Kids Revenge (1)

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Kids Revenge (1)

Friday night drinking was my usual ritual. Meet the mates go to the pub have a few drinks and get pissed. Hopefully pick up a girl and have nice shag to round things off. Well I had the drinks, met the girl and after some heavy groping she decided it was time to go home. So I went home, staggered upstairs hardly able to walk, got into bed and fell asleep naked. And as usual I woke up about 2am dying for a piss.

I staggered to the bathroom, opened the door and stepped in. With my fuddled brain and my eyes half closed I shut the door and stepped to the bowl. It was at this point I noticed Linda, my eldest sister sitting on the toilet with my cock about six inches from her face. I was about to apologise and turn around when she reached out and grabbed my erection, pulling it, and me towards her mouth.

“Oh fuck me!” I gasped. Still not sure if this was a dream, a knock back to earlier when I had been with the girl or if it was actually happening. All I knew was I was getting the most fantastic bj and I was going to come.

Linda suddenly stopped. She must have known I was close. She wiped herself, stood up and left, closing the door behind her. It seemed to take forever for me to piss but once done, still bemused, I returned to my bedroom, to find Linda smiling on the far side of my double bed. She threw the bed covers back and invited me to lay beside her now naked body.

No. No. I am not doing this, I said to myself as my legs took my body towards the bed. I was still saying no to myself as, laying on my back Linda once more took me deep into her mouth.

“Fuck me Lyn we shouldn’t be doing this.” I said, without making any effort to stop her.

“Your not doing it.” She said as she straddled me. “I am.” She finished by dropping onto my throbbing erection. Slowly she fucked me, and I have to admit I was in heaven.

I had often wondered if her tit’s were as big as they seemed when she was dressed and now that I was awake and suddenly sober I could see that they were. Not only were they large but they were firm and wonderful to the touch. Her sunken nipples coming erect the more I touched them. Without losing her rhythm she lowered her breast to my mouth so I could suck on them. She was moaning now, softly and I could tell she was getting close to her orgasm. I was tempted to speed things up but she knew what she was doing and I suspected knew exactly how close I was to my own orgasm so I waited till the critical moment.

She pushed herself up, with her hands on my shoulders her head arched back and she let out a long silent moan. I put my hands under her buttocks and slightly lifted her up. As she started to lose control, her movements became out of tune and I started to push up into her. Slowly to begin with but as my own orgasm rose I rammed into her faster and harder. Finally we exploded together.

I have always found that not being able to vocalise an orgasm made it so much more intense and as both my parents and 2 other sisters were only a few feet away vocalising was definitely not on the agenda. The pain that this created within the orgasm just heightened everything for us both. The bed however had no problem making a lot of noise and just as we were coming down from our joint orgasm the bedroom door opened and Lesley, my middle sister walked in, quickly closing the door behind her.

“Wow sis.” She gasped, “You lucky bitch.” she said and crawled onto the bed.

“Quiet.” Lyn said, as she slid off my cock and into the bed beside me. I was just too dazed to say anything. I pulled the quilt up to cover my softening cock.

“No you bloody well don’t” Lesley said, pulling her night dress off and throwing it onto the floor. Before I could say anything her hand was around my softening shaft bringing it back to life. Semi erect she took it deep into her mouth.

“Oh fuck.” I gasped, “I must have died and gone to heaven.”

Much to my surprise Linda promptly dived between her sisters legs and started to avidly eat her pussy. Lesley immediately started to moan from her cock filed mouth. It was plain this was not the first time the girls had eaten pussy.

Linda was on her side so I moved round so I could eat out her pussy, including my juices so now we were in a daisy chain. Lesley sucking my cock, Linda eating her pussy and me eating Linda’s pussy. This was indeed heaven.

I was amazed that the cacophony of moans and groans wasn’t loud enough to wake the whole house. But thankfully my door remained closed. Finally we all collapsed and just lay where we were, breathing heavily and running our hands up and down any body that we could find.

“Ok what just happened.” I asked quietly, “Did you two plan this or what?”

They both turned round and rested their heads on the pillow. I put my arms around them and pulled them close.

“Well no, we didn’t plan it.” Linda said

“But we have talked out it.” Lesley added, “Well talked about what it would be like to have sex with you.”

