Kathy Likes Women Ch. 05

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A week later, Candice asked me to stay after class then invited me to go with her to an Ingmar Bergman movie. I gagged at the title, but cheerfully said, sure. We had a good time, and it was the first of many such good times; movies, plays, art shows, and once even a cocktail party. Of course, I willfully restrained all my sexual impulses and made no advances. She didn’t make any either. We still kissed, usually just a peck for hello, and a brief real kiss for good-bye. We hadn’t discussed rules but they were there.

Tongues could touch on a goodbye kiss, but only a quick lick or two. I had the feeling that this was a concession on her part to sooth my sexual pride, not because she wanted to french with me. But we became very close friends, and our get-togethers didn’t decrease in number, even when she started dating this handsome dentist. I didn’t like him, but didn’t say so, putting my own feelings down to natural jealousy, although there was just something snaky about him. But I turned out to be right about the schmuck – Alfred was his name.

We’d been friends for about four months when Candice’s divorce came through, and it was that week that she started sleeping with Alfred. I only got to see her once that week. The following week, she found out that he was married and promptly dumped him. I could have killed the jerk. Now Candice was all disgusted and hurt again, and I hurt for her. About two weeks after that, she had me over for dinner, and I decided that the time was ripe for me to make my move. She was down on men again, and I figured that she’d probably give in, because she trusted me, if for no other reason. I was right, too, but it wasn’t at all easy.

She had said to dress comfortable, so I did. I arrived with two bottles of wine, a carefully selected DVD and wearing a sweatshirt, cut-offs, and tennis shoes – no underwear or socks. I did wear light makeup, a gold bracelet on my left ankle that contrasted nicely with my tan, a lingering touch of perfume and a pink, cherry-flavored lip-gloss. Her idea of comfortable turned out to be a beige pullover blouse, a yellow cotton skirt and bare feet.

At least she was barefoot; that was a good sign, although it would have been a better one if she’d been wearing nail polish. I could tell she was wearing panties, because I could see their outline through the soft material of her pastel skirt, but for once, she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her big nipples seemed to push impatiently at the beige blouse. I set down my stuff on her kitchen table while she locked and chained the front door of her house – she always did that.

“You and your suntan and short shorts!” She chuckled, giving me a warm hug and the hello peck on the lips, “It’s a wonder you got here without getting raped!”

“Do you really think I look sexy?” We still had our arms around each other, so I hugged her tighter, her big breasts pushing against my shoulders, “Then give me a real welcoming kiss to show me that you love me!”

She laughed and arched her neck to touch her nose to mine, looking directly into my eyes from inches away, “You blackmailing little minx! You know I love you; you’re the best friend that I have, Kathy Patterson!” God! She was so tall! And I was tall for a female, but she made me feel short.

I started to say ‘prove it,’ but instead, I put one hand on the back of her neck and gently drew her lips to mine. Our waxed lips touched and melted together and she opened her mouth to me and let my tongue lightly tingle against the tip of hers. The kiss took all the breath out of me, and I’d have been willing to stand there until my legs collapsed, but all too soon, she pushed me away with a grin and a waggling finger of admonishment, “Now, now, my sweet sex-maniac! You’re trying to tempt me into sin again!” I laughed and we worked together fixing supper.

After dinner, as we sat together side by side on the couch, sipping rum & cokes and watching the video that I had brought, I tried to plan my next move. The film was an Italian romantic comedy, genuinely funny, but with lots of really racy scenes, including one scene near the end that had this chick that was tired of men and trying out a woman. In the end, she gets her man, and her and her new girlfriend are giving each other a wink, insinuating that they were going to have fun together whether the marriage worked out or not. So, the guy was obviously going to have to perform well or lose out all together.

Instead of taking the message ‘as is,’ Candice kept giving me sideways looks as if to say, ‘Give me a break. I know what you’re up to!’ After the movie, she switched over to MTV. “Hey!” I declared, “You’ve got to admit that it was funny, and the message was valid for all of that!”

She grinned, “I’ll admit that you’re the most persistent cuss in the universe, that’s what I’ll admit!”

When she set the remote control back on the coffee table and leaned back on the couch, I touched her leg lightly on her right knee; I was sitting beside her on her casino şirketleri right, and her feet were propped up on the coffee table. “Think about it, Candy. You don’t have to give up men. You don’t have to change your lifestyle. You only have to give up one thing!”

