Just Another Boring Day…

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It began as just another ordinary boring morning at work, the deliveries were in at 7am and the hard work began. I really did hate this job and I hoped to find something else real soon. As the morning went on I got more and more bored, I needed something exciting to happen and remembered that you were due home but i didn’t know exactly when but I knew it was soon.

I sighed as I thought of you as I was so damned horny and had been all week as we had been working different shifts and had not seen much of each other for the last week and it was driving me nuts. It was gone 12:45pm and James was due back soon thank fuck so i would be able to skive off for a fag. As soon as James was back I went downstairs and stood against the side of the door having a smoke and as usual I didn’t see you coming up towards me until you were standing right there beside me. I smiled as i thought about you and you asked me what i was smiling about.

“What you smiling at?” You asked me with a naughty grin across your face which said that you knew fine well what I was thinking about.

“Shut the fuck up and come here.” I said as i grabbed you buy the hair and pulled you towards me and started thrusting my tongue down your throat as we snogged the face of each other as you responded after I pulled you in behind the fire doors.

After about 5 minutes of playing tonsil hockey I pulled away from you took my mobile phone out and texted James and told him I was taking my lunch break right now. As we had another little snog I could feel you’re hard on rubbing up against my tummy.

“I see Escort Sincan you are pleased to see me judging by that bulge in your pants?” I asked as I ran my hand over your hardened prick through your pants.

“Damn right I am!” You said as I used both hands now to open and unzip your jeans and put my hands inside them.

“Oh you dirty bugger you don’t have any boxers on under your pants.” I said as i took in the site of that lovely hard cock that was staring right at me.

You were now rock hard and I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter ad I kissed you and caressed your hard cock. I dropped to my knees as I kept eye contact with you as I took the tip of your tool into my mouth and began to lick and suck on the head as I jerked the rest of your dick up and down in my hands. It wasn’t long before i had almost half of that monster of yours almost down the back of my throat as you began to thrust your rock hard dick in and out of my mouth.

As I licked, sucked and nibbled up and down the length of your shaft I pressed my tongue stud into your cock at the same time for some extra sensation as i was still watching you watching me and it was turning me on no end to know I was doing this at the back door of my work. As I took your cock harder and faster in and out of my mouth I began playing with your balls and could feel your muscles tightening inside your nut sac as you began to squirm a little as I continued to suck you off and look at you as I knew it would not be long before you were ready to cum.

I used my mouth faster and harder on your Sincan Escort manhood until i could feel the tell tale sign that you were ready to cum which made me work all the harder and faster on your now twitching cock that was ready to burst like a dam down my throat. As your first load of cum hit the back of my throat you shut your eyes just for a couple of seconds before leaning back and thrusting your cock into my mouth one more time as you began squirting your cum down my throat and over my tongue until I had swallowed it all down and milked you dry before cleaning your dick off and standing up and French kissing you so that you could taste yourself of my lips and tongue.

“So where we going for lunch?” I asked still feeling as horny as fuck and my panties now drenched with my juices.

We got in your car and you drove us out from town into a secluded little country road and pulled up about half way down a dirt track that led off it. You turned the engine off as I leaned over and started kissing you on the lips and fumbling for your zipper at the same time to release your manhood and wrap my full lips around it once again until you were hard. I then hitched up my skirt a little and pulled my soaking panties off and slid over on to your lap facing you and took your cock and lined it up with my sopping pussy which helped you slide inside me to the hilt.

I began to rotate and grind myself onto your hard on moving up and down your shaft slowly at first until we got a good rhythm going and ended up bouncing up and down your cock like a woman possessed. Our Sincan Escort Bayan eyes were locked on each other’s as I moved faster and harder making your dick goes deeper into my sopping wet cunt. I begin to feel your cock get bigger in my pussy and lift off you so you don’t blow your load to quickly this time. You take my boobs in your big hands and lick each nipple in turn before trying to suck as much of my boobs into your mouth. The more you suck on my nipples the more turned on you make me and it’s not long before I have that monster back inside my warm wet pussy again.

I begin to rock and bounce on your cock faster and faster and you feel my inner pussy muscles clamping on your cock and know I am almost there myself. Faster, harder, deeper your cock sinks into me as I open my legs as far as I can to get your full eight inches so deep inside my wanting cunt. The feeling of you so deep inside me is mind blowing and I can feel myself getting closer and closer to the edge of no return. I can also feel that you are almost there too and I try to hold off so we can both cum at the same time. In a frenzy or moaning, heavy breathing and fucking I feel your load spurt deep inside my pussy which in turn pushes me over the edge and I bite down on your shoulder as my body is racked with my orgasm. Again and again I feel you spurt your warm white sticky cum deep inside me as hold on to you so tight my boobs are squashed into your chest so tightly. All too soon we come crashing back down to earth in the afterglow of our mind blowing orgasms.

I rest my head on the same shoulder that I bit a few moments ago and kiss it better for you as we try to get our breath back.

“How about dinner at my place?” I ask as I look you straight in the eye with a sly grin on my face.

And to think that it started off as just another boring day!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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