Just an Older Dude Ch. 07

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I swept the crowd for Kat’s lithe form.

“Fuck…” I took off my glasses and rubbed my blurry eyes. I should have taken a couple of hits on my bong. Why was I on edge like this? It was a foregone conclusion that I’d be having sex with one or more women. I was up for it; I knew that after going three times with Kat the other night.

I made my way through the crowd in the Gallagher’s ultra lavish home where many of the movers and shakers in our fair city were gathered. Kat had warned me about this, saying the real party would begin after most of the partygoers left.

But where the fuck was Kat? It seemed she’d evaporated and been absorbed by the milling throng surrounding us. I mean, one minute she’s by my side, the next, she’s disappeared.

I heard loud, passionate laughter — it sounded like her laughter — coming from a dark corner of the room. I blinked my eyes several times and they cleared. The room mercifully shrank.

My temples pulsed, and I realized that sensed a perfume from the past. Why would I fix on such a thing? I was looking for Kat, but the aroma was one that I couldn’t let go off. I stood in place, sniffing hungrily and looked all around me. A moment later I realized I had an erection.

What the fuck?

A full-figured older woman bumped into me.

“Hello, Ned. How lovely to see you again. It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?”

I’d heard the voice, but the woman’s mouth hadn’t moved. I blinked my eyes, I’d thought they’d cleared but obviously they hadn’t. But now they did and I saw another woman standing behind the full-figured one. She was nursing a tulip glass of white wine that echoed her graceful figure. My eyes moved slowly from her rounded hips to her narrow waist up to her full breasts, so much bigger than her ribcage, to the delicate cup at the base of her throat where a solitary diamond outshone the obnoxious colored lights flashing over our heads.

The lady turned suddenly and her friendly, moon-shaped face filled my vision.

“Tippy, is that you?”

“Hello, darling! I’m sooo glad to see you. No, don’t even think about how long it’s been. Too long. It’s been too long. Let’s just leave it at that.”

“Well,” I said, “you look … fantastic! I would have recognized you anywhere.”

“Don’t tell me I haven’t aged, Ned. It would only remind me that I have, and the trials and tribulations of trying to stay young. You on the other hand, look wonderful!”

“Thank you, Tippy, but …” I tried to formulate the right words to compliment her breasts, which were considerably larger than the last time I’d seen them in the backseat of my Chevy four months after we’d graduated from high school.

I began to lose strength in my knees as she licked her lips discreetly after taking a sip of her wine.

What in the world is wrong with me tonight? I thought to myself, on the verge of panic. I haven’t reacted to a woman in public like this ever since I was in middle school.

A strange female voice broke my train of thought on the matter.

“Is this the one?”

“Yes, this is Ned. He lives on the Westside of town. I believe he’s retired,” Tippy replied.

“And sooo young,” I heard the older woman say under her breath.

“Ned,” Tippy said cheerfully, “this is Celeste, our hostess.”

“Hello, I’m pleased to meet you. You have a lovely home,” I managed to get out in a rush.

“Oh, I’m sooo glad you could come tonight,” the full-figured woman gushed. Tippy’s told me sooo much about you!”

I was stunned. “She has?” I gulped in surprise and accepted Celeste’s chubby hand as she raised it to my face and pressed my lips to it.

She cooed and fanned her face enthusiastically. “I do like your manners, Ned. Perhaps we’ll see more of each other later.” And she wheeled away and approached another couple half way across the room.

Not if I can help it, I said to myself, as Tippy’s sensuous perfume reentered my nostrils and I turned back to her.

“So you’ve told her about me. How did that happen, if I may ask, Tippy?”

Her intensely black, almond-shaped orbs were painted to enhance them even more, and I was caught up in them for a long moment. I felt my belly tingle as her full, red mouth curled into the palest ghost of a grin. My cheeks felt hot and beads of sweat formed underneath my armpits and on my forehead as I watched her slowly part her lips as she lifted the wineglass to her mouth. Her eyes, still glued to mine, fell to half mast as the translucent liquid passed her lips. After she swallowed she said, “I believe you know, Kat.”

“I do.”

“She’s my daughter, Ned.”

I suddenly felt as if all the blood had left my brain. Not another mother, daughter act!”

Tippy followed that by bestowing me with her most intimate smile and licking her lips so there was no mistaking where this conversation was going.

“I … I had no idea,” I blurted out.