“Err, Ignoring the fact that I am your brother.”

“Well till now it was just girly talk.” Linda said, “Then when you walked into the bathroom with that huge fucking erection I just couldn’t help myself.”

“Oh wow sis tell me about it.” Lesley said, all excited. “Did he ram his cock into your face? Did you struggle to get away?”

“No” Linda said. And told her what happened up to the moment Lesley walked into the room.

“I have to say Mike you have one huge cock and I just love the taste of it.” Linda said

“Yes much better than I thought.” Lesley agreed.

“Well for my part I have to say that I had never really thought about having sex with either of you. Though I have often wondered if your tits would be as gorgeous as they seemed. “ I said.


“Well you both have fucking great tits. Firm and so fucking horny. And now that I have been fucked by you I want more. But not tonight, I am shagged out.” This made the girls laugh.

“Oh Fuck. Linda said suddenly, “What about Lee?”

“Oh shit.” Lesley looked shocked. “ She will be so angry.”

“Well she doesn’t need to know does she?” I said.

”Oh no Mike.” Linda said, “You don’t understand. Lee wants you to be her first. She has dreamed of it happening.”

“And dad is going to be my first.” Lesley said smiling, “That’s’ why I didn’t fuck you. Lee and I are still virgins.”

“Shit.” I said. “Ok, well look, it’s nearly 5am. Don’t say anything yet go back to bed get some sleep and we will talk about it when mum and dad are out tomorrow. I need to take all this in.”

The girls went off to their room, still naked and I tried to get some sleep. With what had happened, and what they had said about Lee and Lesley’s choice of their first fuck, it took forever to finally fall asleep.

A moment later. Or so it seemed, I woke to a sensitive mouth rapped around my cock. I looked down to find Lee looking back up at me. “Lee what are you doing?” I asked stupidly as I ran my hands through her hair.

“I know what happened Mike. They told me. They told me.” She said softly. “Mum and dad have gone and If I don’t do this now, if I don’t give myself to you now, I don’t know if I could pluck up the courage again. Please Mike. Make me a woman.”

Lee had always been my favourite sister. I gently took her face in my hands and pulled her up so that I could kiss her softly on the lips. Poor girl was shaking like a leaf. I turned her onto her back and for the next thirty minutes I made love gaziantep lezbiyen to my youngest sister. Soft gentle love. I kissed her body all over, licked her nipples and travelled down to her navel and softly licked her pussy. She jumped as my tongue caressed her clit, and then I rose and poised at the entrance to her throbbing vagina. “Are you sure about this?” I whispered.

She pulled me to her and said, “Yes. I know what happens. Linda told me. Do it now Mike. I want you now.”

I slowly entered that virgin hole. Stopping as I felt the resistance of her hymen. She hugged me, letting me know she was ready. I pushed in slowly till the resistance burst and then waited till her grip on my shoulder relaxed, then slowly I made love to her. I had no thoughts of my own satisfaction, just hers. This was her first time and they say you never forget your first time and I wanted this to be the perfect memory. She fit around my cock like a glove, hugging it, drawing it into her. As her orgasm rose she began to moan and the closer she got the louder she moaned until finally she reached a crescendo. Screaming and crying as she pulled me closer to her. She bit into my neck and this breached my defences and I shot my brotherly seed into that virgin pussy, slowly coming to a halt as I was finally spent.

We lay like that for a while. Our arms wrapped around each other while Lee cried. My cock softened and slowly slipped out. I slid off her and held her in my arms till her tears subsided. She snuggled into me, rubbing my cock with her bum. As I felt myself getting aroused again I said. “Come on miss. I think we all need to have a chat. The four of us. There is going to be plenty of time for sex. Have a quick shower and I will meet you all downstairs.”

As Lee showered I couldn’t help but think about what had happened over the last few hours. It seemed more like a lifetime. I had gone from being an older loving brother to a brother lover. What was worse I suppose was that I loved it, I loved all of it and if this is all it was ever going to be. If we never did it again it would be enough.

