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*~A fair warning, this story has some SJW (social justice warrior) scenes it in. If you don’t like things too political or liberal then I suggest you move on because unfortunately this isn’t the story for you. For the one’s who stay, I hope you enjoy. And feel free to give constructive criticism.~*

Tired, I walk into my new empty house a little after two in the morning. My flight was delayed by four fucking hours and I couldn’t get a car so I had to take a Lyft with inflated prices at this hour and I don’t even have a bed. Plus I have to be to work in six hours. I kick the door closed and locked it making it to my shell of a room and plopped down on the mattress on the floor clothes and all.

Jolting awake I groggily look at my phone wishing it would die. I get up and go through the motions to getting ready for my first day of work. Looking around I put at the top of my list of things to do was to get furniture. Maybe I shouldn’t have sold all my stuff before I moved. But I guess that’s what I get for being cheap and not wanting to pay movers to transport all my things over here. I’ll just ask around at work to see if anyone knows of a good furniture store.

Arriving at my office building and it’s quite impressive. It takes no time to get my badge processed. The receptionist points me to the elevators and quite frankly I’m nervous. I am 33 years old and have been doing this job for some years and I have been with this company since I’ve started my career but now I’m in a new state with new people that don’t know me or my quirks. Childishly I hope they like me. I step off the elevator on my floor and I’m immediately greeted my a leggy blonde. Her blonde hair cascades down her back and caresses her face on the right side. She has your typical playboy look to her; tall, busty showing just enough cleavage to be tantalizing but not enough to be unprofessional, and long smooth legs with her skirt resting in the middle of her calf.

“Mr. Reeves, nice to meet you. I am Chloe your assistant and I am glad to see you!” she exclaims reaching out a hand.

“Nice to meet you as well.” Shaking her hand I notice she has clear blue oceans for eyes.

“So if you’ll follow me, I’ll give you the breakdown and show you to your office.” she turns and I keep pace beside her.

“Here is your company phone. I already synced your calendar with it and all of your upcoming meetings, deadlines, etc. I also have my number in there so you can have access to me anytime you need me.” she turns her face slightly to me with a small smile. “And this is your office. I was told to tell you to feel free to decorate it as you please. This is your desk phone which will mostly likely ring nonstop everyday so don’t say I didn’t warn you. My desk number is programmed in there.” she reaches over to show me since I went to go sit at my desk. I can clearly see down her shirt in my peripheral and I’m trying my hardest to not be a perv and look. Don’t look. Do not look.

“Your phone also has an intercom that directly talks to me and you can ring me whenever you need me. I’m here for your pleasure so please don’t hesitate to call if you need help with anything.” she looks me in the eye and straightens upright.

No more cleavage for me. I wonder if she knows that everything she said was very sexual? I should really be paying attention because her mouth is moving.

“I’m sorry, what was that?” I say apologetically.

She gives me a small laugh, “I know it’s a lot to take in but I’ll be here with you every step of the way. Do you have any questions for me?”

“Uh no I think I got it from here. Thank you Chloe.” I stand up to walk her to the door.

“Oh wow a gentleman. That’s a plus.” she smiles and then exits the room.

I let out a long breath. Goodness she can talk but she sure is gorgeous. Too bad I made a rule for myself to never date coworkers. I have seen way too many blow ups to even think about dating a coworker. Plus she’s my assistant no less. Very cliche.

Not even five minutes after she leaves, there’s a knock on my door. I get up to see who it is.

“Hey Mr. Reeves, my name is Daniel Bomer. You can call me Dan. I’m the one you have been messaging back and forth for these past couple of months. How’s everything?” He’s maybe a few inches shorter than me with brown hair, hazel eyes that are kind of off putting and has an unnervingly symmetrical face. To anyone’s standards he is a handsome man.

I perk up remembering all of our conversations. Mostly business but he seems like a great guy through emails. “Yes, I remember you. You can call me Axl, none of this Mr. stuff man.” We shake hands like old buddies and I welcome him into my office.

“I was stopping by so you could put a face to a name and to tell you we got a meeting at eleven o’clock on the financial floor. Also this Saturday, they are throwing you an office welcome party. I didn’t want you to be too surprised if surprises weren’t your thing.”

Shocked, I check my phone and yup the meeting is there.