“I can see you’re getting hard. Are you thinking about fucking me or Kat … or both of us?”

I had no answer to that Escort Sincan and said nothing, since it’s the best defense when no other is apparent.

Tippy took a deep breath and her full, heavy breasts rose and fell slowly in her impossibly tight strapless dress, and my mouth watered. I pushed away the thought of licking the skin of her shoulders and then sliding my tongue in between the scented cleft of her cleavage…

I forced myself to think back to the previous night. What had Kat told me? I had demanded details.

“The first time I went home with them after meeting them at a club. I was drunk … it’s no excuse, I know, but I was drunk. The thing was … neither of them touched me. I sat in a chair and watched him go down on her. Eventually they 69’d. That was followed by his using a vibrator on her until she came. By then he was ready again, and…”

I’d cut her off. “Okay, so you watched them that time. What about the next time?”

“Well, um, Mrs. Gallagher gave me money to buy some sexy lingerie to wear when I got there. It was different from the start. First she hurriedly undressed me and he was feeling me up. Like his hands was everywhere. I was embarrassed, but the wife put a stop to his groping and I calmed down. She talked me into modeling the stuff I’d bought.

“Once I had this revealing fishnet body stocking on I found I wanted to be touched, and let them fondle me. I wanted to give him a blowjob, you know? I mean, I was sooo fucking horny by this time.

They’d gotten her on the bed, tied her wrists and the woman had made her cum repeatedly. Kat had admitted to doing things she’d never thought she’d do, like licking their asses and letting them piss in her mouth.

And what was it she’d told me after that? “I discovered something about myself too.”

“What was that?”

“Anything … anything that … that gave me the slightest hint that Mrs. Gallagher enjoyed it, I kept doing, over and over before moving on to another spot. Oh I got her cumming and wouldn’t let up until Mr. Gallagher pulled me away. I would’ve kept licking and sucking her until she had a fuckin’ heart attack. At least that’s what they told me that first time.”

“The first time?”

“Yeah, after that I was timed. They let me do her for forty minutes then I had to stop or they’d whip me.”

I’d told Kat I knew Shawn Gallagher, but had never met his wife.

I remembered a strange glint in Kat’s eye, but hadn’t paid much attention at the time, now I was wondering …

“Oh, she’s something else, Ned,” Kat had gushed in her praise for Mrs. Gallagher.

It came to me then, Mrs. Gallagher was none other than Tippy, my old flame from high school. Small world, isn’t it?

Tippy was a nickname. Everyone called her Tippy, but Tiffany was her real name, but no one every used it, not even her teachers. And I’d been fucking her daughter. But then, so had her father … unless Tippy had remarried after having Kat with her first husband. I found myself hoping that was the case. This was perverted enough, and as much as I wanted to fuck Tippy again, I knew I couldn’t, not if she was allowing, no mandating, that her daughter become a fucktoy for her and her friends.

“I … I need to know, Tip, is Gallagher Kat’s father?”

“No, Ned, he’s not. And I would add that, and you can feel free to ask Kat yourself, I have not coerced her into having sex with anyone. She’s just a horny, very horny teenager.”

“She told me she loves going down on you,” I said unable to look at her.

“As I said, and you already know, Kat is a very horny teenager.”

“She is, and I expect her mother is as well.”

Tippy gave me a benevolent smile.

“The thing is, Tip …” I paused, wanting to phrase my words carefully. “I’ve done the mother – daughter thing, it was fun, but complicated and I don’t want to go there again.”

“You don’t mean that, Ned!” she said, turning red.

“I do, please excuse me,” I said as I did an about face and walked out the front door as the full-figured woman stammered, “But he was going to eat me! You promised, Tippy!”

“Oh go fuck yourself, Celeste!” I heard Tippy snarl as the door closed behind me.

Okay, my reason for leaving was simple enough. I’d been set up from the beginning. Tippy, or whoever was running their bizarre arrangement, must have known I’d be at the Smalltoe’s party. I realized then that since Kat worked part-time for them that she might have mentioned me or her mother had looked me up and after asking around, discovered that the Smalltoe’s had me as a client. Whatever the case, she had set her daughter up as bait to draw me into her circle of friends.

I felt sorry for Kat, but she was what she was. I wasn’t going to go to the authorities and complain. I couldn’t. But I didn’t have to be complicit in dragging her further down than she already was.