Half an hour later I walked into the kitchen where the girls were chatting about Lee’s deflowering. As I looked at them I realised I saw them totally different now. Small medium and large. Lee being small as she was the youngest and had the smallest breasts at 34in but at 16 she was still going through puberty. Lesley at 17 was medium and with 36 in tits, still growing but almost fully formed and Linda, the oldest at 18 with her 38in tits and the most confident of the three. Lee and Lesley could be mistaken for twins as they looked so much alike with their naturally wavy hair while Linda had long straight hair.

As I entered the kitchen they fell silent. I grabbed a cup of tea and sat down with them. “Ok so where do we go from here. And by the way are you girls on the bloody pill.”

“I am.” Linda said, “Or should I say I was. I am coming off it now though. But they aren’t.”

“And we are not going on it either. We want children.” Lesley said.

“Your children.” Lee added all embarrassed.

“And how do you propose we do that with mum and dad around?” I asked, “We were lucky not to get caught last night, you know what dads like for getting up in the night.”

“Well somehow we have to get dad involved as well if Lesley is to lose her virginity.” Lee said with a smile.

“That’s not going to be easy with mum around.” Linda said.

“So we need to get mum under control then.” I said.

“And how do we do that.” Lesley said, a little dejected.

“How would you like to fuck dad with mum in the room as well as giving her blessing?” I said

“Oh yes I can see that happening. Not” Lee laughed.

“Well mum has never had to put up with us ganging up on her has she?”

“What are you planning?” Linda said with a smile.

We spent the next half hour planning what we were going to do and getting things ready

A little family background may help at this stage. Mum and dad married young and had us kids young. She was pregnant with me when they married and it was almost 3 years before Linda was born, the others following pretty close behind. I was a daddies boy. Or that’s what mum said. Me and dad enjoyed doing man stuff together like most fathers and sons do. Mum hated it and wanted another boy of her own to play with. After three girls she gave up. Not just on having a boy but on the family more or less. I wont say she mistreated us, but very close to it. So we didn’t like her very much.

Saturday’s were pretty much the same every week. Mum and dad got paid weekly but mum kept all her wages to herself, contributing nothing to the home. She even took money off me and Linda for house rent and kept it to herself. Then Saturday while dad was hard at work trying to make ends meet she would be off into town buying clothes or other stuff for herself. This Saturday was no different.

She arrived home at about 1pm and the girls kept her happy by making her coffee and gasping at the clothes she had bought. The girls finally grabbed the clothes and Linda said, “Come on mum lets see how you look with them on.” She was totally relaxed and loved showing off her clothes to her girls, knowing how jealous they were. She followed them upstairs.

“Well if your trying clothes on I am going for a lie down.” I said following them upstairs. In fact I went into my room and put on my old school uniform which though a bit tight did still fit me. Trousers, shirt, tie and blazer. I did my hair just like I used to when I was kid and waited on the landing.

“Oh mum that looks really good, you should let Mike see.” Linda said. That was my signal.

“No chance. Hang it up for me.” Mum said with that nasty tone she used whenever my name was mentioned.

“Why not mum.” I said walking into her bedroom. She was standing in her underwear which I had to admit fit her body perfectly. “Because only your many boyfriends can see your slut body.”

The girls grabbed her. She was taken totally by surprised as they dragged her to the bed. She struggled of course lashing out viciously whenever she could, but then I jumped on top of her and pinned her arms down. Linda put a strip of duck tape across her mouth while she struggled to push me off but she wasn’t as strong as I was. The girls grabbed her arms and tied them to the bed and then with me now sitting on her legs they were strapped down as well.

When I got off her she bounced up and down and twisted to try and get free but she was tied down with her tights so was never going to get loose. Realising the obvious and, as we just stood back and watched, she finally gave up trying to get away. Lesley took a pair of scissors from mums bedside drawer and handed them to me. In total silence I cut the sides of her panties at which mum again started to struggle and scream through her gag. I ignored her and yanked the panties from under her, next came her bra. Again I didn’t mess about I just cut it and then yanked it off her. I was quite surprised how good her body was, a little bit of extra weight but her tits stood proudly, floating from side to side as she struggled to get herself free, not flopping around like dead fish. Again she calmed down as we stood and watched. The girls I noticed were all breathing rather heavily and I have to admit to having a semi hard cock.

