KA-BOOM, Daddy!

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As Daddy opened the hotel room door, Princess smiled sweetly and scurried into the room. The lovers hadn’t seen each other in months. Earlier this April day, an unusually hot sun had reawakened old feelings in each of them, enflaming their sexual desire for one another.

And yet Daddy, even though he was a hot-blooded Italian, was acting like a frigid British gentleman. Dressed in a dark blue suit, he kept a stiff upper lip and extended his hand rigidly for a formal handshake. “Good afternoon, Mizzzzz Iglesias. It is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance again.”

Princess smirked. The lithe, sweetly curvy, 20-year-old Latina was a kaleidoscope of beauty, colors, charms, and personality. Delicate piercings, tasteful tats, tinted hair, and dynamic clothes—pastel sneakers, tight ripped jeans, a lacy white top, a lipstick-red midriff jacket, and a chain dangling from her jeans pocket—comprised her look. And her face…her adorable, pretty, face…. Princess had delicate features, kind brown eyes, a natural glow, and a smile that melted hearts and made us feel that, even in these challenging times, all was right with the world.

You could look at Princess in photographs Escort Eryaman and say, “Ohhhh, what a pretty girl!” But to see her close up…that was a different experience entirely. It was like going to the Louvre and staring up at Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring or da Vinci’s Lady with an Ermine. The beauty was overwhelming.

“So,” Princess said, still smirking, “what’s with the ‘pleasure to meet your acquaintance’ crap?”

“Ah, just kidding, Princess. I thought it would be ironically funny if I greeted you that way.”

“Ha ha, Daddy,” she said with a smile. “Cut the crap and take off that monkey suit.”

He began to undress.

“I want to see that leaner, meaner Italian dad bod. Is it true you lost five pounds?”

“Yep! Just for you, Princess.”

Daddy stripped down to his pants. Princess took off her jacket and took a deep breath.

“So,” she said. “What’s a girl gotta do to get a hug around here?”

Daddy smiled and opened his arms wide, and Princess took the cue. Still standing, Daddy enveloped her in his arms and rocked her to and fro.

Daddy grabbed her delicate hand and led her to the massive bed. He lay on his Eryaman Escort side while cuddling his angel tightly up against his body.

“How was your time in Mexico, Princess? Five months you were gone.”

“It was good, Daddy. But there and here I spend a lot of time caring for my little siblings. Between caregiving and working full-time, I spend almost ALL my time giving. I need to be comforted, cuddled, treated, held, embraced…all that good stuff, Daddy.”

“And loved?”

“Yes, Daddy, most of all I need to be loved.”

Daddy nuzzled the nape of her neck and held her even more securely. They lay in peaceful quite for a good while. Princess had a challenging life. He closed his eyes and tried to channel as much comfort and energy to her as possible. And love. Because most of all she needed to be loved.

“So,” he asked, “has your sex life diminished due to all the work you’ve been doing?”

“Oh my gosh, no!” she replied. She sat up on the bed, Indian style. “Especially recently, I’ll be in bed thinking about you or a pretty girl and I’ll start playing with myself and KA-BOOM—my pussy will explode with pleasure!”

“Princess! Your Eryaman Escort Bayan language!”

“It’s true, Daddy. KA-BOOM!”

“You shouldn’t say ‘pussy.'”

“And one morning, I was fantasizing about tutoring an 18-year-old, doe-eyed, innocent babygirl in Spanish, and you walked into the room and took us both, Daddy. You fucked us…”


“…both. And I was masturbating to this fantasy like a mad girl. I was like KA-BOOM, KA-BOOM, KA-BOOM! I had so many orgasms, Daddy—it was like the Fourth of July in Afghanistan.”

“Princess!” he said with a laugh. She broke into giggles. “How about some cultural sensitivity,” he instructed.

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” she said, still chuckling.

With their faces aglow in smiles, Princess leaned in for a smooch. They lay back down and devoured each other with hungry kisses. Soon their clothes were off. Princess grabbed her daddy’s cock and stroked it, while Daddy lovingly rubbed her G-spot with two fingers. All the while, their mouths were sealed in a kiss that lasted 20 minutes. The first five minutes were arousing; the second five blissful; the next five ecstasy; the final five delirious.

And then finally, simultaneously, meaning the exact same time, each experienced a full-body sensation, like an overdose of dopamine—a torrid rush of pleasure. For Daddy and Princess, man and woman, lover and lover: KA-BOOM!

Afghanistan on the Fourth of July.

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