She gave me another sideways look with a little smile, “Okay, what would I have to give up?”

“The lack of a good sex life,” I murmured as I leaned my head over one of her enormous breasts and nipped the nipple through the cloth with my teeth. She jumped, glaring at me.

“Now cut it out, Kathy! I don’t want to go that way!” A tear glistened in her eye, “I’ve been hurt enough lately! Do you think that I want to give up my dearest friend to another transitory love relationship? Hell, no, I don’t!”

I moved close to her face and breathed my words into her mouth, “I’m not asking for you to give up anything at all. I love you, Candy, and I want to go on being your friend. But I want to eat your pussy, too. Are you afraid to eat mine? Is that what’s bothering you?” I had thought of Sheila; maybe Candice was just afraid of giving.

Almost unconsciously, her eyes strayed to my lap before they snapped back to mine, and she answered, “I guess that’s part of it. I already know that I want to make you happy, because I love you, but when I think about doing it with you, it seems weird. Unnatural.” She shrugged helplessly, “Even if I wanted to be a lesbian. Don’t you see? You are the most stable thing in my life, and I don’t want to jeopardize that! You’re the last person that I’d want as a lover. I lose lovers!”

“Now let’s face facts,” I said sternly, “You haven’t lost any lovers. You have just rejected a couple because they wouldn’t fit in the mold that you’ve cast for them. You picked a couple of jerks and tried to make them into Mr. Right. And now you’re trying to fit me into some kind of definition for a friend. Listen, I fuck my friends, male and female. I don’t have any lovers – not the way you think of it. Really, Candy, you need to loosen up and quit trying to make the world fit into your preconceptions. You’re missing a lot of interesting scenery. Your missing Life! If you want to wait for Mr. Right, fine! Maybe he’ll even show up – just wait and don’t push it. But you don’t need to be chaste and bored in the interim!”

I put my hands on her face and gazed earnestly into her bright blue eyes, “I’ll always be your friend. If we screw around, and Mr. Right comes along, and you want to be Mrs. Right, that’s okay. We can quit screwing around, but we’ll still be friends. I’m talking about sex for fun between people who love each other. I’m not asking you to marry me, but I do love you, Candy!” I kissed her firmly, and though I opened her mouth slightly with mine, I didn’t slip her the tongue, hoping that she’d do the honors.

She did, timorously, with a couple of brief licks in my mouth. Then I kissed her eyelids and her forehead, and then her ear. I gave her a quick, spine-tingling lick in the ear and whispered, “C’mon! Just let me play with your body a little bit, Candy. It’ll be fun!” I gave her ear a slower lick.

She giggled, “Just a little?”

I bit her lower lip. “Would it turn you on if I took my shirt off? Would you like to see my breasts?”

“No,” she blushed, “I mean, I don’t know. I’m not sure.”

I pulled my sweatshirt over my head and shook my hair back into place. Her eyes darted back and forth between my face and chest, her blush deepening slightly as her eyes settled on my breasts in fascination. My tits weren’t as big as hers, but I’d achieved a good medium size, and their flesh was firm, pushing proudly outward. I had slight bikini marks, despite the fact that I sunbathe nude when I get the chance, but most trips to the beach involve wearing the suit, at least that is true of Texas.

My nipples were very light brown pegs with flat tops and when very aroused, my areolas were only a slightly darker shade of tan and my nipples are a good 3/4-inch long. I have a cute mole on one breast that serves as a perfect beauty mark – all in all, I’m proud of my tits. They’re pretty. “It feels good when you look at my breasts, Candy. Really nice!”

“Really?” She licked her lips nervously and glanced at my face to see if I was teasing her.


I leaned forward and kissed her slowly, waiting for her to respond. This time her kiss was stronger, more forceful. “You liked what I did in your office that day. Remember?”

“Yeah,” she grinned, “Even though I kind of regretted it as an indiscretion on my part, I have to admit that I liked it. A lot.”

“Can I take your blouse off?”

“No!” she laughed, “and I wish you’d put yours back on! I feel nervous enough without adding to the tension.”

“Chicken! If you don’t let me take your blouse off, I’ll take off my shorts; I really will!” I breathed, unsnapping the button on my cut-offs.