“So görükle escort by your reaction I’m guessing Chloe didn’t tell you?” he asked cautiously.

“No. No she probably did but I guess I just dazed is all.” I said not trying to get her in trouble because she very well could have told me but I was too busy not trying to ogle her breasts.

“That one is a looker, so I understand.” he laughs. “Do you have any questions?”

“Not work related, but are there any quality furniture places around here?” I ask trying to hurry and get a jump on decorating my house.

“It’s your lucky day! My roommate has her own interior decorating business and her portfolio speaks for itself. Here’s her card. Have your assistant send her an email. I should really tell her to pay me for advertising her business like I do.” he finished with a laugh and a small shake of his head.

“Thanks man I appreciate this.” My desk phone starts to ring. I go around and press the blinking button.

“Mr. Reeves you have a call on line two. It’s a Mr. Furkaw.” she butchers his name.

“I’ll see you at the meeting, yeah?” I ask Dan.

“Sure thing. See you there.” he turns and leaves.

“Thank you Chloe, I’ll switch over. But for future reference, his name is pronounced Furukawa.” I quickly switch over to talk to a long time client of mine.

Surprisingly the day went by lightning fast. I was expecting to be eased into my new surroundings but fast was fine with me. The day was over before I knew it. Hearing the tell tell ding of an email on my phone, I check it to see it’s the interior decorator Dan recommended. My eyes get wide at all the questions and documents that she has sent. Sighing I make my way back to my computer to read and answer everything. I wait a beat and immediately get a response saying she can definitely accomplish my request by this Thursday but she’ll need me to sign waivers, leave her a key and to also ask if I had any special requests. I email her back with my small request and it’s set. I know I have reached peak adulthood when I’m happy to have my house fully furnished. Well not technically fully furnished, I only asked to have my bedroom, master bathroom and kitchen done by Thursday but if I liked the results then I will have her do the rest of the house.

Walking out my office I’m surprised to see Chloe still at her desk. Convenient but surprised nonetheless.

“Hey I wasn’t expecting you to still be here?” I ended it as a question for an unknown reason.

“Yes Mr. Reeves I leave when you leave and I come before you come unless you want us to come at the same time.” her almond shaped sensual blue eyes look up at me from her desk.

“You can call me Axl, Chloe. But you can leave when all the other assistants leave. I usually won’t stay this long but I needed to handle some personal business.” I don’t know if it’s just me but she uses a lot of double entendres.

“Oh I don’t mind. It’s my job.” she states while packing things in her oversized purse.

“All right just know it’s your choice to stay and wait for me because I don’t require you to stay. You have a life so please don’t stop it on my accord.” I hold my arm out to escort her to the parking deck.

“I will remember that, thank you.”

We have small talk and she is rather pleasant to speak with. Making sure she got to her car safely, I move towards the exit to call yet another ride share for hopefully the last time.

It’s after eight when I make it to my destination. I use my key to enter my parents’ house and see my mom sitting up on the couch with her arm supporting her head and my dad sleep with his head on her lap. They’re so cute.

I gently wake mom up and her movement wakes dad up. “Axl Ray when did you get in?” she says excitedly and shoves dad off her lap to give me a hug.

“I got in early this morning but had to get to work. Did you not get my text messages?” I hug her back.

“You know I don’t read those things.” she says scoffing.

“She’s old, she can’t see the small letters. That’s what I get for marrying an older woman.” dad laughs avoiding moms aim to his arm. We hug and I realize how much I really missed them.

“Well in the message I told you I was here and I would be home after work. I didn’t want to disturb you if you guys were sleep that early so I slept at my house. But I have everything handled with my house so don’t you worry.” I added because I knew my mother and she was one to worry about all the things.

I ate a late dinner and we all parted ways to go to sleep. I waited an hour so that I was sure they were asleep and went into my dads’ office to read what he left out for me. Mom has cancer and from the looks of the paperwork it seems pretty aggressive, the bills are pretty aggressive too. I’m expecting them to jump off the page and hang me by my ankles like a bully would to shake me down for my lunch money. Shaking my head I read through all the options. Finally exhausted I go back upstairs to my childhood room and bursa escort bayan fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

The week goes by in a blur. I have six projects and two of them I have Dan as my partner so that’s cool but these are all substantial projects so I know I’ll be doing overtime. I check my watch and it’s quitting time thank goodness. The zap on my phone indicates a message.

