Karen and Mike, and I?

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My name is Christopher Miller. I’m a big guy. 6’3″ and 195 pounds. I’ve been told I’m good looking. Blue eyes. I’m 21 years old at the time of this occurrence. I just left the military (82nd Airborne Division) and found a job as a security guard at an open air mall. I worked for about 4 months for this old guy, Mark,(like in his 80s) that was the site boss of the guards.

He told me one night, a war story about being on the occupational force in Japan after WWII. He told me how he would pick out young pretty Japanese girls walking past his posted position and rape them on the ground. As if I agreed to this behavior.

I calmly told him he was a coward and if I had been in his unit, I would have gotten rid of him. I told him we weren’t friends and not to talk to me except work related.

I guess he called the security company and tried to have me removed. Insubordination. I got a call from the owner’s wife June (actually co-owner) and she asked me if there had been words with Mark. I explained that he confessed to rapeing women in Japan. I told her that in my unit we got rid of losers like that. I told her I could still work for him and would follow his direction but I’m not his friend.

Two days later I was offered the position of on site manager. Mark was leaving the company.

Mike Rivers was a new hire. He was a little bit of a meek and mild man. I had him work with me for two weeks to show him everything. He was married to a nurse, Karen. We worked together for the training time and I noticed Mike was pretty much a puppy dog. That was fine with me, I just wanted him to do what I told him to do.

One day, Mike asked if he could have a lunch break with his wife. I said sure, then told him to not take too long. I didn’t want him on an extended lunch screwing around when he was supposed to be working.

I had intended that ‘screwing around’ part as generic for hanging out or loafing. Later, I guess he could have taken it as me telling him to not have sexual intercourse with his wife while working because much later he would ask if it was ok for screwing around now as he left work. I took this as unusual and a bit submissive thing to say. The thought that his work supervisor had the power to regulate an employee’s sexual activities with his wife.

His wife, Karen, drove into the parking lot near our office. I was introduced as Chris, the boss. Karen was a thin woman, pinkish white flawless skin, glasses, about 5’6″. I wish I could tell you she had huge boobs and dressed revealing but truthfully she didn’t. She was maybe a 32 small B-cup. She did have a big firm ass, maybe a 36 or 38. A pear shape but she was firm and toned. She wore a simple white blouse and black pants. She was two years older than me, 23 years old.

I shook Karen’s hand, looked her in the eyes and told her she could be proud of her husband. He was coming along nicely and I was sure he’d advance quickly. I told them to enjoy their dinner and I’d see Mike after he finished.

Mike and Karen sat in their car for a long while and then drove off property. They returned, I suppose from a drive through and sat in the car longer.

Mike opened the office door and gave Karen a tour. She walked around looking at the equipment. Mike whispered to me that Karen is a hugger, be prepared.

After a long while, I stood up from my desk and walked to the door. This indicated it was time for her to go. She walked to me and hesitated. I felt she was looking for the right way to say good bye. I thought I’d make it easier.

“Mike gave me permission to hug you goodbye.”

Karen lifted her thin arms up and toward me.

“Yes, please.” Karen whispered.

So stop. I need to explain here that I really enjoy paying attention to married women. They are safe to flirt with and play around with because they are taken. I feel good when making a woman feel sexy but I like to avoid all the commitment issues and expectations. I believe that married women are the best sex partners. They know what they want and how to orgasm, if the secret is kept then no one is hurt, it’s just good sex. I try to stay away from single girls that will expect courting, proposals and a wedding.

I bent down and bear hugged her tight. I squeezed some air out of her and rubbed her lower back, almost to her ass cheeks. After 5 seconds I let go. Karen looked like she enjoyed the hug, her blouse had some dark spots on the front. Her nipples were poking outward.

Mike walked her to the car and waved goodbye. Karen looked a lot at me.

The next day Mike said that Karen wants me to come to dinner at their apartment. I really wasn’t sure about this. I knew it would be fun to flatter and tease his wife a little but Mike was a touch creepy. I think he sensed my reluctance.

