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Tony awoke in an empty bed. He looked at the sun behind the closed blinds and realized how late it was. A glance at the clock confirmed it. It was twenty after ten in the morning!! Almost 10:30!!

He realized how aroused he was and remembered the last images of his dream, that of standing tall over some faceless woman. She was his slave, and he was her master, and it was his job to break her; to make her do everything she loathed and detested, every dirty perversion that she had been conditioned to fear, so that she would be utterly his.

He shook his head to clear the image, which was causing stirrings down below, then got out of bed and opened the blinds, standing nude in the fresh morning light streaming in through the window. He looked out and saw Mrs. Stanley, their next-door neighbor, staring at him with her mouth slightly agape. He stared straight into her eyes and smiled slightly, letting her look. She was a widow with two daughters a year or two behind him in school. There was no harm in letting her look.

He saw an expression of being lost in rapture on her face, then a look of raw naked lust glinted in her eye. She looked up a little more and locked eyes with him.

“I know who you are.” he said aloud. There was no way she could have heard him through the glass and across all the distance between them, but she got a shocked expression on her face and looked away. She was clearly shaken.

He had first met her a few years ago, while her husband had still been alive, and remembered her a lively, vibrant being, full of freedom and wonder, and then he had watched her close all that down, locking it away inside her after Brad’s accident.

She was on her knees in her flower garden, pulling weeds, and when she finally looked up and saw him still watching, she blushed and went back to pulling her weeds, perhaps a little more fiercely than needed.

He turned away from the window and got clean clothes on, a pair of comfy running shorts and a tie dye, then went down to the kitchen, grabbing a cup of coffee from the pot.

There was a knock at the door, and he opened it to find Mrs. Stanley standing there, looking a little nervous.

“Oh, hi.” he said, friendly.

“Hello.” she said, sounding even more nervous than she looked. “I want to apologize for… looking… at you, a few minutes ago.” she said, shakily. “I had no right…”

“I know who you are.” he said.

“I know you do.” she said. She blushed and looked at the floor, making him wonder what she really meant.

The feeling of mastery from his dream washed over him momentarily, and he decided to take a chance.

“You’re Mrs. Stanley… your name is Leah, isn’t it?” he said, matter of factly.

“Yes.” she answered, crossing her arms defensively. “I’m not really Mrs. Stanley anymore, not since Brad…”

“I will call you Leah.” he said softly. “May I do that?”

“Yes, I would like that, Tony.” she told him, saying his name for the first time. She liked saying it, he noted.

“Leah, what did you see?” he asked her. She blushed furiously, looking down at the floor. “Come with me. “

He took her arm and led her into the kitchen, sitting her down at the table. “Look at me, Leah, and tell me, what did you see?”

He was leaning against the table right next to her, arms folded across his chest, and she had to look up to see his eyes. His crotch was less than two feet from her face, and right on the same level. She squirmed a little uncomfortably, but he held her gaze and repeated his question. “What did you see?”

“I… I saw your…” she faltered.

“Say it!” he insisted. “Tell me what you saw.”

“I saw your penis!” she blurted out, blushing deeply, but still he kept his eyes locked on hers.

“That wasn’t the word you thought of when you saw it, though, is it, Leah? What word was in your mind?”

“Cock.” she whispered. “I was looking at your cock, and I couldn’t look away.”

“Very good, Leah. Thank you for telling me the truth.” he said, releasing her with his eyes. She looked at the floor between them, nearly in tears.

“I want you to tell me the truth again, Leah.” he told her. She nodded, her head still down. “Why couldn’t you look away?”

“I… It was hard… It made me feel…”

“It made you fall horny, didn’t it, Leah? It made you all gooey inside, didn’t it, Leah?”

“Yes.” she whispered.

“I know who you really are, Leah.” he said. “I know who you really are inside. You look like a good girl, you act like a good girl, but inside, you’re not really a… bad girl, are you? Not really bad, just naughty, just a little… dirty. A little slutty. Am I right?”