I called Jiggs, found him in a strip joint and joined him. Seventy-five bucks later I was home alone sampling my own product.

The next Sincan Escort four days went by rather quickly. I tended my plants, went for my daily swims – morning and evening – and managed to avoid Kat’s repeated phone calls. I called the Smalltoe’s, got Kevin and told him essentially what had happened, and warned him about Kat and her mother.

That afternoon I couldn’t get rid of an erection that came up while watching the weather girl on Channel Four and decided to work it off by swimming a few extra laps in the pool.

As it was only 6:30 or so, I was ahead of schedule in that I usually (read always) swim around eight at night to enjoy the cooler air. But it had been a real scorcher of a day. The temperature was close to a hundred and I figured the extra laps wouldn’t hurt me; but as I was about to dive in I heard the phone ringing inside the house.

Business is business, I thought, and went to answer it only to find it had stopped ringing by the time I entered the house. I was on my way back to the pool when the door bell chimed. I silently swore that it had better be something important and went to open the front door clad in my swim trunks.

Lyle Williams, a sometime customer was standing at the door. “Hey, man … What’s

happening? I’m in need, man. I hope you’ve got something available.”

I had to smile, and realized it was the first time I’d smiled since walking out on Kat’s mother. (I couldn’t bring myself to utter her name.)

Lyle and I had gone to high school together and he always managed to give me a lot of shit about how I lived high on the hog while he barely managed to eke out a living. The truth was he was sitting on a twenty or thirty million dollar trust. The trust saw to it that he lived quite well, but prevented him from squandering the brunt of the money if left to his own devices; and I guess he might have at that.

I left him standing in the foyer and went to get him some of my finest weed, and when I returned found him sitting on a lounger out by the pool.

“I figured I interrupted your swim, or that you might have some sweet young thing out here you were teaching to swim or something.”

“Yeah, I wish, Lyle,” I said and laughed aloud as I handed him a large baggie.

“Hey, Ned, mind if I hang with you for a while? I mean, you got some gash coming over I’ll leave, but …”

“No, I can use the company, sit awhile, light up, you want, I’ll do some laps and we can shoot the shit about old times.”

“Sounds good to me,” he said, pulling a well used pipe from his shirt pocket and stuffing some weed into it and lighting up as I dove into the pool. Ten minutes and fifteen slow laps later, I hauled myself out of the water and trying not to drip all over Lyle, sat down on an adjacent lounger. He was half stoned, when I reached into my cooler and took out two beers.

“Thanks man,” he said accepting the proffered brew. “Ya know,” he paused to swallow half the can before continuing. “Good shit …” the rest was pure mumbling, and I knew he was totally stoned. But I did manage to comprehend that he was talking about a young lady that lived several doors down the street as he rambled about wild parties and getting the best head ever.

From that lovely thing down the street? The Sunday school teacher?

Lyle went on and on … only some of his words made any sense; like “Loves to have guys cum on her tits … can’t get enough cock after getting high.”

“Are you talking about Sabina?”

“Yeah, of course; who else?”

“Well I don’t know. You’re doing the talking.”

“Other night, we shared some good shit with her and she blew three different guys.

And … and she loves people watching. Wanted us to video her. We didn’t have a camera, just Lazy Louie’s cell phone. But it ran out just after he started up, so …”

I held a hand up telling him to stop, I was convinced.

“Umm, you got another beer in there?”

I gave him a beer and while he drank I thought about Sabina. The more I thought about her the harder my dick got. Shit, I had watched Sabina grow up. It seemed like just the other day she’d sat on my lap and licked an ice cream cone at a Saturday night get together with my ex and me.

“Shame about you and the missus,” Lyle said after squeezing his beer can together.

“What?” I said after he’d brought me out of my reverie about Sabina.

“I said it’s a real shame about you and the missus.”

“No, not really,” I said. “It’s a relief to be done with her and her with me. We talk, but there’s no reconciliation on the horizon, so put it out of your mind.”

“Umm, you want me to call her?”

“Who, my wife?” I was getting irritated with Lyle’s persistence about my failed marriage.

“No man, Sabina. Like I could call her and she’d come running over here, you want.”

“You could watch me fuck her. I’m willing to bet she’ll let you watch. Hell, I’ll take sloppy seconds. You got a video camera? She’d be happy to put on a show for you.”

“No thanks, Sincan Escort Bayan Lyle, maybe another time.”

