Kris , Jada

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It was a hot July morning when Jade decided she wanted to so something daring. However she couldn’t decide what to do. So she called her buddy Kris. Kris is somewhat of a daredevil or risk taker. She knew he’d have an idea for her.

“Hey Krissy Boy”, Jada sang into her Nokia cell phone.

“Wad it do J-Dizzy?” Kris rapped back.

Jada smiled, she had known Kristofer Lei Roberts Junior since junior high school. He had always called her J-Dizzy and she called him Krissy Boy.

“I want to do something daring, have anything in mind?”

“Oh my God! Kris hollered. “Jada Daishone’ Parker wants to be like me! I’m so proud!”

“Not that kind of fun!”

Jada recalled the last time she had did something fun with Kris. It was May 3, 2002 and Kris had talked Jada into camping and cliff hanging with him. Mind you, Jada is no nature girl, but Kris is her boy so she agreed. After 3 long days of sleeping bags, no running water, and no real food, Jada was ready to go home.

“Let’s go. Hold on…lemme check your gear,” Kris said to Jada.

Then he proceeded to run his hands along her curvaceous physique that was trapped in the bodysuit.

“Ok, you’re good.”

Then Kris and Jada began to hike up the cliff, clad in there jump suits.

“So why do you make these suicide attempts?” Jade spoke of Kris’s hobbies.

“They keep me in my place, let me know that there is a man bigger than me who controls nature and what happens to me” he told her.

There is a man bigger than him? Jada thought. Kris was a big man. Six feet, eleven inches tall 252 pounds and solid muscle. They reached the top of the cliff. Jada’s fear rose in her throat and she nearly fainted.

“Don’t punk out now!!” Kris shouted as he saw her eyes widen.

“Ok, lemme tell you what is going to happen.” Kris said. Jada nodded. ”We are goin’ to count to 3 and jump off holding hands. Then after free fall for about 100 feet, we’ll let go and pull our chutes.” And he pointed to her chute cord.


Jada nodded again.

“1, 2, 3!”

Kris yanked Jada off the edge.

Of my God! I am going to die! Jade thought. Why am I doing this? Kris is a crazy man!

Somewhere in the distance, Jada heard Kris holler,


Jada and Kris simultaneously pulled their cords and were yanked upward with the force of the chute. The ground was approaching fast. Kris was cheezing and Jada was panicking.


They landed on something hard. Jada began to cry. Not from the pain of landing on the rough boulders, but from fear and anxiety. Realizing that Jada was crying, Kris walked over Escort Çankaya to her and embraced her softly.

”I’m sorry J-Dizzy. I won’t ask you to do it any more.” Kris cooed.

“OK,” Jada whined.

Kris lifted her head and stared into her tear filled eyes. He began to kiss her. First her forehead, then her swollen eyelids, and finally planting soft kiss on her full lips. Jada had never felt sexually for Kris until this moment. She didn’t know if it was her vulnerability or her femininity that wanted Kris to make hard love to her, to make her feel protected. Kris covered her with kisses, bringing her back to reality. Jada’s body reacted the way any real woman’s would; her nipples hardened into tender pebbles, her pussy began to moisten and her knees weakened. She returned his kissed with heartfelt passion. She stroked the back of his head as he rubbed her juicy ass. Kris could feel his dick rising, and he knew Jada could too.

“Do you want to do this?” he asked her.

“Yea, fuck me now and hard,” Jada said, her voice full of seduction.

They began kissing again, slow and sensual at first, then quick and forcefully. Kris ran his hands through her hair and down her coke shaped wondrous body. Jada moaned and began to take off his chute and jumpsuit. He allowed her to undress him. She kissed every inch of him that the suit revealed as she tugged it off. She pulled it too him knees and discovered that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. She smiled and slapped his ass playfully. She touched his manhood. Goodness! This man has the biggest dick I have ever seen!! She thought. She wanted to plunge his whole dick in her mouth, but she decided to suck it inch by inch. She licked the tip of his long and masculine piece. She trailed her tongue around the head of his dick and tickled his heavy balls.

“Ahh! Damn girl!” Kris moaned.

He took her hair into his hand and began pumping into her lengthy throat. Jade cupped his ass and she sucked his dick and stared into his eyes. She could tell he was about to cum and she steadied herself and began to suck harder.

“Oh shit! Damn J-Di-zz-y! imma bouta cum!”

And with that he exploded his load into her waiting mouth. Jada kept sucking trying to swallow all of his succulent manly juices.

”Oh my God Jada!” Kris breathed.

“What?” Jada said innocently.

Kris had never had his knob slobbed like that before. He looked at Jade, who was sitting on a rock staring at his long erection.

“Your turn.” He smiled at her.

Damn I forgot how sexy his smile was and damn those green eyes! Jada thought. He walked over to her and took her Çankaya Escort hand. He led her to a nearby tree. She stroked her hair and kissed her luscious lips.

“Umm” She moaned.

Then Kris began to undress her thick body.