“She said not to take no for an answer. I think she feels it’s important. ,,She’ll be hurt.,,,say yes.”

“Ok. Tomorrow? What time?”


I decided to ride my motorcycle over because of the ease of parking. I knocked on their apartment door.

Karen answered the door. She had dolled herself up some. Curled hair, lipstick, makeup, earrings, perfume. She had on a cute sun dress that buttoned up the front and high heels. The dress was above the knee and flowy at the hem.

Karen asked me in and after closing the door walked at me with her arms raised again. I hugged her just like before and decided to rub her ass a little. Those high heels had her butt up and sticking out. I took them into my hands. They were pretty firm for being so big. I felt she was wearing regular full back panties. I gave her a couple ass squeezes and then released her, stepping back. Karen’s face was bright red.

“Where is Mike?” I asked.

“He is in the family room, watching TV.” She said.

“Well, you look really good. It doesn’t embarrass you if I pay you attention does it? Sometimes I might go a bit far.”

“No, I like your attention.” She said. She closed in on me again and put her hands around my neck, then she whispered, “I like guys that take what they want.”

I rubbed her butt again as I thought over the ‘take what they want’ statement. Was she talking about me forcing her? Or was she saying I’m married but available, or what was she saying? (I know, I’m stupid)

She took my right hand and led me to the doorway that let into their family room. She stopped in the doorway blocking the door and pulled my hand behind her, down toward her ass. I stood close and sliced the top edge of my right hand between the cleft of her cheeks. Deep enough to graze her anal ring. Rubbing up and down.

Mike jumped up and put his hand out. I withdrew my hand from his wife’s ass and shook his hand. He and I walked into the family room and Karen went to the kitchen.

Dinner was pizza and salad. Both of them were really quiet and I dominated the conversation. Telling army stories but only upbeat things.

We went into the family room again and Mike put on a documentary. Karen sat next to me and Mike really didn’t talk or look my direction. Karen put her hand on mine as she watched television.

In retrospect I think I could have pulled Karen’s dress off and had her sit on my lap but I was only 21 and didn’t get it. The only married girls I had known so far were concerned that their husbands were not anywhere near while we played.

So, I’m just not going to move on her, she wants me to take her, he is right next to us. After 30 minutes I tell them I’m going and thank them for dinner. Mike shakes my hand and Karen walks me out to my motor.

“You don’t have to go. Mike usually falls asleep and we can,, talk.” Karen said a little frustrated.

I told her I had a great time. Maybe I could have them over sometime. Karen leaned against me as I sat astride my motorcycle. I ran my hand down to her big ass again, running my fingers around the bottom of her cheeks and into the divide.

“You have a nice ass, Karen. If Mike was asleep-” my cellphone rang. Karen stood up as I got my phone out. I put my hand on her breast and felt through her dress to a nipple. I pinched and rolled it while I talked on the phone. She was smiling at me.

It was June the owner. My graveyard guy had called in sick. She said I should come in, she was at the mall gaziantep lezbiyen now. She said to not get in uniform, just come in.

“I’ve got to go into work. I’m sorry Karen, you are very tempting. Tell Mike I’ll see him at work.” Karen smiled when I said she was tempting.

Karen didn’t say anything but pushed her lips to mine. I didn’t want to smear her lipstick so I kept my mouth closed. After a few seconds I slapped her ass twice and started the motor. She backed up. I pulled my helmet on and drove to a stop sign. I looked back and saw Karen walking back to her apartment. I saw the door open for her as she neared.


A side thing that happened. I got to the mall and met June in the office. She was around 40 years old. Now talk about confident and aware! She was dark haired, thin and had a good sized bust. Her hips weren’t small, a nice figure. She wore a nice sleeveless multi-colored pull over top and white stretch pants, with white sandles.

She quite boldly walked up to me and hugged me. She welded her hips to mine, leaned back to casually talk to me. She fussed with my hair because of the helmet goofing it up.

“I hope you weren’t on a date, Chris. Malin called in sick, technically on time but just. I tried but couldn’t get a fill in. Thanks for answering.” She said staring at my lips.