“Well if you don’t maybe I should shove off. Umm, if I could get that extra baggie we talked about earlier?”

I gave Lyle his baggie and he handed me the money which I tossed in a drawer without counting. He was always good for it and I’d known him forever.

Fifteen minutes after he left I was debating whether to take a shower and maybe beat off while thinking about little Sabina, who wasn’t so little anymore, when the doorbell rang.

Jesus I was having more company today that all of the past week. I ambled over to the door, checked to make sure my hardon wasn’t all that conspicuous, and opened the door.

It was Mona, the waitress and my sometimes fuck-buddy. I Opened the door and gave her a big smile. “Hi, Mona!”

“Hey, Ned!” she shot back while glancing at my crotch. Now, having been intimate with a good number of women I can honestly say that they are experts in checking a guy’s package out. They are, if anything, super sneaky about it, but if you’re waiting and watching for it, you’ll see it. Actually they can’t help looking anymore than a guy can help looking at their tits, or their asses.

“Is that for me?” she asked teasingly.

“Who else is with you, Mona?”

She didn’t pick up on my meaning and said, “No one, I’m alone.”

“Then you must know it’s for you, baby.” I put all thoughts of Sabina away for the time being. I wasn’t going to be jerking off after all.

“Oh … you!” she laughed and allowed her hand to lightly brush over my dick.

“Mmm, nice to have you drop by, Mona. Need something you can’t buy at the super market?”

“Yeah … two things actually.”


“Mmmm, you and a large sized baggie.”

Ten minutes and one toke shared between us and she was filling me in on her weekend gone sour.

“We went to Tijuana … Ricky and me and two other couples. No offense, but they have some great dope down there.”

“But,” I said, interrupting.

“Yeah …” she laughed, “the big butt. Ricky’s a big ass, you know? The first night there he wanted to swap me with the other guys … both of ’em. I said what about the girls? I meant what did they think about swapping?”

“They don’t have to know about it. They’re both like so out of it now, his exact words, Ned.”

“Pissed you off, did it?”

“And fuckin’ how!”

I walked out on him, got a room at the Howard Johnson’s and took a bus back the following afternoon.”

“Didn’t buy anything while down there, Mona?”

“No, are you crazy? They search everyone on those buses.”

I nodded as I checked out her lovelies. She followed my eyes and giggled.

I pointed at her left breast and said, “Are you sure that one’s getting enough air?”

Mona went from giggling to outright guffaws and deftly freed the breast in question.

It had adorable qualities and I suggested she let the other out so I might compare them.

She did, and I tugged her over to the couch. I glanced down; saw the outline of my dick in my swimming trunks. I was more than impressed with myself. I recall thinking; this might be turning into a nice evening just as she held her right tit to my mouth. I sampled it and pronounced it good … I believe my exact words were, “Very good, and may I have the other envelope, please?”

Minutes later we were reduced to swapping spit, not that I consider Frenching all that bad. I like it; and it often leads to other even more pleasant things, such as rubbing her pussy through her jeans and finding that she was eager to wriggle out of them, and did, only to grind herself against my hand which quickly discovered that while she didn’t have a fly in the thing, there were several other passages available to get me to her pussy.

Did I mention that she was already handling my dick with aplomb? Well she was, and that was before I divested the trunks and freed One-eyed Willie for her amusement and abusement.

Did I care? Not on your life. As best I can remember, my face was pressed against her belly; my tongue buried in her navel. Mona was ticklish and began wiggling around and the next thing I knew my chin was rubbing over her pussy stubble. (Yeah, she later told me she would have shaved again if she’d known we would be getting it on, but how could she possibly have known? I accepted the lie. My chin and cheeks would survive and she did have the sweetest tasting pussy.)

“Is your bed all smelly?” she asked, after popping Willie out for a moment. “I beg your pardon? I have clean sheets on the bed. Put them on last Wednesday.”

With both of us laughing at my wit, I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom and dropped her on the bed. We got naked and then, whooping with joy, Mona gobbled my Willie up again and I went back to her rough-edged pussy and tolerated her crotch fucking my face. I got even by slathering her pussy lips with saliva and just a little spit. Her pussy had a kind of coppery taste and I would later learn that her period was imminent.

“Oh, baby that’s sooo good!”

“Like it, huh?”

“Yeah … yeah. Hey, I’ll do anything you say.”

“You’re really hot tonight.”

“I am. I am! Oh, lick my clit like that again!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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