something?

I’ll take a moment to describe us. First me – about 5’8 tall, blonde hair, blue eyes and weigh about 125 lb. I try to work out when I can and am reasonably happy with how I look (not a perfect figure, but certainly not bad either!) My pussy is mostly shaved, which I love, but with a little strip of hair left above. I’ve a 36B (sometimes C) bust, I’m 30 years old and single. As for sexual orientation? Bi, I guess. I’ve had some lovely relationships with men, but mostly into women right now. Also, and this is quite important for the story, I’m not into one night stands. Whilst, as you’ll see, things get going fairly early on, the scenario was always one of mutual attraction, respect and tenderness (as well as full blown lust!) with the aura of the beginning of a longer relationship. And a name? Well Stox if I’m in a chatroom, Gabrielle everywhere else, but I don’t suppose that will be easy to write with, so how about Susan? – someone who stole my heart and I still have very special memories about.

The girl I was talking with, Fiona, was 28, with a similar outlook on life to me. She was 5’5 tall, 34C chest, slim with brown hair and brown eyes – everything else (literally) will be revealed as we go along!

The setting was a wedding reception. There are big round tables with white tablecloths, about 10 or 12 place settings to a table, but the meal is over. A few people are still sitting, finishing their dessert, but most are standing, talking or maybe on the dance floor. I’m wearing what I feel good in, a classic styled little black velvet dress, hair brushed long onto my shoulders, no knickers (I just find it more comfortable that way!) and black hold up stockings. The dress is quite short, it comes to just over halfway down my thigh, but it fits well and looks elegant as well as daring.

Sitting on my own, I look around the room. A couple of tables away from me is a woman sitting alone. She looks in my direction and our eyes meet. The eye contact lingers. Embarrassed I look away, then unable to stop myself look back. I see she has looked away also, then raises her eyes again and looks at me a second time. This time there’s no mistake. She has a lovely face, shoulder length brown hair and deep brown eyes. I am instantly attracted to her and I feel my heart beat faster as she smiles the most gorgeous smile.

I hope I’m not wrong, I hope I haven’t misunderstood. That look has left me both excited and nervous. Standing up I look at her as I walk towards her – she’s beautiful. She’s wearing a light summer cotton dress. The thin straps leave her tanned neck and shoulders exposed, her firm breasts pushing against the material. Again she smiles as I stand beside her. “Mind if I join you?” “No, please do.” Sitting down I am careful to let my dress ride up, revealing the lace tops of my stockings. I see her eyes flick down and then back up, she smiles approvingly and I deliberately sit with my legs more than a few inches apart. It’s my turn to smile now as I see her nipples start to harden and to show through her dress. “Are you staying for coffee,” I ask. “No, it’s boring here. I thought I might go.” “I’m headed home myself shortly,” I say, “If you want to share a taxi?” “Yes, I’d like that very much.”

She stands up and I follow as she walks around the edge of the room towards the door. From behind I watch her and I start to feel my pussy tingle as I look at the way her hips move, the shape of her legs and I begin to imagine how it will feel to touch her, taste her, make love to her.

The taxi draws up outside the front of the building. It’s only a few miles to my house so I give the driver directions and sit back on the seat. Turning to face Fiona I look into her eyes again, making sure she’s OK. We move closer, I can casino şirketleri smell her perfume. Still looking at her we both move together and kiss. A light kiss first, then becoming deeper, more urgent. I reach across and start to touch her, placing my hand lightly on her stomach, then reaching further, feeling her ribs, reaching across and sliding my hand towards her breast. As I do I feel her hand on my thigh, I open my legs to give her access and she slides her hand higher. I can feel myself getting wet as I anticipate her touch. My hand finds her nipple and I squeeze just hard enough for her to draw her breath, which I stifle with another kiss.

Touching gently she finds my pussy. I moan quietly as her fingers explore my lips, she wets them with my juice, then works two of her fingers inside. I continue to stroke her tits, cupping them, pulling gently at her nipples as she starts to move her fingers in and out, and with her thumb she starts to rub my clit. I am getting soooo turned on, but suddenly she stops, pulls her fingers out and licks them. “Hmm, I love the way you taste.”

I pout playfully at the way she’s teasing me, then slide my own hand down towards her sex. As I touch her through her G-string she rests her head on my shoulder. I can feel her pushing her hips forward, “Please……” she whispers. Easing the material aside I push two fingers into her sopping wet cunt. She whimpers slightly as I finger fuck her, I can feel her breath on my neck and she moves her hips back and forth against my fingers. I turn and kiss her forehead, “We’re almost home, honey.” With that she reaches down, guides my hand from her pussy and puts my fingers in her mouth. Using her tongue she cleans them, enjoying her own taste, smiling at me as she does.