I told her I was at the Rivers’ house for dinner. His wife was really nice. June smiled and said she is nice too.

June asked me about Karen’s age and then asked if I liked older women. I admitted I preferred them.

The mall was closed and deserted. The cameras were recording everything on the grounds. It was a sleep shift.

“Well, I guess I owe you for coming in.” She smiled.

June reached to my zipper and pulled it down. She fished around and pulled my cock out. I wasn’t fully up but as she stroked it, I got bigger.

“This is just a thank you. It never happened. Doesn’t mean we are going to do-”

I kissed June and held the back of her head. I licked deep inside her mouth and pulled her to me. After a minute I broke the kissing.

“This never happened. I would never be with my boss. She is a professional and we respect each other.” I said smiling.

“Good. So, do you want a blow job?”


I reached to her pants and started pulling them down. June simply looked down at my hard cock and said ‘OK.’

It was just that easy with an older experienced married woman. I kissed her more and rubbed her pussy for a few minutes, until she walked to my desk and bent over. She had a nicely groomed hairy pussy. I slid right in behind her. I fucked her until she orgasmed, then I finished inside her.

She was happy and said that was just what she hoped for and hugged me for a little while. She pulled up her pants and I walked her to her car. She told me to log a few more hours and lock up. She drove away. Fun, easy and not complicated.

June wasn’t like Karen. June wasn’t submissive. June knew what she wanted.


But this story is about Karen, Mike and I. The next shift Mike was on time and we didn’t talk about the dinner. On our third night of the week Mike mentioned dinner at my house.

“Did you want us over this weekend?” He said meekly.

Truthfully it would be better if she came over without him.

“Ah,, yeah, sure. Do you two have any allergies? I could made shrimp fettuccine if you can handle the shellfish. Salad, some garlic bread and red wine?”

He said that was great and we decided on what time. So I reluctantly gave him my address and we continued with work.

My mom taught me a few dishes while she was alive. This one was my favorite. It’s actually easy and fast but looks like an all day preparation.

I made the sauce ahead of time and had my ingredients in place for final cook and combination.

18:00 they arrived. I shook Mike’s hand and briefly hugged Karen with a quick handful of ass. She was dressed in Italian peasant type clothes. Her hair was down, she had a scoop neck blouse that could go as an off the shoulder top except she didn’t have the bustier on. She was braless. I knew just looking, that when I moved her sleeves off her shoulders the top would come down under her breasts. She wore a skirt that was to her ankles and designed with Tuscan houses and hills. It was a wrap around tied together affair. Easily opened.

So, my house. I really lucked out with it. It was a three bedroom two bath with pool. I originally intended a roommate. I even had one for awhile. I found that I could make the rent without a him and the drama. The owners both liked me a lot (ex-military). They didn’t want to make money on me, they just wanted the house cared for while it appreciates in value. It was a family home that was payed off so my rent went for property taxes and maintainace. The pool was the pain in the ass but I cleaned it every week. Added chemicals and swam in it during the summer.

I led them through the house and Mike settled into the easy chair with the television remote. I knew he wouldn’t like any sports channels. He settled on a public broadcasting network.

I put the fire on high to boil the seasoned water and there was Karen asking if she could help. I asked her if we should use wine glasses or go Tuscan with water glasses for the wine. She thought the water glasses would be fun. She kept getting closer as we talked. I told her to pour the wine and take some to Mike.

She was a good girl and came right back. She sat her wine on the counter. There was nothing to attend to as the only thing to do was to wait for the big pot to boil.

“This blouse is usually worn under a bustier. Do you have one and decided it was sexier to skip it? You know that if your shoulders fall the top might fall to your waist?”

She explained that there is a tie that is designed to keep the shoulders from falling. She hadn’t tied it.

“Do you want me to tie them up? I will if it bothers you. I wouldn’t want to tempt you.” She smiled.