“I’m sorry.” she whispered. “I don’t want to be a slut, hontely, I don’t. I just couldn’t help it. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry about that with me.” he told her. “I like that about you. It’s what makes you a real person. You feel that way, too, don’t you? Like she’s the real you, not this… this lady… that everyone sees on the outside.”

“Yes.” she said, and a tear crept down her cheek. I… I have to pretend all the time. “I’m sorry.”

“You didn’t come over here to apologize, did you Leah? The nice lady next door rang the bell for you, and said those things for you, but you were secretly thinking something else, weren’t you?”

“Oh God… I … yes.” she admitted. “When you said you knew me, I… I had to come over. I knew it was no use hiding from you.”

“I can help you let her out, Leah. The real you. The one you’ve been dying inside for all these years. Let’s set her free. I bet she’s the most beautiful creature in the world. Will you let me meet her?”

She was crying now, and he bent and hugged her. She threw her arms around him gratefully, sobbing into his shoulder. Eventually, he moved her back until he was looking straight into her eyes again.

“You want to be ruled sexually, to give over all control, to do every dirty thing you have never heard of yet. You want all the dirty words, all the slutty words, too, like tits and ass, cock and cunt; you want it in your pussy, in your mouth, and as deep in your ass as it will go. You want to be tied up and used, to be raped, don’t you?”

“There’s more.” he said. “You also want to be spanked for thinking these things, too, punished for your naughtiness.” he told her. “Isn’t that right? I know who you really are, and I‘m going to set you free, Leah.”

“Oh my God.” she whispered. “How can you know…” He put a finger to her lips and stood up.

“Now is not the time for talking, Leah.” he said, then he lifted her chin with one finger and took her head in both hands, pointing her face right at his groin, then crossed his arms.

“Take it out, Leah, take my cock out of my shorts.” he commanded. Slowly, she lifted her hands to his waistband, looking dazed, as if she were in a dream-state, and pulled his shorts down.

His cock hung down in front of her at about a 45* angle, twitching slightly.

“Take it in your mouth, Leah.” he said hoarsely. She looked up at him, a little fearfully.

“I’ve never done that.” she whispered. “Do I have to?”

“Take it in your mouth, Leah!” he said more strongly, making it an order. “Keep looking at me while you do it, too. Be a slut, let yourself be the slut you know you really are.”

He moved his hips and placed the head of his dick at her lips, so she obediently opened her mouth and let him in. Her mind reeled with what she was doing. She wanted to stop; she knew she should stop, but she couldn’t, now that she had begun.

“Suck it.” he commanded. “Suck it all in your mouth, move your head back and forth on it, and don’t stop until I tell you to.” He entwined his fingers into her thick black tresses, massaging her scalp.

She nodded slightly, using the motion to pull more of him into her mouth, letting him sink the whole thing inside. He was still slightly gaziantep rus escort flaccid, but the heat and moisture of her mouth, not to mention the sucking action, stimulated the flow of blood into his member rapidly and his full nine inches expanded right into her throat. Panic rose in her heart, but he held her head firmly, totally in control.

“Breathe through your nose.” he told her, holding her head tightly against him now, not letting her go with his eyes. He saw the panic in them subside as she moved air in and out. He felt her swallow the load of saliva past his cockhead, the muscles of her throat constricting around him.

“Oh, God yeah.” he sighed, allowing her to slide her mouth off him and folded his arms once more. “That’s a good slut. You suck cock like a natural. This is who you really are, isn’t it, Leah?”

She looked back down at the floor, but he put one hand back on her head and made her look up at him. “Breathe, Leah, catch your breath, and then take me into your mouth again. Not all the way, this time, though, I want to lick it and use your hands and play with it.”