“Right, now then mum this is what is going to happen.” I said sternly. “You have a choice. Either I can ring up my mates and tell them your lying naked on your bed waiting for them to come and gang bang you or….you can give me one of those blow jobs your so famous for.” Again the struggling and the curses between clenched gagged teeth. I didn’t know if she sucked cock or not but we all knew she had been out with several guys while still being married to dad.

“Or,” Linda said, “Mike can fuck you stupid while we girls fuck your arse and your cunt with anything and everything we can find to ram up you you fucking bitch” With that Lesley held out a huge black vibrator while Linda had a wooden rolling pin and Lee had a hair dryer.

She mumbled something so I ripped the tape from her face. “You wouldn’t dare.” She said, so angry her face was red.

“And why wouldn’t we?” I said

“Because I am your mother. Now let me go.” She said going redder and redder, “Or you will be sorry when your dad gets home.”

“Since when have you ever been a mother to us. We probably hate you almost as much as you hate us. Now choose or it will be a race who can get to you first my mates or the girls.”

“No I wont.” She said, “Fuck off all of you.”

“Ok girls she is all yours.”

It really was a sight to see. The three of them finally let off the leash to get their own back on the person they hated the most. Lesley gave the vibrator to Linda while she and Lee went for mums tits. There mouths instantly gripping her swollen nipples and squeezing as hard as they could while Linda was literally trying to force her hand up mums cunt. Mum tried to struggle but it was pointless, as whether she liked it or not this aggression seemed to be turning her on.

“Wow!” Linda said,” Mums got a really sopping wet cunt.”

“No!” Mum said, “Stop this now before you regret it.”

“I will never ever regret what I do to you, however much it hurts you,” Lee said quietly “It will never hurt as much as you have hurt us.”

Something in her voice hit a nerve with mum. Suddenly she was afraid. “Alright, alright get off me. What do you want?”

The girls pulled back, a little reluctantly I fear. “Your going to convince me that you really need to suck my cock. Tell me how much you want to do it and how sorry you are for being so nasty to me. Your going to tell me that you want to make me happy in a way that only a real mother can do, and then your going to suck me off, all the way, and your going to show me my come on your tongue as you swallow it and tell me how much you enjoyed tasting me. And be warned. It better be the best blow job you have ever given because if I am not convinced that you really mean it and want to pleasure me in that way I will give you over to the girls. And I will call my mates”

“But….” She started, “I can’t. You’re my son. I can’t do it.”

“Bollocks.!” I said raising my voice angrily, “I have never been your son. You have always told me I am not your son so don’t give me that shit. Now, are you going to do it or not. And don’t think if I remove the ties that I cannot get the better of you because right now if you try to get away I will punch you so hard you will end up with your head in the wall.”

She looked into my eyes and knew without a shadow of a doubt that I meant it. “Cut me loose.”

“Do we have a deal.” I asked

“Yes for fuck’s sake.” She said “Just get on with it.”

I nodded to the girls and they untied her. I moved to the end of the bed and could see the excitement on the faces of my little sisters. Mum started, half heartedly pleading with me.

I stepped back. “And this is supposed to convince your virgin son that you love him is it. I don’t think so.” I said, “Look at it this way. Your very life could depend on it.”

This seemed to do the trick and she sat on the end of the bed, legs either side of me looking up into my eyes. I reached into the blazer pocket and took out my old school glasses, large frames and tinted to block out the sunlight. She really did put on a stunning performance I have to say and yes she did make me come, showed me my juices on her tongue and even properly cleaned me up.

“How was that?” she asked quietly.”

“Oh mum that was wonderful” I said, in a childish tone. I looked towards the door and added, “Thank you uncle Eric.”

Mum’s head shot around to the door to see Linda with her mobile phone pointing at her. She had filmed the whole thing. “What the fuck.” She gasped, “Give me that.” She tried to get up so I pushed her hard back onto the bed.

“Make no mistake mother.” I said glaring into her face. “You will do as you are told. If you don’t then that movie of you sucking your school boy son off is going to the police.”

“But your not a schoolboy.” She said not sure of what was happening.

“I was when you were fucking uncle Eric next door and here I stand in my school uniform, having just been sucked of by you in front of Eric. How does it look Lyn?”