Request fulfilled. Key is in mailbox inside an envelope. Enjoy your rooms!

Smiling I quickly grab my keys and me and Chloe walk to the parking deck together.

“Big truck for a big man huh?” Chloe asks when she sees me walking to my truck.

It’s standard size so I’m not sure what she means by that but I smile anyway, “I guess you could say that. Will I see you at the party Saturday?”

“Are you not going to be in the office tomorrow?” she asks confused.

“No, I’ll be working from home. I have some personal business to take care of.”

“Ok sure I’ll be there. Save me a dance!” she got in her car and waved.

Not a chance.

I slide into my beloved truck and drive to my house. I open the mailbox and the key is there exactly like she said. I push it into the pocket in my briefcase and open the door. The first room I look at is my kitchen and I am pleased. The cabinets are a dark cherry wood and I have all stainless steel appliances. My cookware is hanged decoratively along a wall and my table is decorated very homey with a nice sized table with a bench with a high back as a seat. I’ve never seen that before but I like it.

I head to the bedroom with anxiety dripping off my shoulders. I walk in and it is more than I ever asked for. My walls are painted a light grey but the bedding is a deep forest green with matching curtains. A black throw blanket is expertly placed on my bed with a tray and a list on the tray. I pick up the list and laugh. She actually gave me recommendations on good anime. I was joking but her list was nice, some I’ve seen and most I haven’t. A lot of these are the new school ones, I like the older ones better. I go to my drawers just to check them out and all my clothes are folded perfectly and placed in my drawers separated by color and type of clothing. The two drawers near my bed had my underwear in the honeycomb like pockets and my closet had all my clothes that should be hung up are in there too, nice and orderly.

There’s a small chair in the middle of the closet that I sit down on to take my socks off and place my shoes on the shelf that housed my other shoes. Feeling incredibly grateful for her going above and beyond, I make a note to give her a nice tip. I wasn’t expecting her to unpack my things for me and for that I am truly grateful.

Time for the bathroom. I laugh upon arrival because there are red hand towels with Goku on them. It’s not too childish but it does give my bathroom character. Ok Dan was right, she does an excellent job.

My Friday was spent with my parents. Going to my mom’s appointment and just staying at the house watching over them. Working on these projects got my mind a little jumbled so I take the time to set another appointment with Dan’s friend. Her website is full of her portfolio and I see she did a she shed for someone and it’s amazing. Her website is YDCT. YDCT? Is that her name? Too long to be a name. I click on about us to find out what it means. Your designs come true. Cute. And creative. I fill out another application but for the remainder of my house this time and then get back to work.

I wake up and it’s pitch black. They were right, after you hit a certain age you can’t just sleep anywhere on any old thing. Gingerly I get up stretching my back and rolling my neck to relieve stiffness. I really should get home and get to bed since I have this party tomorrow. I check my phone. The party is later tonight. Sighing and closing my eyes I drive home, strip down to nothing but my skin and greet my bed with open arms.

Waking up again by the ring of my phone and it’s still dark. Having a small heart attack that I missed the party I pick up my phone.

“You got Axl.”

“Hey man I was calling to see if you wanted to pregame at my place before the obligatory party we have tonight? Oh it’s Dan by the way.”

“No, yeah sure. I’ll be there. Just shoot me the address. What time are you guys starting?” I ask pulling the phone away to check the time. 2:36 pm, I turn to my curtains realizing the decorator got me blackout curtains. Nice. I trod over to open them and I’m blasted with the light of a million suns.

“You can come around six or seven. We don’t really want to stay long at the party. It’s starts at eight and will probably go on until midnight.”

“Ok I’ll see you then.”

I hang up and throw on some workout clothes. Grabbing a banana I’m out the door. Dammit forget to brush my teeth. Hanging my head I backtrack brush my teeth wash my face and then go back to my truck. I drive to the gym and get a good workout in when I see someone standing bursa escort off to the side. She’s a tall slender red head with cute little freckles dotting her nose with thin lips. She’s wearing a red sports bra with red and black workout shorts and I can feel my length twitch in my pants.