She nodded, swallowing several times and panting a little. “Tony, I- I feel so dirty. Using my mouth on you… its… I feel like a thing you are using, and even though I know its wrong, it feels so right at the same time. Like I’m supposed to be a dirty sex slut, but I can’t do it myself. I need you to help me.
“I want you to use me, to do all the sex things, I need to be dirty and a whore and the only way to do that is to give myself to you. Tie me up and take me against my will. I have all these barriers inside me that need to be broken down, walls that hold me in. I need you to help me break them so I can be free.”

“Don’t speak anymore, Leah, now is not the time for talking yet. That will come after.” he explained. “Now is the time for feeling.”

She started to speak, but he put his finger to her lips. “Trust me.” he said. She nodded, then licked her lips and took his cock in her hand, guiding it into her mouth.

“Play with it, you said?“ she thought to herself. “I can do that. I’ve always wanted to do that.” She felt something break inside her, chains, and she felt free, her soul soaring out and expanding.

She swirled her tongue over the head, sliding her fist up and down in her firm grasp. She moved her face closer, sucking a little harder now, and went down to about halfway on his shaft, then opened her mouth and licked her tongue up the underside all the way, teasing the tip of his cock with the tip of her tongue, smiling at him with her eyes.

“Like this?” she smiled, licking the head like a lollypop.

“Holy shit, I thought you said you never did this before?” he gasped. He was close to coming from her hand moving on him alone.

“Well, I haven’t.” she said. “You told me to have fun with it, so that’s what I’m doing. Am I doing it wrong? I can stop if you want me to.”

“No, God, don’t stop. Make me come and swallow it all, Leah. Suck my come little a dirty little slut.”

“Yes master.” she said, then took it in her mouth again, licking and sucking and bobbing her head. She could feel it start pulsing in her hand first, then he was flooding her mouth with hot sticky fluid, musky and salty.

His hands were in her hair, preventing her from pulling away.

“Swallow it!” he gasped, so she obeyed, gulping down the mouthfuls as they spurted out. There was more than she could handle at once, and it dripped out the corners of her mouth onto her blouse.

When he was done, he let her go and smiled down at her. She swallowed thickly and returned it weakly.

“Thank you.” she said. “I needed that.

“So did I.” he said. “Are you ready to finish your training?”

“My training?” she asked. “What do you mean?”

“Leah, you don’t think one blowjob is enough, do you? I don’t. I need all of you.”

“All of me?” she whispered. “What do you mean?”

“Leah, you feel free right now, after what I made you do, don’t you?” he asked her. “Look, my come has stained your blouse, and if you leave right now, you’ll go back into hiding, and when you look at this blouse in your closet, you’ll remember this feeling and live the rest of your life wondering.”

“That’s not what you want.” he said. “I know that’s not what you need. You need to be free forever; to never hide who you truly are again. You need to set yourself free, Leah. Come upstairs with me and be mine forever.”

“Oh, Tony, I can’t!” she cried. “I have daughters and my job and responsibilities!”

“Tomorrow, you have those things.” he said, “Today, right now, in this moment, you belong to me, and I’m not done with you yet.”

He pushed his shorts to the floor and stepped out of them, then headed for his room. She got up and followed him.

Outside his door, he turned to face her. He looked straight into her eyes once more. “Take your clothes off out here, Leah. All females who enter my room do so naked, no exception. It keeps my sister out of here. Enter of your own free will.”

“I…” He stopped her with a finger on her lips again.

“No, Leah, this is still not the time for talking. This is the time for feeling. If you do not enter my room naked right now, there never will be a time for talking. You can go home forever right now.” he said, taking a gamble. “But I know who you really are. Come into my room and let her free, Leah, she really wants to be in there. I know she does.”

She hesitated a long moment, all her emotions right there in her eyes for him to read. Fear, horniness, submission, fear, wanton sluttiness, wanting to give away all control, wanting love, wanting sex, and fear. She dropped her eyes and he knew he had won as she began unbuttoning her blouse.

“Naked, Leah.” he whispered. “Take all your clothes off and go lay on my bed. I’ll be waiting inside.” He stepped into the room, moving out of sight as he went to the side.

