Kiss in the Dark

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Well, the party was humming right along. I had brought a girl named Cynthia whom I hardly knew. I took her with me so I wouldn’t look like a dateless geek (which I was).

My best friend, Jimmy, had brought a girl I knew. Her name was Judy and she was really good looking. I had always liked her but I got the impression she didn’t date.

“So, Jimmy, how long have you been dating Judy?” I asked.

“I just started tonight. I had to have someone to bring to the party so I wouldn’t look like a dateless geek,” he answered.

“She’s kind of pretty. What do you plan to do with her?”

“Nothing. She’s not really my type. Now Cynthia, that’s my type!”

“You are in luck buddy. Cynthia is here with me. Wanna swap?”

“Sounds good. How will we do it?”

“I don’t know. Let’s have another beer and hatch a plan.”

We headed for the bar. As we sipped our suds, the host announced the start of the first party game. It was called ‘five minutes in the dark.’ In this game, each girl drew a boys name out of a hat and then had to spend five minutes with him in the hall closet. I had enjoyed this game on several occasions and was eager to play.

When Judy’s turn came, she stuck her hand in the hat, pulled out the ticket and announced, “Doug Hathaway!”

Holy cow! How lucky could I get? I’m Doug Hathaway!

I presented my arm to Judy and we entered the closet. When the door shut it was darker than the inside of a cow.

“Hi Judy, do you remember me?”

“Sure I do Doug. Well, what shall we do now that we’re here together in the dark?”

In answer, I felt for her and pulled her to me. She was soft and warm and breathing heavily.

“I want to kiss you,” I said quietly.

“Okay,” she whispered.

Somehow I found her lips there in the dark. I pressed mine softly to hers and she giggled a little. I nibbled on her lower lip and felt her tremble. I took a chance and licked her lips. On the second pass I found her tongue waiting for mine. Soon her tongue was in my mouth and I was sucking gently on it, rubbing it with mine. Then I thrust my tongue into her mouth and she sucked on it and rubbed it.

I felt her hand on the bulge in my pants. I squeezed my hand between us and rubbed her breast.

“Five minutes isn’t gonna be enough,” she said.

I was panting for breath. Her kiss had almost made me cum. I locked lips with her again. She hugged me tightly. I had two hands full of her butt. She moaned, I moaned. There was a knock on the door and a loud voice announced, “Times up!”

We staggered out of the closet to the applause of the guests. I took her arm and headed for the backyard. When we got to the patio, I wrapped my arms around her. We stood there hugging each other.

“Do we dare risk another kiss?” I asked her.

“Maybe not. I’m almost at the point of no return now. If we continue, we’ll be caught in a compromising position for sure!” she answered.

“Boy, that’s true for sure,” I answered. “Why don’t you come with me? We could go to my house and explore our possibilities?”

“I can’t. I promised daddy I would be home early and he doesn’t like it if I don’t return with the guy who took me.”

I handed her my card. “My home phone number is on the back. Any time you call me we can get together. My work hours are really flexible.”

She accepted the card and smiled at me. “I think we’ve cooled off enough for another kiss,” she said quietly.

I brushed her lips with mine. I felt her little pink tongue licking me. I opened my mouth and sucked her in. Damn, she tasted good! She trembled in my arms and I knew I could have had her right there on the patio.

“Oh god,” she panted, “you could have me right here on the patio.”

“Let’s wait. There is no sense in totally destroying your reputation.”

“One more kiss and I won’t care about my reputation. I think I better have Jimmy take me home now.”

I kissed her goodbye and she went off to find Escort Kızılay Jimmy. I sat on the patio bench and thought the situation over. Things had happened so fast. I found I really, really liked Judy. I wanted to see a lot more of her. I found Cynthia smooching some dude in the living room.

“I want to go home now Cynthia,” I said.

She turned loose of the guy. “Let’s go,” she said.

In the car she scooted over next to me, making an obvious advance. Before tonight I would have driven her out to the lake and done terrible things to her sweet young body, but somehow I just had no interest in it. She probably thought I was light in the loafers. I didn’t touch her. I took her home.

I run a home business from an office in my house. I bought the house with money I made while still living in my parents’ house. My business made quite a bit of money and I had as much time off as I wanted. A week passed and I heard nothing from Judy. That was distressing and distracting. I really liked her. Maybe she just lost interest.

Friday afternoon my private line rang. “Hello?”

“Hi Doug, it’s Judy. Do you remember me?”

“How could I forget? I thought you had written me off.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, but I had some very urgent business to take care of. Can I come over to your house this afternoon?”