“Are you waiting for the machine?” I ask taking out my headphones.

“Huh? Oh yes, that’s the only one in the gym and it’s kind of a favorite of mine.” she smiles at me.

“Ok I have five more reps that I have to do then, it’s all yours.” I say mentally smacking myself for not making a move.

“Actually it’s part of a circuit I do and I see you have a ball there. Maybe we can share it?” she makes the first move. I like it.

“Of course but under one condition.”

“What’s that?” she quirks her head to the left and squints her eyes.

“You let me buy you a smoothie or a shake at the bar.” I nod my head in the direction of the bar.

“It’s a deal. Brigid” she holds out her hand with thin long graceful fingers.

“Axl.” I give her a shake, take off my weights and make my way to my ball just so I can watch her squat while I push up.

Nice view from down here. Not big but also not small but there is definitely a shapely ass there. We finish up our workout and we exchange numbers before we go our separate ways. Maybe I’ll give her a call on Monday, it’s been a while for me and it’s time to wipe those cobwebs off from my groin. When I get home and shower it’s almost five o’clock. After my shower I place my clothes on the hook on my closet and go make something to eat because that smoothie was not doing it’s job of being a meal. After my late lunch I go to brush my teeth one more time and get dressed to head out to Dan’s house.

I pull up and there’s a matte black Mercedes wagon in the front with tinted windows and I see Dan’s red Porsche. I wonder why a tall guy like him has such a small car. I can’t do it, I have long legs and they tend to hit the steering wheel. I ring the doorbell and Dan answers it with a beer in his hand.

“Wow I’m legitimately surprised. I didn’t think you’d show up.” he half hugs me.

“I’m just trying to be nosy and see where you stay and how you live. Nice place by the way.” I laugh patting him on the back.

We sit on the couch and talk for a while drinking our respective beers. I got to drain my bladder and tell him so and he directs me to the bathroom.

Walking down the hall I see the third door on the right but immediately to my left is a door slightly ajar. I turn my head like any other normal person would do and I’m greeted with a smooth expanse of a dark brown skin back leading to a nice high round bottom that makes me understand the apple bottom reference. She has luscious thick thighs that melt into shapely calf muscles that end with what I’m positive are the tiniest set of feet. I usually never go for short women, we never fit, but I’m not blind. The back of her body is mouth watering, I wonder what her front looks like. Noticing I was standing there for too long I turn to the bathroom.

I place my hands on the sink to calm myself down. I’m painfully hard and know for a fact I can’t pee with this raging hard on. Pointing down my manhood is a little painful while I’m this hard and the touch of my hand sends a tiny shiver down my spine and I relieve myself. I’m still hard as a rock. I close my eyes to think of something else but the thought of sliding those little lace panties down her legs keep popping up in my head. Fuck. I need to get laid soon. I don’t even know what her face looks like. Resigning myself to what I’m about to do, I make sure the door is locked and run the water and pull down my pants. My cock hits my stomach and I see I’m already leaking pre cum. I rub my hand around the head coating my shaft. I squeeze and start pumping my hand around my cock slowly at first. I close my eyes to conjure up the vision of bending her over to take her from behind and feel that glorious ass slap against my legs as I grind my length into her depths. Clenching my teeth to not make any sounds a small grunt sneaks past my lips as I accidentally spray the mirror with my come. Relieved but panicked I search for some glass cleaner thanking every deity out there that there was some under the cabinet. I clean the mirror and wash my hands throwing the cum soaked paper towel in first then the ones I used to dry my wet hands.

Heading back down the hall I see the door is closed and I pray she didn’t see me at her door or hear me stroking myself to her. I walk back into the main room and see more people showed up. I feel a hand on my arm.

“Hey Axl. I didn’t know you would be here.” Chloe smiled at me.

“Dan invited me so I decided to indulge him.” She had on this sexy little red number that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination and her breasts are basically spilling out of her dress just begging for me fondle them. Her heels bring her eye to eye to me with her red painted toenails peeking out. I’m glad I handled myself in the bathroom.

“Axl I have someone I want to introduce you to.” Dan grabs me and leads me away.

“Kenna this is Axl. A new prospect. You just decorated his house.” I was confused about the new prospect part because clearly she already decorated parts of my house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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