“Damn!” he said, as he unzipped her suit and her generous 38D breast spilled out.

Without thinking, his mouth went to her right breast. He licked her nipple softly through lace as he massaged her other titty. He pushed her bra up over her beautiful breasts.

“Got damn!!” he said as he licked her hard nipples.

“Ahh, Damn!” Jada moaned.

Kris continued to undress and kiss Jada’s exceptional body. He kissed her stomach and licked her navel. Made love to her belly button with his tongue like it was her love canal. He dipped his head lower as Jada stroked his curly head. He kissed her sweet pussy lips. Jada stepped out of her jumpsuit and spread her legs.

“Take me there Krissy Boy!”

So he did. He took his tongue and flicked it across her sensitive clit. Kris pumped his lengthy tongue in and out of her hot, moist opening. While he licked her clit, he played with her pussy with 3 fingers. Then his tongue replaced his fingers and he began to taste her delicious juices as he stroked her g-spot. Jada’s knees began to weaken, her orgasm was approaching.

“Hold on baby, almost there.” Kris cooed up to her.

“Ahh, Kr-is-sy!” Jada hollered.

As he she was overcome by her earth-shattering climax. She felt as if she was floating over the edge into a land of paralysis. Kris worked hard to take in all her womanly juices. Jada leaned against the tree, totally satisfied.

“We’re not don’t yet honey,” Kris said as he took their suits and laid them on the ground.

And he laid her on her back and got on top of her. Jada loved how is hard, manly weight felt against her body. Kris used his leg to part her knees. He slid his dick along the path of her wet, sloppy pussy lips. Jada was going crazy.

“Give it to me Kris. NOW!”

And he did. He thrust his huge piece deep into her shaking love canal. He began rocking at a slow pace to drive her crazy. The he wrapped her legs around his back so he could go deeper inside to her center.

“Ahh! Damn! Be careful,” Jada moaned.

He pumped harder and forced his dick deeper into her tender core. Kris could feel himself beginning to cum. He hurried to change positions to make it last longer. He positioned Jada on her hands and knees and entered her from the back. He pumped at a steady pace into her fragile. FUCK, he could hold it no longer. He let loose his climax in her hot tunnel.

“Go-od-ne-ss! Çankaya Escort Bayan Oh!” Jada released her love juice on to his magic stick.

They both knew the end was far from near. Kris picked her up and led her back to the tree. Once there, he lifted her up and wrapped her legs around his back. Then he entered her delicate body slowly and deliberately. He got his stride and began to stroke in and out of her excepting body. The tightness of her pussy made his dick throb. He wanted to shove his whole dick in at once, but he knew that would hurt her. Damn, this shit hurts! Jada thought as she moaned his name. Unable to contain himself any longer, Kris began to thrust his entire manhood in to her slippery hole up to the hilt.

“Ouch Boy!” Jada hollered.

Kris was in a state of utter pleasure.

“What’s my name?” he asked Jada.

“Boy you know yo’ name like I know it,” Jada squeezed out.

“What’s my name?” Kris asked her as he thrust his dick into her a little harder.

“Kris, Damn!” Jada screamed.

“Spell it,” He moaned.

“What?” Jada whispered.

“Spell my name!”
”Why!?” She questioned.

“Cause I said so baby please,” Kris moaned.

“Ah..Ooh, NO Kris!” Jada protested.

He was determined to have her spell his name. He shoved his piece deep into her quivering pussy.

“Spell it Jada!” He demanded.

“Aight, aight, aight!” She uttered. “K. Ooh, R. Damn! I, ahh, S. There, I did it damn!”

“Thank you honey”. He groaned.

After this he took her legs and wrapped them tighter around his muscled back. Jada knew her breaking point was near. She could feel her muscles twitch as she was taken by her climax.

“Ahh Shit J-D!” Kris hollered, as his own highpoint followed hers.

He let her down and they stood there and stared into each other’s eyes, lost in total ecstasy.

“Damn, I can’t believe we just did that,” Jada whispered breathlessly.

“Me neither,” Kris agreed.

And with that, they got back dressed and went back to their campsite.

“J-Dizzy!?” Kris hollered into the phone.

“My bad, I had zoned out”

“Well, what do you want to do?” he asked her.

“I don’t know that’s why I called you!” she shouted.

“Girl I just asked you if you wanted to come with me to Jennifer and Eddie’s wedding next weekend or if you wanted to go with me to Cancun this weekend,” He relayed.

“Oh my bad…hmm. I just got my passport, so Cancun sounds great.” She said smiling.

“Aight, I’m driving there. We’ll leave Thursday; stop at Six Flags Magic Mountain Friday. And be in Cancun from Saturday till Monday. We’ll be back here by Tuesday afternoon. I take a lot of breaks when I drive.”

“Aight I’ll call my office and let them know I’ll be gone and they’ll need to call my sister Jamora to cover my patients.” Jada told him.

“Alrighty,” Kris replied.

They hung up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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