A moment later, she entered, completely nude. He admired her petite form, noting her tight, trim ass above legs that were shapely and long for her body.

“Lay down sideways on my bed, Leah, on your back and leave your feet on the floor.” he instructed. She turned to face him and he got his first look at her bare breasts. They were firm, and just the right size for her small frame. She had dark chocolate nipples on puffed up brown areolae.

She sat on the bed, then lay back as he moved toward her. She looked up at him wordlessly as he stood above her.

“Oh, my lovely Leah.” he breathed. He touched his fingers to the inside of her knees. “Open.” he said, then stepped inside her legs, touching behind her knees only, moving her legs open wide and back, exposing her fully before him.

His fully hard cock moved forward, almost of its own volition, and he rubbed the tip of it up and down her labia, mashing it firmly into her clit, then slid it lower and let her feel it at the entrance to her body. She moaned out loud, tossing her head from side to side as it moved back up, teasing her.

“Please, I need it.” she whimpered. “I’m ready, please, I need it.”

“What do you need, Leah?” he asked her, teasing her. “Say it in words, Leah. Use the dirty words. Talk dirty to me, Leah. Beg.”

“Oh, God, please don’t make me say it. I’m so ashamed right now. I just need it so bad, I can’t help myself. I can’t believe I’m doing this; it doesn’t seem real right now. Please just put it inside me; help me!!”

“Use the dirty words, Leah. I want to hear you say it nasty, like the little slut you really are. Dirty little cum-slut, filthy whore, talk dirty to me, I know you know how!!” he said strongly to her, still rubbing his cock over the outside of her pussy. “Say it!”

“Unngh, oh God, fuck me, Tony, put your big fucking cock in my slutty little pussy and, and fuck me as hard as you can! Make me come all over your cock, make me come with your cock!”

“I’m gonna fuck you, Leah, I’m gonna fuck you like the slut you really are. MY slut. You’re MY little slut, aren’t you, Leah? You knew this was gonna happen the moment you laid eyes on me through my window, didn’t you? You hoped this would happen, I could see the wish of it in your eyes as I looked into your soul.”

“Tell me you’re my little cumslut, my whore, my sex-slave. Tell me all about how nasty you are; tell me every dirty thought in your mind. Tell me, and I’ll give you this.” With is last word, he moved his cock to her opening and pushed it inside a little, letting her feel herself stretching open just the slightest before pulling back and rubbing the length of it up and down her slit again.

She moaned again, louder, then started babbling. “Oh, God, put it in me!” she begged. “I’m your slut, your dirty little whore, fuck your slave, I’m your slave, fuck me anytime, anywhere! Put that big cock inside me and make me yours forever! Fuck your little cumslut slave!!” she told begged, pleading with her eyes.

“What will you give me?” he taunted, letting her feel him at her opening another moment. “Will you give me your heart? Will you give me your trust? Will you give me your love?”

“Yes!” se begged, “Fuck me! Put that cock in me and fuck me!!”

“Will you give me your body?” he asked. “Will you give me control?”

“Yes, God, anything, I’ll do anything you say!! Anything!! Just fuck me!!!”

“Will you give me your mouth, whenever I want it? Will you give me your pussy whenever I want it? Will you give me your asshole the same way?”

“Oh, God, anything you ask. Anything. Please? I swear, if you order me to do something, I will. I promise. Just please fuck me.”

“I accept your promises, and give you one of my own. I’m going to test every limit you have, Leah, I’m going to explore every inch of your submissiveness to me; I promise I’m going to make you love doing things you never dreamed of, Leah. I promise you this.” With that, he pushed his whole cock into her pussy, feeling the heated wetness of her envelop him like a velvet glove.

She felt him slowly penetrating her, filling the emptiness inside her with hit, throbbing passion, and his words set her heart on fire.

“At last.” she thought. “Somebody finally understands!!” She felt him bottom out inside her, filling her completely. She could feel him pressing against her cervix. She looked into his eyes and transferred her whole being into him, and felt him claim her, taking her, possessing her. She felt tears welling up inside her as emotion swept her away.