“Surprisingly good.” She smiled, “Those glasses were the perfect finish. It really looks like you when you were at school.”

“Good. Mother you can get dressed and come down. We have some things to say to you regarding your new position in this family. Come on girls lets have a chat and a cuppa.” With lots of chattering and questions we went downstairs to plan our next move.

“OK girls quiet down a bit.! I said with a smile, as we settled in the kitchen. “That’s phase one. Now we have to convince her that she does what we say or dad see’s the video.”

“But what difference will that make?” Lesley asked, “She’s been having affairs for years and dad never did anything about it.”

“But this isn’t an affair.” Linda said, “This is incest with her son in front of one of her many lovers. She and Eric would be arrested and while Eric can plead ignorance she can’t.”

“Too true.” Lee laughed, “That is definitely mum and she is giving Mike a bj. The police would want to know what else happened and I am sure Mike could come up with something if he needed to.”

“So what next?” Linda asked.

“Well we need to consolidate our control over her. I am on a weekend trip to Birmingham this weekend and I am going to take mum with me. She has always wanted to go to the Bullring shopping centre. While we are there I will fuck her as much as possible, get it on film and that should be enough to tie her completely to our plan. Then once we are back we will create some scenarios where we all fuck her for a few days. Filming it and that will be that.”

“Well it’s ok if it works.” Lesley said, “I can’t wait to get her naked between my legs.”

That brought laughs and agreement from the other girls.

“While we are away you three have to fuck dad.” I said, which brought a sudden silence.

“How?” Lee asked.

“I am sure we can work it out between us.” Linda said, “How long will you be away?”

“We will leave Friday afternoon and probably come back on Monday so you will have three nights to break him down. He won’t be working Saturday as mum is going to tell him he doesn’t need to anymore as she will be putting her money into the housekeeping from now on.”

“I will not.” Came a voice from behind us.

“Well it’s either that or you go to prison.” I said, “And don’t interrupt our conversation.”

“How dare you tell me what to do.”

I stood up and smiling walked over to her. She looked at me stubbornly. I reached out grabbed her by the hair, pulled her to the kitchen worktop and pushed her face into it, holding her there.” Lets get this straight. You, are a whore. In fact you are an incestuous whore who only five minutes ago begged me to let you suck my cock. As such you no longer have any control in this house. You come bottom of the pile. You will go to work, you will come home and cook and clean this house and if we feel like helping we will, if we don’t then tough on you. You will at all times be available for our sexual gratification, including dad and anybody else we tell you to fuck is that understood?”

She said nothing. I banged her head on the side and repeated, “Is that understood?”

“Yes.” She cried, “I understand, yes.”

“Good. Now make some more coffee.”

The girls looked on in awe. They had never seen me like this before, in total control. They seemed to enjoy it though. “So can I fuck the bitch now Mike?” Lee asked.

“No not till we get back on Monday. You have plans to make. You have a week to get dad ready and horny enough to fuck Lesley at least but preferably all of you. Mother will help won’t you mother. Drop the occasional hint here or there about how you think Lesley would want dad to be his first. Just don’t turn too nice too fast and you don’t fuck anyone till we say so. Understood. That includes dad.”

“Understood.” She replied quietly.

The following week passed quite quickly. The girls did nothing to hide our sexual activity from mum, even having a full blown foursome while she watched. It took a couple of days, and a few slaps from the girls for her to accept her place and she became notably more tolerant of dad. By Friday dad seemed a bit edgy, his eyes seemed glued to Lesley but nothing too obvious. He did have his first weekend off for a very long time and seemed to be looking forward to mum not being around, though he did give her the odd strange look if she was nice to him. Midday Friday we were on the road to Birmingham and the girls were making there plans.

Once we settled in our hotel room mum took a shower. I opened my laptop and put it on the drawers at the side of the bed. I had installed a security program that started recording at the slightest movement without showing it on the screen.

When mum came out of the shower I said, “I quite liked you begging to suck my cock last week so when I come out my shower I want you to be my mum, and I want you to seduce me. Make it convincing because you know what happens if I don’t believe you.”

She did quite well actually I have to say. And that was how we spent the weekend. I would give her different scenarios all about a mother fucking her son or an older woman fucking a much younger man and all recorded. I also made her dress and act like a slut when we went out or down to the bar, and this was recorded discretely on my mobile phone.