She laughed again while giving me a critical eye and taking a gulp from her drink, casino firmaları all at the same time. I thought she’d choke; she was so nervous. I kissed her gently on the cheek, then the chin. I kissed her mouth and our tongues touched at once in a hot slick, electrical caress, the breath from her nose making quick pants on my cheek.

My hands moved up her sides, raising her blouse over her breasts, and her arms raised enough to encircle my neck. I moved closer as we kissed and gradually pressed my breasts against hers. She gasped at the sweet warmth of it. Still kissing her, I moved my right leg over her hips and straddled her lap. “Raise your arms,” I commanded between kisses.

She murmured, “No,” but didn’t stop kissing me. I reached one hand down between our bellies and pulled down the zipper of my shorts.

At the zipping noise, she giggled and said, “Okay, already!” and raised her arms over her head while I pulled her blouse away, revealing my first sight of her large, white Scandinavian breasts. The woman could have been a porn star! Her skin was milky white and untanned, her nipples and aureolae a rosy pink. Despite their size, her round breasts jutted out aggressively, practically arrogantly!

“God! What gorgeous tits!” I breathed, touching them lightly with my fingertips, hefting their weight in my palms, and delicately tweaking her soft nipples into bold, rubbery erections. “See, doesn’t it feel nice when someone looks at your breasts with love in their heart and lust in their loins?”

“It feels nice when you touch them, too,” she replied in a slightly choked voice as her arms snaked about my neck. But she didn’t pull me to her for a kiss; she’d evidently decided to let me play with her tits, probably hoping to appease me. I knew she really did love me, though, and I was going to make her prove it! I placed my palms over her nipples and gently squeezed her breasts, moving my head forward, closer to her face.

She came forward to meet me, and our mouths met and opened. While our tongues danced together, I smoothed my hands up her chest and encircled her neck with my arms, bringing our breasts warmly together again. We both sighed with the feel of it. I used my weight to bear her over backwards so that I was lying on top of her on the couch. I managed to wriggle between her legs, too, so that we were lying pussy-to-pussy and still kissing.

“God, you make me so horny, Candy!” I breathed in her ear, “I want to fuck you. I want to eat you, Candy. I need you to touch me. I need it!” I ground my pussy into her hips, rubbing at hers.

“No, Kathy,” she shook her head in protest, “We mustn’t. Please, I have to keep at least one friend!” But, perhaps with a mind of their own, her legs spread a little to fit us together better, so my pussy could press more firmly against hers. At that moment, I hated my cut-offs as much as I hated her skirt.

Still, making the most of the position that I could, I ground my hips in circles, into her. I nipped her lower lip with my teeth, my breasts pressing against hers. “Take your panties off,” I demanded, snaking my tongue in and out of her mouth.

“No, please,” she moaned. I raised myself on my knees, and cradling her head in my hands, I pressed my left nipple to her mouth. Her lips closed gently on my little tan-colored knob, and I felt the sharper heat of her tongue tickle the tip.

“Do you like my breasts?” I whispered, and in response, she sucked harder and moaned deep in her throat. She kissed and sucked at my right nipple then rubbed her face over the surface of both my breasts, her eyes closed as she kissed, licked and nuzzled in my soft flesh. I raised her chin and fit my mouth over hers, and while I kissed her, I felt her right leg curl around me in embrace as I continued the kiss and kneaded her breasts with my hands.

“How about your letting me put your panties on?” I breathed in her mouth. She giggled.

“You are sooo kinky, Kathy!” she laughed, “I never know what you’re going to say next! Why do you want to put my panties on?”

“Because I want to!” I grinned and kissed her nose, “Can I wear your panties?” I added an extra grind of my hips into hers.

“Okay, but you have to get off me so that I can take ’em off.” I hastily obliged before she could change her mind. Just like I figured, she stood up and reached under her skirt to slip her panties off without showing me anything and handed them to me. Plain white cotton. I stood as she sat back down on the sofa, and I lifted her panties to my face, smelled and kissed them slowly, while she watched, giggling a little more nervously, now, her big breasts jiggling with her laugh.

Slowly, I pulled my cutoffs down, watching her face as I revealed my fluffy triangle of dark brown hair. She didn’t even pretend to look away this time. Moving even more slowly, I put her panties on, making a real show of slipping by legs gracefully through the holes. I stepped closer to her, straddling her knees as I drew güvenilir casino the nylon panties up over my hips and smoothed my hand suggestively over the crotch, rubbing the soft material into my pussy’s crack.