“I claim you as mine, Leah. With my cock inside your body, and my entire mind, I claim you as mine, now and forever.” he said, steadfastly looking into her eyes. “You belong to me, and you are under my protection. You will always be faithful to me and me alone, and all that is yours is now mine as well. I take you as my slut, as my whore, as my slave. I take you as my wife; I take you as my wife, I take you as my wife.”

As he spoke, he was stroking his cock in and out of her, still holding her knees back and apart, using every inch of his cock in her, sliding it in and out, staring into her wide-open eyes and watching his words fill her with emotion. He saw the love and trust and devotion as she looked steadfastly back at him.

“Tell me what you are.” he said, after a long moment. “Tell me.”

“I’m your slave.” she said breathlessly. “I’m your whore. I’m your slut. I’m your little cumslut, and you can do whatever you please with me. I’ll fuck you anytime, anywhere.” she said. “I’ll suck your cock anytime you want. You can fuck my asshole anytime you want, too. I’ll let you photograph me if you want. I’m your dirty little whore, and you can use me anywhere, anytime. Forever.”

“Oh, Leah!” he shouted, and drove inside her as hard and deep as he could and came inside her. His cock spurted out one huge gush of hot jizz, then three more smaller ones, then his stiff body relaxed and he slumped down on top of her, letting her take his whole weight.

They lay together a long moment, cherishing each other. She loved the feel of his cock inside her, slowly softening and getting pushed out by her natural tightness. She wanted this moment to last forever, but the ringing of his cell phone on his bed table brought it to a crashing halt.

“Oh, God, what have I done?” she sobbed as he sat up and grabbed it, flipping it open. “Tony…” A thousand conflicting thoughts raced through her mind all at the same time.

“Hey howdy.” he said into it, not looking at her. “Oh, hey Dad, what’s up?” He listened for a moment. “Okay, that explains why you didn’t come home last night. How long are you going to be there?” He listened a long moment again, then laughed wryly.. “I see. Well, have a good time, and see you on Tuesday, then.” Another listen. “Yeah, I’ll do that, I’ll make sure of it. It’s okay, Dad, I’m a man, now, I’ll take care of her. I promise.” He flipped it shut and tossed it back on the table.

“That was your father?” she asked.

“Yeah, he’s going to be in Hawaii for the weekend, lucky bastard. He left on the red-eye last night. Some sales thing at his work.” he told her. “He said I can use the emergency credit card in his desk to get anything Kim and I need, food-wise.”

“How old are you?’ she asked him. “How old is your sister? That’s a lot of responsibility to dump on a kid at the last minute.”

“I’m seventeen.” he told her. “Kim is fifteen. My Dad trusts me. He knows I won’t let him down.”

He looked at her steadily. “The same way you can trust, me, Leah. I won’t let you down, either. I promise.”

“I do trust you, Tony.” she said. “I trust you completely. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be here like this.” She indicated her naked body, blushing slightly.

“Tell me what you are, Leah. Tell me what you without the sexual frenzy making you do it. Tell me what you are.”

“I’m your little cumslut.” she said sitting up. “I’m your little whore; I’m your cockslut slave, and I promise everything I have is yours, Master.” As she finished speaking, she was on her knees in front of him, her hands clasped together between her breasts.

“Everything you have is mine.” he said, and she repeated it.

“Everything I have is yours, Master.”

“Prove it.” he told her. “Come over here and get me hard with your mouth, then lay down on my bed with your ass high in the air, and beg me to fuck you there.”

“Oh, yes, Master, tell your little slut what to do, and I’ll do it.” Smiling, she crawled over to him, then pulled herself up and took him between her lips. Once again, she took his whole flaccid member into her mouth and allowed it to grow down her throat, then she pulled back off it and moved to the bed.