“No problem!” I answered. I gave her the address and said goodbye. I more or less leaped into the bathroom and took a quick shower, made sure I didn’t have a five o’clock shadow, brushed my teeth and combed my hair, finishing just as the doorbell rang. Whew!

I sprang to the door and greeted her. She gave me a little peck on the cheek and entered the house.

“Where are your parents?” she asked.

“I don’t know. I guess they’re home. Why?”

“Do you mean you live here by yourself?”

“Well, yeah, this is my house.”

“Wow! Are your folks rich?”

“No, I bought it with my own money. Gee it’s good to see you again. I had about given up on you.”

We sat on the living room sofa close together.

“Do you remember the closet game?” she asked.

“It is the most memorable experience of my life,” I answered.

“I can’t get it out of my mind. Every time I think about it, I get all shaky and trembly. I can’t sleep. I can’t relax. All I can think about is your lips in that dark closet.”

“I must admit, you have given me some sleepless nights too. I have often wondered what would have happened if we had pressed forward out there on the patio.”

“I already know what would have happened,” she said.

“And what is that?”

“You would have taken my virginity. I was ready to give it up. Being here with you now, I realize that I’m still ready to give it up to you. How do you feel about me?”

“I have thought a lot about that. I almost went nuts when you didn’t call right away. I was stressed out. Maybe we should get to know each other better.” I put my arms around her and held her tightly into me.

Her little pink tongue wiped her lips. I couldn’t resist. I kissed her very softly. Her mouth opened and she sucked my tongue into her warm wetness.

We broke the kiss. “You know we won’t be able to stop don’t you?” she asked.

“Yes,” I hissed and pressed my lips to hers again. Her hand was on my thigh traveling upward toward my super hard cock.

I pulled her blouse off over her head revealing her bra-less bare breasts. She pulled my t-shirt off revealing my solid six pack. We rolled off the sofa and onto the carpet, my hand at her crotch, her hand at mine.

“Bedroom,” I mumbled.

“Yes, now,” she panted.

I scooped her up off the carpet and carried her to my bed, depositing her squarely in the middle of the mattress. I removed her shoes and socks, kissing her feet. Next came the pants and panties. I gazed at her almost hairless virgin pussy.

“You have the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen,” I gasped.

“I Kızılay Escort want to see your penis,” she stated.

I dropped my pants and then my boxers. I have an average size cock about six inches or so. I crawled up next to her and cupped her pussy.

“No one has ever touched me there,” she said. “I’m twenty two years old and I haven’t even been felt up yet.”

“Why?” I asked as I felt her hand wrap around my cock. “You are a beautiful woman.”

“I never met anyone I wanted to give it up to. I never even had anyone squeeze my tits until I got into the closet with you. I almost chickened out on that game. I’m glad I didn’t.”

She sort of rolled into me. We were face to face on our sides. I knew she could feel my erection poking her belly. We engaged in another soul shattering kiss. I was losing control and so was she. I rubbed her slit and she moaned.

“Open you legs,” I said. She rolled onto her back and opened up.

I scooted down between her thighs and gently lapped at her labia. Her hips started moving as I slowly ate her sweet little pussy. I plunged my tongue into her, feeling her virginity. Her clit beckoned and I answered. I sucked the little nub into my lips and hummed on it.

“Oh damn!” she screamed, her hips flailing wildly and out of control. She was producing lots of virginal girl juice and I was lapping it up like a dog.

“Please, please, I’m ready now! Do me! Hurry!” she gasped. I slid up her body and she grasped my cement hard dick, guiding it to her entrance. I looked down at her beautiful face.

“I know it’ll hurt a little. Just put it in me. Do it now!”

I slid my cock into her wet, quivering virgin pussy. Her cherry popped almost immediately but she didn’t say a word. The next time I looked at her I could see she was softly weeping.

“Are you hurt?” I anxiously inquired.

“No, no, I’m just so happy that I finally get to experience this with you. Don’t talk, just fuck me.”

Her pussy was so tight. I had never been in a cunt this tight and hot before. On the other hand, I’m not exactly cocksman of the year. She was moaning and screaming, “Yes, yes, yes! Do me! Do me!” I drove into her gently, not wanting to tear up something so fine and so tight.

She started to shake violently and I knew the end was close at hand. Her pussy clamped down on me so tightly that I didn’t believe my cum could get out, but it did. She was at maximum orgasm when I shot my seed deep into her. I couldn’t move and I think she passed out. Anyway, when she came to, she smiled and said, “Let’s do it again!”

“Take it easy honey. It takes some time for men to reload.”

“Okay, just hold me and talk to me. Tell me all about you.”