“Well let’s see what we have to worry about.” I moved to her and slid both her shoulder pieces off her shoulders and pushed them down to her elbows. Her perky tits had hard pink nipples. They pointed directly at me. I took both of them between my fingers and gave them a light squeeze. I rolled them between my thumb and index fingers.

The matched set of peasant top and Tuscan wrap skirt was a small. The top half fit just right but her ample bottom made the wrap a little too small. The overlap instead of being a 1.5X, the wrap could only stretch to an overlap of four inches. She had it parting at her side.

I tugged the tie point of her skirt over to the front of her leg. I said “show me.” She parted her skirt to show me her pink panties.

I reached under her skirt. I pulled her panties down to her ankles. She had a big dark bush. An untrimmed hairy pussy. She badly needed a shave. I rubbed her hairy pussy lips.

I looked at the stove to check on things and when I looked back at Mike’s wife she was handing me her panties.

After folding her panties I slid them into my pants pocket. I was looking forward to tonight.

I kept her tits out for the 15 minutes it took to cook the pasta and drain. I sucked both her nipples for a quick second and pulled her top back up. I sent Karen off to refill wine cups.

During dinner, Karen let a shoulder drop twice to show her breast. Mike didnt seem to notice. She looked at me then would pull her blouse back up.

After dinner we went into the family room where Mike drank his fifth glass of red wine. I was on the couch and Karen was sitting next to me.

Mike reclined the chair and closed his eyes. I looked at Karen who moved closer and leaned her face into mine. I slipped my hand inside her blouse to fondle her breasts.

After a couple of minutes Karen raised up onto her knees and kiss attacked me. Her lips parted and she grabbed my head. She passionately kissed me, using her tongue to explore my mouth.

When I slid my hand between her legs again I remember that I wanted to shave her. No time like the present.

I stood and took Karen’s wrist. We walked silently down the hallway to the master bedroom and into the onsuite bathroom. I picked up Karen and sat her on the counter.

I pulled her forward and raised her legs. Her skirt parted exposing her hairy pussy. I hadn’t told her what was going to happen. I grabbed my electric shaver and popped up the sideburn shears.

Before she could say yes or no I turned on the machine and swiped the middle of her bush. She was whispering something about not wanting that. Her pelt was sheared in 15 seconds, leaving little short hairs. I took a new disposable razor and smoothed out the entire crotch.

I told her to pull her legs higher and I shaved the stray hairs from around her anus. Baby oil is what I usually use next but vaseline petroleum jelly was thicker and more durable for later. Plus, I knew she would be wearing it home. I opened a tub of the thick lubricant and smeered a large amount over her freshly shaved Mons Pubis (pussy.) I had enough to cover her entire front and back. Both her ass cheeks were shiny. I even put some inside her vagina and anus.

Karen’s pussy looked awesome now. Her inner labia lips extended out and flowered. Her clitoris was peeking out to say ‘here I am.’ Her anus was shiny and had no real discoloration. She didn’t fuss or whine as I shaved and then lubed her anus and puss. She was wet however.

I leaned down to her flower and stuck my tongue in it. I pulled it open slightly with my fingertips as she stayed holding her feet above her head. She didn’t take very long before she was jerking and thrusting her hips. Her juice was running and she continued to shove her open pussy at my face.

I used my index finger to get inside her vagina. She really enjoyed that as she started breathing hard and I could hear faint grunting noises. She was starting to sweat.

I switched from flicking her clit to encircling it in my lips and applying suction as well as strumming it with my tongue tip. As I started this action my middle finger pressed at the center of her anal opening.

After no more than 30 seconds I was finger fucking both her vagina and her tight butt. She couldn’t take this attention very long and broke down. She lost her rhythm of thrusts, they were just uncontrolled jerks. Her mouth was open and she was panting. Her vagina welled up with her natural lube and finally she froze, holding her breath and straining.

I popped open my pants as I stood up. I aimed my hard cock at her wet pussy and started to slide into her. Karen seemed still in her cummy brain fog but did say, “ouuuwe” as her vagina stretched.

