Kat’s Fantasy

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I would personally like to thank Jon for his services. Jon with out you I would not be submitting this story. Your editing and comments are greatly appreciated.

Thanks to everyone who reads this story…My first of what I hope are many to come…



What a long day at work. Mike and I are working together– we are of course flirting and joking. We are just getting ready to close and clean up the store when you arrive. It’s against company policy but I still let you in the store. As Mike and I are cleaning and counting the money you’re looking over the adult items.

Making sly comments to me like that— you’re turning me on like you couldn’t imagine. I have been dreaming all day about what I was going to do with you when we got home. And seeing you now looking over that stuff is arousing me so much I’m afraid that Mike will begin to notice.

As I am cleaning the store I casually brush past you, brushing my hip against your crotch. I can feel that you are getting more aroused the more you look over these items. You’re embarrassed by your very visible reaction and you ask me where the bathroom is. I reply “I’ll show you, it’s out back.”

Mike’s eyeing me as if he understands and follows us with his eyes to the back door. Once inside my hands are all over you and you’re all over me, your kisses are making weak with their growing intensity and passion. As my fingers make their way to the button on your jeans, you stop me.

“What about Mike?” you say. I reply, “What about him?” still trying for the button on your pants.

“What if he walks in?” you say

“Would that be so bad?” I reply.

And I kiss you before you can respond. You finally allow me to undo your jeans, and as I unzip you and pull down your boxers your erection springs to life and free. Your hands are beginning to work Escort Eryaman up my skirt; pulling at the elastic of my thong and working it down my thighs and legs. My thong finally the reaches the floor and I kick it aside.

All this time my hand has been roughly kneading your shaft and you are growing fully erect though my ministrations. You pick me up and put me against the wall and ever so slowly slide into me. I am trying to keep quiet knowing where I am but I just can’t help it. I cry and moan. You feel so good sliding in and out of me.

My nails are digging and scratching at your back as you thrust faster and faster into me. I can hear our bodies slapping together as I ride you wildly. I can sense your breath quickening and I want to cum with you. I begin to bear down harder and harder till you can’t take it anymore, and cry out in pleasure. I can feel you filling me and I begin to cum also. My orgasm is so intense the world is spinning. I’m in a daze.

I can’t breathe…this is feeling wonderful. You are still mindlessly thrusting as we are both coming down. I notice something out of the corner of my eye. It’s Mike. “Oh my god I” I cry, trying to alert you, but you not seeing him– you’re oblivious and dazed, caught up in the moment.

As you are starting to come around, I whisper to you that we have an audience. And they apparently like what they see. You turn and see Mike idly stroking at the front of his pants, obviously aroused by the sight of us making love. I giggle to myself as you blush and try to hide but there is no place to go. I ask Mike if he likes what he sees, his only response a slight head nod. His hand is still working at the front of his pants.

I look at you with the question in my eyes. You say, “It’s up to you babe…” As I let go of you and seductively walk over to Mike, Eryaman Escort I can feel your eyes on my ass, and know there is a little extra wiggle in my hips. I take Mike’s hand and lead him over to where you are standing. I take yours also and lead the two of you over to the couch.

I sit you down on the couch, and seeing you need a little more time to recover I turn my attention to Mike. You see the radio and knowing the effect music has on me you turn it on. I begin to move my body to the music, gently swinging my hips as I run my hands up my body, and let my hair down. Working my hands back down my body I toy with the bottom hem of my shirt, giving you two a peak every now and again.

Finally I lift my shirt up over my head. I hear you groan from the couch. Knowing you like what you see I turn my back to you and face Mike. My hands toy with the buttons of my skirt, and I seductively sway my hips to the music, rotating them around, teasing you and Mike. I slowly work my skirt over my hips and then bending forward a little more continue to work it down, giving you the best view of my shaven lips. I am close enough to you that you are able to put your hands on my hips as I stand upright again. They feel so good running over my thighs and ass.

By this time you both have removed the rest of your clothing. And not wanting to leave either one of you out I decide to have both of you at once. I look at you questioningly and you nod. Not knowing how to proceed, I pause for a moment. You rise from the couch, and by embracing me you assure me. You lead me to the couch. Mike and I it is a pull out, fix it up, and suddenly we all sitting down on it together.

With you at my back and Mike at my front, the physical petting and touching is electric. And my body is responding to touches and caresses from both of you. Eryaman Escort Bayan Wanting to feel the both of you inside of me, I work my ass back till I can feel your cock hard against my ass. When I make contact I can hear you groan ever so slightly. You then remove your hands from my breasts and Mike takes over kissing and sucking them.

You use your hands to spread my cheeks. I can feel your head now at my opening and I am a little nervous. You sense the change in me and tell me not to worry; you will be gentle. As you let just the head poke in I can feel Mike beginning to edge closer to me. I can feel his hardness brushing against my wetness, and I take my leg and swing it up over his hip allowing his access to folds. You are behind me pushing a little further and further and holding me, allowing me to adjust my position. Mike quickly slides into me with an almost primal grunt.

Sensing that you are now completely inside of me, I gently slow Mike’s thrusts to meet yours. What an incredible feeling being completely full. With your hands now working my breasts and Mike’s working my very tender clit, I don’t know how much more I can stand, Not wanting this feeling to be over, I try to slow both your paces. But Mike is immature and doesn’t see that and is greedily pumping away. He cums too quickly, spilling everything into me. He quickly deflates and falls out of me.

You sense my need and disappointment, and your hand works its way down to my clit as you member is maintaining a pleasing rhythm in my ass. Your fingers are expertly strumming my clit. You go faster and faster. I push my rear hard into you, grinding and squeezing. I cause you to cum so hard, and you tighten and shoot into me, filling me up Oh my god, it feels so good you cumming in my ass, with your finger digging into my clit. I can’t take it anymore and cry out as I cum. I trap your hand between my legs, my hips bucking wildly as I soak your hand with my juices. My orgasm leaves me breathless. After I catch my breath I turn my head and kiss you in thanks. All of us are left lying on the couch, breathing hard.

What a wonderful Fantasy.

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