She lay down on her stomach and lifted her hips with her legs spread wide. “Come fuck my ass, Master. Take this little whore in her asshole and shove your whole huge cock inside me. It’s your asshole; I give it to you freely, Master. Use me for your pleasure!!!”

“You got, slave.” he replied, getting on the bed behind her. He put his hands on her hips, nudging her legs further apart with his knees, and tilted her ass up to just the right angle. “Just like that, baby, don’t move until I tell you to!!”

He pulled her onto him, sliding his cock into the tightest orifice it had ever entered.

“Ohh, God, oh shit!!” she cried out. “Master, it hurts so good!!”

“Remember this feeling, Leah, remember exactly how you feel right now. I’m using your body for my pleasure, Leah, I’m taking you in the most selfish way possible, slut. I’m fucking your asshole, you dirty little cumslut; I’m taking your ass with my big cock.” he told her. She grunted under him as he thrust deep into her, over and over again.

“Oh, oh, God, I’m gonna… I’m gonna…” he cried out, then removed his cock from her ass and slid it balls deep into her pussy.

She felt his cock sliding fully inside her, and this time, it didn’t just nudge her cervix, it pushed right into it and spread it wide, just as his cock spewed forth the first jet of goo inside her. He pulled it nearly all the way out, held it a moment and let the next blast spurt all along the inside of her cunt as he pushed inside once more, lubricating her with his semen. He stroked it slowly to a stop as his orgasm ended.

“Oh, Leah, that was…” he whispered in her ear, laying over her back and holding her in his arms. “That was it.”

“That was what, Master?’ she asked, turning her head to the side and closing her eyes.

“That was enough. I just made you pregnant. Can’t you feel it? I can.” he said.

“Pregnant?” she asked, touching her belly. “You just fucked a baby into me?”

“I sure did.” he said proudly. “I’m going to cook you breakfast to celebrate, too.”

“Pregnant?” she said again, doubtfully. “Are you sure?”

“I felt it. Didn’t you?” he asked, getting up. He went to his drawers and pulled out another pair of shorts, then drew them on. “Come on back down to the kitchen.” he said. “Would you like some eggs? That seems like an appropriate thing to eat right now.”

“I’m not really hungry.” she said, faintly. “I’m going to go home for a little while, okay?” She stood up, one hand still on her belly and an uneasy expression on her face. “I need to lay down and think.”

“Sure thing, Leah. I’ll be over in a little while, after I eat, and we can continue this journey we’ve started together in your room.” he told her.

“In my room?” she said, doubtfully.

“Sure. Everything you have is mine, right? Slave?” he said, sharply. “Or didn’t you mean that when you said it? Because I certainly meant every word of my promise when I said that I was going to push all your boundaries, Leah.

“No, I… I’ll see you in a little while, then, Tony. The door will be unlocked. Just come up to my room. I’ll be waiting for you there.”

He waited until she was at the door, then called her name, stopping her.

“Tell me what you are, Leah.” he commanded.

“I’m your dirty little cumslut slave, Master.” she said, then smiled and blew him a kiss. “I feel so free; I can’t believe this!”


After a quick breakfast of eggs and coffee, he left the house and crossed the lawn. The front door was unlocked, as promised, and as he entered, he surprised the two teenage girls watching TV in the front room.

“Hello.” said one of them, looking a little startled that a stranger had just walked right in without knocking.

“Well, hello yourself.” he replied, smiling. “I guess your Mom didn’t tell you about me. That’s understandable, I guess.

“Who are you?” asked the other one. “Wait, I know you. You’re Tony from next door, right?”

“Correct.” he answered. “I know your names are Tia and Mia, but I don’t know which name goes with which person.”

“I’m Tia.” said the first girl, standing up and holding out her hand to shake. He took it and kissed the back of it, instead.

“An honor.” he said softly, letting it go. The other girl stayed seated on the sofa, so he came over to her.

“And that makes you Mia.” he said, taking her hand and kissing the back of it as well.

“It does.” she agreed, letting her hand be kissed.