Once I was totally inside her sex, I now knew not to slam too hard as she was a bit short on runway. Nothing ruins the mood as a girl screaming and clawing to get away with pussy pain. Unless it’s a play rape, then that’s on course.

Karen’s vagina was nice and snug. I enjoyed her spread open pussy very much. I started a nice tempo in and out. She still held her legs up and out of the way. I pulled her top up above her breasts and started squeezing them.

After only 5 minutes Karen was having another orgasm. “Oh, God. Chris it’s cumming again. Go a little deeper. Not too much! It hurts. You are hurting my pussy. Yes, oh like, that, hurt that dirty cunt. I’m going to Cum!”

“Next time I’ll use you from behind, Karen. Your ass can stop me from going too deep. I’ll be able to slam your dirty fuck hole as hard as you want. You can just bend deeper down to get it to hurt more.” I whispered.

Karen went into full seize orgasm just before I started to swell. I waited and let her get a good cum out. She probably had never had one with a guy before. I decided I would finish inside her ass. I was sure she was virgin back there.

I pulled out of her sloppy pussy. I told her to pull her legs higher. Her asshole gapped open and then squeezed shut. I pressed the head of my wet slimey cock to the center of her anus. Her sphincter opened and then squeezed shut, forcing my cock back out.

“Karen pull open your ass cheeks for me. I’m almost ready to cum. Help me get in your ass.” I ordered her.

She clearly didn’t want me inside her ass. I held her ankles above her head and she hesitantly moved her finger tips to her anal opening. Her fingers pulled at the edges and I pushed forward until it pushed inside past the tight pinching muscle. Thinking back, I think I heard a soft noise in the other room at this point but I was concentrating on using Karen’s virgin anus, and didn’t care.

“Chris, it hurts. Please. It’s hurting me.” Karen was being a baby.

“I’m really close Karen. Try to relax your ass. Let it open. You’ll like it after it opens. Just think how sexy you look, with your shaved pussy and holding your ass open to help your lover enjoy your anus. Taking a big cock in your pussy and then up your ass to satisfy your husband’s boss.”

That last part switched something inside her brain. She started to gently thrust her hips.

Karen whispered, “I’ll do it. I’ll milk you with my ass. You can cum in me anywhere you want. Just don’t fire my husband. I’ll be a good fuck toy. GOD! CHRIS! I love this! Fuck me up my butt.”

That did it for me. I jerked my hips a little violently. I slammed deep inside her ass several times and then I pushed deep and started shooting cum. Spurt after spurt shot off inside her. I enjoyed her tight ass as I emptied my balls inside her stretched open asshole. I finally opened my eyes to see Karen with her eyes tightly shut, orgasming again.

After a minute or so I looked behind me to see Mike standing in the doorway of my bathroom, watching. I pulled my flaccid penis from his wife’s rectum and pulled up my pants.

I turned around and walked past him. Karen was standing and pulling up her blouse. I was standing in the kitchen as they walked to the door to leave.

I saw Karen standing next to the door and she had her head down.

“We are going to leave.” Mike said.

“OK, drive safe.” I opened the door for them to go. Really fucking awkward.

Karen rushed out with her head down and Mike followed her. Karen stopped at the driveway and looked at me. She smiled and waived for a split second then got into their car. Karen drove them home.

I was wondering where this ‘fire her husband’ thing came from. It was my inexperience in role playing that got me here. Karen was a submissive slut and wanted to play ‘keep my husband’s job.’ I just missed it. I did figure it out, slowly.


Karen called to invite me to a movie a couple weeks later. I thought she had told Mike she was shopping or whatever. She wanted to play.

I arrived at the theatre and was disappointed to see Mike was standing with her at the entrance. She was wearing a crop top tshirt and shorts. They had already bought my ticket.

We sat in the top row and Karen sat between us. Mike got up and said he was going to the restroom and to get popcorn. He took drink orders.

“I thought you were meeting me without him.” I stated.

“He likes you, Chris. He won’t do anything. We can play. I couldn’t just leave him at home.” She took my hand and put it under her top. She was braless.