“Well, I graduated from business school two years ago. I run a successful home business. That’s how I’m able to be at your beck and call. As far as women go, I’ve been too busy to get into anything heavy until now. I may be falling in love with you. I’ve never felt this way about a woman before. So, what’s your story?”

“I’ve been working as a travel agent since I was eighteen. I make pretty good money at it, enough to buy a new car and lots of nice clothes. As you know, I’m not exactly the village slut. I have been very choosy about whom I date. The reason I didn’t call you was that I got into a big fight with my parents. I told them that if you asked me, I would move in with you. One thing led to another and I started packing. I spent the week moving my stuff into storage. I already told you that you knocked me for a loop. I know it sounds crazy, but I may have fallen in love with you in that closet.”

“You left your home because of me?”

“Yup. So now I’m basically homeless. Could you put me up for a couple of days until I can find an apartment?”

“Hell, I can do better than that! Move in here. You won’t need an apartment. You were going to anyway, weren’t you?”

“Yeah, but after I thought it over, Kızılay Escort Bayan I realized that I had only kissed you a couple of times and you might not want me meddling in your life.”

“We’ve done a lot more than kiss. In the very, very near future we’re gonna do a lot more,” I said, pointing to my rising pecker.

She giggled and rubbed her body against me. “Do you really want me to move in?”

“Of course! I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t mean it. Tomorrow you can look around and decide what you want to do with the house. I know nothing of interior decoration. You know you might be pregnant. We didn’t use any protection.”

“We can’t make a baby right now. I’ve been on the pill for two years to help regulate my periods.”

“You better stay on it until we know whether this is the real thing or not.”

“Okay enough talk. Now, stick that thing in me before it goes away again.”

I grunted as I slid my dick into her. She squealed enthusiastically because now she knew what to expect. I pumped her as hard as I dared. I could feel every ripple and nook in her pussy. For the first time since I moved into my house, I felt like I was home.

“You are one fantastic piece of ass,” I panted as I slid into her.

“Thanks,” she giggled and bit her lower lip.

She slithered around on the mattress, humping me and squealing. She was having a hell of a good time. She suddenly stopped and thrust her hips up into me.

“I’m cumming again!” she sang out. “Don’t stop! Fuck me, fuck me fuck me!!!”

Then she collapsed into a little sweaty bundle of girl flesh, quivering and moaning. I made about five more strokes and filled her up with juice again. I wrapped my arms around her.

“Let’s have a little nap,” I suggested.

She snuggled tightly into my chest. I could feel her warm sweet breath tickling my chest hairs. “Mmm hmm,” she commented. Soon I could hear her breathing heavily as exhaustion overtook her. I faded away too.

When I woke up she was sucking my hardening member. She looked up at me and said, “I’ve always wanted to try this. It’s fun! I’m gonna make you squirt in my mouth.” She went back to her business. She squeezed my nuts and pulled on the sack. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

“I’m gonna cum!” I warned.

She didn’t even slow down. In fact, that announcement seemed to inspire her to try harder. I could feel a rumble down deep in my balls and I knew the time was here.

“Uhn, unh,” I grunted as the stream of potent juice shot out of my cock and into her mouth. I looked at her and she was smiling with a little dribble of cum running down her chin. She licked it off. When she opened her mouth, I could see my cum on her tongue. She closed her mouth and when she opened it again, she had swallowed the whole load. It was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen. I almost came again just from watching her.

She crawled up and kissed me. I could taste myself in her mouth. “Boy that stuff’s a lot better than my dumb ass girlfriends said it was. I guess they have no culture,” she laughed.

She looked into my eyes. “This feels more like home than home ever did. I’m not sure I could ever leave.”

“You don’t have to worry about leaving any time soon. You are the most fantastic, most erotic woman I have ever seen. I would have to be the biggest idiot in the state to give you up!”

Once again she melted into my chest. I knew right then that I was doomed. My bachelor days would soon be behind me. “I’m sure I love you now. Don’t take any more of those birth control pills.”

“What are you trying to say Doug?”

“I think we shouldn’t wait. Will you marry me? I can never give you up. If you’re gone, I’ll be the saddest man on the planet forever. Say yes!”

“Yes I’ll marry you and soon I’ll make you a nice fat baby. I’ll see the doctor Monday and tell him I want to get off the pill.”

And that’s how I fell from the ranks of bachelorhood into the legion of happy suckers. Six years have passed since Judy came into my life and they have been the best years I’ve ever experienced. I loved her then and I love her a little more each day. We have made three children so far and are trying for number four. Life couldn’t be better.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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