I felt really sexy, even though her panties were slightly too large for me. I sat down beside her, eyeing the yellow cotton skirt that was now the only barrier between paradise and me. I put my hand on her left breast and closed my mouth on the nipple of her right one. It felt so sweet to suckle her titty, but she pulled my head away and looked into my eyes.

“Kathy, please! Let’s just put our clothes back on, now. I don’t want to go any further, and I can’t withstand what you are doing!”

I leaned forward so that my left nipple ‘accidentally’ touched her still moistened nipple, “You mean that you can’t stop yourself if I suck your tits, Candy, but I want to, and a lot more besides! Let yourself go! For me, if not for yourself. If you really, really love me, let go!” I took her left hand and drew it to my pussy. She didn’t pull it away, so I kissed her, and she gave my cunt a gentle squeeze through her own panties.

Still kissing her, I moved my right hand down to her knee and slid it under her dress, and her thighs spread in surrender. Her cunt all but dripped in my hand – she was that wet. I murmured against her lips, “I’m going to suck your sweet pussy dry.”

“Uh-hum,” she answered, not bothering to break the kiss.

“Do you want me to do you first?” I whispered in the lips to lips talk. I mean, I knew what she wanted, but I was going to make her say it.


“What do you want me to do?”

For an answer, she leaned back, breaking the kiss; her right hand was in my hair, pulling my face to her hips while her left hand raised her skirt to her waist. I had a glimpse of a thick, curly golden triangle divided by a pink gash, then my face was full of the hot sweet flavor of her juices as my tongue parted her lips and my nose snorted at the heady waft of feminine essence. Her thighs tightened about my neck, and she moaned, crossing her ankles around my back. She was delicious! I reveled in her slickness, gouging her deeply, but slowly and sensually with my questing nose and tongue. She lathered her pussy over my face, her hips building speed as she rolled with my licks, grunting and gasping her satisfaction.

I pressed my hands against the underside of her thighs urging her to pull her knees back to her chest. She squirmed and moaned loudly as I used my tongue like a paint brush, dipping into her vagina for juice, then laving her asshole tenderly with her own wetness. I reached one arm around her thickly muscled thigh to diddle her clit with my fingers while my mouth explored her warm, tender bottom with delicate kisses. She hugged her knees tightly to her breasts, and I felt her toes curling in my hair as her sphincter tightened and loosened rhythmically, sucking at my flickering tongue as I began butt-fucking her with my mouth. I held my breath and pushed my nose hard into her vagina as she cried out and started to come.

I kept my tongue jammed into her bottom, my finger on her clit, and my nose rammed up her vagina as she quivered and shook, her ankles pressed against my cheeks and her breasts bouncing. She came so hard and long that I was forced to gasp air through my mouth several times. Slowly the violence of her passion subsided to trembling surges in her hips. I waited until she started to calm before giving her sweet pussy one last lick, which made her shiver.

I crawled up her long, sweat moistened body like a predator, settling my hips into hers and probing her mouth with mine. She didn’t seem to have any objection to sucking at the tongue that had just fucked her ass. Finally, she pushed my face away with a giggle, “Give me a sec, Kath. I need to recover.” She sighed and cradled my head against her generous breasts, “Wow! What you did to my bottom… that was really something, Kathy, and right when I was coming, too! No one ever did that to me before!”

“Did you like that?” I asked smugly, knowing she’d loved every second.

“Yeah,” she said so softly that I could barely hear, gently stroking my hair.

“Um, Candy?”


“I’m so horny that I can barely handle it.” I felt her body tense ever so slightly, but her hand obediently slid down to my waist, where I shifted so that I could spread my legs by curling my right one over her hips. My back was pressed against the back of the couch.

She kissed my mouth gently as I felt her fingers slide slowly under the elastic of her panties and move through my pubic hair. Her long finger gently parted my crack and slipped into the slippery meat of me. I moaned and ran my fingers feverishly through her hair. She groped me clumsily, feeling for my clit, so I guided the tip of her finger to the hood that sheltered by joy button and told her to rub me there. She did; not very expertly, but I was already hot and was quickly filled with the wiggly bubbles of orgasm swelling from my ass and the backs of my thighs and perking up through me until I was filled with bliss. I buried my face in her hair and sobbed my joy and release, “Thanks,” was about all I could gasp.

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