“So he doesn’t care if I fuck you then? Didn’t you fight? You left my house and it looked like there was trouble.”

“I handled everything. He won’t be a problem.” She said. She put her hand on my crotch.

The movie was a submarine movie with subtitles. Karen drank her soda, rubbed my thigh and crotch. I had pulled my hand away from tweaking her nipples when he returned.

Near the middle of the movie Karen leaned over and said something to Mike. Then she said in my ear that she wants to go to the restroom. She got up and walked to the end of the row. She then just stood there looking at me.

Once again, I was slow to catch on. Finally I got up and joined her. She kissed me on the lips and waited to be led down the isle. She was touching my ass and staying close. When I got down to the bottom and just before turning I put my hand on her ass as I walked her to the hallway.

I was holding her hand as I walked straight into the men’s room. I led her to the handicapped stall and put her inside, locking the door.

I pulled her tshirt off over her head and unsnapped her shorts. She pulled them down and I put them on the door hook. Mike’s wife was completely naked except for her sneakers in the men’s room with me.

Karen sat on the toilet and started peeing. I spread her legs and kneeled down to watch her urine leave her body. I pulled her shaved labia lips apart to get a better look at her urethra. Once she finished I told her to hand me some paper. I wiped her pisshole and dropped the paper in the water.

“Stand, bend.” I told her. She turned around and presented her bottom for inspection.

“Please, Chris. Don’t make me spread for you in the men’s room.” She whispered. She bent over and held her ass cheeks apart. A nice invitation.

I opened my pants and took out my cock. Karen looked behind herself and as soon as she saw it, she turned around to kiss and suck on it for a few seconds. After that she turned back around and respread her legs.

I pressed my cock inside her labia and she automatically pushed back on it. She had half of it inside on the first push. Within seconds she was taking it all. We where slamming it up inside her.

“Oh Chris. You’re going to force me to cum on you!” She whispered.

“If you want Mike to keep his job you better take all of it. Wives are supposed to protect their husbands. Use your pussy to make me happy.” I whispered.

“Oh! Yes! I will. Oh God. Cumming! I’m cumming, you’re talking so filthy. Treating me like a fuck toy whore.” Karen orgasmed.

This setting was so erotic for me. Fucking a guys wife in the mensroom while he watched a movie. She was naked and spread open wide. The little slut had already cum on my cock.

I slammed into her puss for a few more minutes and felt it boil up and spew out inside her happy pussy. Her cunt milked me, taking all my sperm away. Such a good wife.

I pulled out of her and she immediately reached for her panties. I heard a guy rush into the restroom and slam the door to a stall shut. He made a lot of noise and splashing sounds. The air filled with vapors associated with the dead and decomposed flesh.

Karen was trying not to laugh. She stepped into her shorts and threw her top on. We left the restroom and laughed hard.

We returned to the movie and Mike told us what we missed. The movie ended sadly for the characters mostly.

We walked to the parking lot. Karen’s t-shirt was on inside out. Karen told Mike something and then he looked at me. “Yes. Thanks for helping Karen go to the restroom.”

“It was my pleasure.” I said.

“Oh my God, Mike. While I was finishing up in the restroom. Some guy ran in and had a huge urgent bowel movement. It smelled so bad! Like death. We just had to run, it stunk so bad.” Karen said smiling. I’m not sure if she meant to say so much.

Mike had no reply.


Around this time I had started dating a waitress from one of the restaurants. I also occasionally helped a different lonely waitress that was having fidelity issues and there was June.

June had called and asked if I had enough uniforms. She was in my area and could drop off some extra sets. She arrived and had an arm load of clothes on hangers.

She told me she needed to measure my inseam. She couldn’t keep a straight face. I asked her if she really wanted my uniforms or could we play. She threw the uniform on the floor.

We stripped each other and she rode me on my bed for most of the afternoon. We swam naked in the pool for over an hour. I told her I wanted to shave her but she said her husband would be suspicious.

She left one uniform in the hall closet. It was for a small person. She told me she might need to come back and get that uniform in a couple of weeks. I kissed her and told her to be careful.