“Well, Mia, Tia, if you’ll excuse me, I believe your mother is expecting me upstairs in her room.” he said, moving towards the stairs.

“Wait a minute, you’re going up to her room?” Tia interrupted, catching his arm as he passed her. “Does she even know you’re coming?”

“I’m not coming yet, Tia, but if you’ll be so kind as to let me go, I’m sure I will be soon.” he joked, tugging his arm free.

“What does that mean?” Mia asked, getting up to follow him. Both girls were right behind him as he climbed the stairs.

“Which is your mother’s room?” he asked, seeing three closed doors on the second floor. There was also a small bathroom up there, but that door was open.

“That one.” Tia said, pointing at the far end of the hallway. “Why? You can’t go in there… Wait!!”

Both girls watched in astonishment as he went down the hall and let himself in, and, after a small wry smile over his shoulder at them, closed the door behind him.

“Holy moly, what do you think he’s doing in there?” Mia asked her sister, clutching her arm.

“Let’s go listen at the door.” Tia answered, going quietly down the hall. Both girls huddled together outside the door and tried to hear the muffled voices coming from within.


“Hello, Leah, your Master is here. I think you should get on your knees and welcome me home with your mouth.” he said. She was curled up on her bed, wearing a bathrobe and facing away from him. She turned her head and looked at him, bleary eyed from crying.

“Do it right now, slave!!” he ordered.

“Tony…” she whispered.

“Are you my slave or not?” he demanded. “You’re upset because I put a baby in your belly, right? You think you can just forget everything that happened between us this morning because of that?”

“But Tony…” she tried again. He would have none of it.

“But nothing. Did you or did you not give yourself to me? Forever?” he said. “I know who you are, Leah, and deep down, this is what you really wanted. A son. And now you have him.”

She touched her belly again, a look of wonder on her face. “How can you know…” She looked right into his eyes. “How can you know all these things? Things about me, what I’ve always really wanted, who I really am, how can you know?” She started to cry again. “How can you know I’m pregnant with your son?”

“I can feel it inside me, and I know things.” he said simply. “I’ve had it all my life. I feel it a lot more strongly with you, though. The strongest it’s ever been with anyone.” He looked at her sharply.

“Dammit, now is not the time for talking! Get on your knees in front of me, and welcome me here with your mouth, little slave slut cunt!” he ordered, and she moved slowly to obey.

“NOW!” he demanded. “Or do I need to give you a spanking to more firmly establish my rightful place over you?”

“No, master, please don’t spank me. I promise I’ll be good from now on.” she said, moving with better speed at his threat. She got into position and opened his fly, reached her right hand in and pulled him out, then captured his cock with her mouth. He let her suck it a short moment, then withdrew it from her lips.

“Very good, slave. Tell me again who you are.” he told her. “Sit up straight, hands behind your back, tits thrust out, and eyes forward. Tell me who you are!!”

“I’m your slutty little cumwhore, Master.” she said.

“Louder!” he ordered. “Tell me who you are!!”

“I’m your fuck-slut whore; your slave, Master!” she cried out.

“What did you give me, slave?” he demanded.

“I gave you my ass, my pussy, and my mouth, Master. Everything I have belongs to you now. You even took my womb, if what you say is true, Master. Everything I have is yours, Master.”

“Oh, it’s true, slave slut.” he said. “When can I fuck you?”

“Anytime, any hole, anywhere, Master.” she told him.

“Louder, bitch!!” he demanded again.

“Anytime, any hole, any where you want me, Master. I’m your fuck toy, your slutty little whore. You can fuck me whenever you want, anywhere you want, in any hole you want. I promise I’ll never tell you no.” she cried out loudly.

“Very good, my little cumslut. You may return to the bed, where you will lay face down, legs wide open, and await my return. I need a shower and to relieve myself.”

She obeyed him, getting into the position he’d ordered her into. She heard him leave the room and her mind whirled, reeling with the things alive inside her.

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