The girls also had a great time. When dad got home from work Friday evening they were all dressed in short skirts that hid nothing of their long legs, and all were braless and had on low cut or thin tops. They sent him for a shower and then cooked his favourite dinner. They did everything they could to make him relax before sitting him down on the settee for a night of TV. Lesley sat next to him with her feet up and the other two sat opposite. Lesley of course was wearing the most revealing top and several times dad was caught looking down her top at her braless tits. He was relaxed. And that was the whole point. The morning would bring him the pleasure that his wife had refused him for so many years. Only it would be from his three loving daughters.

When dad woke early the following morning, he had a wonderful feeling emanating from his morning erection, one he had not felt for a long time. He wanted that feeling to stay with him for a while longer so her closed his eyes tight. But as he felt something else wrap around his cock he realised that this was too real. Hi eyes opened and he say his daughter, Lesley, slipping his cock into her virgin pussy. He went to jump up but was stopped by his other daughters.

“Shhh dad, “Linda said, “We have waited so long for this moment.”

“Please dad, “Lee implored, “Lets us do this for you. We want to. Please.”

“Ohh yes.” Lesley moaned, “Now.” And with that she pushed beyond her hymen and dropped as far as she could onto her fathers throbbing erection.

“Oh shit.” He moaned, “This is so wrong girls.”

“Am I doing it wrong?” Lesley asked. “It’s my first time.”

“No. No baby girl.” It’s just….” He stopped as Lesley began riding his cock. And once his other daughters took his hands and placed them on their naked breasts he just gave into them and enjoyed the precious gift they were giving him.

For the next two days dad thought he was in heaven. The girls pushed their single beds together to make a giant bed so they could all sleep together, dad included. He had never been so loved, so sucked and so fucked in all his life. He was cared for in all his needs, fed and pampered and he got to fuck the three hottest pussy’s he could ever wish for and three tightest arses he could ever have imagined. But come Monday his euphoria started to slip away. “She is home today.” He said not mentioning her name.

“Oh don’t worry about her dad.” Lesley said, “In fact your not getting dressed yet. Because as soon as she gets home I am going to suck on your cock and you are going to fuck me right in front of her. She can’t do anything about it.”

“You are kidding right.” He said, a little shocked.

“Nope.” Linda said, “You’ll see.” He wasn’t so sure.

When I arrived home the girls all ran up to me and gave me a huge hug. As they were only dressed in night dresses or dressing gowns I knew they had made dad a very happy man. The fact that he was sitting on the settee in just his boxers confirmed that fact. I had already told mum she was to say nothing when we arrived. “Mum.” I said, “Make the tea.” The look on dads face was a mass of confusion and I did nothing to ease that fact, I just sat in my usual seat. Mum brought my tea and put dads on his side table. She then sat in her chair. She too had a confused look on her face and I could see she was crying out to say something.

I nodded at Lesley who went over to dad and brushed his cheek with her lips as she lowered herself to her knees. Dads head shot up and he looked at mum, waiting. Mums mouth opened to say something but I moved my foot, attracting her attention and giving her a gaze to make her shrivel. Lesley took dads rising erection out of his boxers and lowered her head to it. The other girls sat either side of him and removed their clothes. Feeding him their nipples.

Once dad was fully hard Lesley got on top of dad reverse cowgirl so she could look at mum. Then she took his erection and pointed it towards her wet pussy. “Wait.” I said. The all looked at me.

“Mum, take dads cock and put it into your daughters waiting vagina.”

Her mouth dropped open. Dad was even more confused if that was possible. Especially when mum did exactly as I told her. Then Lesley rode her fathers cock, right in front of her mother just as I had promised. She rode him to orgasm. Both of them moaning loudly in joint ecstasy.

Mum turned away. Nobody cared. From here on she would count for nothing. We moved her into the small box bedroom. Dad and I kept our double rooms and the girls slept wherever they wanted, with me or with dad or most of the time me and dad would join them on their giant three bed love platform. I occasionally used mum in front of the others but never on her own. Dad, well to say he was happy for the first time in many years would be an understatement.

Life continues.

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