Karen had called and left messages. She asked about another dinner, meet for coffee but I was busy. On my day off I was working on the pool and she walked into my backyard through the side gate.

She was wearing scrubs and even had a stethoscope around her neck. I stopped cleaning and walked over to her.

She wanted to know why I was mad at her. I told her I wasn’t mad at her. I didn’t tell her I was busy with other women. You just don’t tell a girl that. She said I had cut her off. She thought we had a great time at the movies. She doesn’t understand why I didn’t have time for her.

I could see she was horny and she looked at my swim trunks. I hugged her and said that I’d never been in a situation where a husband was involved.

“I know you like married women Chris. I know you don’t have a problem with there being a husband.” She said sharply.

“There being a husband is fine but a husband involved?,, I like seeing woman that are sneaking out to see me. We fuck hard, she cums a bunch and she goes home. Mike was watching me when I came in your ass. He wants to be involved. It’s a bit weird for me. Look, you have a nut popping body. Tight pussy. Really tight ass. Great kisser. But I’m not all that used to a husband being around while I abuse his wife. I keep thinking he is going to snap and attack me. Then I hurt him, then the cops and jail. I lose my job, my house.”

“I’m sorry we don’t fit in. I thought you would get used to it. Mike just wants to watch,, after we did it in your bathroom we left fast to fuck at home. He doesn’t have a problem with you. I smiled at you and waived goodbye.”

“Look, it’s good we are talking. Does he know you are here? (Her head shook, no) OK, take your shoes off. Let’s go in the water, it’s hot today. We can cool off and talk more.”

I pulled her scrub top off over her head. She put her arms up as I pulled. She stepped out of her pants standing in white bra and panties. I dropped my shorts and stood next to her nude. My cock was up. Karen reached behind and unhooked her bra. Next she dropped her panties. Her pussy was showing stubble.

I took her hand and lead her into the pool. The clean clear water was refreshing. She curled up into my arms. I started kissing her. She was moaning as my penis touched her stomach. Karen deftly pushed it downward and raised one leg to trap it between her thighs and crotch.

“Now what’s wrong with you meeting me, we take off our clothes, fuck and suck, you cum all over my cock, go home with him none the wiser?”

“OK, I like the fucking part. But how about this; your employee has to bring his wife to you. She submits to your carnal needs. Then he must take her home and clean her up. It’s not sneaking sex but it is pretty nasty.”

“So after the movie, he ate my cum out of you?” I asked.

“Chris, you gave it to me. I could have thrown it away. What do you care?” Her eyes flared.

I was not feeling it. Again it was my age and inexperience. I felt a little weird knowing Mike had tasted my sperm. I decided against it. I was going back to my comfort zone.

I lead Karen out of the water and gave her a towel. I laid on a chaise lounge and stared at her pussy.

“Want to sit on me and talk?” I offered.

Karen threw her leg over my hips and lowered her pussy down onto me. As my cock started sliding up into her, she moaned and stopped several times on the way down. Once I hit the wall she leaned forward putting her elbows on my shoulders. She rocked up and down on me.

“If he were here. He would sit over in a chair or swim while we did this. Except I’d be saying ‘please don’t fire him. I’ll be a good whore for you.’ I could be your slave girl.” She said hoping I’d agree.

“It freaks me out about him watching and especially eating my cum. I mean next he would want to eat it right after. Then lick our juices off my cock. Then he wouldn’t even want you around, just suck me himself.” I said.

“No. He wouldn’t. I’d tell him no.” She said the wrong answer.

We fucked in my backyard and after a good long time I finally orgasmed.

Karen redressed and I walked her out to her car. She said I should call if I wanted to continue.

I never called her.

Mike continued to work for me until I left for a different career a year later. June visited a couple times to reclaim company uniforms. Mike started work for my same new company a couple of years after I started but didn’t pass his probation period.

If I had it to do all over again. I’m not exactly sure how I would handle it. I know Karen would have liked a baby. Now that I understand better. I would have insisted that the baby call me Daddy and him, Mike.

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