Just Let Me

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I lead you, naked and blindfolded, to the edge of the bed. You sit. I don’t talk yet and you are forbidden to speak. I bring my face close to yours and breathe you in. You can feel my hot breath on your neck, your back. I kneel in front of you and gently take your hand. I bring your index finger up to my mouth and gently kiss the end of it. I do this slowly, I don’t want to be too suggestive yet, we have time. The kisses get bigger and I begin to pull your finger into my mouth a little bit more each time.

My tongue teases the end as my lips close around it and slowly pull upwards. Each time my lips are moving further down and my breathe feels hotter against your skin. I begin to add in the occasional gentle suck as my lips pull upwards. Soon I am sucking you into my mouth with a more regular rhythm, getting faster. Then I stop and begin the slow build up again, first teasing the end with my tongue then letting my lips engulf you and building until I am sucking you in. We are still talking fingers remember!

I stop teasing your hand and kneel up in front of you. You can feel my naked breasts against Escort Sincan your skin as I slowly kiss you softly on the mouth. I continue to plant little kisses on you with just the suggestion of a tongue every so often. Are my nipples hard? Can you feel them against your own? My hands begin to stroke your thighs, my fingers making little circles as my hands go higher. Your (very) hard cock is pressed against me, I can feel it throbbing. My mouth comes close to your ear, can you feel my hot breathe? I gently kiss your ear lobe before whispering ‘I’m wet and I want you to watch me finger myself’.

I reach up and remove your blindfold and wait for your eyes to adjust.

Do you like what you see? The soft curve of my pale breasts, the darker area, the very hard, very pink nipples? Would you like to feel one in your mouth? Would you like to make me moan with pleasure as you gently sucked one? I bring a chair right up to the bed in front of you and sit down. I’m still wearing panties so you don’t see much as I spread my legs and place them on either side of you. I lean back and slowly let my hands Sincan Escort caress my breasts, flicking the nipples with my thumbs as they pass.

My nipples are so hard and engorged already that I begin to squeeze them gently between my fingers, and pull them. I place my finger in my mouth and suck on it before caressing my nipples again. My right hand slides down to the front of my panties and my middle finger finds the natural grove of my body. I can feel my clitoris begin to grow as my finger presses against the fabric. I bring my finger back up to my mouth and wet it again. I look at you and make sure you are looking into my eyes as I slide my finger down the front of my panties to the warm wetness underneath.

Can you see the desire in my eyes?

I close my eyes and savour the tingling sensation that races up my spine. I remove my finger and again bring it up to my mouth. My tongue snakes out to lick the juices and then I suck them in. I lean forward and kiss you on the mouth. Can you taste me? Do you want more?

My fingers find the wetness again and explore deeper. Sincan Escort Bayan I begin to tell you what I would like you to do to me. How I would like it to be your fingers exploring me. How I would like to feel your tongue inside me and your lips kissing and your mouth sucking. How much I would love to cum on your face.

I’m very close now so I get off the chair, remove my panties and sit astride you. Your cock is resting against me and I begin to rub myself against you. I would only have to move myself up a couple of inches and you could enter me. I bring your hand between us and make you push two fingers inside me. They slide in easily as I am so wet. I pump my body against your hand and tell you how much I want to feel your cock inside me. To feel the tip at the edge of my pussy so I could push myself onto it, savouring that almost indistinguishable feeling of resistance before you fill me. As I cum I kiss you deeply and push myself fully onto your fingers, making them explore my depths.

Can you feel the inside of my pussy pulse and contract against your hand? Imagine what that would feel like on your cock?

I remove your hand, but I’m not satisfied. My pussy is so close to your cock you can feel the heat radiating from it. All you have to do is let me. Just don’t stop me and you can feel my aching pussy engulf you. Just let me.

Want to push me away?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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