The taxi stops. I reach through to pay the driver then get out. Just as I step onto the pavement Fiona playfully pinches my bum. “Ow!” I turn and smile at her and in return she winks at me. It’s up a few steps to my front door, I pull out my keys and twist the lock. “Are you staying for coffee?”

The door opens into the hallway, with the staircase on the right. I push the door closed behind us and as I do Fiona leans up against me, pushing me until my back is resting against the door. She starts to kiss me again, one hand stroking my ass, the other behind my neck, touching gently. I can feel myself getting wet again, desperate now to make love to her. Pulling away slightly she asks “Where’s the bedroom?” I lead her to the stairs, but instead of climbing them I turn her round, her back to the staircase and gently push so she sits on the third stair. Kicking off my shoes, I kneel between her legs and lean forward to kiss her. I can still taste myself on her lips and it just serves to make me hornier. Looking her in the eye I reach under her dress and hook my fingers into her G-string. She lifts her bum as I pull it off, and as I do she reaches behind my back, unzips my dress then says “Arms up” as she lifts it over my head. I look down and see the material of her dress resting between her still spread thighs, as if trying to protect her modesty. I slide my hands up her arms feeling her soft skin until I reach her shoulders, then ease the straps of her dress down. The dress falls away exposing her breasts. Fiona’s nipples are hard and erect, standing proud, her breasts have the same tan as her skin, the areola a darker brown. Starting back down at her knees I now slide my hands up her thighs. I reach the hem of her dress and keep moving, uncovering her until I lightly stroke her pussy lips with my thumbs. I rock back onto my heels and just stare at her. “You look absolutely beautiful.”

In return she looks me up and down, now only wearing my stockings and mouths the words “you too”. I lean forward to kiss her, starting with her mouth, then working down, kissing her neck, over her shoulders, pausing to pay attention to her breasts. I take each nipple in my mouth in turn, flicking it with my tongue before sucking gently, nibbling, then sucking harder until Fiona moans with pleasure. Continuing my path I kiss around her navel, then further down. Her hands are grasping the edge of the casino firmaları stair either side of her, and as I kiss her pussy lips she pushes herself towards me. Parting her with my tongue I discover she is dripping wet as I run my tongue down to her perineum then back up again, exploring all of her. She tastes divine. Finding the little hood over her clit I start to lick gently, first in circles around the whole area, then building a steady rhythm over her clit itself. Fiona’s breathing becomes faster, her hands move from the stair and I can feel her begin to stroke the back of my neck, softly touching behind my ears, running her fingers through my hair.

Before her orgasm comes too close I change from licking to gently sucking on her clit, then searching again with my tongue, probing, tasting, exploring outer and inner lips before returning my attention to her swollen clit, pushing two fingers into her hot pussy at the same time. Approaching her climax Fiona’s breathing quickens again, hands become more urgent behind my head, holding me there, urging me on. “Oh fuck, baby….that’s so good….don’t stop….please don’t stop.…oh fuck….fuck!” Waves of pleasure sweep through her and she lets herself go in her orgasm. Muscles contract, her body goes tight, then follows the slow release of tension as she comes down from her sexual peak.

Raising myself on my knees again I ease my fingers out and lean forward to hold her. Our eyes meet, but before I can kiss her she gently touches my face with her fingers. “Thank you”. In return I smile and finish getting the kiss I set out for.

Releasing from the embrace I stand up. “The bedroom’s upstairs, since you asked”. Taking her hand in mine I start to climb the stairs. Fiona stands up to follow behind me and her dress falls to the floor, leaving her totally naked. We reach the top of the stairs and as I lead her to my bedroom I turn to look at her. I’m transfixed by her beauty, watching the way she walks, the shape of her hips and the complete attractiveness of the way her body moves. She feels my eyes on her, lifts her gaze from looking at the floor and smiles at me. The room is large, painted white with pine floorboards and a big iron-framed bed at the far end, candles sit on the bedside cabinets and in candleholders on the walls. Sitting on the edge of the mattress, my back towards her, I start to roll my stockings down my legs and hear the rasp of a striking match. Fiona begins to light the candles and I watch her moving around the room, getting more turned on as I unashamedly look at her. She lights the last of the candles and walks towards me, now shifted and sitting in the middle of the bed. Seductively she kneels beside me, then before I realise what’s happening she lifts her leg over mine and straddles me, treating me to a glimpse of her pussy as she does. Gently pushing me I feel the cool crisp linen against my skin as I am made to lie on my back. “It’s your turn now,” she says.

She starts to stroke me, soft hands move over my ribs, then higher, cupping and surrounding my breasts, up to my shoulders then gently touching my neck before returning to where they started. My nipples feel alive as she leans forward to suck them before kissing her way up my chest, kissing first my throat then the sides of my neck. Surrendering myself completely to her I close my eyes and enjoy the sensation of her hands and mouth on my skin. She slides her hands up to my shoulders again, then along my arms, pushing them back over my head, stroking along my forearms until our hands touch. Entwining her fingers with mine she eases her weight forward slightly, pinning me down, then lowers her head to kiss me. Softly at first, the touch barely perceptible, then I feel her tongue gently exploring, running around the edge of my mouth. Her kiss becomes more definite, sucking on my lips, her tongue probing. I thrust back and explore the inside of her mouth. Without warning she catches my tongue with her teeth, then gently sucks on it. I am so turned on, so wet, desperate now to have her between my legs, but don’t want the eroticism to stop.

“Open your eyes” she says, “Watch.” She releases my hands, güvenilir casino draws herself up and kneels above me. In the flickering candlelight she looks like goddess, every part of her oozes female sexuality. Her hands glide across her body, beginning with her breasts, pinching her own nipples, she moves her hands down, across her stomach, over her hips and down the outside of her legs then slowly, deliberately, she draws her hands up her inner thighs. She moves her left hand to her chest again, massaging her own breasts, but her right hand continues its path until with four fingers she covers her mound. Closing her eyes Fiona starts a slow circular rhythm before spreading her fingers, running her middle finger up and down her lips, making it slick with her juice before slowly pushing it in.

I can hardly contain myself, frantic now with desire from seeing such a wanton display. I reach up, ease her hand from her pussy and she opens her eyes to see me lick her finger. “Please, I need you.” I can hear the almost pleading tone in my own voice. Sinking from her knees she lowers herself onto me, skin against skin, electricity passing through our nipples as they touch and with just one of her legs between mine I can feel the moist heat from her pussy on my thigh as she slides down, kissing and nibbling over my body, but always heading for my hot, wet, waiting cunt.

Shifting herself so she is completely between my loosely bent legs she ducks her head lower and I let out an involuntary gasp as I feel her breathe on me, oh so close. With her mouth she explores all around my sex, but never quite touching it, kissing into the slight hollow that muscles make at the top of my inner thigh, feeling with her tongue. Then she’s there, her mouth at my shaved pussy. Moaning with pleasure I push myself towards her. Holding me with hands behind my hips I can feel her just running her tongue up and down my labia, occasionally delving deeper, dipping into me, feeling her warm tongue as she gets to know all of me. Without rushing Fiona sucks on my lips, nimbly searching around every fold, gently caressing me. My pussy feels like a molten fire, the sensations radiate out through my loins. I am aware of someone breathing quickly, heavily, then suddenly realise the noises are coming from my own mouth. “Oh fuck… fuck, that feels so good.”

Moving to the top of my sex she starts a circular motion, wide at first, then spiralling into towards my clit. Making her tongue harder she starts to lick at my swollen nub, gaining a regular motion and my body starts to go tense as the waves of pleasure course through me, carrying me towards my orgasm.

Slowing for a second she raises her head. “No, not yet my love. Not until I’ve finished with you,” she teases. With that her tongue softens again, moving her attention back to my engorged lips, occasionally flicking my clit to maintain my arousal, holding me right on the edge. Then I’m being penetrated, two fingers pushing into me, filling me, slipping in easily. She starts to work her hand slowly back and forth, no pain only pleasure. “Oh baby, can you feel my fingers? I love how wet you are, I love the way you taste. I want to make you cum. Cum for me, my love.”

Dipping her head she gently sucks at my clit, before starting her rhythm again, briefly in circles then up and down, her rhythm becoming harder, regular, faster. Unable to control myself I put my hands behind her head, pulling her mouth onto my pussy, demanding she licks me, not letting her stop. I can’t hold back any longer, the tightness becoming intense before I’m there, crying out, pleasure bursting through me one wave after another in a gut-wrenching climax.

As I calm down my breathing slows and the tension of sexual excitement slips away from my body. Fiona continues lovingly to kiss around me, cleaning me, licking away all my juice that has been spread about. Satisfied, she draws herself up onto all fours, leans over me, then smiles and starts to stroke my hair. Reaching across to the edge of the duvet she pulls it back so together we can roll under and stretching out I savour the contrast between the cool crispness of the linen sheets and the soft comforting warmth of her body. As I lie on my side she tucks up behind me, her breasts push into my back, arms encircle and hold me and I feel her kiss the nape of my neck as I slip towards the inviting blackness that is sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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